How to Install Flash On iPhone Ringtone

How to Install Flash On iPhone Ringtone

Today I will tell you about some features of the flash of the iPhone mobile device. For the first time, a LED flash appeared in the 4th generation model. in the iPhone 4, in the previous models there was no built-in flash, but those who wanted could buy a separate flash accessory (called like iFlash) and use it with a 30-pin connector. Starting with the 4th iPhone, Apple began to equip all subsequent phones with a flash, now the LED is located on the back of the phone, near the camera and its main task is to create sufficient lighting for photo and shooting. In addition to the main task, the flash performs other useful functions, which we will talk about today.

How to turn on the flashlight in iPhone

I will not tell you how to turn on the flash in the iPhone when taking photos, I think by running the standard Camera application you will deal with this simple task. With the advent of iOS 7 firmware, a flashlight appeared in iPhones that works with a flash. Button “Flashlight”Is located in the“ Control Center ”widget. To be honest, I use this flashlight more often than flash when taking pictures. You will come home late, everyone is sleeping, you will take it from your iPhone pocket, turn on the flashlight and wander around. Well, or if it’s dark at the entrance, then it also helps. Turning on the flashlight on the iPhone is easy. I wake the phone with the Home button and pull out the Control Point from below, in it I press the lower left button with the image of the flashlight.

Additional flashlight modes (brightness settings) are available on iPhone phones, details here.

IPhone’s standard flashlight uses flash

The button is on and the flash starts to work as a flashlight. In order to turn off the flashlight, you can repeat the same steps, but there is also a faster secret way to turn off the flashlight in iPhone. walking around the house with the flashlight turned on, the phone’s screen manages to lock (the screen lock time in my settings is 1 min.). To turn off the flashlight, I wake up the iPhone and click the trailing Camera button in the lower right corner. After pressing the screen bounces a little, and the lamp turns off, this method is one step faster than turning off the button in the Control Center.

In newer iOS firmware, turn off the flashlight in lock mode as follows. I press the Home button and pull the screen a little to the left, if you pull it hard, the camera will turn on there.

Turn on flash on iPhone ringtone

In the settings of the iPhone there is another possibility of using the iPhone flash, a function called. LED flash for warning. By turning on this function, you will not only hear an incoming call, but also see it with the help of flashlights, such an indication. I think this feature was designed for people with hearing loss. That is, if a person does not hear well, then a flash on an iPhone call will help you see an incoming call in a flickering phone. Many users who do not have hearing problems also include this feature on their phones, as follows:

We launch the standard application “Settings” and select the “General” section.

In the “Basic” select “Universal Access” and turn on. LED-flash for alerts. In new versions of iOS, the subsection is called. Flash alerts.

If you figured out the flashes, then you can put your melody on an incoming iPhone call. instructions.

Now you will see how the flashlight blinks when an iPhone rings, a message or an alarm goes off. Warning flashes will flash only if the iPhone is in lock mode. When unlocked (not in hibernation), warning flashes do not work. Indication of a missed message is possible only in case of setting a reminder of a missed SMS.