How To Install Google Play Market On Meizu Smartphone

How To Install Google Play Market On Meizu Smartphone

The first action that most smartphone users take after determining the initial Android settings is to install all the applications that are needed later. It’s most convenient and safe to install software from the Google Play Market, but for some Android devices, in particular those manufactured by MEIZU, this service is initially unavailable due to the lack of integration of the Google Application Store and its related services into official FlymeOS firmware. The material below suggests two ways to solve the problem, using which each owner of the MEIZU device can get all the usual features on his device.

Options for installing the Google Play Market on MEIZU

Despite the fact that Meizu’s policy does not imply equipping the FlymeOS operating system with Google services, installing them, including the Play Market, in the manufacturer’s smartphones is practically possible. The two methods described below are aimed at using different categories of users. The first method is suitable for virtually all owners of Meizu devices, and the second may be of interest to those who are experimenting with unofficial modified Flyme firmware assemblies.

Method 1: Google Apps Installer

The simplest and most popular tool that provides the opportunity to get the Play Market on a smartphone running FlymeOS is an application Google Apps Installer from the developer SilverLingziCK. In addition, this tool integrates the Google Play services necessary for the normal functioning of the Store into the firmware, as well as modules that allow authentication in the Google account and synchronization of data (for example, contacts) with the account.

Step 1: Get and Install GMS Installer

Before proceeding with the deployment of Google services and installing the Play Store using the tool in question, the Flyme Google Installer itself must be downloaded and installed on the smartphone. To solve this problem, one of two algorithms should be used:

On the application page that opens, “App Store” tap “Install“. Next, wait for the download to finish,

and then installation GMS Installer.

    Launch Meizu App Store by tapping the application icon on the FlymeOS desktop. In the search field located at the top of the screen, enter a query Google, then tap “Search”.

The list of applications available for download contains the tool we need, only its name is the Chinese characters, so be guided by the application icon. Look at the screenshot below, find the icon similar to the marked among the search results (usually located at the top of the list) and click on it.

On the tool details page that opens, tap “Install” and wait for the download to complete,

and then install the package.

Step 2: Install Play Market and Google Services

Since, when we get the GMS Installer from different (global or Chinese) Meisu App Store, we install various versions of the tool, the process of integrating Google and Play Market services in Fly OS by users of Global and China firmware of Meizu smartphones is also slightly different. Consider both options.

    Localized installer.

      Open Google Apps Installer, by tapping the tool icon on the desktop. Next click “Install” and wait for all modules to be added to the operating system in turn.

Upon completion of its work, the Google services installer will offer to restart the smartphone, you need to confirm this action.

  • As a result, Meizu will have all the components for accessing the Play Market and other useful services of the “good corporation”.
  • “Chinese” installer.

      Run the application “GMS Installer”. its icon will appear on the Flyme desktop after installation as a result of the previous step of these recommendations. First install “Google Service”. tap the button “Install” and wait until all the necessary manipulations are carried out by the program. As a result, the smartphone will automatically reboot.

    Open the HMS installer again and tap the link “Install Play Store”, which will start the installation process of the Google App Store.

    Upon completion of the installation procedure, the link will become active “Open Play Store”, Tap on it to launch the Play Market. Now you can proceed to authorization in your Google account. It is better to use the login and password obtained in advance, but registration of a new account is also available in the usual way.

    Method 2: OpenGapps

    Experienced users of Meizu smartphones can use the component package created and distributed by project participants to receive Play Market and other Google services. Opengapps. You can find out what kind of product this is and how lovers of custom firmware on various Android devices use it from the material on our website, available at the link:

    Certain features of Meizu devices (a locked bootloader) and FlymeOS make it impossible to install the OpenGapps package on most of the manufacturer’s devices using the methods described in the article above, but by following the instructions below using third-party software tools, you can still get the desired Play Store and related Google services.

    To achieve a positive result of the instructions, it is required that root-rights are activated on the Meizu smartphone and SuperSU is installed!

    Next tap “Install”, Wait until the installation process is complete.
    Download the OpenGapps package from the project’s official website that matches the hardware specifications of the device and the Android version on which FlaimOS is based. The resource is available at the following link.

    Place the downloaded package in the phone’s internal memory or on a removable drive.

  • Launch FlashFire and grant the tool Superuser privileges.
  • Touch the round button “” on the main page of the FlashFire application. Next, select the option from the list that appears. Flash ZIP or OTA and specify the path to the OpenGapps zip file.
  • Make sure you have a checkmark in the box. “Mount / system read / write” window “Options”, if not, install it. Tap on the checkmark image at the top of the screen on the right. Next, check the compliance of the main screen with the screenshot (3) below and to start the process of integrating Google services into the smartphone’s operating system, click “FLASH”.
  • Confirm the request for readiness to start manipulation by touching “OK” in the displayed window. Further processes are performed automatically by FlashFair and do not require intervention. The device will reboot and stop responding to user actions, and information on operations currently being performed will be displayed on its screen.

    Wait for FlashFire to finish working. Android on the smartphone will start automatically, after which you can confirm the presence of the Play Market in the system, and then proceed to use the Store and other Google services / applications.