How to Install Chrome Browser on a Computer

You may be surprised, but today not all users know how to install Google Chrome on a computer, and this despite the fact that this browser has been the undisputed leader among all web browsers for several years. Its page loading speed, an interface that even a novice Internet user will understand, and useful extensions have won the hearts of many users.

How to Install Chrome Browser on a Computer

Why do some people still don’t know how to install Google Chrome, can’t configure it in accordance with their requirements? The reasons can be very different. Someone does not have free time or the desire to deal with all the intricacies of the computer and the Internet, and someone is used to using the web browsers built into the OS and does not even suspect the existence of the Google Chrome browser.

However, we will try to correct the situation and explain in plain language how to install “Chrome”, correctly configure it. After reading the proposed article, you will see that there is nothing complicated in this operation.

How to download Google Chrome?

If you decide to independently check whether Google Chrome is as good as they say about it, then before you do this, you will need to download a browser to your computer.

Downloading a web browser is recommended only from the official site. Open the Google search engine and in the search field enter the phrase: “Download Google Chrome.” Now open the site, which is in the first position in the SERP and click the “Download Google Chrome” button. If you want to download a browser for the Android, Mac platform, “Linux” or iOS, then refer to the appropriate link.

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Click on the aforementioned button, and a window will open in which you must agree to the terms of use of the web browser and install two checkboxes (optional). One of them sets Google Chrome as the default browser, and the second activates the option to automatically send crash reports to technical support.

That’s all! The download file has been downloaded, now you can proceed to install the web browser on the computer.

Google Chrome installation

So, to install “Chrome” on your PC, you need to open the directory where the “Chrome Setup” boot file was downloaded, and then run this installer.

First, a window appears informing you that you are preparing to install a web browser, after which you will be connected to the Internet and the installation of Google Chrome will begin. It is worth noting that without access to the network, installing a browser will be difficult.

The installation process will take some time, and then the web browser will start automatically. Next, you need to make settings in accordance with your preferences. This will be discussed below.

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As you can see, even the “user”, who got acquainted with the computer relatively recently, will be able to install the free “Google Chrome”, because the whole process goes practically without its intervention.

By the way, if you didn’t download the installer from the official Google site, it is recommended to check it with an antivirus before launching the file.

Browser settings

When you learn how to install Google Chrome on your computer, it is recommended that you make some of its settings. As a result, it will be much more convenient for you to work in this browser, which means that productivity will also increase.

So, launch Google Chrome and click on the button, which shows three parallel stripes (in the right corner). In the context menu, refer to the “Settings” section.

Here you can change the start page by setting as one of the search engines, for example, Yandex or Google. In addition, you have the option of making Chrome your default web browser.

Having opened the “Advanced Settings”, in the “Passwords and Forms” section, check the box to automatically save passwords with the checkbox so that the next time you log into your favorite sites you do not need to enter your data again.

It is worth noting that cookies and browsing history are also cleared here. To do this, refer to the “Personal Data” section and click “Clear History”.

Useful Extensions

You already know how to install Google Chrome on your computer, but you might be wondering what add-ons are recommended for this browser. Below you can see a list of the most popular extensions:

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AdBlock. if you are tired of advertising on the pages of visited sites, then by installing this add-on you will get rid of it.

“Yandex Elements: Mail”. notification of new letters. A very convenient extension for those people who use mail from Yandex.

“Visual bookmarks”. by setting them, you can add your favorite sites to the “Express Panel” and open them with one click.

“Weather”. you can choose an extension, for example, YoWindow. Now you will always know about the upcoming vagaries of nature.

And these are not all additions, but only the most popular ones. You choose those that you really need. For example, SEO-optimizers often use the “Website Statistics from LiveInternet” extension, and fans of social networks can also install the appropriate add-ons for themselves.


So, now that you have received the answer to the question of how to install Google Chrome on your computer, you can feel all the advantages of this web browser. In addition, you learned how to configure your browser and install useful extensions.

Now it will be much more convenient to travel around the Internet, because you use the fastest web browser available today and know how to install Google Chrome on your computer.