How to install honor band 5

Honor Band 5 review: control your music and read notifications, don’t reach for your smartphone

Fitness trackers Honor Band are listed as direct rivals of the Xiaomi Mi Band. At the same time, the 2nd win usually at the expense of a lower cost. The Mi Band 3 offered a black and white screen, while the Honor Band 4. had a color one. In 2019. between Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5. the forces have leveled off, in the Official retail they both cost 2990 rubles.

Swimming in the Honor Band 4

Separately, I would like to touch upon the topic of water and a bracelet. The Honor Band 4 is 50 meters water resistant according to the ISO 22810: 2010 standard, which allows you to use it while swimming without any fear.

Do not confuse moisture protection according to the outdated ISO 2281 standard and the modern ISO 22810: 2010. The 1st standard applied the device tests in strictly controlled laboratory, the 2nd. in real life, when you can use it under the stated pressure.

But we should not forget that the moisture protection of any device “wears out” over time, and any impacts (in some places they hit the bracelet or dropped it) violate the density of the case.

Curiously, the function of automatic swimming detection (free, breaststroke, backstroke, etc.).

The bracelet also counts the number of circles. To do this, you need to specify the length of the pool before the swim. The swim pulse is, of course, not taken into account (this is the standard PPG limitation time). The workout record looks like this:

Swim calculated, Calories burned, Swimming style, Stroke counts, Laps, Average pace, Average stroke rate.

over, the bracelet is able to calculate the SWOLF value (the so-called “Swimming Golf”). it is an indicator of swimming performance. Calculated by adding the time and number of rowers required to swim the entire pool. The lower the indicator. the higher your efficiency.

Разборка фитнес браслета Huawei Honor Band 5 disassemble fitness tracker

Design and ergonomics

In appearance, the Honor Band 5 is not much different from its predecessors. Similar dimensions, the same control button below the screen. A seemingly traditional fitness tracker.

They are different if you look closely at the device. There are physical buttons on the body. Below the monitor is a digital button highlighted with a golden circle.

The tracker is controlled with its help or swipes across the screen. He cuts in one of 2 methods. by pressing the number button or by raising the wrist.

Physical buttons are not necessary, although without the 1st time it is not out of habit. After switching from Samsung Galaxy Fit, you involuntarily constantly grope the button on the side edge to turn on the screen. But this is a matter of habit.

They gave up the buttons for a reason. The case is protected from water at the level of 5 ATM. In practice, this allows the use of a splash tracker. For example, in the rain or in the shower. And dive into fresh water.

Comes with silicone straps. One coat. Its placement is changed so that the strap does NOT dangle. The straps are removable. If you don’t like the color out of the box, you can choose a different one to taste.

Sleep in Honor Band 4

The bracelet is capable of viewing sleep in 2 modes. standard and patented Huawei TruSleep technology. If you are not at all interested in Watching the quality of your own sleep, then the standard mode will show only the most basic information:

In addition, the breakdown of sleep into a deep and light phase is purely conditional here. The quality of sleep analysis in standard mode is actually NOT different from that similar to that on the same Xiaomi Mi Band 3, where sleep phases have nothing to do with reality.

Included TruSleep function, Honor Band 4 can be safely called the best equipment tracker in the middle of all current days of Smartwatches and fitness trackers.

We tested a huge huge number of similar devices (from the most expensive Apple Watch 4 to the cheapest Xiaomi Mi Band of the first generation).

To be fair, it’s worth clarifying that TruSleep is NOT an exclusive Honor Band 4 feature available on virtually all Huawei wearables.

What does the bracelet indicate so extraordinary? Firstly, it determines with pinpoint accuracy all phases of sleep (from REM to the deepest) and secondly, analyzes your breathing:

The error of TruSleep operation in comparison with medical devices is of the order of 10%.15%. For more information on how the bracelet determines the quality of breathing and how such measurement accuracy is achieved, read our specially material.

By the way, the bracelet not only analyzes sleep, but also gives detailed Комментарии и мнения владельцев and tips to improve its properties. For example, if the Honor Band 4 indicates a lack of fast sleep, you can figure out how to increase this indicator:

The only drawback of this technology is the overestimated battery consumption. On average, a bracelet with TruSleep lasts 5-7 days. But if sleep analysis is a priority recommendation. be sure to use TruSleep.

Pulse in Honor Band 4

An optical PGG heart rate monitor is installed here. The only difference from other similar devices is the additional infrared sensor that measures the heart rate at night (when TruSleep is activated). So, at night, your sleep will not be disturbed by bright greenish flashing diodes.

In the bracelet settings, you can enable constant heart rate monitoring. In this case, the bracelet will take measurements every 2 minutes, displaying both the general picture and the heart rate at rest:

The bracelet is able to warn of an increased heart rate. In addition, here you can set up various heart rate zones, which are then used during classes:


When it comes to heart rate accuracy, you shouldn’t expect anything extraordinary, even with TruSeen 3.0’s great advertising title. Any software method rests on the limitations of the photoplethysmogram technology itself.

At rest, the bracelet measures the heart rate with the accuracy of a chest strap. During intense activities, “random” heart rate values ​​can slip. In fact, there are no differences in the operation of the heart rate monitor from Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

Honor Band 4 notifications

Notices. one of the weakest aspects of this tracker. Firstly, you cannot respond to the notification (there are even blanks like “Busy, I’ll call you back later”). Secondly, the bracelet is able to indicate Less than 10 last notifications. Thirdly, the font is very small, its size cannot be used in tinctures (by the way, the length of the text is also limited):

And the last discrepancy associated with the notification lies in the work of the bracelet itself. When more than 2-3 notifications arrive, the bracelet starts to slow down very much when viewing them. scrolling jerk in progress, notification unfolds with a delay.

During a call, the call is the name of the caller, you can reject it yourself with a swipe up from the bottom.

Honor Band 4 review. Packaging, appearance and screen

The package bundle is the most common. abstract, warranty, charger, USB cable and the bracelet itself:

The charger is attached to the bracelet mechanically, there is no magnetic mount here, as well as the power adapter included. Therefore, you need to connect the charger either to the USB port of your own computer, or to any 5 volt power supply.

The bracelet itself looks neat and elegant enough. If you associate with the same Mi Band 3, then Honor Band 4 has a more serious look. The hand does NOT feel massive:

If in the previous version the strap was attached to the case with the help of small screws, then in the newest version a more successful and convenient mechanism is used. We take out the small plastic jumpers and remove the strap itself:

Separately, I would like to note the design of the Trench (a rubber strap on the strap). A similar solution is found occasionally even in the watchmaking world. Due to the small protrusion on the inside, the strap does NOT move and fixes the end of the strap firmly:

Honor Band 4 screen

There is a color AMOLED matrix with a pixel density of 282 ppi. The screen is very bright and contrasting, the visibility in the sun is beautiful. Auto brightness is not here. Only 3 brightness values ​​are available in the settings (weak, medium and highest). The automatic brightness function at night time helps the situation slightly (it is cut in, of course, according to the schedule, and not depending on the ambient lighting):

Don’t look at a high enough resolution, individual pixels are clearly visible. curved line stripes “ladder”. This is not how it appears in plain sight, and even more so the usual style of interface design.

The screen itself is touch-sensitive and supports gesture control. There is the same touch button under the screen (there are no mechanical control parts here). With its help, you can turn on the bracelet or return to the main screen.

Taking into account the good moisture protection, I would like to be able to lock the touchscreen. But, unfortunately, the detector lock works exclusively in the active pool workout mode (when the clock counts the number of strokes, calories burned, etc.). If you take a shower in a bracelet or just swim (without starting a workout), there is a huge number of incorrect detector responses (you can change the dial by chance or delete new notifications).

Honor Band 5 instruction in Russian: how to set up, check for originality, charge and use a fitness bracelet?

Which application to download

To activate the gadget and set up a notification, download the Huawei Health app to your smartphone. It provides an interface channel. This is what you need to use if you bought Honor Bend 5, but your phone is of a different brand: Xiaomi, Samsung, Nomi, Nokia, Meizu and others.

This is a professional software through which the schedule of training and nutrition is built, the intensity of activity is calculated, the route of movement around the city is fixed, it monitors your sleep, and compares the activity with the individual indicators of the human body.

  • go to Google Play or Play Store;
  • enter the name in the search bar. Huawei Health or Huawei Health;
  • open and download;
  • install;
  • grant requested permissions.

During installation, the interface prompts you to read the terms of use, and click the checkmark that you agree with them and will comply. We recommend that at the first launch, at least once, briefly familiarize yourself with what the developer asks for. This will help avoid misunderstandings and optimize software performance. Honor Band 5 needs to be charged before pairing.

How to connect Honor Band 5 to a smartphone

To activate the full range of options, you need to install the Huawei Health mobile app. You can download this application to any smartphone for free, regardless of the operating system of the gadget via GooglePlay or AppStore. For owners of Huawei Honor smartphones, this application is included in the list of basic.

Huawei Health updates must be installed as the fitness tracker only works with the latest version of the app. Otherwise, the smartphone simply will not find the Honor Band 5 in the list of devices to connect.

After installing the application (or updating to the current version), the program will require logging into the account, if the user has an account in this service, or register a new one. Next, the application will familiarize the owner with the terms of use, privacy notices, agreement and ask for access to calls and the location of the device so that they can use all the functions.

After marking all the permissions, you can proceed to pairing the Honor Band 5 with your smartphone. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Click on the “Plus” sign in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Find in the list of available devices “Smart bracelet”, click on it.
  • Select “Honor Band”.
  • Click on the “Pairing” menu, then accept the connection.
  • In a new window that opens, select Honor Band 5, click on it, thereby confirming the pairing of the smartphone with the tracker.
  • Click on the “Done” button.

Then you can go to further settings.

What is the difference between the Chinese version of Honor Band 5 and the global

There is no fundamental difference between the Chinese and global versions of the device, apart from the inscriptions on the box and the language of the instructions. But, at the moment, in the global version of the bracelet, the function of measuring the level of blood oxygen saturation is not active. But the sensor itself is available and this function should be activated a little later. In the Chinese version, this function works.

Honor Band 5 firmware update

Immediately after pairing, the Huawei Health app will request a new firmware version from its servers. Whether to update your Honor Band 5 now or not is up to you. But I am a supporter of installing the latest software versions.

How to turn on the bracelet

To turn on the bracelet, you must fully charge it. After that, Honor Band 5 will turn on by itself.

Charging takes place via a Micro USB cable. It needs to be connected to the charger socket on the bracelet, and the other end to any USB port on any computers, laptops, or in various power supplies. A full charge to one hundred percent will take about two hours.

Setting the language, date and time

After connecting to a smartphone, the date, time and language will be detected automatically. This cannot be done without pairing with a smartphone. Sometimes, after updating the application on a smartphone, the tracker may default to Chinese. You can fix it in Russian in the application settings.

You can also turn off the bracelet settings. To do this, go to the “” section, select the “System” menu and click on “Shutdown”. There you can also reset the settings to the factory settings or reboot the fitness tracker.

Smart Alarm Accuracy

It is impossible to check whether the tracker wakes up in the fast phase. It is based on TruSleep technology, the algorithms of which track sleep in detail. But it is not known whether they are doing it correctly. You can only understand by your feelings in which phase you woke up.

Holiday statistics are divided into day, week, month and year. The graph is located on the main page of the application, in the tab “Health”. “Sleep”.

Regular alarm clock

A standard alarm is configured in the same section as Smart alarm. He does not focus on sleep phases. You can set up to 5 alarms. Click on the plus sign at the bottom of the screen and select options. Vibration will be heard strictly at the time you specified.

Enabling and configuring a smart alarm

Ready. Now Honor Band 5 will wake you up in REM sleep.

A memo with useful information. It is easier for a person to wake up if they are in REM sleep. Waking up during the slow phase (Non-REM) is fraught with headaches, weakness, and drowsiness. Fitness bracelet determines the desired rest cycle using the accelerometer and heart rate monitor.

Honor Band 5 alarm clock

Almost all fitness trackers have built-in alarms. The user is awakened by vibration, which is more pleasant than a loud beep. Also in the Honor Band 5 there is a “smart” alarm clock, which is triggered at a certain phase of sleep. Let’s understand in detail.


During the signal, you need to hold your finger on the screen for 5 seconds, and then the alarm will turn off completely. To simply postpone vibration feedback for 10 minutes, tap once on the display. You can also delete the set parameters in the application by going to the item of the same name.

We have figured out how to use a regular and “smart” alarm clock on the Honor Band 5. As you can see, turning on and setting up is quick and easy.

General recommendations

The time on fitness bracelets is set automatically. The gadget reads data from the linked smartphone and displays it on the tracker screen. So, in order to set this parameter on a recently purchased smartwatch, you need to download a special application to your phone, synchronize devices, update the firmware (optional). Then the tracker will do everything for you.

Attention! If you need to change the time, you need to reconfigure the clock and minutes on your smartphone, and then reconnect the fitness tracker and wait for the devices to sync.

The exact same steps need to be performed to set and change the date on the fitness bracelet.

Samsung Galaxy Fit

On the Gear Galaxy Fit, you can change these settings through the Samsung Health app on your phone. Synchronization also happens via Bluetooth.

How to set the time and date on the fitness bracelet?

Please note that all information posted on the Prowellness website is provided for informational purposes only and is not a personal program, direct recommendation for action or medical advice. Do not use these materials for diagnosis, treatment, or any medical manipulation. Consult a physician before using any technique or using any product. This site is not a specialized medical portal and does not replace the professional advice of a specialist. The owner of the Site does not bear any responsibility to any party that has suffered indirect or direct damage as a result of improper use of materials posted on this resource.

You can set the time on the fitness bracelet either using a special application and a smartphone, or in the settings of the device itself. Most trackers automatically recognize the time set in the phone when the gadgets are connected for the first time. You can change it manually.

Apple Watch

This gadget is equipped with a touchscreen display, which allows you to customize it without a smartphone. Go to the settings, select “Time”, indicate “0 minutes” in the window that opens, set the clock using the Digital Crown, save. Please note that in this case, the time will only change on the current dial, and notifications will still arrive at the main time settings, which coincides with the time on the smartphone. You can change the time settings on the iPhone via the Watch app.

Features of setting the time in trackers from different manufacturers

The time and date setting scheme may differ slightly in bracelets of different models and from different manufacturers. The exact procedure can be found in the instructions that come with each gadget. We will tell you about the main ways to change these parameters using the example of Xiaomi Mi Band, Samsung Galaxy Fit, Apple Watch and Huawei Band.

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Xiaomi Mi Band

On this bracelet, the time changes only through a smartphone and the MiFit application. To do this, perform several steps:

  • Install and open the app.
  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Select a bracelet in the list of paired devices.
  • The fitness bracelet syncs with the smartphone and automatically sets the time settings that were on the smartphone.
  • If you need to set alarms on a fitness bracelet, then this is done through the application.

Honor Band 5 Unboxing and How to Setup

Huawei Band

To adjust parameters such as time and date, you need to change them on your smartphone, go to the special Huawei Health program, open an account, give consent, activate Bluetooth and synchronize the tracker with your phone. The Huawei Health app is suitable for use with both the Huawei Band and Honor Band and the Huawei Watch and Honor Watch.

Please note that all information posted on the Prowellness website is provided for informational purposes only and is not a personal program, direct recommendation for action or medical advice. Do not use these materials for diagnosis, treatment, or any medical manipulation. Consult a physician before using any technique or using any product. This site is not a specialized medical portal and does not replace the professional advice of a specialist. The owner of the Site does not bear any responsibility to any party that has suffered indirect or direct damage as a result of improper use of materials posted on this resource.

Honor Band 5 firmware update

Immediately after pairing, the Huawei Health app will request a new firmware version from its servers. Whether you upgrade your Honor Range 5 now or not is up to you. But I am a supporter of installing the latest software.

Function setting

To connect the Honor Band to the phone for its full use, you need to choose which data will be displayed on the screen. This is done in the Function Settings menu. If the user considers any parameter unnecessary for permanent withdrawal, then you just need to click on the “minus” icon.

Weather on the bracelet

On the phone, you can connect the ability to display the temperature on the Honor Band. Information will be automatically loaded from the standard smartphone weather application.

Switch language

The default language is Chinese. This is obvious because the device is made there. But when you contact the phone, it is translated into the host’s language. in most cases it is Russian. But if this does not suit you, open the application, go to the settings and select a different interface language.

Setting up Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5 settings can be roughly divided into two parts: profile settings and functions. The first one is performed on the “I” tab. This is where you set goals for the number of steps and weight, as well as enter personal details such as gender, date of birth, height and weight. This data is necessary for a more accurate calculation of activity parameters.

The following settings are also made in this menu:

  • ON OFF. automatic data synchronization.
  • Automatic search for devices for pairing is activated.
  • Setting up notifications about achieving goals (steps).
  • Heart rate alarm and heart rate threshold setting.
  • Measuring system selected.
  • You can set up data synchronization with cloud storage.

To access the settings for the bracelet function, click the bracelet icon in the upper right corner of the Home tab, or select the bracelet in the My Devices tab in the My Devices section of the Myself tab.

The Honor Band 5 range settings are as follows:

Dials. The previous version of the fitness bracelet currently has a choice of 4 watch face options. There is much more choice for Honor Band 5. about 40 options.

Huawei TruSon. Enabling this feature maximizes your sleep analysis with breath analysis, diagnosis of 6 types of sleep problems, and tips for improving sleep from Harvard Medical School. Without TruSleep, the bracelet also monitors your sleep, but in this case you will only see the duration of your sleep, divided into light and deep stages. Turning on TruSleep increases the power consumption of the bracelet.

Reminder. When this option is enabled, the bracelet will vibrate every hour to remind you to stretch.

Continuous monitoring of heart rate. There are several modes for measuring heart rate:

  • One dimension. Measurement is triggered by a wristband.
  • “Smart Mode”. The bracelet automatically measures your heart rate based on your activity.
  • Real time mode. When this mode is enabled, the tracker measures the heart rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing the most detailed data. But it is the operating mode that consumes the most energy.

Don’t worry When this mode is on, the screen does not turn on when you raise your hand, and the bracelet does not receive call and message notifications. You can set a Do Not Disturb schedule and select one of the Do Not Disturb scenarios.

Notifications (turn on notifications on the bracelet and select apps for which notifications are allowed).

Meteorological reports. To view the weather of the current day on the bracelet, you must enable this function and allow the application to access geodata.

Bluetooth disconnect notification. When you activate this function, the bracelet will alert you with vibration when the tracker and smartphone are turned off.

Function setting. In this section, you can change the order in which the function icons are displayed on the bracelet screen and delete those that are not used.

Switching joint. By enabling this function, you can change the interface by rotating your wrist.

Automatic download of service packages over Wi-Fi.

How to charge Honor Band 5

For charging, it uses its own charger, which is attached to the bottom of the bracelet. It comes with a short microUSB to USB cable. One end connects to the charger connector, the other to the USB port of a computer, laptop, or any power supply that works at any current. Charging to 100% takes about 1.5. 2 hours.

How to charge Honor Band 5?

In order to charge the Honor Band 5 bracelet, you need to use the proprietary contact pad that comes with the tracker. It is not possible without charging, since, unlike many other Chinese models, the Honor Band 5 lacks a USB connector as such.

There are only three pins here, which, when fastening the bracelet in the charger, coincide with the contacts on it.

How to install and change the dial on Honor Band 6/5/4/3 bracelets?

Watch faces for Honor Band 6/5/4/3 are improved parts for Huawei smartwatches. Every second user has smart bracelets. They are designed to optimize the rhythm of life for each user. The gadget helps to monitor the quality of sleep, the process of losing weight, and daily activity. In addition, the device has an interesting design that can be combined with all styles of clothing. The strap of the fitness watch is made of high quality silicone. It is securely attached to the hand without crushing the hand. The watch is also equipped with a dial. It includes vibrant lighting and a variety of fonts. The developers have provided available themes for the main screen. They can be easily changed using the “Settings”. Here are some tips on how to quickly and easily download or switch a theme on Huawei.

Important points

Before downloading watch faces on Honor Band, follow these steps:

  • sync mobile with smart bracelet;
  • download the Huawei Health program to the gadget;
  • download new updates, firmware on the application itself.

The last point needs to be done constantly. These actions enable the technique to work fully. After completing these steps, you can change the theme and perform various functions.

Where to download watch faces for Honor Band 6/5/4/3??

The dials are built-in and are in the Huawei software. At the moment, there are about 60 of them. Each is different in design, color, decoration. Despite this, the creators are constantly introducing new options. Visit the section systematically, see free news. We guarantee everyone will find an option for themselves. The most popular are:

  • shadows in dark shades with a picture of a swan;
  • lightweight with a minimum of inserts and additions;
  • love piggy. design with painted pigs;
  • evening. a pink hare in a bright suit will appear on the screen, the font consists of multi-colored characters;
  • geometric themes are suitable for fans of non-standard solutions;
  • pop. classic design stylized as 80 years old;
  • pixel. the components of the design are bright and catchy, small details are clearly displayed;
  • jewels. theme with lots of rhinestones, sequins that suits girls.

How to add new watch faces on Honor Band 6/5/4/3?

Not sure how to set the watch face on Honor Band 6/5/4/3? A short instruction will help you understand the issue. Follow these steps to get the result:

  • We open the Huawei Health program;
  • Launch the “Settings” folder;
  • We reproduce the page “Dials”;
  • Scroll down to download all options;
  • Choose a suitable design, click on the “Install” button.

Through the bracelet

Take note of the method through the bracelet. To do this, tap on the watch screen and hold it for a few seconds. In the window that opens, select “”. In the list, click on the option you like. To complete the operation, click on “Update”.

How to change the watch face on Honor Band 6/5/4/3?

The easiest option is to use the same method as when adding. The creators also offer several ways to update the theme. The first involves using an app. The second is with the bracelet itself.


Any changes in work happen through the application. Here you can change the design of the main screen, as well as perform additional functions:

  • set up alarm notifications about calls and SMS messages;
  • display incoming SMS;
  • track vital parameters;
  • establish control over sleep, calories and daily activity.

Installation via a bracelet

Unlike most other fitness bracelets, Huawei provides the ability to change the watch face right through the gadget itself. To do this, you need to do the following: Clamp any place on the screen; In the opened settings, select the “Menu” tab; Find dials and choose the most suitable option; Select “Update”.

Download features

You won’t have to puzzle over where to download watch faces for Honorband 5, because you can do it right in the company’s proprietary application. Developers regularly add to this list, so each person will be able to choose the most suitable option for him. Among the most popular and demanded dials today are the following: Shadow. characterized by dark tones and the image of a swan; Simple. just a clock and a status bar, ideal for connoisseurs of minimalism; Evening — pink hare wearing a yellow suit; Woven is a theme for geometry fans; Pop. an ordinary dial, made in the style of the 80s of the last century; Jewels. designs for gem and jewelry lovers.

Adding new watch faces

The algorithm for adding new watch faces to a fitness bracelet from Huawei is quite simple and includes the following steps: Go to the HuaweiHealth app; Open the settings; Select the section “Dials”; We select the most optimal option; Click “Install”. In order to change the design, you need to do the same work, just choose a different theme. After installation, it will immediately change in the application.

Important points

First of all, you need to take into account some points that will allow you to change the dial at the proper level: You cannot manage a fitness bracelet without special software. The developer suggests using the proprietary HuaweiHealth application, thanks to which you can install all the presets. It is recommended to download it only on the official website or in the PlayMarket in order to exclude the infection of the device with viruses; After downloading and installing, you will need to configure it. The connection between the bracelet and the smartphone is carried out via the Bluetooth protocol, so it must be always on; After the bracelet and smartphone are synchronized, you can download watch faces for Honorband 5; Configuring and installing them will also be done through HuaweiHealth; Make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the application, as the old ones do not support changing the watch face.

Installation via app

The easiest way to manipulate the fitness bracelet is through the app, since the smartphone screen is larger, so it is easier to operate it. The company’s proprietary software allows you not only to change the design by replacing the dial, but also to do the following: Set up notifications. If you want to receive messages from certain applications or display any other information on the bracelet display. It should be noted that when you replace the dial, the design of the notifications will also change; Display of the status bar, where information about the smartphone, battery charge, etc. is displayed; Derivation of information about life processes.

How to set the watch face on Honor Band 5

The Honor Band 5 is one of the most popular and sought after fitness bracelets on the market. The model is in demand due to its attractive design, excellent autonomy and functionality.

Immediately after Xiaomi, the Chinese company Huawei decided to add the ability to change dials in new fitness bracelets. Thanks to this, owners can personalize their devices by choosing the most suitable design.


If necessary, you can also perform a complete removal of all pre-selected and installed watch faces. This can be done only through the application by going to the “Me” tab, finding the desired topic and sending it to the trash can. This can be done with all designs except the standard one.

Thus, the installation of dials on the Honorband 5 can be done both using the proprietary application and through the fitness bracelet itself.

Why Honor Band 5 doesn’t show notifications?

Having a problem on the Honor Band 5, the bracelet notifications are not received? This failure occurs in several cases. Before troubleshooting any problem, you need to identify the problem. This article will help you understand the main reasons for the failure. First, check the Bluetooth connection of the gadgets. Go to the “Settings” or “Control Panel” folder and see if the option works. Without a Bluetooth connection, messages and calls will not be received. Another option is a failure in the personalization of the smartphone. Open “Parameters” and check the correctness of the entered data. Explore all social networks and applications. Move the slider to the “Enable” mode. After that, reboot the system. Power off and resume Huawei. Now check for information.

Why Honor Band 5 notifications don’t come: reasons how to set up?

Not sure why Honor Band 5 notifications are not coming? Every user has encountered a similar problem at least once. This question can be found on user sites and chat rooms. A fitness bracelet is ideal for active people. The gadget tracks activity during the day, calories burned, heart rate during training, quality and duration of sleep. He is able to make life as easy as possible for the client. Users customize the gadget exclusively for themselves. The device receives notifications about calls and messages. Installing them is easy enough. Follow basic tips and instructions.

Enabling call notifications

In order not to miss calls, you need to go to the “Settings and parameters” folder. Here you can find detailed information about the utilities from which you need to receive a notification. Go to the “Phone” section, then click on the “Enable” button

How to set up notifications on Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5 notifications are configured as follows. To begin with, pairing of two devices is carried out. After that, follow the steps:

  • Open the screen of the mobile gadget and go to “Settings”.
  • Access the watch to a mobile device.
  • Give the device access to the Health application. This will help you receive quick messages and calls directly to your device.

The functionality of the program is quite extensive. Customize it directly for yourself. Set alerts for some programs and applications. Even if the smartphone is in your. you can see a short text of the message on the bracelet.

Customization from WhatsApp and Viber

To activate call alerts, go to the Preferences folder. The program data is located here. In this section, check for notifications from social networks Whatsapp and Viber. Next to the mark, move the slider to the other side. Smart watches make it possible to stay online 24 hours, 7 days a week. Track messages, emails and letters right from the bracelet. Use the maximum functionality of the device.

Installing the stock dial

The developer has equipped the Smart-watch with a large number of system watchfaces. There are about 50 screensavers with different colors and details. Usually the following information is displayed on the main screen of the tracker:

We recommend choosing the most informative and convenient clock faces with the display of the above data.

Where can I download

You need to download materials from reliable sources. The technology forum or proven thematic sites, for example, Amazfit Watchfaces, are perfect. Despite the name of the service, there are watch faces for wearable devices from different manufacturers. The file must have hwt permission.

With Huawei Health

  • Link your watch to the Huawei Health app. Suitable for Android and iPhone.
  • Go to the model settings and scroll through the list of functions to the “Dials” tab.
  • Select the option you are interested in and click “Install”. The changes will take effect in about a minute.

Note! On iOS, there may be problems loading a new watch face, since the software has not been finalized yet.

Watch face on Honor Band 5

Fitness bracelet Honor Band 5 is equipped with a high-quality AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 0.95 inches. The color display allows you to experiment with screensavers and choose interesting options. In the article we will discuss watch faces for Honor Band 5: how to install, change and remove them.

How to install

Installation of third-party watchfaces is prohibited in the global stable version of Huawei Health. Therefore, you need to download the Chinese developer assembly of the application.

  • Remove the previously installed program.
  • We turn on the airplane mode. Wi-Fi must be disabled.
  • Run the APK file from the downloaded archive using Explorer.
  • In the “Region” column we put China.
  • Disable flight mode.
  • We agree to install Huawei Mobile Services. This is a prerequisite for the software to work.
  • Allow Huawei Mobiles Services to run in the background. The parameter is located in the section “Battery” and “Security”.
  • Create a Huawei account.
  • We connect the bracelet in the standard way.
  • Go to the gadget settings and open the “Dials” item.
  • There should be an ellipsis in the upper right corner. Click on it, and in the drop-down menu we tap “Unloading dials”.
  • Specify the path to the hwt. Do not update Health in any way, otherwise the upload function will disappear!

If three dots do not appear, you will have to temporarily set the Chinese simplified language in the phone settings. The instruction does not always work. Honor and Huawei have the highest likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Custom watchfaces

In addition to the official watch faces, it is possible to install wallpapers from third-party developers. But this procedure is more complicated and time consuming.

Remove watchface

System screensavers are not removed. You can only get rid of the watch faces that you downloaded yourself. We go to the section of the same name and click on the line “I”. Open an unnecessary topic and tap “Delete”.

what languages ​​do Honor band 5 and band 4 models support

The Honor band 5 (and band 4) fitness bracelet has 9 languages ​​for the user interface: the so-called. Simplified Chinese, American English, European Spanish, European Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Italian and British English.

Interface and notification languages ​​for Honor Band 5 and Band 4: a couple of points

Therefore, now we will briefly tell you what languages ​​the Honor band 5 bracelet supports, how to change the interface language of Honor band 5 and something else.

how to change the interface language of the bracelet Honor band 5 and band 4

  • first, download and install the proprietary Huawei Health application on your smartphone;
  • after that, through the application menu, we connect the bracelet to the smartphone;
  • after the completion of the pairing procedure and the first synchronization, the bracelet interface will automatically switch to the language that is set as the main language of the smartphone operating system;
  • and then, if you want to translate the bracelet interface into another supported language, then you must first go to the “Settings” of the smartphone, set the appropriate language and region there and then perform the procedure for synchronizing the smartphone and the bracelet in the Huawei Health application.

In addition, when connecting Honor band 5 and band 4 to a smartphone, you should also take into account that:

  • the interface language of the bracelet is automatically adjusted to the language of the operating system of the smartphone only if the bracelet supports this language (see the list above);
  • if the bracelet does not support the language set as the main one in the smartphone settings, then if it is the Chinese version of Honor band 5 (or band 4), then the interface switches to Chinese by default, if the Global version, then to English.

what text notification languages ​​does Honor band 5 and band 4 support

According to the specification, both models can display text notifications in any of the following 45 languages:

Simplified Chinese, Hungarian, Vietnamese, American English, Slovak, Indonesian, European Spanish, Polish, Arabic, European Portuguese, Romanian, Persian, French, Greek, Dutch, German, Serbian, Malay, Russian, Bosnian, Catalan, Italian, Macedonian, Czech, British English, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Latin American, Spanish, Finnish, Galician, Brazilian Portuguese, Estonian, Basque, Swedish, Latvian, Azerbaijani, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Uzbek, Danish, Slovenian, Urdu, Ukrainian, Croatian, Turkish.