How To Install And Start Using Apple Pencil

How To Install And Start Using Apple Pencil

Installing the Apple Pencil and getting started with the stylus is easy!

Apple Pencil stylus makes iPad Pro truly pro. With it, you can write and draw quickly and smoothly, and the sensors very accurately recognize the pressure and angle. All that is required of you is to install it and get started! Everything is incredibly simple, but if you want to study this question before proceeding with the practical part, go ahead!

How to connect Apple Pencil to iPad Pro

To get started with the Apple Pencil, you need to connect it to your iPad Pro. Only one Apple Pencil can be connected to one iPad Pro at a time.

  1. Take off cap from ApplePencil.
  2. Insert connectorLightningstylus at port iPad Pro
  3. When a dialog box pops up on your iPad Pro, clickPair (bunch).

If you want to use another Apple Pencil with the same iPad Pro, just repeat the same steps with the new stylus. Do the same if you want to use your Apple Pencil with another iPad Pro.

How to check the battery level on your Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil does not have a battery indicator — for example, a light bulb that turns red from green to indicate a dead battery. Instead, you need to check the stylus battery on your iPad Pro.

  1. Open the notification center (Notification center).
  2. ClickWidgets top right.
  3. Check sectionBatteries on right.

How to charge your Apple Pencil using iPad Pro

If your Apple Pencil needs to be charged, all you need to do is re-insert it into your iPad Pro.

  1. Take off cap from ApplePencil.
  2. Insert it connectorLightning at portYour his iPad Pro

You can also use the adapter that came with the Apple Pencil stylus to insert it into any standard Lightning cable.

  1. Take off cap from ApplePencil.
  2. Insert it connectorLightning at adapterLightning.
  3. Insert adapterLightning at cableLightning.

15 seconds of charging will allow you to work 30 minutes, but it will be more advisable to charge the device when no one is using it.

How to use Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is like a real pencil, but at the same time there are differences.

  1. With the tip of your Apple Pencil, tap the icons, buttons, and other interface elements in your iPad Pro. (Note: Unlike the finger, the stylus does not have many movements and touches.)
  2. Touch the tip of your Apple Pencil to the iPad Pro screen and start writing a word or drawing a line.
  3. To get a darker and wider line, press the stylus harder.
  4. To create shadows, change the angle of the stylus relative to the screen of the iPad Pro.

Since the Apple Pencil does not support the multi-touch function (multiple presses), you can use your fingers for familiar navigation. Sometimes you can use both the stylus and the fingers. For example, touching Notes with two fingers can cause a ruler to help draw straight lines with a pencil.

How to disconnect Apple Pencil from iPad Pro

Your Apple Pencil automatically disconnects from one iPad Pro if it is connected to another. You can also disconnect manually.

  1. OpenSettings on your iPad Pro.
  2. PressBluetooth.
  3. Press button Info,located to the right ofApplePencil under MyDevices.
  4. Press Forget.

To reconnect between your devices, simply reinsert the stylus connector into the iPad Pro port.