How to install iTunes on iPad

Download movie to iPad from PC

The first thing to say: using the iPad as a USB flash drive will not work; you will have to use special programs or cloud storage to transfer movies. Windows Explorer also won’t be able to drop videos to the tablet.

Before you start downloading a movie or series to your iPad, you need to download it to your computer. Please note that Apple gadgets support a limited number of formats, which we will discuss in the next article.

However, if the user uses the options without using iTunes, then the video formats can be almost any. It all depends on the application itself or the storage where the recording will be viewed.

Cloud storage

If there is not enough memory on your tablet to download a movie or TV series, you can use cloud storage such as Dropbox. With it, you can watch videos without downloading them to your iPad. To do this, you just need to install the appropriate application.

  • Let’s use the Dropbox website to transfer videos from computer to cloud storage. When you first log in, register or enter your username and password.
  • In the right menu, click “Upload files” and in the window that opens, select the desired video.

Specify in which storage folder the file will be saved and click “Download”. Wait for the download to finish.

Go to the Dropbox app on iPad and on the home page on the left you will see the video you just uploaded.

iTunes and third party player

The previous two methods let you play movies and TV shows in the standard iPad player. However, you can use third-party ones as well. Their advantage is that they support a large number of formats, including AVI and MKV, which have better resolution and quality than MP4 and M4V adapted for tablets and mobile phones. However, they will weigh more, keep this in mind. Files are also added to the application via iTunes.

First, we need to install a third-party player on the iPad, we will use the PlayerXtreme Media Player application. After installing it, we proceed to work with iTunes.

  • Connect your tablet to your computer and open iTunes.
  • Click on the device icon on the top bar.

Go to the “Shared Files” section. Before us opens a list of applications that support the addition of new files. We are looking for PlayerXtreme and click on it.

How to Download iTunes to your computer and run iTunes Setup. Newest Version 2019

Transfer the video to a special window called “PlayerXtreme Documents”.

Wait until the file is copied to the tablet. Open the app on iPad and find the downloaded movie in the “Library” section.

It is worth noting that the PlayerXtreme application allows you not only to transfer movies from PC to iPad, but also to use Wi-Fi or video hosting for this (YouTube, Vimeo).

Download Movies to iPad from PC

Many users use the tablet not only for surfing the browser and listening to music, but also for watching movies and TV shows on a large enough screen with high-quality images. Therefore, the question arises: how to throw the desired video on the iPad without problems?

iTunes and standard player

The first way to transfer movies from PC to iPad is to use iTunes. However, in this case, you will have to search for videos of a certain format: MP4 and M4V. As a rule, such files weigh less and do not clutter up the tablet’s memory, but their quality is slightly worse than that of the same AVI or MKV.

  • Open iTunes on PC and connect the device via USB cable.
  • Click on the device icon on the top bar.

To get started with movies, we need to set up a specific function. Go to the “Overview” section, scroll down the list and check the box next to “Process video manually”. Click “Apply”.

Wait for copying to complete. The downloaded movie can be found in the Video app on the iPad.

Apple Connection Kit

Few people know that you can transfer files, including videos, through a special accessory. Apple Connection Kit. Initially, it was intended to transfer photos from a memory card to the iPad, but later workarounds were found with which you can upload not only photos, but also videos. A computer will also be used to download data to SD.

The video format should be standard for Apple devices. MP4 or M4V. You can download ready-made videos with this extension or use converters. Links to our articles with a selection of programs and online conversion services can be found at the beginning of the article.

  • Create a folder named “DCIM” on the memory card. In some cases, it may already be. In this case, use it for further actions.
  • Rename the movie file to “” PICT0001 ″ “and transfer it to SD.
  • Insert the memory card into the adapter and connect it to the iPad. Next, import the video into the “Photos” application.

In this article, we have covered the most popular ways to download videos to iPad via computer. User can also use a memory card adapter.

Is it worth downloading and installing version 12 of the software

Before installing updates to his cell phone, the user should learn more about what changes have been made to the software:

  • Older gadgets will run faster. Thanks to the new firmware, even outdated versions of smartphones will load pages faster. The performance on version 12 has been greatly improved. The new software is supported by smartphones starting with iPhone 5s. Tests have shown that the performance of gadgets is improving.
  • Updating gestures on iPad. A new option has been added to the software, it allows you to apply gestures on the iPad that were previously provided only for the iPhone. If the client needs to go to the control center, he just needs to swipe from the right edge from top to bottom. If you need to return to the home screen again, the control point is closed with a swipe from the bottom up.
  • The notification system has been improved. The new firmware provides customers with an improved Do Not Disturb feature. The company also updated its standard notification system. The new version allows you to combine groups by application and content. Additionally, the owner of the smartphone can refuse notifications from one of the applications, this can be done through the lock screen.
  • note
  • All these reasons indicate that the installation of the new iOS 12 on the iPhone is necessary.

Updating cell phone firmware through the settings section

Before starting the update procedure, it is recommended to charge your cell phone. The gadget should not be allowed to discharge during the firmware installation process. The process takes from 5 minutes to 1 hour. The duration depends on the speed of the Internet connection used. Downloading is recommended through a Wi-Fi connection. The mobile network connection is unstable. The procedure is performed according to the following scheme:

  • a section called “Settings” opens on the cell phone;
  • the item “Basic” is selected in the list;
  • further from the presented list the client will be able to select “Software Update”;
  • the screen should display a new version of the iOS 12 firmware;
  • the user presses the “Download” button and then selects the “Install” item.

install, itunes, ipad

  • note
  • If your iPhone is jailbroken, it is not recommended to update the firmware via settings. It is better to use the iTunes program to avoid problems and errors in the software.

IPhone Models

The software can be updated if the user owns a smartphone such as:

  • iPhone 8 Plus or 8;
  • iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone 6s Plus;
  • cell phone version 7 Plus or 7;
  • Available for iPhone X and SE;
  • you can install the firmware on iPhone 6 and 5s.
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This software version is not suitable for other models of gadgets.

What devices can I install the firmware on?

This software can be installed on many cell phones. It is worth telling in more detail which iPhones and iPads support firmware version 12.

Using iTunes to install the firmware

User can install iOS 12 update via iTunes. This method is used when the installation is impossible through the settings of the cell phone. First, the firmware is downloaded to the computer. It is also recommended that you install the latest version of iTunes. Further, the procedure is performed according to the following instructions:

  • the cell phone needs to be unlocked;
  • then the gadget is connected to the computer using the original cord;
  • now you need to run iTunes on a stationary PC;
  • you need to wait until the devices are synchronized;
  • when the operation is completed, a smartphone icon will appear on the program screen;
  • the user must click on the gadget icon;
  • several options will be displayed on the screen, the client must click the “Update” item;
  • now you should select the firmware file that will be installed on the smartphone;
  • the user clicks the “Continue” button;
  • then select the “Accept” button;
  • iTunes will find the necessary update itself and download it;
  • after that, the procedure for installing the software on the cell will begin;
  • installation lasts from 5 to 20 minutes, it all depends on the speed of the Internet.
  • note
  • It is forbidden to disconnect the phone from the computer while updating the smartphone. While the procedure is in progress, the gadget may reboot. After reboot, the screen will show the standard power-on display.

How to Transfer Music from iPad to PC with Wondershare TunesGo

After installing Wondershare TunesGo, launch it on your computer. Connect your iPad to your computer using a USB cable and the program will automatically detect your iPad.

You will see several categories of files in the upper middle of the software window. Select a music category and the program will show all your iPad music files in the main interface. Check the music files you need and click the Export button, and then select Export to PC from the drop-down menu. After that, select the target folder on your computer and click OK to start transferring music from iPad to PC.

Powerful Manager & Transfer Program. Wondershare TunesGo

  • Directly transfer media files to iOS devices with a click.
  • Transfer Audio and Video from iDevice to iTunes and PC.
  • Import and convert video and music iDevice friendly formats.
  • Delete photos / videos in batch with one click.
  • Exceptions from it duplicate duplicate contacts
  • Fix and optimize ID3 tags, cover art, song information
  • Transfer Music, Photos Without iTunes Limitations
  • Excellent iTunes library backup and restore.

How to Download Music from Computer to iPad with iTunes

To begin with, let’s dwell on the formats supported by the tablet computer: “AAC” (from 8 to 320 kbps), “AAC” (from the “iTunes Store”), “HE-AAC”, “MP3” (from 8 to 320 kbps ), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX and AAX), AIFF and WAV, Apple Lossless “(” ALAC “). The preferred formats for the average user are “MP3” and “ALAC”. The first, I think, is familiar to any listener of music, the second is a modified version of the FLAC format (audio recordings with minimal loss of quality), which is improved in terms of power consumption and optimized in terms of using the device’s power (therefore, by the way, it works even on the most ancient iPods).

So, how, after all, is the way to download music to the iPad via iTunes? The instruction, according to the good old tradition, will be divided into several simple steps, which will significantly improve the perception of information. Go!

Step 1. Install and initially configure “iTunes” (we have already considered this earlier). Well, and, accordingly, connect the tablet to the desktop computer with the included USB cable (you can, of course, use the “wi-fi” file transfer, but it, according to our own observations, takes more time and is not particularly stable).

Step 2. By means of “Drag-and-Drop” (in simple words, by dragging with the mouse) add music albums (which you want to upload to “iPad“) to the “iTunes” library.

Step 3. Next, you need to click on the “iPad” button located at the top right. You will be taken to the menu for working with the tablet computer. Here you need to go to the “Music” section.

Step 4. The music section of the music sync menu allows you to mark desired entries or sync your entire music library. Having decided on the choice, you must press the “Synchronization” button and. be patient.

Step 5. Data synchronization takes place in several stages, one of which (if you have done everything correctly) will be the synchronization of music records.

Wait for the end of synchronization and. attention!. never pull out the USB cable.

Step 6 (last). Disconnect the cable and check if everything is in place by opening the standard “iOS” player (or any other that supports working with the “iPod” library).

Hooray! The complicated and winding path of downloading music records to your device is over. You can relax, pour yourself a cup of coffee, dim the lights, light scented candles and turn on the latest album of your favorite artist (well, we’ll do the same!)

Everything turned out to be very simple. Enjoy and of course remember that “Without music, life would be a mistake” (Friedrich Nietzsche). Stay tuned and. good luck!

Downloading music to iPad from PC

The process of downloading music to iPad is not very different from downloading other files, such as e-books or movies. However, the user should be aware of what formats the tablet supports and what additional functions some third-party applications provide.

Despite the fact that the MP3 format is the most popular now, Apple devices also support others, including:

  • MP3 (16-320 kbps);
  • MP3 VBR;
  • AIFF;
  • AC (16-320 kbps);
  • AAC;
  • Apple Lossless;
  • Audible (format 2, 3 and 4);
  • Wav.

Unfortunately, the WMA (Windows Media Audio) format is not officially supported: when you try to download such a file, it is automatically converted to AAC. If the user is faced with the impossibility of transferring a file to iTunes for playback in a standard player, it is necessary to change the format by resorting to converters.

If you use a third-party application, the list of supported music formats becomes much larger. You can see them in the settings.

How to Transfer Music from iPad to PC via Dropbox

As you know, Dropbox is a cloud service that allows users to sync files between mobile devices and computer. So this part will show you how to transfer music from iPad to PC with Dropbox.

Note: Please note that Dropbox only provides 2GB for free use and if you want more storage you will have to pay for it.

Step 1 Install and launch Dropbox on your computer and iPad. Start it with the same account.

Step 2 Launch Dropbox and you will find the Add button. Tap it to add music files from your iPad music app. Then open the Dropbox folder on your computer and you will find the synced music files. You can download them to your local hard drive.

If you want to use iPad with Dropbox, please make sure you have stable Wi-Fi and enough storage space on your iPad. The app can take up your iPad storage while files are being added to it.

Desktop programs and cloud services are useful for the task, but TunesGo Retro makes the process easier without the need for an Internet connection. Therefore, TunesGo retro works like a champ when compared to the other two methods. If you are interested in this program, just check it out.

For the method, we need:

  • A computer;
  • Installed iTunes;
  • Cable for connecting a tablet to a computer;
  • Music files on the hard disk of your computer (MP3, MPEG, etc.);
  • iPad.

How to install iTunes?

To fully work with any mobile device from Apple, you need to install iTunes on your computer. Therefore, if you purchased an iPhone, iPad or iPod, first of all put Tuna (iTunes), it will be your main file manager and guide, allowing you to fully use the device. This material will be useful only for a beginner who has bought, for example, an iPhone and does not know what to do with it now and from which side to approach, in order to perform an elementary music download, set wallpaper on the phone screen, and so on.

If you already know how to install iTunes, and have performed this procedure many times, use the search or flip through the blog pages in search of information of interest. But, and if a newcomer or a blonde has come to us, then we will show you on our fingers and install iTunes together.

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To start the process of installing iTunes, we need a computer and the iTunes program itself, which is distributed by Apple for free. Let’s get started: 1. You need to download the latest version of iTunes

After iTunes is downloaded to your computer, run the installation file

The iTunes installer briefly explains the purpose of the program and indicates that along with Tuna, it will supply QuickTime, which is necessary for further work. Click Next

We read the license agreement and accept its terms by placing a marker in the appropriate box, and then click Next

iTunes installation options suggest adding shortcuts to your desktop and using iTunes as your default audio player. Here you can also choose the language, we will choose. Russian. The destination folder can be changed if desired, but we’ll leave it as it is for now. If all the iTunes installation parameters are set, click. Install

When the installation is complete, click. Finish.

This completes the installation of iTunes. Restart your computer and you can connect your iPhone or other device to work with iTunes.

We did this instruction on a computer with Windows XP installed and used iTunes version There may be slight differences when installing iTunes on your Mac or PC, but in general, the installation process for Tuna is the same as described above.

After installing iTunes for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, check out the program and register an iTunes account (account), using your account you can download the game from the App Store. If after reading the instructions “How to install iTunes” you have questions, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

What to do if iPhone no longer supports new builds of apps from the App Store

When there is a desire to update any programs, then you should do it yourself or activate the automatic update function.

Sometimes you really need to install a previous version of the program

If the phone stops updating the software or the process of downloading new versions is interrupted every now and then, then it is necessary:

  • Connect to a high-speed network via a Wi-Fi hotspot. Updates are often impossible due to unstable mobile internet. If the device is already connected to your home network, then you need to check the quality of the Internet connection.
  • Stop and start downloading again. It also happens that the process is slowed down and reset due to system failures or errors. It is recommended to check the operating system for errors and update it itself to the latest version.
  • Reboot the device. A simple reboot will help you get rid of system errors and critical processes that prevent you from updating the software version. The method does not always work, but it is easiest to complete it.

When trying to download an application in the AppStore, you may encounter this error

Note! Especially often, such problems occur with the oldest iPhone models. from the first to the fifth.

One way to fix boot problems is to restart

How to install an older version of the app on an iPhone

A person may need to update to an old assembly in several cases: either his operating system does not support new versions, or in the update the developer made some mistakes that prevent the normal use of the program’s functionality. Fortunately, there is an opportunity to install an older application, and through the AppStore.

Apple’s store is quite thoughtful in this regard, and if the user cannot find the current version of the application, he will offer to install a more “old” one. This method works only if the program was purchased or downloaded from the Apple ID that is currently used in the smartphone. over, you need to understand that outdated versions will have bugs and problems that have been fixed in new updates. You won’t be able to change them on your own, and there is no point in asking the developers about it. they have already stopped supporting old versions of the program and the operating system.

There are other methods that rely on using third-party programs to determine the correct and stable version, as well as installing applications from unverified sources. This can lead to unexpected problems and system failures. Viruses should not be ruled out either, but sometimes without third-party programs in any way.

How to install the old version of the app on iOS

An outdated gadget and its operating system may simply not support the new version of the program. Also, the update may be unstable or not meet the user’s expectations in terms of functionality or convenience. To fix this, they often resort to installing older versions of applications. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s doable. This article will tell you how to install the old version of the application on iOS, whether it is possible to roll back the program to the iPad, and how iTunes can help in this situation.

How to roll back an app on iPad

Updates do not always carry only positive aspects: bug fixes or new features. They often fix some bugs, but they are replaced by others, even more destructive. Worse still, trimming some features and adding ads. In the following I will describe how to return an old build of an application using Charles or iTunes, the latter will be discussed later.

  • Download Charles software version 4 or higher for Windows or Mac operating systems.
  • Launch it. If the process is performed from a Mac, then at the first start, you must press the button “Grand Priviliges”.
  • Open iTunes and log in with your credentials (Apple ID), find the program to rollback and click on “Download”.
  • Go to Charles and find the Structure panel. In it you need to find the parameter, right-click on it, and from the context menu that appears, select the item “Enable SSL Proxying”.
  • Return to iTunes and stop downloading the program by removing it from the download list. If the process has already ended, then you need to go to the “My programs” tab and uninstall there.
  • Try to download the application again. If suddenly the service says that it cannot do this due to the lack of authentication, you must click “Continue” and wait for the download to start. As soon as it starts, you need to stop and remove it.
  • Go to Charles and find a similar option Open the catalog and select “buyProduct”.
  • Open the Contents (Response) tab and select the XML type to display the files. Among other things, you can find such lines as softwareVersionExternalIdentifier and 821085078. The latter contains the current build of the program, and under this line are all identifiers of older versions.
  • Select the assembly you want to install and write down its number.
  • Return to the “Structure” tab and find the already familiar buyProduct. Right click on it and select “Breakpoints”.
  • Find and re-upload software to iTunes.
  • Once the download has started, Charles will open a new window. You must immediately go to it and select “Edit Request”. “XML Text”.
  • Search for the line where instead of points you should insert the recorded identifier and press the “Execute” button twice.
  • Go to iTunes and find that the download has started for the version indicated.
  • Connect your iPad or iPhone and install the desired app.

Important! If a person is not satisfied with the version or it is not working, then you just need to copy another identifier and repeat the last three steps with replacing the code.

When you first log in with a Mac, you must click on Grand Priviliges

Using iTunes to download an older version of the app for iPhone and iPad from the App Store

You can do the same only in iTunes. This is available when old saves and backups are saved there. The step-by-step instructions are as follows:

  • Go to the system settings of your iPhone or iPad and enable syncing with iCloud services.
  • Go to iTunes on PC and download the desired application in any version.
  • Open the App Store on your phone or tablet and find the same app.
  • A cloud will appear next to the download button and if the application is incompatible with the current version, but was installed earlier, then the system will offer to download the old version.
  • Wait a while and check the availability and functionality of the program on the device.

The program can be installed through iTunes for more than one minute.

Thus, it was described in detail how to download the old version of the application on the iPhone or iPad and in what ways it can be done. For older models, software installation via iTunes is suitable, and for newer models, downloading using Charles.

Audio formats

Apple devices only work with certain music file formats. If you transfer songs saved in unsupported formats, they simply will not be added to your iTunes library. Supported audio formats:

  • WAV;
  • AIFF;
  • MP3 VBR;
  • MP3 (from 16 to 320 Kbps);
  • Audible (format 2,3,4);
  • AAC Protected (from the iTunes Store).
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Popular FLAC and WMA formats are not supported. To upload such songs, you will first have to convert them to one of the appropriate formats.

Sync in iTunes

It is recommended to upload music to your device through the official iTunes application. You can download the latest version on the Apple website.

Launch iTunes, go to the “My Music” section. If you have just installed the program, this will be empty. There are two ways to create a library: add files one at a time or in whole folders. To drop one or more songs, open the “File” menu and select “Add File”.

If you are going to upload entire albums to your device, select “Add folder to library” and set the path to the directory with music. When adding a large number of songs, a transfer window will appear. Wait until the procedure is complete, and only then proceed to further sorting the tracks.

Files in the Library can be sorted by artist, genre, album, or individual song. The last option is the most convenient for creating playlists and editing track titles. You can not sort anything else, but immediately throw off the entire library on the iPhone:

  • Connect your device via USB cable.
  • Wait for the device to be detected in iTunes. Click on the icon next to “Music”.
  • The device menu appears on the left. Open the “Overview” tab.
  • Scroll down to the Options section. Go in and check the box “Manually process music and videos.” Apply changes.
  • Select the “Music” section and check “Sync Music”.

You can sync your entire library or select individual playlists, genres, artists, albums. After selecting songs and pressing the “Finish” button, another confirmation window will appear. Click Apply, wait for sync to complete and make sure the selected songs are available in the Music app.

Create Ringtone on iPhone via iTunes

Transfer via iTools

We figured out how to transfer new music through iTunes, but this is not the only way to transfer songs to a mobile device. If you don’t like the sync theme, use the iTunes alternative, iTools. It allows you to transfer tracks without synchronization, just like through a regular explorer.

  • Launch iTools.
  • Connect iPhone / iPad to Computer.
  • Open the Music tab in iTools.
  • Click the Import button and add the files. Supported formats. MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, Apple Lossless.
  • Click “Open” to start the process of transferring music to the connected device.

The main drawback of iTools is the lack of tools for organizing your music collection. If in iTunes you can create playlists and edit the name and description of songs, then iTools acts as a conductor, allowing only to transfer files to the device.

Do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Create a ringtone right on your iPhone

Transfer Music to iPhone or iPad via iTunes

To keep your iPhone, iPad or iPod music collection constantly updated with new tracks, you need to know how to transfer music through iTunes. The type of device does not really matter, since the operation is performed according to one algorithm of actions. The main thing is to set up the synchronization correctly, then the music will be transferred to both the iPhone and iPad.

Manual Firmware Update for iPad, iPod and iPhone. Installing iOS 7

As part of today’s topic, we’ll look at how to install iOS 7 on an iPad, iPhone phone, or iPod touch. For all these three devices, all actions are performed in approximately the same way, so this instruction can be used by owners of all Apple mobile devices. The iOS 7 firmware is the newest to date, so we decided to update our iPhone, iPod and iPad and see what is new and convenient there.

We warn you right away that users of iPads and iPod touch players can safely update and flash their iOS devices. IPhone users, you need to be careful, you can install iOS only in officially unlocked phones. Owners of iPhones with Turbo SIM, Gevey SIM and other technical or software unlocking tools cannot be updated, you can get a non-working iPhone. If you don’t know which phone, don’t shake.

We will install the iOS firmware into our iPad and iPhone with iPod by updating, since after the update all contacts, photos, music, movies and games should remain untouched. In total, we know 3 update methods, they are clickable, you can click and get acquainted:

The easiest way to update iOS firmware is, of course, via Wi-Fi, but you can use the wireless method in iPhones, iPads and iPods with iOS 5 and higher. If the user does not have a Wi-Fi network or an old firmware (below the 5th), then he uses the second firmware method. through iTunes. We went through this method earlier. using the link above, we managed to install iOS on the iPad. The second method is available to everyone, but it requires good Internet access.

Today we will consider the third method, it is the most budgetary and is suitable for users with limited traffic or slow Internet. In order to update the iOS firmware through the iTunes program in manual mode, we need:

  • The device itself (iPhone, iPod or iPad) and cable
  • Computer with iTunes installed
  • Pre-downloaded iOS firmware
  • Any working internet

Where to download iOS firmware in IPSW format

Now you need to decide on the site from where you can download the iOS firmware, we will install iOS 7th version, so go to our page with links to iOS 7 for all devices and download. After some time, new versions of iOS firmware will appear, which you can download from the guys from AppStudio, they are constantly updating their firmware database.

Firmware files in IPSW format are saved in the computer memory, we write it to a USB flash drive and carry it home, where we will update iOS.

You can install iOS 7 manually

Previously, we updated the iPhone to iOS 7, so we will show an example of a manual update using the example of the iPod touch, which will also soon revive with the new colors of iOS 7. Although the issue will come to life or go out for now. Let’s start updating the firmware, in fact, all data should be saved, but just in case, you can make a backup copy and transfer important information using our instructions.

We connect our iPod touch to the computer using a standard USB cable, preferably connect directly from the back of the system unit, do not use USB extenders. Launch iTunes and glory to our iPod, which appeared in Devices.

We pass into the tab called. Overview. On the keyboard, press the Shift button and without releasing this key, press the button with the mouse. Refresh, in the iTunes program.

A window for selecting the firmware appears, we find our firmware file in the IPSW format, click on it, and then click the Open button. Thus, we load the previously downloaded IPSW firmware into iTunes.

ITunes warns about the start of the update procedure:

iTunes on iPad

iTunes will update iPod to iOS 7 and check the update with Apple.

At the top of iTunes, you can watch the progress of the iOS update. First, the program extracts the software, then checks for the update of our iPod using Apple servers. How this mini display will show. Preparing iPod (iPad or iPhone) for software update,

then the Apple logo and the bootloader appear on the screen of your iPhone or iPad itself. As soon as the loading scale crawls to the end, the device firmware will be updated. Our iPod touch rebooted itself, and iTunes warned:

iPod “iPod touch 5G” cannot be used because it requires iTunes 11.1 or later. To download the new version of iTunes, visit

If you get the same warning, just update iTunes to 11.1 and you should be fine. The fact is that old versions of iTunes will not work with devices equipped with iOS 7, they simply will not see your updated iPod, iPad or iPhone.

Upon completion of the update, we activated iOS 7, after which you can use it and study the new firmware. By the way, after the update, absolutely all the information remained intact in its place. Now you know how to install iOS 7 without losing information.

ALL iPADS FIXED: “iPad is disabled connect to iTunes”