How to install bluetooth on your laptop

How to install bluetooth on your laptop

Bluetooth is used to transfer information and sound between compatible devices. Drivers and the necessary software come with the hardware, but often they are not. In that case, we recommend downloading Bluetooth on your computer or laptop for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 and XP at the bottom of this page without registration and SMS. Special mention should be made of Bluetooth 4 compatibility.0 и 5.0 versions with Windows 10 and 11. Compatible Bluetooth drivers are also available from the hardware manufacturers, or you can install using Windows Update.

There are hardware and software Bluetooth solutions for desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets, cell phones, digital assistants, printers, scanners, digital cameras, mice, keyboards, sensors, beacons, and other devices. When Bluetooth does not work on your computer or laptop, often the problem is not in the hardware. You can, of course, buy a Bluetooth expansion card or a new USB-adapter, but you should not hurry with this. The issue is solved for free if you first download the Bluetooth driver on this Russian site.

How to enable Bluetooth on a laptop or tablet with Windows 10

Despite the fact that all modern laptops and smartphones have Bluetooth communication module, not every day use this technology. Especially when compared to Wi-Fi. So it is not surprising that sometimes we just do not even know where to find this “blue tooth” and how to turn it on.

If you want to establish a Bluetooth connection to some fitness bracelet or similar gadget, the process is often taken over by the device’s software, which itself will tell you what to do.

But if, for example, you want to transfer a couple of files from another device, you can use the standard Windows 10 tools. It is done very simply.

In the lower right corner of the screen of your device (it can be a computer, laptop or tablet) is an icon in the form of a message. After you click on it, on the right you will see a pop-up panel “Notification Center”, and at the bottom there will be an icon that says “Bluetooth”. Just click on it and the corresponding module will work.

But do not get excited. You will not always be able to find your Windows 10 device in the list of active devices and try to, for example, receive or transfer files. First, it may not show up on purpose. Then you need to select “Options” from the “Start” menu in the lower left corner of the screen.

In the window that opens, click on the “Devices” icon, then find “Bluetooth” on the left in the list. The list is small and all the items are in the palm of your hand.

The Bluetooth settings will appear in front of you. At the bottom find and click on ” Bluetooth options”. Another menu will open and you have to tick the first option, “Allow Bluetooth devices to discover this computer”.

Now we need to do one more useful thing: to rename our module so that it will not be confused with other computers and will not try to send your photos to strangers. To do this, go to the “Hardware” tab, select your Bluetooth module among the items listed. A normal sane person should not know what model of transmitter is installed in his laptop, so focus on the name of the company Intel, Dell, Qualcomm or Broadcom in the name of the device. Click on it and then click on “Properties” below. Again opens a new menu and you need to click on “Change settings”. Yes, you will see another menu, but the last one. You will need to click on the “Advanced” tab, and there will be a field with the name of the device, which can be easily changed.

Check the drivers

Usually, Windows 8.1 automatically installs all the drivers, but this does not always happen. Make sure that you have the drivers for the device on your computer. You can check this through the device manager. Press WinR key combination and in the window that will open type mmc devmgmt.msc, then press Enter.

This will open the device manager. Find there the item with Network Adapters and expand it. If the list of devices do not include Bluetooth devices, then there is no driver for it in the system. You can install the driver from the disc that came with your laptop when you bought it. In addition, you can download it from the official web site of the manufacturer of this PC. Once the driver is installed, follow the same steps described above to connect. Use additional utilities to manage connections and wireless adapters.

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This short article comes to an end. Now you can not only turn on the wireless Bluetooth adapter and make a connection to your phone and tablet, but also know how to check the driver for the right device. As you can see, it is not that complicated.

How to enable Bluetooth in Windows 7

On a laptop with Windows 7, turn on Bluetooth is easiest with the help of proprietary utilities from the manufacturer or the icon in the Windows notification area, which, depending on the adapter model and driver, on the right click displays a different menu to control BT functions. Don’t forget also about the Wireless switch, if your laptop has one, it should be in the “On” position.

If there is no Bluetooth icon in the notification area, but you are sure you have the correct drivers installed, you can do the following:

Option 1

  • Go to the Control Panel and open “Devices and Printers
  • Right-click on the Bluetooth Adapter (it may have a different name, or it may not exist at all, even if the drivers are installed)
  • If there is such an item, you can choose “Bluetooth Settings” in the menu. there you can configure the display of the icon in the notification area, visibility to other devices and other settings.
  • If not, you can connect your Bluetooth device by tapping “Add device”. If detection is enabled and the drivers are in place, it should be found.

Option 2

  • Right-click on the network icon in your system tray and select “Network and Sharing Center”.
  • In the menu on the left, click on “Change adapter settings”.
  • Right click on “Bluetooth Network Connection” and click on “Properties”. If there is no such connection, then you have something wrong with your drivers, or maybe something else.
  • In the properties, open the “Bluetooth” tab, and there. open the settings.

If you can’t get Bluetooth to work or connect the device in any way, but are absolutely sure about the drivers, I don’t know how to help: Check that the necessary Windows services are enabled and double check that you are doing it correctly.

Bluetooth on your laptop

As we have found out, Bluetooth is built-in in laptops. Usually this is a single module (a small board). which is connected to the motherboard of the laptop. It adds support for Wi-Fi and BT. It looks something like this:

Every laptop has one of these. And all you need for Bluetooth to work is to install the right driver. Or just turn on this adapter.

I will not tell you how to do this, as this information is in the following articles:

The required driver can be easily downloaded from the laptop manufacturer’s website.

Connecting and setting up

Once the adapter has been selected and purchased, it remains to make the necessary Windows and computer settings in order to enable data transfer, as well as to find and connect all the necessary devices. As a rule, regardless of the manufacturer of this PC component, after the first connection or reboot, Windows automatically recognizes the type of new device, its manufacturer, automatically downloads and installs the necessary driver that allows you to enable Bluetooth. However, this will only allow you to find your gadgets and establish a connection to them. Some of them may require you to enter a security pin code to confirm the connection. Bluetooth version 4.1 The default password is “0000” (four zeros). However, once the connection is established, you need a program that allows you to work with the connected device.

The site of the manufacturers of some of these adapters may contain a firmware program that activates the basic functions of this PC component. To connect to specific gadgets (smartphones and tablets) you may need a program or utility from the manufacturer of the devices to use their full functionality.

For example, to enable synchronization of contacts between your phone and Windows, you need a program released by your phone manufacturer. To use the mobile Internet on your computer, your smartphone or tablet as a modem, you may need modified drivers for the PC network card. To find out more about the capabilities of your device and to install specific software, please visit the official sites of the manufacturers.

If your computer still does not have a Bluetooth adapter, we definitely recommend that you consider buying one. With it you can get rid of a lot of cables and make it a lot easier to manage, use and configure the many devices that are already in your office or apartment.

Tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what you use Bluetooth for in your daily life and which adapter you have chosen.

Bluetooth adapter and network

Before starting the installation, always make sure that the hardware works: connect a working USB adapter or activate the Bluetooth module in the laptop BIOS. Once the user has been able to download free Bluetooth drivers from this page of the website in Russian and started the installation, you do not have to configure anything. Setup takes some time, sometimes you have to wait depending on the hardware. When launching Bluetooth, the program automatically performs hardware diagnostics and analyzes the possibility of establishing a wireless connection, determines the parameters of the peripheral device. Bluetooth hardware on your PC does not always work perfectly, so we recommend that you look for a computer with a trusted tablet or smartphone in the BT environment.

Bluetooth-adapter configuration

So, Bluetooth adapter is installed. Turn on the gadget or accessory you want to add, follow the instructions to enable its detection by other devices.

To add Bluetooth devices on a Windows system

In this example, we are pairing Windows PC and iPhone 4s.

    Open the New Bluetooth Device Wizard using the Windows display panel.

To add devices, open the Bluetooth management wizard

Windows will connect via Bluetooth even to Apple gadgets

Enter the same code on your smartphone or tablet

Windows will immediately begin working with your gadget via Bluetooth

Gadget successfully added. You can, for example, start setting up web access. and go online using your Bluetooth gadget as a modem.

Once set up, make sure the traffic on your SIM card is unlimited

Dial-Up Networking service throughput on Bluetooth modules starting with version 3.0, will be impressive. you’ll have no problem getting multi-megabit speeds of such an Internet connection.

Contrary to popular belief that Bluetooth communication is significantly outdated and will soon find itself in the landfill of local wireless communication history, the technology itself continues to evolve. Bluetooth connection range has caught up with modern Wi-Fi repeaters, and the speed of tens of megabits allows you to comfortably share files between gadgets and PC.