How to install a printer without a Canon installation disk

Printer repair

You have no CD for installing the printer? Or you cannot correctly configure the network printer? Then this article was created specifically for you. Step by step by performing the following instructions, you will set the printer manually.

Instructions: 1. Turn on the computer and wait until Windows start starting.2. Cable that is included, connect the printer and computer (usually a USB cable) 3. Connect the printer.4. Press the start button and go to the control panel.5. Select the device and printers item.6. Click on printer installation.Now you can go 2 ways: add a local printer, add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.

7.1 if the port selected by default is not suitable for you to change it. Click on.

Eight.1 Select the manufacturer and the name of the printer. Click on.

Nine.1 enter any name, in the future this name will be used when accessing the printer. Click on.

Ten.1 Remove the checkmark if you do not want to use the default printer if you want you can print a test page. Click on.

Eleven.1 All installation of the printer is completed. Click ready.

Consider the 2nd option: how to install a Canon printer on a computer without a installation discount systems (starting from 7-ki or even whist) themselves find the drivers on the Internet automatically, you just have to connect the printer. You will not even notice how everything already works. It was with Windows XP there were troubles, but it is no longer served and, if suddenly you are still using this system, you are unlikely to find a driver. But if, nevertheless, the problem with the newer system is not resolved by yourself, then: first of all, look at which company you have a printer, drive the name of this company in Google and try to find the official site. He can be in Russian, do not be alarmed. There you need to delve into the menu. There you need to find a section with drivers (it is likely that they will be in the submenu “products”). Again, don’t be scared, the drivers are all free. Among them you need to find your printer model, choose a driver for your system (pay attention to its discharge), download and start the installation file. That’s all. There is still a very interesting problem, when the printer is already quite old and they have not been released for the new OS drivers for a long time (then you are most likely not finding your model among drivers on the site). In this case, it is already worth looking for in Google, suddenly other drivers can be placed painlessly on this model, or look for such information on technical forums. I have a 7-ku printer Laserjet 1010 is put as follows: Start. Devices and printers. Installation of the printer. Add a local printer. From the list, select HP on the left and right HP LJ 3055 PCL5, and then simply rename it correctly, and everything works perfectly. So you can look for the driver and initially.

Official site

This is one of the most advanced ways to install the driver on the printer. We will download it from the official website of the device manufacturer. And this means that you will have the last and freshest software you have installed. There are a lot of printer manufacturers, but the very principle of downloading and installing drivers is the same. Only some points and names may differ. Focus on the logic of action. In any case, you can ask your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if something goes wrong.

  • First of all, we need to get to the official website of the manufacturer. For this we enter the name of the brand in the search line of any search engine (Google or Yandex). For example, in the same Yandex you can see that this is an official site. Focus on a checkmark in a blue circle.

ADVICE! If you cannot find it, go back to the search engine and enter the following request: the name of the brand download the driver.

  • Now we introduce the exact name of the model. If you do not know the exact name, then you can look at it on the upper part of the device. Or look and look at the bottom. There is usually a sticker with accurate data.
  • You need to see which operating system is installed on your PC. Not only the version, but also the bit (32 or 64 bits). If you do not know this information, then click on the computer.
  • Fine! Now look at the printer page. Some official sites know how to determine the discharge of the system. See that everything is chosen correctly. Some have separate drivers for all types of OS. Below you can see several options. Just a print driver. Plug and Play type) is a complete complex of not only drivers, but also additional software for more detailed printing. Better choose this software. Usually it weighs the most, so you will not confuse. Click “Download”.
  • Next, select a download place. Usually the exe file is downloaded. In more rare cases, ZIP or RAR archive. If you downloaded the archive, open it with any archive and launch an exe file in it. Next, we act according to the instructions of the installer. The program will do everything on its own.

How to install canon pixma E410 printer (Drivers)

And what to do if the executable file is downloaded (and it is not in the archive either). In this case, the installation will be a little different.

  • If you downloaded the archive, then unleash it. If you just downloaded a separate file, then nothing needs to be done. Next, press the “review” and select the folder in which this driver is located. Click “Next”.

Canon I-Sensys LBP6000B driver

Canon I-Sensys LBP6000B

Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/8.1 /10

These drivers are also suitable for Windows 2000 /2003 /2008 /2012 /2016

Click for downloading (x32): Canon I-Sensys LBP6000B

Click for downloading (x64): Canon I-Sensys LBP6000B

How to install a driver in Windows 10

After connecting the printer to the computer, you need to perform one more action. Install a company driver. With its help, the device of the Canon brand will be correctly determined by the computer. To download the installer of the program, use the link at the beginning of this material.

The uploaded file will be saved in the folder with all the downloaded data through the browser. Launch this file to open a program to create a new folder. It will be located in it all files. This folder with the name Canon I-Sensys LBP6000B can be found in the same place as the file downloaded from the site.

Open this catalog and find Setup, which needs to be launched by a double click of the mouse.

The initial window of the installation master in English will appear on the screen. To continue click on the “Next” button.

This is followed by the text of the license agreement. To go to the next stage, click on “Yes”.

If the printer is connected via a USB cable, then select the “Install with USB Connection” item. If the device is synchronized with a computer in a different way, then mark the “Manually Set Port to Install” item and select the appropriate integration. To continue the installation procedure, click “Next”.

The program unpacks the necessary files and complete the setting. After that, close the master installations with the “Exit” button.

Ready! Now the Canon I-Sensys LBP6000B printer is configured and ready to work, which you can see for yourself.

How to install a Canon printer on a computer without a installation disk

One of the most difficult situations when our printer Canon appears under our hands, without the necessary installation disk. This may be if we bought a printer inexpensively from our friend, either at some kind of sale of things, or in some way we came to our hands, or it is not excluded to receive a gift to our office, because we bought a more new model there.

How to Install Canon G2010 Driver Without Driver CD

The disk can also be lost after formatting a computer, if we have been using this computer for a long time and this disk has never been useful before.

But in any case, such a problem can be resolved, it is only recommended to follow all the instructions that we will now talk about in this article.

For the full operation of the printer in any operating system, it is very important that we have drivers, and there were also knowledge on how to install the drivers on the Canon printer. Drivers are an intermediary for connecting between the printer and the computer, or between our other devices. There will be nothing to work without their presence, the same thing will happen if the drivers are beaten or outdated. Full.Fledged work will not be possible. The question is how to install a printer on a computer without a disk, which did not find yourself at your fingertips.

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How to install a printer without a installation disk?

Printer owners often lose the drives with drivers. In addition, not all modern laptops are equipped with CD drives, so even if there is a carrier, the installation will be impossible. In this case, it is necessary to resort to alternative methods of installation of drivers.

Using the Windows update center:

  • Expand the “Printers” section and find your model in the drop.Down list. Click on the name of the device with the right mouse button and click “Update the drivers”. Choose an “automatic search” option and follow further instructions.

Tip: If you do not work the main menu of the operating system, find out what to do when the “start” does not open on Windows 10.

Manually through the site of the manufacturer of the printing device:

  • If the Windows Update Center cannot detect the desired driver, it should be downloaded on your own.
  • Actual files are most often posted on the support page of the printer manufacturer’s official website. There, the user is provided with detailed instructions for installing and setting up.
  • Links for downloading drivers to printers of popular manufacturers:
  • HP. Support.HP.Com;
  • Canon. Canon.Ru/support;
  • Epson. Epson.Ru/Suppor;
  • Samsung. Samsung.COM/RU/Support.

How to install a driver in Windows 10

Canon I-Sensys MF4410 is a great option for All-In-One Printer, which is suitable for both a small office and for home use. The device includes the functions of printing, copying and scanning. Laser printing is a guarantee of good quality of the result and high speed. If for any reason you do not have access to the drive with the driver, you can download a special installer at the link at the beginning of the page.

After downloading the file, open the directory with all the loads made through the browser, and start the program with the name Canon I-Sensys MF4410. The utility will create a new folder with all the necessary files in the same directory. Go into it and find the “Russian” folder. Two catalogs are located here-for 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems. Choose the folder that corresponds to the discharge of your OS and start “setup” from it from it.

The installation wizard will immediately offer to familiarize themselves with the license agreement. To speed up the procedure, you can not read the text of the document and click on the “Yes” button.

Now select “USB connection” and click on the “Next” button.

The program will start installing the driver. You need to wait 1-2 minutes until the final window appears. Click on the “Exit” button to close the installation master.

After that, the printer will be ready for operation!

Driver for the multifunctional device “3 in 1” Canon I-Sensys MF4410. All versions of Windows are supported, on the download page files are divided into 32 and 64-bit. The driver sets by means of an installer that is equipped with Russian. Inexperienced users will not have problems with installing.

First you need to run a downloaded file, select the unpacking path and remove installation files from the archive. Now in the unpacked archive you need to find the file “Setup.Exe ”and start it. Next, follow the installation instructions, and at the end the program will ask you to connect All-in-One Printer to the computer via cable. Now you can print, scan and copy documents using your device.

If Windows 8 is installed on your computer, then when disconnecting and connecting a cable or when turning and turning off the All-In-One Printer may not work. In this case, you need to reboot the computer.

You can also use a special program for processing scanned images. It has a very concise and simple integration and allows you to quickly send scanned images to external applications to create PDF documents, recognition of the text, etc.D.

The I-Sensys MF4410 device is characterized by a pretty design, high print speed (23 pages per minute) and a convenient residential display. This model is positioned as a device for home and small offices. Sign up for updates for the driver on our website to always have the maximum performance of All-In-One Printer. If you have questions, you can ask them right here by selecting the corresponding tab at the top of the page.

Instructions for installing a printer without a disk

The first method

  • Turn on the computer and wait for the full load of the operating system.
  • Connect the printer or All-in-One Printer to the computer via USB cable.
  • Go to the computer menu by clicking the “Start” button.
  • Open the “control panel”.
  • Choose a section “Devices and printers” or “Printing devices” (depending on the operating system).
  • Click on the “adding printer” or “installation of the printer”:

For Mac OS X, go to the Apple menu and click “System settings”. Select “Print and Fax” and click on the icon “”. To start the installation process, select a new printer from the list.

  • Next, the printer installation process begins. In the “Printer Installation” window that opens, the system will display printers available to installation.
  • Canon MG2440
  • Samsung SCX 3400
  • Canon LBP 810
  • Epson L355
  • Canon MF3010
  • Canon LBP3010B

Choose the desired printer and click “Next”.

  • If the list does not have the required device, let’s say it is necessary to install HP Deskjet, then you must manually select the connection method.
  • To do this, click “The desired printer is absent in the list”:

Next, you should find a printer in other parameters. For example, you can choose a printer by name by handing the path to it. Or you need to add a network device via IP address or connect the HP Deskjet wireless connection via Wi-Fi and Bluetuth.

You can pay 30-50% less for light depending on what kind of electrical appliances you use.

  • You can also add a local or network printer with parameters set by hand. Choose a printer port and click “Next”. In the “Manufacturer” column, indicate the manufacturer: Xerox, Epson, Brother, HP, etc.D. And from the Printers list, select your model: MG2440, SCX 3400, LBP 810, L355, MF3010 and T. D.
  • Click “Next” and set the name of the printer, for example, LBP 810.
  • Press “Next” again and wait for the end of the installation.
  • To check the correctness of the installation, select the “Printing Page”. After the installation is completed, click the “Ready” button.

The second method

If the printing device cannot be connected through the computer control panel, then you can use the alternative method and download the driver from the technical support page of the printer manufacturer on the Internet.

Before installing a printer without a disk, it is necessary to find out the exact model of the device, as well as the version and discharge (in bits) of the computer operating system. The brand and model are indicated on the front panel of the printer itself, for example, Canon LBP 810 or Samsung SCX 3400 and T.D.

We find out the bit discharge by clicking on the “This computer” icon with the right mouse button and choosing the “Properties” item.

Having decided on the outgoing parameters, we are looking for drivers on the official website of the manufacturer:

It is also profitable to download the driver to the computer from the official site because the setting through the operating system provides only the basic functionality necessary for the printing process, while the installation of an extended version from the manufacturer also makes it possible to correctly adjust the scanning program.

On the printer manufacturer’s website in the Support section, you need to find a specific HP Deskjet or SCX model and download the right version of the driver by clicking on the disk. Typically, the driver on the computer is loaded in the form of an archive file, which must be unzipped before installation. Perhaps after unzipping, several files of different types will appear in the folder. Among them, by name, it is necessary to find exactly the driver that suits your operating system. Such a file will have an exe extension (for example, for All-In-One Printer I-Sensys MF3010 when installed on a computer with a 32-bit Windows 8 driver is called MF3010MFDRIVERSV2095W32ru.Exe).

Opening the required file, the program installation window on the computer will appear.

During the installation, some models of printers can demand to disconnect the All-In-One Printer Samsung SCX from the computer to correctly configure software. Then you can safely follow the prompts and, after a few minutes, the desired driver will be installed.

Windows does not want to search and install drivers himself: what to do?

You connect an external device to a computer or laptop, and the system itself must determine it and look for drivers. But nothing happens after connecting. This situation is rare, but still happens. Do not worry, you will not have to look for the “right” system and reinstall everything. Everything is much easier. We need to change some Windows parameters and automatic installation will work.

You need to go to the “Devices and Prinaters” menu (how to do this described above). Click on your computer or laptop with the right mouse button, and in the menu that appears, click on the “installation parameters”.

A window will appear. Click in it around “yes” so that the circle is painted, then click “Save”.

Nothing else needs to be done. Now that you will connect any device, the system will automatically look for and install software.