How to install a projector on the phone. But is it possible to connect the phone to the projector?

How to make a projection from a phone on a wall on Android or iPhone

Now many people have been replaced by phones computers, laptops and even TVs. But still, watching movies is not convenient on a small screen. You can, of course, go in a simple way and connect the phone to the projector, but the equipment costs quite a lot, not everyone is able to buy an expensive device. However, craftsmen were always on all hands.

You can make a projection from the phone on Android or iPhone using inexpensive hardware using the instructions below.

What is required

In order to make a projector from the phone, you must prepare:

  • Cardboard shoe box. It is possible another, but it is precisely such a size that is quite enough, and the boxes are usually at home;
  • two magnifying glasses;
  • A rectangular piece of foam, the length of which is equal to the width of the box;
  • plastic bottle;
  • stationery knife;
  • glue gun;
  • scissors;
  • smartphone.

Projector. HD Video Mirroring

The projector is an application for a mirror display of the screen, which allows you to display the phone screen on a large TV in high quality and easily exchange files immediately after the call. Demonstrate photos, play a video with sound and show presentations, and also get access to the calendar, notifications and, when this is most important, during the calls. Turn your phone into a TV projector.

Create video demonstrations of your favorite mobile applications, play the video of the gameplay and broadcast them. This application also has a built-in web browser, which allows you to look for any interest and broadcast it to the TV. This allows you to quickly access your favorite websites. You can also choose media files on your phone and broadcast them on the screen using a projector.

Supports several languages, including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, etc. D.

Install the project “Projector” on your phone.2. Make sure your phone and TV/monitor are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.3. Click Start to start searching for the nearest TVs/monitors.four. Select a device on which you want to reflect your screen.5. You can stop mirroring by pressing the “stop”.

Support and frequently asked questions

How to fix problems with connection?

If your replacement/receiving device/TV device is not connected at all, we recommend that you perform the following actions:

Turn on the flight mode for at least 10 seconds, and then turn it off again. This will help you re-find devices in your Wi-Fi network.2. Reload all the devices involved, including the sending and receiving device/TV and Wi-Fi-marching. Cable power devices (for example, TVs) should be disconnected from the network for at least 1 minute before re.connection.3. Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.four. If the connection problems are saved, contact Support at Mailto: We will try to study it in the near future.

Warning about the new function to preserve the status of WASS Wa status your friend with one press, share it or use it as your status. Download any status in high quality.

A completely new Inteisms made a good application even better with a completely new user integration. This will improve your user experience and how you interact with the application. We tried to make it beautiful, minimalist and simple.

What to do if the application is emergency completing the work?

If the Projector application fails, check the application data by going into the settings. If it did not help, reinstall the application and reboot the phone.

If, despite this, the problem is not eliminated, contact Support.

Please always add information about failure to your request to Support. This helps us quickly find a solution.

install, projector, phone, possible

Screenshots/video clips showing a failure occurring on your phone.2. Accurate text description of the accident3. Model number, name and brand of the directory of the recipient device.

What to do if the screen freezes or there are no personnel?

The connection can be unstable, hang or get lost for various reasons. Here are a few tricks to avoid problems:

RCA Home Theater Projector RPJ116 Part I. Setup and Hands-on

Move the Wi-Fi access point (or router) closer to the directory device and the recipient device to improve the signal.2. Expand your Wi-Fi signal by adding Wi-Fi repeater to your network.3. Do not glue and do not attach the receiver directly to the surface of the TV or other devices, as it can also lead to Wi-Fi signal interference.


Miracast is a multimedia transmission device similar to Chromecast functions. It allows you to send multimedia files from a phone to another screen of a larger size for more convenient viewing.

install, projector, phone, possible

For this to work, both your projector and the phone must support Miracast. If only your phone supports the connection, you need to purchase a miracast receiver. Different manufacturers sell these receivers for about 40.

To install the Miracast connection using an adapter:

Connect the Miracast adapter to the HDMI port on the projector, and the power cord. to the port of the USB projector.

Connect your Android phone to Miracast by clicking the broadcast button in the program that you use.


The use of such an application as ApowerMirror is not technically wireless. I would call it “semi-bessing”.

I speak half-wire, because the projector and your laptop are connected using a cable such as VGA or HDMI, but you are not tied to the use of a computer to control the presentation. You can still move with your phone.

This application for a mirror display of the screen has some useful functions, including full.screen mode, recording activity on the screen, creating screen images and the ability to draw or write. The screen is like a board. They also recently released the PowerPoint remote control panel.

install, projector, phone, possible

Here’s how you can use ApowerMirror to display the Android screen on a large screen.

Set up the projector by connecting the computer to the projector using a wired connection.

Install the ApowerMirror application on your desktop. When you click the “download” button, the file is downloaded directly, without displaying another page.

Download the Android application from Google Play Store.

Connect the computer and phone to one Wi-Fi network.

Launch the application on your PC, as well as on the phone.

Reflect the computer screen on your phone, and you can control your computer from a mobile device. It will look like this on your phone.

To use this program, you need to have a free account. Update is available if you consider it useful and want more functions.

You can use any of the above methods for the wireless connection of your Android phone and the projector and display your content on the big screen. The screen is simpler.

Wi-Fi wireless synchronization

Modern models of projecting devices are increasingly starting to use Wi-Fi network as a wireless connection. Data transmission technology is based on the DLNA protocol, which allows you to transmit films, pictures and other media files.

To display the necessary information from a computer or laptop in this way, additional programs will be required. You will need some skills in PC to install and configure them.

The projector in this case acts as a special access point, connecting to which gadgets get the opportunity to transmit and project the necessary images. In order to connect to the device from your phone, you need to carry out the following actions.

  • Select a Wi-Fi network in the settings of your projector as a signal source.
  • Connect the phone or tablet to the corresponding Wi-Fi network. The name and password of the network are indicated in the projector settings.
  • Open the system settings of your gadget and go to the “screen” menu.
  • Choose the column “Wireless Projecting”.

Depending on the model of the gadget, the name of the lines in the system menu may differ. This method is perfect for phones based on the Android and MacOS operating system. It is worth noting that the possibility of a wireless screen show has become available with the updated version of the Android software version 4.2.2. If you are the owner of an outdated software model, make an update in the system settings.

Wireless screen show on the Android 6.0

The main advantages of this type of connection are:

The disadvantages of this method include:

  • rare failures and data transfer;
  • the need to install additional software for devices based on Windows and Linux operating systems;
  • high price for projecting equipment.

Connection using adapters

To connect the gadget in this way, you will need:

First of all, you need to make sure that your tablet supports the MHL data transfer protocol. On many modern devices, this option is provided. For the process of transmitting the image, a special MHL adapter is required, which will convert the signal into HDMI format. Such an adapter is connected to the port of MicroUSB and performs all the functions of a full HDMI cable.

Please note, perhaps your tablet supports the transfer of an HDMI signal through built-in connectors. In this case, you just need to connect the data transfer cable with your device.

The whole process looks as follows:

  • One end of the adapter is connected to the tablet connector;
  • The other end of the cable should be connected to the HDMI project of the projector;
  • installation of the necessary drivers and.

An important point is that some adapters may not have enough power coming from the gadget to convert the signal. In this case, use a special power cable, and insert it into the appropriate connector on the adapter case.

The pluses of synchronization of the smartphone and the projector in this way include:

The main disadvantages, according to users, are:

Very often the owners of the phone or tablet computer are interested in the question: how to connect your phone to the projector? To date, there are two ways to connect gadgets to the projector:

At the same time, it is worth considering that not all models of projecting devices have the possibility of a wireless connection. This function is inherent in devices of high price category. Consider both methods in more detail.

Wending connection

If the projector does not have Wi-Fi, and the smartphone is equipped with a Micro-USB Type C connector, then the easiest way to connect it to the projector is to use the USB-C-HDMI cable.

This method is as simple as possible, you only need to choose on the projector (or its remote control) as source of HDMI signal, as well as activate the image of the image to the external port on the smartphone (in most cases, all this happens automatically).

Perhaps the only serious drawback of this type of connection is the inability to recharge the smartphone while broadcasting the image from it. It is worth taking care of charging in advance so that the suddenly discharged battery does not prevent viewing.


So, as in many versions of the home theater, now that you know about them, you must think what you want your system to take before taking the next step. Want to broadcast with Netflix and Hulu from Android phone? Then Chromecast will probably be your best choice.

If you want to be able to upload your own photos and video from the iPhone without problems or if you want to play games for iPad on a big screen, Apple TV will be the most convenient option.

If you have an Android phone, on which all your favorite films and shows are stored directly on the hard drive, and you want them to be broadcast at any time, then it is best to use the HDMI set or connect the phone directly to the projector. But keep in mind that for this you may need a separate key.

Connect the projector via phone

Your projector may have intellectual capabilities. Companies such as Samsung, LG and others began to include support for streaming videos with their projectors and TVs. Look at the number of the model of your specific projector on the manufacturer’s website to find out if the streaming or support of the wireless mirror is available.

If your project really allows you to connect devices such as your Android phone, find the necessary application for Google Play for this purpose. Different manufacturers process streaming data a little differently, but a smart projector is a quick way to configure a quick flow gear.

If you have a ROKU device connected to the projector, you can transfer content to it using the ROKU streaming application from Google Play.

How to connect a phone to a projector via USB

A wireless connection of a phone or a tablet Android to a projector is not always possible. Therefore, if you do not have access to a wireless network to ensure a connection between the projector and the phone, use special cables for this purpose.

Most projectors have a HDMI port to support wired video connection. Some Android phones have a mini-hdmi port, although this is a rather rare solution in smartphones. The port of the Mini-HDMI phone can be used to simple connection to the project using the mini-hdmi cable-HDMI.

In addition, many smartphones with USB-C, such as Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9, can use the USB-C adapter-HDMI to connect to the projector. If your Android phone or tablet is equipped with a USB-C port, find out information from the manufacturer, does the device use the use of an adapter (adapter) for the HDMI video output.

HDMI supports audio and video, which means that one HDMI cable can be used to transfer video and audio to a projector for a cleaner connection.

Port Micro-USB, which you use on your Android phone, which you think only to charge the phone and connect to PC, has more functions. Some manufacturers decided to support a new standard known as MHL. It allows you to transmit video signals using a special adapter through the port of Micro-USB. If your phone supports this, you will need to purchase an MHL-HDMI adapter for Android phone.

How to connect Phone to Projector Wirelessly (With WiFi). Quick Tutorial

Learn from the technical characteristics of the smartphone, it supports MHL format, not real. But thanks to the MHL website, you can view all the devices supporting this standard. Unfortunately, newer phones seemed to abandon the standard in favor of using USB-C, as mentioned in the HDMI section above.

Wended conjugation

Standards all models work through the VGA standard. Very many additionally support HDMI. Recently, more and more USB and Wi-Fi Modules have been equipped.

VGA. analog Video signal transmission standard, used since 1987 for color monitors and video adapters.

HDMI is a digital integration that allows you to transmit high.resolution video and digital sound.

In terms of quality, HDMI wins significantly, because if your model supports both standards, it is better to use the connection by HDMI. But in budget options they usually put only a VGA-integer.

Using the standard mini-hdmi connector

Many gadgets are already equipped with a mini-hdmi connector, therefore, if the projector also supports this standard, then the connection will not be difficult:

  • Connect one end of the cable to the Mini-HDMI tablet connector, the second to the projector
  • Turn on both devices and the connection is ready. Next, apply according to the instructions for your equipment.

But if the equipment supports only the VGA standard, is it possible in this case to connect the tablet to the projector? In the absence of other possibilities, there is an option to use various adapters from HDMI to VGA. Only you need to consider the following:

In general, this issue is better to puzzle at the stage of acquisition of equipment, otherwise then everything can turn into additional costs or limited functionality.

Ways to connect a smartphone and phone to a projector are simple techniques using wires and without them

There was a time when manufacturers of smartphones and other mobile gadgets tried to provide for the projector in the functionality of the devices. Then it might seem that it would not be necessary to constantly look for a projector for a smartphone.

For example, the famous Samsung Galaxy Beam model provided a projector for a mobile phone. But the phone itself has long been discontinued. Of course, they tried to make such attempts further, but they could not really provide a high.quality picture.

Therefore, a reasonable question arises of how to connect the phone to the projector, about which we will talk in more detail.

Why do you need a portable projector for a smartphone. there are different situations

Situations can be completely different. an urgent presentation, an interesting video, a useful seminar for your colleagues or acquaintances. After all, we all strive to optimize our life, so we no longer always take a laptop on the road. you can often limit ourselves to a tablet computer or phone.

Their functionality allows you to always remain in touch, solve the most urgent problems and quickly get the necessary information. And the problem of watching videos and presentations on the big screen also fades into the background. today there are effective ways to connect and for mobile devices.

We connect a projector for mobile devices standard. using cables.

The simplest and most affordable option is to connect a cable. Projectors have an HDMI input, and tablet computers usually have an appropriate output. If we talk about phones, then you can use the adapter with MicroUSB on VGA. it will cost in the worst case 100, but life will greatly simplify.

How to connect a projector for a mobile phone without wires is more difficult, but more interesting.

Increasingly, modern models support the connection of laptops and mobile gadgets via Wi-Fi. A very convenient option when there is no way or desire to work with wires. But still here you need more time and patience compared to direct wired connection.

  • We turn on the projector, in the settings of the signal source, select Wi-Fi (DLNA). Here we will see the name of the network and the password for it.
  • After that, turn on Wi-Fi on the smartphone and connect.
  • Open the phone settings, here we select the “screen” item, then the “wireless projector”.
  • Then, depending on the specific model of the smartphone, select the signal transmission on the menu or simply select the suitable projector from the list that appears.

Our efforts are ending on this. these four simple steps should be enough for a complete demonstration of films or presentations on the big screen. It should be added immediately. depending on the specific brand of the manufacturer, thematic applications can be downloaded to the smartphone. For example, in Casio it is called “C-SSIST”, Epson-“IProject”, etc. They will allow you to connect faster and provide additional functionality for setting the image output on the screen.

The premium category includes all video projectors, the price of which exceeds 60 thousand. Most of them are already working with the Ultra HD (4K) format and can create images of high clarity.

The acoustic system will refuse to buy additional columns, and the possibility of wireless connection will save from additional cables. Such projectors support file playing with USB, SD and other information carriers.

Optoma HD131X

A large.format projector with a video playback function in Full HD and 3D may well be used as a home theater. He has a good luminous flux of 2000 lumens, which allows you to view paintings even in daylight.

Optoma HD131X projector leads in a wide variety of ratings and tops. This is a really high.quality device that allows you to equip a cinema at home.

Ultraportative models

Projectors of this class have a mass of about 1 kg, placed in a small bag. Light flux up to 500 lm emit LED (Laserled) light sources. If you shut the windows in the audience, projectors can be used to conduct presentations. Picture resolution 1280 × 720. The battery is enough for an hour of work. Wireless connection with external devices does not cause difficulties. They are equipped with remote control.

Vivitek Qumi Q3 Plus

One of the smallest and lightest (460 gr) models in the classroom. 500 lm luminous flux forms a picture read in daylight. Tricolor LEDs prevents the effect of rainbow. In combination with a wireless connection with a smartphone, the projector is convenient to use both at home and in the office.

Sony Xperia Touch G1109

Find out the price on Sony Xperia Touch G1109 gadget. Controlled by touching the image. Many installed applications and services. Can be used as a multimedia center, connecting through Bluetooth to external acoustics. It has temperature sensors, pressure, movement, lighting, approximation, GPS, and t.D. A three.shaped system provides a clear color rendering with a resolution of 1366 × 768. According to many. the best compact projector. As a disadvantage, you can mark low brightness. 100 lm. With the slightest light, the image fades and loses contrast. This does not allow us to recommend the device for offices.


A short.focus lens from a small distance to the screen projects an image, the brightness of which is comparable to the TV. The projector is suitable for presentations even in brightly lit rooms. The battery provides 2.5 hours of work. This is a good replacement for the TV in the evening. Users note the ease of configuration, the speed of wireless connection to the smartphone, the convenience of the menu. Disadvantage. slowness at the edges of the image. This is a feature of a wide.focus lens, which practically does not affect the quality of viewing.