How to Install a Web Browser On Apple TV

Surely every user of the Apple TV set-top box would like to have a full-fledged web browser on their home device, with which you can surf the Internet without getting up from the couch. This is especially convenient with the launch of the new Apple TV Remote, which has a touch pad. In this article we will tell how to install tvOSBrowser on Apple TV.

1. Connect your Apple TV set-top box to your Mac using a Type C USB cable.

2. Copy browser address tvOSBrowser, by following this link.

How to Install a Web Browser On Apple TV

3. On Mac, open Xcode. You can read more about its installation and all ongoing actions at the moment in this material.

4. Go to the section Source controlCheck out and paste the link to tvOSBrowser copied in the second paragraph, and click Next.

5. After installation, make sure that Apple TV is in the Browser section and click the “Play” If the messageBuild failed”, Then go to the next paragraph of our instructions.

6. Open the Finder Explorer, go to the Programs section and right-click on XcodeShow package contents.

7. Follow the following path ContentsDeveloperPlatformsAppleTVOS.platformDeveloperSDKsAppleTVOS.sdkusrinclude.

8. Double click on file Availability.h, to open the Xcode window.

9. Find the following line in the text:

#define TVOS_UNAVAILABLE OS_AVAILABILITY (tvos, unavailable)
#define TVOS_PROHIBITED OS_AVAILABILITY (tvos, unavailable)

and replace it with the following:


10. Save the changes.

eleven. Repeat “5“By pressing the“Play

12. Open the applicationBrowser”On Apple TV.

Now you can enjoy web surfing without getting up off the couch!