How to install Google photo on Android. How to quickly edit photos

Google photo for Android

The official Google program for Android allows you to create commemorative pictures and videos, store their unlimited amount in a virtual cloud, as well as manage files through a mobile device. Automatically the application scatters saved photos and films on folders, but the user can set up their location manually.

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Simplicity in management

Even a novice user will be able to figure out the application intensity:

  • You can increase or reduce the scale of the picture by clicking on the screen of a mobile device.
  • Using the tools, you can adjust pictures. than a dozen filter parameters are presented to the editor.
  • You can easily create albums, collages, vignettes and even videos. Using the function of invitation to photo albums, you can add pictures of other people.
  • To send files through mail or messengers, you do not need to poke your phone for a long time and open several pages at the same time. You can transfer photos or videos in a couple of touches on the mobile screen.
  • Image coordinates will remind of the place where the picture was taken. The history of the picture will simplify systematization, and also facilitate the subsequent search for photos.

The assistant will help the user deal with the location of important places in case of difficulty. The virtual assistant will create a backup copy of folders so that in the future the participant can view and organize files.

Google photo for Android

Google photo. a program for working with photos and videos in the cloud service of Google. Media files can easily be edited and converted into another format.

After installing the Google Photos program, pictures and user rollers automatically loaded in a systematized manner into the Google cloud. This approach provides the user with access to personal materials from any other gadget connected to the network. With the application you can not be afraid of irrevocable parting with part of the pictures and videos due to the lack of free memory on the smartphone.

All personal media content is reliably stored in the cloud storage, and to save the smartphone memory delete pictures, transferred Google photo. The program provides for a “smart” visual search for photos on people and objects depicted for them, as well as places, finding even pictures without tags.

The selected images of the Google Photos program automatically adds to a live album. The user has available a mode of creating a photo book illustrating a trip or a memorable event.

Software developers equipped the program with photographs editing tools: trimming, highlighting fragments, rotation, changing sizes and others, innovative filters are available, setting up contrast, color, lighting. Directly from the application is given the opportunity to send photos to friends using access to contact data or social networks.

Advantages of Google photo for Android:

To install Google Photos you need to download this application

Google photo

Get the opportunity to quickly maintain important moments of your life in the form of a photo and video on a convenient storage, as well as at any time to view them from all your devices.

Google photo will allow you to upload photos and videos to a convenient storage manually or automatically. At the same time, a convenient visual will help you quickly find the desired picture. Find photos with objects you are interested in, even if they do not have a description.

The program provides an unlimited space for storing pictures. At the same time, you can connect to a reliable cloud storage from any of your devices, connecting to the Internet, as well as through the web version of the service.

Using this program, you can clean the device memory by deleting multimedia files saved on the cloud from its memory. At the same time, the brightest moments of your life will always be at your hand.

A pleasant feature of the Google photo program is the automatic creation of interactive stories, films, animations, collages, panoramas and much more using your photos. To do this, you just need to click on the “” icon “.

In addition, Google photo has a photo editor. Just one click, you can configure colors, apply numerous filters and transform your photos using other tools.

Thanks to the ability to share photos, you can quickly open access to one or more photos in just a few clicks. Select the desired pictures, copy the link and send your friends in any convenient way. You can choose up to 1,500 pictures at the same time.

Also, the program has chromecast support. This will allow you to watch your photos and videos on TV, broadcasting them from your smartphone or tablet.

Download the Google photo application on your Android and save important photos and videos on a convenient and safe storage at any time.

Memories from Google Photos on Wallpaper

It turned out that only the update of “Google Photo” is not enough, because installing photos from the assortment of the catalog using the standard software is impossible. You still need to download the “Wallpaper” application from Google. only it contains a special section, which is a kind of gate from “Google photo”, which allows you to install pictures from the cloud.

You can put the story from Google a photo on the screensaver only through the “Wallpaper” application from Google

How to Make a Slideshow With Music on Google Photos 2021 Edition

In addition to memories, “Google Photo” allows you to install any picture from the gallery on the screensaver. It is very simple to do this. just open the right photo, open the context menu (three vertical points), then choose “use it” and install as wallpaper. In general, nothing complicated.

In fact, the opportunity to establish memories from “Google Photo” as wallpapers is a really cool function. I really love these storis, which form Google algorithms, but. it turns out. they open the application infrequently. And the regular renewal of these pictures, reminding me of past events, solves this problem literally for one or two. Yes, you need to be prepared for the fact that some pictures from Storis are frankly non.artistic. Therefore, think 10 times if there is something in your gallery that you would like to hide from outsiders.

Hidden functions Google photo

Google photos are quite extensive photos settings

In addition to manual settings, Google Photo offers quite a lot of functions. In addition to auto processing and adjustments to the lighting, the service can create animation based on several successive personnel that are glued together. This is perhaps my favorite function. The main thing is that the photo be taken from about the same angle, and the object of shooting either moved or changed to another. The result is very cool mini-clips that are not ashamed to put in storis or share with loved ones.

Well, what about recognition. Algorithms “Google Photo” are so advanced that you can easily compare your own photos, find out in new pictures of the child that you photographed several years ago, and even determine the animal or plant captured in the photo. Thanks to this function, you can easily and simply look for the necessary frames, clogging the name of any object that was depicted on them: a dog, spider, flower in a search bar. And since the “Google Photo” allows you to make names in memory, you can name all your family members and look for them simply by name.

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How to setup

How to set up on Android synchronization photos from Google is clear from the instructions above. Now about how to change some parameters of her work:

Even with the initial quality turned on, restrictions on uploading photos up to 200 MB and a resolution of up to 150 MP, videos of up to 10 GB and objects with a resolution of more than 256 x 256 pixels were established.

The inclusion of synchronization of photos with Google occurs through the corporate service. For the convenience of users, you can change the parameters of uploaded files or expand the volume of the storage for a fee.

How to setup

How to set up on Android synchronization photos from Google is clear from the instructions above. Now about how to change some parameters of her work:

How to Backup Photos with Google Photos

Even with the initial quality turned on, restrictions on uploading photos up to 200 MB and a resolution of up to 150 MP, videos of up to 10 GB and objects with a resolution of more than 256 x 256 pixels were established.

The inclusion of synchronization of photos with Google occurs through the corporate service. For the convenience of users, you can change the parameters of uploaded files or expand the volume of the storage for a fee.

For Google Accounts, the manufacturer offers fifteen gigabytes for free of charge. But for the disk space, Google Photos involves the choice of two options:

  • Unlimited storehouse for photographs, video rollers, with a reservation for size. For photographs, he should not exceed a resolution of sixteen megapixels, and for video rolics-1080 FullHD quality. With this option, fifteen gigabytes are not consumed at all.
  • Want to store photos and videos in the original quality? Want to avoid the optimization of content with the service? Then you have to come to terms with the proposed fifteen gigabytes that the developer offers. If you do not agree with the compression of files before downloading them to the Google Disk, get more space on a paid basis. One hundred gigabytes in the Google-draw will cost a half dollar in thirty days. When choosing a free tariff plan, the user gets the opportunity to use an unlimited number of space on the platform. Add videos and photos so as not to overload the memory of a mobile device.

The application is an excellent solution when you need to clean the memory of the device. If you, for example, have lost your phone or it fell into the water and content is not subject to restoration, dear content to you will remain in the virtual space. You can always download photos and videos of rollers again if there is a need. You can go to Google photo from both a personal computer and a tablet or a mobile phone.

Use the full range of services from Google. Millions of users around the world managed to evaluate the products. Do not miss and you have your chance to remain calm for the preservation of content dear to your heart!

What is the Google photo application and how it works

Google Photos app an Android (you can also download on iPhone, if you want), traditionally represents the gallery application for viewing pictures with advanced functionality that allows you to create a backup copy of your photos in the cloud, edit them, create copies and so on. During the first launch of the application, it will ask you if you want to save a backup copy of your photos in the cloud. You can either enable backup or continue to use the application exclusively offline.

When the backup function is included, all the photos on your phone will be synchronized with your Google account, for which you turned on backup. There is another interesting thing associated with synchronization, allows Google Photos to also automatically synchronize (sorry for the tautology) your photos on all connected devices.

What is happening with photos on the phone

If you use the Google Photos application as an application for viewing photos and did not turn on the configuration of backup and synchronization, then removing this application will not have any effect. That is, not a single photo will be removed from your phone both on Android and on the iPhone (especially since ICLOD is responsible for the iPhone for synchronization). You can use a pre.installed application for Android Gallery to view photos. You can also install galleries for these purposes. And what application for viewing and editing photos you prefer you? Write about this in our chat in telegram.

If backup and synchronization are included, then, as already mentioned, your photos will be stored in the cloud of Google Photos. And then there is a very important point. If you have not deleted a copy of the device from Google settings photo on the service page, then nothing will happen to your photos after deleting the application. However, if you deleted a copy of the device, then you will not be able to access such photos on your phone even from other gallery applications.

This does not mean that the photos will be deleted forever. They are still stored in the cloud of Google Photos. You will need to install the application again or visit Photos.Google.COM to view these pictures. You can immediately restore your gadget so that it synchronizes with the cloud.