How To Install Chrome On Smart Tv

Browser for Smart TV. It is an invaluable assistant for interacting with websites. True, using the built-in browser is very inconvenient due to the unusual interface and slow download speed. For comfortable surfing, it is better to use third-party web browsers. Read on, what are the best browsers for Smart TV, how to install and update them.

Choose a browser:

The TV browser on LG, Philips or Samsung is no different, since they all work on Android TV. We can successfully use any of the web browsers on all TVs with Smart. For convenience of information perception, we divided all browsers by TV brands, where it is convenient to use them.

Samsung TV

Which web browsers are worth paying attention to:

  • Opera is probably the best browser for Samsung Smart TV. It occupies a leading position in popularity. It is in demand due to the high speed of Internet connection, fast page processing and traffic saving. On Android TV, you can install Opera Mini, which supports protection from advertising, spam and other negative Internet phenomena;
How to Install Chrome on Smart TV

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Lg Smart TV

Top browsers for LG TV:

  • Google Chrome the best browser for LG Smart TV, it is also the most popular in the world. In some Android TV builds, Chrome is installed by default. The web browser is characterized by high performance, stylish appearance, many extensions and a vast ecosystem;
  • Mozilla Firefox is another popular browser, it is one of the ten most downloaded programs on Android. The web browser is slightly inferior in speed of Chrome and Opera, but it has other advantages: many unique extensions, works with a lot of file formats, supports Flash;
  • Dolphin Browser has its main feature. close work with many social networks. Also, the browser can create PDF files from any page on the network. The speed and stability of the web browser is not inferior to other analogues.

Installation Instructions

Not all owners of Smart TV have an idea whether it is possible to put a browser or another program on a TV. Yes, this is indeed possible on most models, although there are exceptions to the rule. It is better to study the instructions in advance to find out if this is possible.

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Installation of all programs is carried out according to a single principle, for example, we will consider the method of adding Yandex browser.

How to install Yandex browser on Smart TV:

  1. We go to the program for installing applications available for download (on Samsung. Smart Hub, on LG. LG Smart World). To do this, go to the main menu of the TV using the remote control.
  2. The list that appears displays all the programs available for download. We can rewind the entire list in search of the desired application or use the search bar at the top of the window.
  1. Click on the appropriate application and click on the button to install it.
  2. In the main menu of the TV, a new application will appear, it remains only to launch it.

Important! For the instruction to work, you should connect the TV to a Wi-Fi network in advance or connect an Ethernet cable.

How to update the browser on Smart TV?

All web browsers are gradually being developed and updated. Current browser versions are usually the fastest and most stable of all. We recommend that you periodically update your web browser, this will help maintain high speed and surfing comfort.

  1. Click on the remote button “Settings” or Settings.
  2. Go to the “Support” section and select the “Update” item.
  1. Click on the button “Check for Updates”.
  2. After the search, the available browser firmware is displayed, confirm its installation with the “Update” button.
  3. Upon completion of the update, we can proceed to use the updated version of the browser.
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Important! During the update, do not turn off the TV, this can lead to serious system failures.

Enjoy the best, updated browser and fast surfing the net with it. Now pages should be processed as quickly and correctly as possible.

Let’s do a little research: “Which browser is the best on Smart TV?”. Leave your opinion in the comments.

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