How to install megogo on LG Smart TV

Why Megogo does not work on the Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips TV. How to fix it?

MEGOGO is the largest online cinema, available in Russia, CIS countries and Eastern European. Today they use more than 60 million people in one month. The service provides users with access to more than 70,000 content units, which includes more than 5,000 feature films and series, 1,500 cartoons, more than 65,000 entertainment, cognitive shows, concerts, news programs.

You can watch part of the Meggo Content for free to watch short advertising at the beginning of the video. Films and TV shows are available in good quality image and sound. Opportunities are opened when issuing a subscription. Watching cult films, cartoons, series, film premiere of Russian and foreign production.

You can watch television through megogo. For free, access to the main television channels, for example, the first, TNT, Russia. After payment, subscriptions become available more than 221 channels of various contents.

View new products, favorite films, TV shows at home through Smart TV gaining popularity. However, when viewing through smart TVs, the Meggo application sometimes stops working. And users often have questions “Why does not open on the TV on TV?”,” Why do not load films on megogo?””

In this article, we will try to answer all these questions and offer effective recommendations for solving problems. So that not a single problem does not interfere with your viewing of the movies and TV shows in good quality.

Subscription and services

Part of Megogo Content is available free by advertising model. Hundreds of films, cartoons, TV shows for free for watching short advertising at the beginning of the video are available through the application. You can also watch more than 21 television channels for free.

The rest of the content is available only by subscription. Megogo provides three main types.

“Light”. Access to 109 federal, regional, own MEGOGO television channels, more than 8,000 films for 197 per month.

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“Maximum”. Access to 221 channel, more than 10,000 films, 931 audio (audio books, podcasts) for 397 per month.

The more expensive the package, the more content is available and the better the quality of the image, sound.

“Premium”. Access to 232 television channels, including AMEDIA channel, more than 10,000 films, 931 audio for 597 per month.

There are additional options for mego.

“Follow Cinema” gives additional access to five television channels for watching films for 380 per month.

Amedia Premium HD access to two television channels with the most popular modern series for 199 per month.

Subscriptions “Match! Football ”and“ Match Premier ”give access to three television channels to view the events of world football for 380 per month and the official television channel of Russian football for 299 per month, respectively.

When registering through a mobile phone, access to the Startovaya package is opened. Three months of subscription as a gift.

For popular films, for example, “Odino”, “Matrix”. Cinema premieres, for example, Joker, Furious: Hobbes and Show, you need to pay in addition from 99 to 400.

You can reduce the cost of subscription or purchase to 20% using promotional codes. The service constantly holds stocks, distributes coupons. You can get a promotional code through email or on special aggregators sites.

Install third.Party applications on LG Smart TV

Immediately you will not be able to install any third-party applications on the LG TV, because it does not work under the control of Android TV OS. However, if you have streaming devices such as Amazon Firestick, Roku, Chromecast or even Apple TV, you can use a wide range of applications available in the streaming device store. For reference, we will use FireStick to install applications in this manual.

  • Connect Firestick to the port of HDMI LG TV.
  • Make sure your TV is turned on, as well as Firestick.
  • Most importantly, make sure your TV is connected to the Internet.
  • Switch to the entrance channel to which Firestick was connected on the TV.
  • Now enter your Amazon account to gain access to Firestick functions.
  • View various applications available in the store, and immediately use them.
  • You cannot download the application, but you can immediately broadcast its content.

If you have a laptop, you can always use the screen demonstration function or screen demonstration and translate the content from the laptop directly on the LG Smart TV. Yes, you can also use your smartphone to broadcast on LG Smart TV.

How to update the IVI application on LG TV?

How to install an application on the LG Smart TV TV

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  • Enter your account
  • Go to the Smart TV mode and run the LG Smart World application.
  • Select the desired application and click the “Install” button.
  • If the application is paid. You will need to check the credit card data and purchase.

What to download on Smart console?

In the upper right corner, click on the icon of your profile and in the drop.Down menu select “Subscriptions”. In the new window, select the appropriate subscription option: After that, you need to select the subscription period. At the moment, you can purchase a subscription for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

On installing an application on different TV platforms

The Meggo application can be installed on all Smart TVs of popular brands: Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony Bravia, Panasonic and a number of others.

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Как подключить MEGOGO к телевизору Смарт ТВ

Service connection

To connect a “smart” TV to the online ciner-site considered, a number of actions should be carried out in the following sequence:

  • Provide an Internet connection (wired or Wi-Fi);
  • Go to the application panel of the operating platform, where in the “Video” category you need to select and download the Megogo application;
  • Run the installed video service;
  • Enter the existing MEGOGO profile.Net/Profile or register.

For authorization in the application you need to enter email or mobile phone numbers and passwords.

Supported TV platforms

For different brands of SMART TENTERS and the platforms used in them, the procedure for installing and activating Meggo can vary in individual nuances. The table below presents all Smart TVs supported by the Smart TVs, to which the application is adapted.

TV/Brandoperation platform
Samsung Smart TV Orsay TV (2012–2014), Tizen TV (2015 and new)
LG Smart TV Netcast (2011–2016), Webos (2014 and new)
Sony Linux TV (2013 and newer), Opera TV (2013 and newer), Android TV (2015 and newer)
Philips Android TV (2015 and newer)
Panasonic Firefox OS (2015 and newer)
Smart. Tvs of other brands Android TV

Smart settings and game consoles

To use the “smart” or game prefix video service is easy. The procedure for manipulations is as follows:

  • Connect the device to the Internet via cable or Wi-Fi;
  • Find in the application store and install megogo.Client on your device;
  • Run software and log in in the system.

The table below is other devices supported by the application.

Smart” prefic consoles
Apple TV Xbox One
Consoles on Android TV Sony PlayStation 4
Dune HD

Completion of activation and use of the application

The final stage of connection of the application is the addition of the device. The activated activation code of SMART technology will need to be entered in the “Profile” section on the website https: // Megogo.Ru/.

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Subscription design is carried out in the section “Subscriptions”. Here you can choose a suitable option and issue a connection of the service, as well as make payment from a bank card. After the expiration of the payment period, the service is extended automatically, and for a new period, funds are written off with an attached bank card.

How to find out how many devices can be connected to a router?

Many separate wireless routers and other access points can support up to 250 connected devices. From the point of view of wired communication, routers can serve a small amount (usually from one to four) Ethernet customers, and the rest are connected by wireless communication.

Как Установить ЛУЧШЕЕ ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ с ФИЛЬМАМИ на SmartTV 2021

6.One.Eight. When accessing the IVI subscription services, buying, renting (jointly or separately) one user in his account can use no more than five devices (screens) at the same time.