How To Install Fork Player On Android

Televisions with the Smart TV function have recently become especially popular among the public. This is due to the fact that this technology is used more and more often and therefore becomes more accessible. In addition, Smart TV has a large number of different functions and one of them is the ability to connect to the Internet and watch your favorite shows, TV shows or movies directly from online movie theaters for free.

If, besides the TV itself, you also have a computer, tablet or smartphone running on Android, then using high-speed Internet and Remote ForkPlayer you can create a home network. In this article we will talk about what ForkPlayer is, how to install it, configure it and use it after that on a particular device.

What is a forklayer?

ForkPlayer is an application that can be installed on televisions of various companies that support the Smart TV function, as well as personal computers, consoles and other Android-based devices. This program provides access to a large number of films, series,s, audio recordings and other content via the Internet.

Depending on which device the widget was installed on, its purpose also depends. Consider the main options:

  • On televisions with Smart TV, ForkPlayer will work as a browser, with which you can launch, listen and watch any media content from various sites absolutely free. A list of these sites is already in ForkPlayer. In addition, it is constantly updated, so you can be sure that you will find the film you are interested in.
  • On computers and devices running on the Android OS, including TV set-top boxes, Remote ForkPlayer is installed so that you can remotely control widget functions, gain free access to folders located on your computer and create or modify existing playlists.
How to Install Fork Player on Android

Install ForkPlayer on Android

In order to install ForkPlayer on your tablet, phone or Android console, you first need to install an additional application. To do this, you need to visit the Google market and download from there, UC Browser, agreeing to all the conditions. After downloading the file, its installation will automatically begin. Once it is completed, you need to run this application and enter in the address bar.

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After you do this, the ForkPlayer widget will work for you. For your convenience, it is advisable to save the above link in bookmarks otherwise you will have to re-enter it each time.

Also, in order to start working categories that have a DNS mark, you can try changing it. To do this, you need to go into the network settings of your tablet or smartphone running on Android, and enter the following DNS:

Install Remote ForkPlayer on PC

Remote ForkPlayer for a computer running on the Windows operating system is an auxiliary program that is necessary in order to be able to access through the TV folders stored on the PC and playlists. It also allows you to process links. DNS is not used.

With this program you can create a home network. To do this, you need a TV with the Smart TV function, a personal computer running on Windows, a smartphone based on Android, and other similar devices. At the same time, they should all be connected to Wi-Fi, which is distributed by the same adapter.

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To install and configure Remote ForkPlayer on a PC, proceed in accordance with this instruction:

  1. Turn on your TV that supports the Smart TV function, and go to the player settings;
  2. Select Remote Fork and set automatic mode;
  3. Go to the official ForkPlayer website and download the program for your computer;
  4. Unpack the downloaded archive and start installing the program;
  5. After that, the Remote ForkPlayer widget will be launched in the tray. By right-clicking on it, select “Enable Fork DLNA”;
  6. Next, you will need to right-click the widget again and select the “Check” item, which will be the second in the list;
  7. After you do this, your browser will automatically launch and “ForkPlayer DLNA Work!” Will appear. This will mean that everything is working correctly;
  8. Within a few minutes, the connection of the computer to the TV will last, after which it will be displayed with your first item;
  9. To complete the setup you need to go to the TV. At the top, in the right corner, a network icon will appear, and in the main menu, the DLNA item. Selecting it, you can see the folders stored on your computer and access them.
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Remote ForkPlayer Settings Features

Usually, with the correct connection and configuration of the program, no difficulties arise. However, there may be the following nuances:

  1. When you start Remote ForkPlayer for the first time, the computer may inform you that the firewall has blocked some functions. For the correct use of the widget, you should allow access to private and public networks by selecting the appropriate item.
  2. Some antivirus programs may perceive the downloaded Remote ForkPlayer widget as a virus and classify it as a trojan. Do not worry. Just add it to trusted ones.
  3. If Remote ForkPlayer is very outdated, it may stop working or work poorly. To avoid this, do not forget to update the program by downloading its new version from the official site.