How to install iPad games without jailbreak

Installation of programs without jailbreak

One of the constant disadvantages that users present to Apple products is the need to download applications only through the AppStore and iTunes. Adherents of “apple” technologies with such conditions have reconciled, but would not mind if this deficiency disappeared.

Apple, when releasing the latest iOS updates, not only significantly expanded the iPhone and iPad functionality, but also opened new opportunities for users. For example, the work of Sideload technology has become available, which allows anyone who wants to download and install applications and programs without using the AppStore.

Initially, the standard version of Sideload was compatible only with Mac and only if the XCode package is installed. This greatly limited the circle of users who could fully feel the possibilities that opened before them. The decision was the release of the Cydia Impactor utility. This software product provides the loading of IPA files on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from personal computers under various operating systems.

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Installation of IPA applications using iTunes

The simplest and most acceptable iPhone users are IPA installation without Jailbreak is the use of iTunes.

To date, there are several programs that replace iTunes. Almost all of them allow you to install applications on the iPhone. The most popular utilities are IFUNBOX and ITOLS.

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The distinctive possibility of ifunbox is high speed. However, the application does not have a beautiful intenses. Developers focused on functional capabilities.

To install the program using IFUNBOX, you need:

  • Download and install the IFUNBOX manager.
  • Download the desired program.
  • Connect a smartphone or tablet to PC.
  • Open IfunBox and click the application management of the application. Install the application (.IPA).
  • Indicate the path to the iPa file of the program.
  • Install the program.

Developers do not recommend installing applications, the size of which exceeds 1 GB. After installing the game, it can fly out after the initial screensaver.


The ITOLS application, unlike IFUNBOX, has a modern integration. But in all other other, the utilities are similar.

Xcode 7

Next, you need to download and install the latest current version of Xcode 7 (at the time of writing the material it was 7.0.One). Unfortunately, the program is available only to Mac users.

After starting the program and performing preliminary actions, tie your Apple ID to Xcode for this:

2.1 go to the Xcode menu → Preferences (or click the combination of keys ⌘,);

2.2 Go to the Accounts tab;

2.3 At the very bottom of the left side menu, click on the plusk → “Add Apple id”;

2.4 Enter the Apple ID and password and press the “Add” button.

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Open Safari and follow this link. 2. In the lower panel of the browser there is a button with an arrow. Click on it. 3. The “Share” panel has opened, click on the “Home Home” button to create a shortcut on the main screen of iOS device.

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Enter the name (any) for the emulator label created and confirm the action by pressing the “Add” button. 5. All! A new icon will appear on the screen. The same webnes emulator. Now it remains just to launch a web application.

As a familiarization, we are offered 5 game hits of the last century, Galaxy Patrol, Crom, Boxboy, Fighter F-8000 and Tetramino. However, the network is full of other images of games for the emulator, it is not difficult to find them using a browser. And, having a record in Dropbox, load on your device. To do this, click “” in the emulator window and indicate the path to the ROM file stored in the cloud. If everything is done correctly, you can start games, they will be loaded in full screen mode.

How to install paid applications on iPhone, iPad for free without jailbreak.

Next, you should connect your Idevice to PC and wait until Phelper will determine it. The program integrates is quite similar to ITOLS, but the functionality is largely superior to it. The only thing that disappoints is the absence of even the English version of the program.

Now you need to go to the “Shop” section (icon palms with an apple).

In the search bar you can look for the right application in English and even in Russian. Do not pay attention to hieroglyphs in the names.

Found applications can be sorted by belonging to the device. Choosing you like. Click on the “Download” button (see. Screenshot).

Now the loaded application will appear in the corresponding section (icon icon icon down). You can track the status and speed of loading.

After the loading is completed, the programs fall into the “Storage” section (icon cube with a chess).

It remains to click on the “Install” button (a round arrow icon) and wait for the application to load the device. Attention! Before installing the program, it is recommended to close iTunes on PC and complete (close) the App Store on the device.

After installation, the program shortcut appears on the desktop (springsboard) iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Having mastered this simple way, you can absolutely freely install programs and games on Idevice without Jailbreak. The only thing I want to note is that the service is still not quite stable. Some games or programs refuse to establish. But do not despair, you can try to download and install later. It should also be said that there is a small restriction on synchronization with iTunes. Naturally, the programs downloaded through Phelper will not fall into the purchase list. For correct synchronization or bacation, it is necessary to remove all pirate applications. However, you can fully download any applications via the App Store from the device using your account.

We suggest you watch our video with the process of installing programs in this way:

Refusal of responsibility: Yablyk administration.COM does not support and does not contribute to the spread of illegal (pirate) content for iOS devices. This information is published exclusively for introductory purposes. The author of this article does not bear responsibility.

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Using applications without jailbreak

Jailbreak methods are always a race with Apple developers. Users find vulnerabilities and gain access to the system, developers roll out new versions with corrections and safety improvements. If you do not want to participate in this competition, use other programs to install applications through Cydia. For example, Asterix or Cydia Impactor.


This is a new installer of programs, games and other content from third.Party manufacturers. It does not require jailbreak and Cydia tweak to install applications. Everything is tuned very simple. Even a computer is not required.

  • Launch Safari browser on the iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to the Asterix program page.
  • Click download it now wait for the end of loading the application, which will be installed as a certificate.

After adding Asterix to the system, its icon will appear on the working screen. Run it and click on a large button with an arrow down to open a section with applications and emulators. To download and install a game or program, select it and click Get. The download page will open in Safari. For three seconds there will be advertising, after which the Get Link button will appear. After clicking on it, the application installation will start.

Asterix works on iOS 10 and iOS 11. If an earlier version of the system is installed on the iPhone or iPad, you will have to make a jailbreak and install programs through Cydia or use another program. Cydia Impactor.

Cydia impactor

This is a redesigned jailbreak that allows you to use vulnerabilities in the system to obtain access to the file system. Installation of applications through Cydia Impactor will not cause any difficulties. You need to find a game or application that you want to add to the iPhone or iPad, and download its iOS IPA file.

Installing iPhone applications via Cydia Impactor is available from a computer. To do this, download and install the program on MacOS, Windows or Linux. Then:

  • Download the iPa file of the game or applications that you want to put on a mobile device.
  • Connect the iPhone or iPad to a computer. Click “Trust”.
  • Make sure that the latest version of iTunes is installed on the computer.
  • Launch Cyfia Impactor and select the connected device.
  • Transfer the iPa file to the program window.
  • Enter Apple ID data.
  • When a warning window appears from Apple Developer, click OK.

If you did everything right, then Cydia impactor will install the application automatically. To launch it on the iPhone or iPad, go to the “Basic” section in the settings and click on the “Device Management” item. Select a development certificate and confirm trust in it.

After these actions of the application installed through the Cydia Impactor will be available on the mobile device. Jailbreak does not need to be done, which is very convenient, because in new versions of iOS vulnerabilities are quickly closed with developers.

How to install third.Party applications on iPhone and iPad. General information

Apple, when releasing the latest iOS updates, not only significantly expanded the iPhone and iPad functionality, but also opened new opportunities for users. For example, a program for installing applications on the iPhone. Sideload, which allows anyone to download and install applications and programs without the use of the AppStore, has become available. This program will tell you how to download/ install your application on the iPhone.

Initially, the standard version of Sideload was compatible only with Mac and only if the XCode package is installed. This greatly limited the circle of users who could fully feel the possibilities that opened before them. The solution was the release of the Cydia Impactor utility, specially prepared for installing applications on iOS. This software product provides the loading of IPA files on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from personal computers under various operating systems. The program allows iOS to install applications not from the App Store.

Installation of IPA files

Cydia application can be installed using IPA files. Find them is not a problem: installation packages are posted on mobile forums and sites about Apple devices. To install them, you can use different methods, with Jailbreak and without it.

Appsync and VSHARE

If you are looking for how to install hacked applications via Cydia, pay attention to the Appsync TV. It allows you to quickly add any ipa files to the phone.

The expansion of VSHARE works similarly. The advantage of this tweak is that the applications available through it are stored on the VSHARE server, which greatly simplifies the installation process.

But installing applications only through Cydia is not the only option. You can use other programs to work with iOS devices.


Most users are suitable for this method that allows you to install the application from Cydia through iTunes.

  • Make sure that the latest version of iTunes is on the computer. Compare with the version that is on the Apple website, upgrade the program if necessary.
  • Download from Cydia free IPA files.
  • Click on the downloaded file to open it in iTunes. The application will appear in the “Program” section.
  • Connect the iPhone/iPad to a computer.
  • Select the connected device in iTunes and open the “Program” tab.
  • Mark the new application and click “synchronize”.

As you can see, the use of Cydia to install hacking applications or programs and games from third.Party developers is not mandatory. You can download the Cydia application in the form of an IPA file and add it to the phone via iTunes.


If you found applications in the Cydia Impactor and want to add them to your phone without jailbreak and use iTunes, use other file transfer programs: itools, ifunbox.

To install the application via IFUNBOX:

  • Connect the device to the computer.
  • Run IFUNBOX.
  • Click “Data Management” and select “Install the application”.
  • Indicate the path to the previously downloaded IPA file and wait for the installation ending.

IFUNBOX developers warn of the presence of restrictions: it is not recommended to add games and programs, the size of which exceeds 1 GB. To do this, it is better to use the installation of applications through Cydia.

In ITOOLS, the procedure for installing games and programs will be similar. You also need to install and run the program on the computer, connect the iPhone. Open the Applications tab, switch to the iPhone item and click Install. Indicate the path to the file and wait for the installation ending.