How to Install GTA 5 on Computer

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How to install GTA 5 on a computer?

How to Install GTA 5 on Computer

Modern games, unlike old-school games, have not only beautiful graphics and high system requirements. The main difference lies in the huge number of errors, starting from the installation process, ending with the final scenes of the whole game. Of course, this is treated with numerous patches. But releasing a raw game, selling it as completed and working, became completely normal. This bowl has not bypassed GTA 5. Difficulties begin already with the installation process. So let’s take a closer look, How to install GTA 5 on a computer. So that later you don’t have to redo anything?

The process of installing GTA 5 on a PC

Firstly, you need to check the installation path. No Cyrillic alphabet. The developers of the game are obvious Russophobes. That is, folders should be named, for example, not “Games”, but “Games”. In addition, the username of the computer, the folder where the saved games will be placed, must also be written in English letters.

Next, you need to check the availability of Windows Media Player on the computer. Of course, this program is installed together with the operating system, but it may well be invisible to the game installer, being in the disconnected state. To check if the player is turned on, you need to go to the “control panel”. “programs”. “enable” or “disable Windows components”. “find the utility folder” and “check the box in front of it” if it is not already there.

In addition, the latest version of the Microsoft.NET Framework must be running on the computer. Even if the program updates automatically, before GTA 5 installation it is still worth reinstalling or updating it.

After all these manipulations, in order to bore users, you can proceed to the standard installation, the description of which was kindly posted in the step-by-step instructions on the GTA 5 official website (given the number of installation errors, you can’t call it a mockery).

And now step by step we will consider the process of installing the GTA 5 game on a computer:

  1. Change the names of all folders in contact with the game files to Latin. This applies to the folder where the game itself will be placed, and the directories that store the game’s save. In addition, you need to change the Cyrillic spelling of the computer’s username. Either create a new one, or simply write the name in English letters.
  2. Check for the presence and status (enabled or disabled) of Windows Media Player.
  3. Update the Microsoft.NET Framework program by downloading it from the official Microsoft website.
  4. Run the installer. Follow all directions.
  5. I strongly agree to the offer to update or install something (Microsoft Visual C, DirectX, Microsoft. NET Framework), even if these programs are updated immediately before the installation of the game.
  6. Run the game.
  7. Wait for the update of the newly installed product to finish.
  8. Register at Rockstar Social Club or log into an existing account (it’s better to save time and register while the installation of the main content is still in progress).
  9. Redeem product code.
  10. Finally, start playing.

If you follow the instructions step by step. Install GTA 5 on a computer It will turn out the first time. Without subsequent dances with a tambourine!

Installing GTA 5 for PC

After you make sure that the game Grand Theft Auto V meets the system requirements of your PC, you can safely purchase the game and proceed to install it on your computer.

On this page we will analyze all the stages of installing GTA 5 for PC. Just follow the instructions and you can start playing as soon as possible.

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Step-by-step installation of GTA 5:

  1. (Disc version only) Insert disc 1 of Grand Theft Auto V into the DVD drive.
    If the installation program does not start automatically, open the DVD drive folder and double-click the # 8216; Setup # 8217; icon.
  2. You will begin the installation process of Grand Theft Auto V. Follow the on-screen instructions until the installation process is complete.
  3. If necessary, components such as DirectX, Microsoft.NET, and Visual C will be installed. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. To play Grand Theft Auto V, you do not need to have the original game disc in the DVD drive.
  5. Click the # 8216; Grand Theft Auto V # 8217; icon to launch the Grand Theft Auto V game. The game will download and install available updates.
  6. You will be prompted to register with the Rockstar Games Social Club or log into your existing account.
  7. You will be asked to enter your Rockstar activation code to activate the product online. Rockstar activation code is in the package with the game or in the letter that you received by e-mail at the time of purchase.

Downloading a game client from the Internet

You can download the game from the official website of Rockstar Games Social Club. To do this, you must log in to your account, which will be used to play GTA V and enter the Rockstar activation code. After that, it will be possible to download the game client.

Please note: upon activation, the official release date of the game is checked. Activation will not be made if the release date of the game has not yet arrived. Therefore, be sure to check the current date and time settings on your PC. If you experience problems with Internet access or errors when trying to activate the game, go to https://gta5.Su/ for detailed instructions on how to solve the problem. Please save your Rockstar activation code as additional codes will not be available.

Such a problem: I have drives and an activation code. I previously installed and played the game. After for a number of reasons, deleted and for some time did not play. Now I want to play, but in my profile it shows that I do not have this game. When you try to re-enter the activation code, it says that the code is already used. What could be the problem. What to do ?

Andrey, the same problem, I found out that the key is used only once, how and where can it be updated, you already know? Tell me

I have some nonsense; an error occurs in unpacking the archives! And the creator is stupid Russian [email # 160; protected]

Such a problem: I bought a game in the shopping center, already installed, but the activation code is simple. The fact is that it is not on the disk. What to do?

Fans of pirated versions of games encountered a series of obstacles while trying to get a pirated copy of GTA V on PC. Over, the obstacles turned out to be so complex that the process of downloading, installing and launching the game itself turned into an epic and incredibly complex quest.

A little after the release, gamers went to storm torrents in search of a pirated version of Grand Theft Auto V. It is not surprising that one of the most popular games appeared on torrent trackers a few hours after the release, but gamers actually download a pandora’s box. A full-fledged cracked version of GTA V for. Still not. Therefore, instead of the desired game, PC owners make a lot of problems for themselves.

Firstly, only the process of unpacking the downloaded archive with the game is stretched for a long time. According to gamers, the installation of the game takes from 7 hours to “eternity”. Some users talk about the 20 hours it took to install, others note that the archives are “broken” and the process is interrupted by 22%. Over, the installation speed depends on the power of the PC. The owner of a quad-core processor, 12 GB of RAM installed the game for more than 12 hours.

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Secondly, gamers discover that in addition to the game itself, they install third-party software, including viruses. According to one user, in the first 10 seconds of installation, the antivirus program detected two viruses. At his own risk, the gamer decided to disable the antivirus and continue the installation, which jeopardizes all user data. This is fraught with loss of access to mail, accounts on social networks, on the Steam network, and even to the theft of money from users’ cards, accounts and phones. Instead of playing a game, gamers have to completely clean their computer from malware, right up to the full formatting of the hard drive.

Thirdly, even after successful installation of the game, PC users simply can’t enter the game. Players are asked to enter an activation code, without which the game simply does not start. The cracks and instructions supplied do not help in any way. Many users also note that the game refuses to run on a wide range of operating systems, including Windows 7 and Windows 8. It is also worth noting that the pirated version comes without access to the GTA Online multiplayer mode.

And finally, some gamers get archives with a meaningless set of files and viruses, created solely for profit from the desire to get a free copy of GTA V. And most of these links. The Skidrow team has not yet been able to hack the game and release a full-fledged tablet, as well as other “conscientious” pirates that provide gamers with working pirated versions of the games.

We offer you download GTA for free on a computer from any torrent client. Select any version of the game and click on the download link below. We attached a screenshot and description to each game and in the full version you can also see the, leave your questions in the comments below.

GTA Vice City

One of the most famous games of GTA Vice City is ready to offer everyone who wants to plunge into the amazing atmosphere of events that took place in the 80s in America right now. Here you will see all the attributes inherent in it, among which you will encounter blinding neon night light and glam rock, sounding from almost every car. In addition, you will find a lot of parties, which have no end.

Along the way, you will meet more and more new acquaintances belonging to different-sized mafia. Do not be afraid of both Cuban and Haitian gang members who, moreover, are also fighting. As soon as you join the gameplay, you yourself will be able to confront them. The main character is Tommy Versetti, the son of one of the most influential families of Italian kinship. The plot of GTA Vice City will talk about how he has to complete his very dirty job. You will need to work on the most influential cones of the big city of Vice City, at the same time equipping your own business in order to have income from here, too, you must develop in different directions.

The place you will have to meet in GTA San Andreas will be the US state of San Andreas, which is itself fictional. It consists of three cities that were taken as prototypes of the notorious American megacities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas. In the states they are better known as “City of Angels”, “Golden Gate”, “City of Lights” respectively.

Time in GTA SA will naturally cover the events of the dashing nineties. Actually, almost every of the gameplay details will remind us of this. It will all start with the advertising of rabid dogs, which is posted almost throughout the city. Carl Johnson, the main character, tried to lead a normal and very calm life. However, in the end, he didn’t succeed, because his coziness is often spoiled by either corrupt cops or traitors or crazy girlfriends. So CJ is forced to get rid of his personal problems, while earning the highest authority from others, and also a lot of money in addition. A variety of GTA San Andreas will delight you.

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In GTA IV, you already have to meet Niko Belik (or Belich, as you get used to calling him in the process). He is a former military, Serbian immigrant, as well as the new protagonist of the entire GTA series. Its story will begin its U-turn in Liberty City, one of the most zero, but a huge town. At the very beginning, you must find the traitor from the last war, but soon this minimum plan will smoothly grow into a responsible task. You need to save your cousin, a bad guy.

He used to get stuck in thousands of different troubles. In the process, get acquainted with almost all the criminal personalities of the town. You will find yourself in the most real drama exactly when, according to genre laws, everything should end well. In GTA 4 everything is done at the highest level, from graphics to realistic gameplay. One of the most noticeable is that during car collisions on cars dents and scratches will begin to be visible on the impact sites, which is very realistic.

Everyone heard about the fifth GTA release, because this event of large scale and simply cannot go unnoticed. Here, finally, the developers were able to realize everything that they had been dreaming of for decades. The player is presented with a huge world, full of freedom of action in it. It is as full and vibrant as never before. If for now put aside the game plot, it is worth noting that in GTA 5 world almost always something happens, even without your participation.

Almost all residents are in a hurry for some of their business, and some “unique” fall into various ridiculous stories. Someone is ready to steal a car before your eyes, someone is sitting on the go on social networks on their mobile phones. In other words, this city lives its own life, and you are just a part of it. A huge plus is the realism of graphics, which could go a step further, when compared with the previous parts, as well as amazing physics, because it creates the effect of reality, as if you are in real life, and not in the game.

A popular global modification for GTA: SA developed by Russian guys, I recommend. On the download page you will find screenshots,s and a detailed description of the mod.

Russian GTA Download Russian GTA

Fully Russified version of the game GTA: SA. Dialogs, menus, interfaces, etc. The game is clean and does not contain any additions, just Russification, no more.

GTA with Russian cars Download GTA with Russian cars

A good modification of the game with a completely replaced vehicle for the one that we used to see every day in our city, I recommend. In the full version you will find a review on the mod.

GTA Criminal Russia Beta 3 GTA Criminal Russia Beta 3

The newest version of the popular mod. Criminal Russia. This version is only beta and it is still quite raw and needs to be improved. Once in the game, you can see a lot of unfinished textures and a copy of the red square.