How To Install Music On Huawei

Tired of the standard Android ringtone? Modern smartphones have a wide list of features and capabilities, which is why many cannot find the right options right away. In the article, we will consider how to put music on a call on Honor and Huawei. You can replace the melody with another system or put a specific track.

How to put a ringtone on a call Honor and Huawei

There are several options that allow you to put the necessary signal on an incoming call. All methods involve the use of built-in functionality in the phone. For example, use the parameters for a standard signal, and if you want to bind a specific song, use the Music program. We will study each method separately.


Thanks to the parameters, you can choose only standard ringtones. Here you can set the signal not only for incoming calls, but also for SMS or an alarm clock.

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The instruction is pretty simple:

  • Open the options.
  • Find the “Sound”. “Ringtone” section.
  • If there are two SIM card slots, select the card you are using.
  • Next in the list, click on the option you like.
How to Install Music on Huawei

Music app

The second way is to use the standard “Music” application on Android. It is located on the main screen, but sometimes it may be hidden in the “Tools” folder. This application allows you to listen to songs and collects all the music tracks stored on your phone. We go into the program and look for the necessary song.

Then click on 3 points. Click on the appropriate item.

The final stage is to choose a SIM card. But, this criterion is relevant only for dual-SIM smartphones.

File manager

How to set a ringtone on Honor and Huawei using the file manager:

  1. Open the internal memory of the smartphone.
  2. Find the “Audio” folder or open the section with saved tracks through the file manager.
  3. We make a long press on the composition you like to mark it.
  4. Click “.”
  5. Click Install As.
  6. The next step is to choose the SIM card on which we want to apply this ringtone.
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How to put a melody on a separate contact Honor and Huawei

To bind a specific music to a specific subscriber, you will need to enter the “Contacts”. Find the desired number in the phone book, click on it and at the bottom select the “Ringtone” option. Thus, you can bind a specific song to any number from the contacts in the device.

Set a ringtone

You can install a melody in your phone that will be visible when an incoming call. It is important that the clip is shot in a vertical position. In the tab “Select sound” click on the appropriate section and mark the desired movie, as indicated in the screenshot.

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It will be installed instead of the current ringtone. Further, the system will demonstrate an example of how is displayed in an incoming call. If the setting is fine, then confirm the changes by clicking on the checkmark. Please note. this feature is not available on all Huawei phones, in older models this option may not be available. If Android does not support this function, then to install on an incoming call, use third-party applications from Google Play.