How to install an antivirus on a lanovo laptop. Microsoft Security Essentials

Antivirus for a laptop free

By buying a laptop with an installed operating system, you can get the installed antivirus.

But this can be a paid version, which is updated only for a certain period of time (1-2 months), and while you just bought a laptop, there is a trial period and everything works.

But when this period ends (about 1 month), then you will have to engage in protection against viruses, because the antivirus will cease to update its bases.

Choose a free antivirus

The easiest way to protect against viruses from the Internet is to choose, download and install a free antivirus on a laptop.

It is advisable to download the newest version of the antivirus, because the creators of the program update it periodically and the latest version shows the best result. The latest version is always presented on the developer’s website.

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But you need to download the free antivirus, otherwise it happens on some sites just downloading free, and the program itself requires registration and payment.

Free antivirus is installed on your laptop, and then all updates of the program and antivirus bases do not require any payment from you.

How can you choose an antivirus? We look at the advice of famous publications that check the programs with special tests. They then issue a program of software products. You can also read the reviews of ordinary users on special forums. There are usually the opinions of diametrically opposite, but you can see the general picture.

The most popular free antiviruses are considered:

    Avast Free Antivirus is an updated version of Avast free antivirus designed for home use. Avast will allow your computer to avoid global viral epidemics. Antivirus has a built-in protection against spies and routes, and also protects against viruses distributed through the web pages. In addition, Avast has good self.defense. This guarantees that no virus can remove it from the computer and thereby make your PC defenseless. Viral bases and the program itself are updated automatically. Download free Avast antivirus from the official website.

Choose an antivirus

It is not necessary to have an old device to ask a question about a light antivirus. Some modern budget models also need undemanding protection. The anti.virus program itself should do a lot: monitor the running processes, check the downloaded files, etc.D. All this requires resources that can be limited. Therefore, it is worth choosing those antiviruses that offer basic tools to ensure security, and the less such a product will have additional functions, the better in this case.

Avast Free Antivirus is a free Czech antivirus that does not load the system much. Has various auxiliary functions for convenient work. This program can be easily configured to your liking by “throwing” the extra components and leaving only the most necessary. Supports Russian.

As you can see in screenshots, Avast consumes few resources in the background.

When checking the system, there are already slightly larger, but when compared with other antivirus products, this is a completely normal indicator.

Convenient to use AVG effectively fights various threats. Its free version has basic tools, which are quite enough for good protection. The program does not strongly load the system, so you can safely work.

The load on the system as usual with basic protection is small.

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In the process of scanning, AVG also does not consume much.

Dr.Web Security Space

The main function is DR.Web Security Space is a scanning. It can be performed in several modes: ordinary, full, selective. Also, there are tools such as Spider Guard, Spider Mail, Spider Gate, Brandmauer and others.

Antivirus itself and its services do not consume many resources.

A similar situation with the scanning process: it does not critically load the device.

How to install an antivirus on a laptop for free

A laptop no less than a personal computer needs to be protected from viral and hacker attacks. Therefore, it will be reasonable to protect himself from this threat with the help of a special program. antivirus. But where to download and install it for free? Is it possible to use a full.fledged antivirus legally for free? We will talk about this in this article.

There are several ways to download an antivirus for a laptop for free. The very first and obvious of them is to use the test version of the paid product. Dr.Web, Kaspersky and other antivirus market faces offer trial versions with complete functionality. Such options for the delivery of the program do not require any costs on your part, except for downloading time. And you can download them directly from the official site of the manufacturer.You will be protected for 30-60 days, depending on the manufacturer, full-functional antivirus. Many of them, by the way, publish codes for extending in various magazine about computer games and other similar computer topics. Such keys often appear on forums on the Internet.

Just download and install an absolutely free Avast or AVG antivirus. These products are almost not inferior in quality to paid competitors. For a home laptop, this will be the perfect choice. But be careful, the download buttons of the free version and the paid can be near. read the inscriptions.

There is another way to get a free commercial paid version of antivirus for free. To do this, you need to register in the program of beta testers of the developer company. In particular, in a similar way you can get the latest versions of full.functional commercial antivirus. Find at the bottom of the official website of the company “Beta testing” and read the conditions. There is a risk of getting a “raw” version on the beta channel, but it is not great. But you use paid antivirus for free and completely legal!

360 Total Security

Free antivirus with computer optimization. Contains five antivirus engines including Avira and Bitdefender. Optimizes the automation of the applications and reduces the time of downloading the computer, cleans the system and freezes the disk, sets the necessary Windows safety updates.

How to install antivirus from a disk

One of the main components of any computer is the antivirus program. Without it, there is a high probability that your operating system (OS) will not work for a long time. Reinstalling OS. This is not the worst thing that can happen. But if the viruses destroy the information you need, it will be almost impossible to restore it. Antivirus programs can be purchased in a computer salon, where you will receive a licensed disk with the antivirus you need.

The process of installing an antivirus program is not very different from the installation of any other application. True, several nuances still have. So, insert a disk with an antivirus program into a computer optical drive. Wait for the disk auto.launch to work. After that, a window should appear with a program for installing programs. If this does not happen, open the root folder of the antivirus on the disk and find the Autorun file.EXE. Then on it with the left mouse key. Now the program starting the installation window will open accurately.

A window will appear where you will be informed about the license agreement. Put a tick that you agree with the rules of the license agreement. In the next window you have to choose a folder where the antivirus will be installed. Do not change anything here, leave the proposed installation address. During installation, you will be invited to enter the serial number of your antivirus program. It must be printed on the inside of the package of the purchased antivirus program. If it is not there, then the serial number should be provided where you bought this antivirus program.

Further, the installation process will be performed as in a regular program. Upon its completion, a proposal will appear in the dialog box either to restart the computer now, or do it later. Click on the command “Reload the computer now”.

After rebooting PC, the antivirus will automatically begin the process of scanning the system for malware. Keep in mind that this process will reduce the speed of the computer. At the end of the process, the PC will return to normal operation. And the work of the antivirus program will switch to background mode. To call the antivirus menu, click on its icon on the lower desktop panel.

How to install an antivirus program

The first computer virus was born almost simultaneously with the first computers at the dawn of the 70s of the last century. The first antivirus program was called “The Reper” and served the same goals that are also served by its heiresses. Only now she had to fight against a single and well-known virus, but what a modern antivirus can provide today’s computer to reliable protection from those dozens and hundreds of thousands of viruses, ready to collapse on your computer every second, and whether at least one of them can cope with such a difficult task.

The fact that no computer can be released today without a reliable anti-Octivirus watchman, everyone knows. But you can get infected without going to the Internet. Any local information medium. flash drive, disk, memory card. can become a carrier of the virus. programs introduced without the knowledge of the user into a computer capable of causing failures in work of various nature. And most importantly. The virus knows how to copy and multiply itself, methodically striking all the computer resources that he managed to penetrate. Antivirus program will help to resist infection. What kind of antivirus do you want to install on your computer, you decide. All of them more or less cope with their direct function. Here is a small list of leading companies engaged in antivirus development: DR. Web, Eset Nod, Symantec, Avira, Kaspersky Laboratory.

The virus that struck the computer can in every way prevent the installation of antivirus, in this case you will need Live-CD. Antivirus will turn on from such a disk at the time of the start of the computer and even before the launch of the system will find and neutralize all viruses. But such a maneuver can be needed only if you did not initially worry about security and allowed the infection of your computer system. In order to never face such a situation, develop an indisputable rule. the first program that you install on the computer before you start working with it will definitely be antivirus.

It doesn’t matter in favor of what antivirus program you will make your choice, they are installed all about the same. Run the antivirus installation file. Most of them will ask at the same time if you already want to turn on the protection mode in the process of installation. If you have an absolutely fresh system, the computer is not connected to the Internet, and you did not insert any extraneous information carriers into it, then you can safely click on “no”. But if you suspect that any virus could already penetrate the computer, then it is better to agree. Perhaps in the process of installation you will need to enter the serial antivirus number in a given field. You will find the number either on a disk box, or in the application to the installation file. Following the prompts of the program, you can easily and quickly install it. Do not be alarmed if immediately after starting the antivirus begins to issue alarming warnings. Most likely, he will inform you of outdated databases. For a successful struggle with new viruses, the antivirus will have to download information about new viruses from the server almost daily, otherwise it will not be able to resist them in any way. So let him calmly upgrade him.

Carefully read all the warnings that the program will give you. Perhaps she will need your help in recognizing some suspicious files or letters. Sometimes pop-ups or warnings can act on nerves, but you should not disconnect the computer protection because of this. The consequences of infection with the virus will cause you many times more troubles, and maybe they will generally lead to the destruction of the entire system. Therefore, install antivirus, it will not give you an absolute guarantee, but in 99.99% of cases it will protect from possible troubles.

Search for antivirus installed on a computer

Active user needs an antivirus, because independently it is not always possible to keep track of the processes that occur in the system. And they can be different, since even having downloaded only one malicious file by accident, you can seriously “infect” the computer. Malicious programs can have many goals, but first of all, they pursue the user system and fulfill their malicious code.

Information about the established antivirus can be useful in different cases. For example, when a person buys a computer or laptop, he can use the services of setting up and installing the system in other people. Arriving home, he may be wondering what his defense is installed. Situations are different, but there is a simple and effective way to find out the established antivirus.

We are looking for the established protection

One of the most effective ways that does not imply an endless search among the installed software of the same program is viewing through the “control panel”. Windows has the opportunity to find out the protection installed on the computer, therefore, use it more efficiently. The exclusion is incorrectly installed applications, since they may not be displayed in the list.

This example is shown on the Windows 10 system, so some steps may not match the OS of other versions.

You can make it easier by looking at the list of programs in the tray. When you point the mouse cursor to the icons, you will be shown the name of the advanced program.

This search is not suitable for little.known antiviruses or for users who do not know the main antivirus programs. And besides, the protection may not glow in the tria, so the method of viewing through the “control panel” is the most reliable.

Well, if there was no antivirus, then you can download anyone to your taste.

Statistics and research

Global studies have shown that more than half of the population are aware of potential threats of security on the network and concerned about them. However, about a quarter of computers are not protected by antivirus software, as a result of which they are likely to be infected with an average of 5.5 times higher.

Operating systems most susceptible to malicious

As of the first quarter of 2020, it was found that the malware industry is still aimed mainly on Windows systems. According to AV-Test, 83.45% of all recently developed malicious programs were concentrated on the Windows operating system for the study period.

A variety of computer viruses

Antivirus programs, originally designed for detecting and removing viruses from computers, can also protect against wide SPECTRA threats, including other types of malware, such as keyboard spies, browser hijackers, Trojan horses, worms, routes, spy software, advertising software.Marfish.

Worm is a program whose main purpose is to distribute to the maximum number of computers. Usually they do not pose a serious danger, but can reduce the performance of the machine.

Advertising software. interfering programs designed to show advertising. Most often we install them along with other software.

Spyware. Spy. They are extremely dangerous because they can track, for example, the history of the browser or save the passwords we use. Some can even install additional software on our computer, which can cause additional damage.

Militaries-viruses that block the computer with the aim of buying money (for example, by encrypting and blocking access to data).

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Solution of problems

As practice shows, if no problems arose during the installation, then with the further launch and performance of the antivirus, they should also not be. Nevertheless, from time to time you can face unpleasant problems. Consider the most characteristic of them.

Avira: The script error often when working AVIR can see a window with the following warning: it means damage to one of the components of the program. Use the instructions below to eliminate the problem.

Problems with Avast, despite the great work on optimizing and improving the program, the Czech antivirus sometimes works with interruptions or does not work at all. Possible reasons for the appearance of problems and methods of their correction by us have already been considered, therefore we will not repeat ourselves.

False triggers of protection of most protective programs correctly recognize threats, but sometimes they give out false anxiety. In such cases, you can add knowingly safe files, programs or locations in the exception.

Summing up, we want to note that a paid decision in most cases is more reliable, but free antivirus is quite suitable for basic protection of a home computer.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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