How to Install Android Tv on Sony Playstation

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Sony TV SideView Remote Is a remote control application for Sony TVs and a detailed TV Guide in the format “second screen”. Use your tablet or phone as a remote control for any Sony TV! Remote Control TV SideView: Remote makes watching TV more convenient, and a TV guide will help you find interesting programs.

Key Features:

  • 1. Turn your smartphone or tablet into a multifunctional TV remote control that is always at hand;
  • 2. Use TV Guide to search for new TV shows. “second screen” while watching TV;
  • 3. Explore recommended and popular programs on TV and YouTube;
  • 4. When connected to a compatible BRAVIA TV, this application determines the availability of a Wi-Fi network when you return home, connects to it and notifies you of the most popular programs currently being broadcast.
  • 4. The My Library tab in the Top Choice brings in the lists and plays all the content in the player of your mobile device.
  • 5. Create your list of television programs that are broadcast right now;
  • 6. Control your Sony TV remotely using the SmartWatch3 smartwatch.

Owners of Sony Bravia devices will be able to view channel lists and switch them from the quickremote application. TV SideView. This is the perfect remote for Sony Bravia and full control over your Sony device.

How to Install Android Tv on Sony Playstation

A selection of recommended programs “Top pick” Now you can sort by popularity. You will no longer miss interesting TV shows. TV SideView. it’s perfect “second screen” and companion to watch TV.

The updated TV SideView application has become even more productive. perhaps the most efficient Sony Bravia remote to date. For existing users of the Media Remote service, the TV SideView application. This is an advanced feature set that goes far beyond a conventional remote control.

Sony TV SideView is compatible with Xperia, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, and Android smartphones from all manufacturers. However, access to some functions may be limited depending on the model and version of the device and operating system.

Nexus9 is not supported.

Additional Information

  • 1. “TV SideView ”will only work if the mobile device and home media device are connected to the same wireless network.
  • 2. Some home devices may not support certain features and services.
  • 3. In some regions / countries, certain functions and services may not be supported.
  • 4. Permanent link to services such as YouTube, etc., may be changed or canceled without notice.

Notification of the termination of television programs and on demand.

Thank you very much for your faithful support when using. TV SideView. From May 24th, 2017 in TV SideView will no longer offer on-demand TV and features.

Features that will no longer be offered:

  • Program Guide
  • Top Picks (excluding My Library)
  • Recording timer
  • Reminder
  • Bookmark
  • SerialAbTak, YouTube, PlayStation, Crackle, watchmi, UseeTV, PPTV, Zattoo

Please note that the following functions will continue to be available: TV remote control, Home network, My libraries, Mobile device.

Some features and services may not be supported in some regions / countries.

Download the remote control application for Sony TV. Sony TV SideView Remote on Android You can follow the link below.

Developer: Sony Network Communications Inc.
Platform: Android 4.2 and above
Language: Russian (RUS)
Condition: Free (Free)
Root: Not needed