How To Install Games On A Flash Drive

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If you do not want to mess around with disks, can play on PS2 from a flash drive. This opportunity appeared after the release of the firmware, which we will discuss in this article.

If everything is set up correctly, open the game from a flash drive it will be no more difficult than running the game on PS2 from disk.

Types of PS2 firmware

There are currently 2 upgrade options an old PlayStation 2 that launch games from a flash drive on a PS2:

  • Software firmware;
  • Installation of a special chip.

Softmod PS2 (software firmware) is called Free McBoot. This method allows you to run games and third-party programs downloaded from the Internet: players, emulators etc. It works on any console (with and without a chip).

Such firmware is recorded to a memory card, which the prefix reads, starting Free McBoot every time it is turned on.

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To prepare a memory card, in any case need second chip PS2. It is better to install Free McBoot in a special service, where there are all conditions for this.

How To Install Games On A Flash Drive

The difference between playing a flash drive on chip PS2 from running games with software firmware. Lack of lags. As practice has shown, when you start games from an external media or hard drive on Free McBoot, they often freeze or don’t open at all.

Hdd can only be connected to PS2 Fat.

To run games from external media you will need a special program. Open PS2 Loader (abbreviated as “OPL”). It launches games from a flash drive both on a chipboard console and on the one where Free McBoot is installed.

Running PS2 games from USB

To run the game on PS2, you will need to have a disc with OPL recorded on it (for a chip-top box) or configure autorun of the program from a memory card (for Free McBoot).

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Opl is written to disk together with uLaunchELF program, through which he turns on.

To start the game from a flash drive on a PS2 with a chipovka, you need:

  1. Insert disc with uLaunchELF and open it;
  2. Click O, and then go into cdfs;
  3. Find folder OPEN PS2 LOADER and run the file OPL_TFCARD R672 WITHOUT GSM.Elf;
  4. Go to Settings and change USB device start mode on the Auto;
  5. Next change Default menu on the USB Games.
  6. Exit the settings menu, after which a list of games that contain on a USB stick;
  7. Start the game.

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If the prefix with a chip, you have to insert an OPL disc every time, to get on the list with games.

If OPL is written to a memory card with Free McBoot. Open PS2 Loader will start automatically.

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