How to Install a Player on a TV

Smart TV is a technology without which it is impossible to imagine a modern TV. It allows you to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, use the Internet and turns a standard TV into an analogue of a computer, albeit not with such a powerful technical potential. In addition, users are specifically looking for smart TVs to configure additional functions on it. For example, install the OTT widget to watch not standard TV, but use more modern technologies, which require a good internet connection to connect.

How to Install a Player on a TV

Then the user on his Smart TV will be able to watch various TV programs by downloading them as a playlist, and use other functions that are almost not available on a standard satellite or digital receiver. Of course, at first glance this player may seem complicated, but in reality it is not. It opens up many opportunities, so feel free to download it. This is currently the best player for online television. Just imagine. A huge number of cool channels are formulated in a playlist and are available from any gadget where OTTplayer is installed.

OTTplayer Features for Samsung Smart TV

The application in question has not yet received the popularity it deserves, but we think that this problem will be resolved over time. Already, many are trying to download OTTplayer for Samsung Smart TV to use online television, which has recently become quite popular, since users finally appreciated its advantage. Watching online channels is a much more profitable and cheaper way to enjoy your favorite shows, but not overpaying at the same time. So by connecting the widget to the TV Samsung, we get the following:

  • The service will be available not only on Samsung Smart TV, but also on other devices where the player is installed and on which there is access to the Internet. Of course, there you will also have to go through the registration procedure, but this should not take much time, especially if such a path has already been done on the TV;
  • You can use your favorite playlists anywhere in the world, of course, without forgetting that this place should have Internet and devices with a player installed on it. If at least one of these components is not present, then you have to wait a bit with television;
  • A huge number of manufacturers who have provided that users will appreciate OTT technology and want to see the player in question on their devices. Because the market there is such a variety of subscriber devices that work with various operating systems from Apple and Android, to Microsoft;
  • The requirements for guaranteed network bandwidth are reduced, since information is transmitted segmented by small flows. Of course, despite this, the network must be constant, otherwise the widget will not work, despite the fact that the configuration was done correctly;
  • Low due to small infrastructure and lack of additional equipment.

How to install an OTT player on a Samsung TV

Like any application, first you need to download the player. But on the Internet, there are two instructions that say that this can make the application work. But only users claim that they have a lot of problems, and sometimes the widget does not work at all. There may be many reasons, but if you go back and remember that there are two instructions for installing the application in question, is this possible? What if one of them is not working? Let’s first look at the shortest and simplest:

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As a rule, after this the program will already be on your TV, and when the setting is done, it will work in the desired mode. Below is another instruction, which, in fact, receives a lot of complaints, therefore we do not recommend using it:

  • Open the site ottplayer.Es. This is the main page of the application, and register there;
  • Download and unzip the WebOS_OTTPlayer.Zip archive to the root of the USB flash drive;
  • Go to the TV and log in from your registered account to the page;
  • Insert the drive with the file into the USB port of the TV;
  • A message appears stating that a new device has been connected.

The further procedure is as simple as that, and it consists in activating the file. But as already mentioned, this method is very unreliable and almost always does not give the desired result. That is why it is better to download the widget in the first way. So there is a full guarantee that it will work, and you can use the player to watch TV content through an Internet connection.

Set up OTTPlayer on Samsung Smart TV

The settings of the player in question on different devices are not so different, although it would be unfair to say that there are no differences at all. They are and are fundamentally important, of course, if the user is interested in watching their playlist normally. Setting up this application takes little time, because users can simply follow the instructions and download the playlist in a few minutes to check if the system is working.

  • Launch OttPlayer;
  • At the first start, the system will require the registration data. Remember, you entered them when downloading the player and registering on its official website ?;
  • When the widget starts, go to the “Settings” section and fill in the “Username” and “Password” fields. It is important that the registration data completely coincides with those indicated on the site, otherwise you will not be able to connect the television of the format in question to the TV;
  • In the same section, you can configure additional functions, and after that just press the confirmation of the procedure, otherwise the changes will not be saved, and you will have to repeat the procedure;
  • Having successfully completed the first authorization, the new user will be prompted to attach a new device or select a device that has already been registered. If you select the second option, you need to carefully review the list that will be displayed to the user on the site;
  • Using the site, download and link the playlist to the new device. In this case, we are talking about a TV, so you can choose a playlist with the largest number of channels, use paid or free resources. It all depends on the preferences and financial condition of the user.

There is no need to restart the widget, the binding occurs automatically, so the user only needs to correctly carry out all the above procedures and in half an hour use the limitless possibilities of the player in question. The main thing is that the program is working and the installation is correct.

Recently, everyone is eager to buy Smart TVs. These are not simple devices, but something between a TV and a computer. On such a TV, you can go online, watch movies and more. But all this will be possible if you update the software on time and follow the versions of the players installed on the Samsung TV.

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The Flash Player widget is required to use the Internet, because many sites work exclusively using this application. In addition, you cannot watch a without it. So, having bought a new TV, Adobe Flash there may already be expired, which means it needs to be updated. You must immediately do this to eliminate the incorrect operation of the device.

How to update flash player on Samsung TV

In order to update Flash Player, there are several simple ways, but not all of them are suitable for Samsung TVs. That is why it is better to immediately find out how this can be done for a particular device. But first you need to find out if you need an update at all. As a rule, in this case, a special message appears on the screen stating that the Flash Player program is outdated and may not work correctly.

If such a window appears regularly, then it’s time to connect the update. There are two ways to do this:

Using removable media connected to the usb port.

The first is suitable if the telly has access to a wireless network, which will work smoothly, and will allow you to install the player update without any problems. Then, in order to use the offline update of the player, just go to the Smart TV menu and select the necessary settings. If there is no Internet, you will have to find the update on your computer, drop it onto a formatted USB flash drive, and install the necessary programs with it.

By the way, if you know the firmware number, you can find the version of Flash that will work without even changing the software:

Look at the firmware version in the menu;

On the official website, see which version of the player it supports;

Download, install, and wait as the update takes a little time.

In addition, additional information can be found on the thematic forums of Samsung, where users can advise a lot of interesting things.

Other options how to make the flash player program work correctly

The most modern and common way that will allow you to deal with the problem of watchings on the Internet is html5 technology. Even more than that. This technology makes it possible to forget that Flash Player exists. Now you can display photos,s, media graphics and even watch online broadcasts without the difficulties associated with the constant updating of the player.

Of course, the principle of this system is quite different from the usual player, but it works properly. Unfortunately, HTML5 primarily requires the adaptation of sites for it, but this is still a problem, since most resources continue to use a flash player. But as an alternative, if for some reason Adobe doesn’t want to be updated, HTML5 is perfect.

It should be borne in mind that not all Samsung TVs support HTML5. Manufacturers began using HTML5 with a series of 6 models, that is, if your TV is older than 2012, this technology will not work.

Each “TV box” has its own nuances and tricks. Today we’ll talk about how to install IPTV on Smart TVs of the most common brands. LG and Samsung, and how to load playlists into it.

Preparatory stage

  • An agreement with the operator to activate the service (it is not free, but affordable). By the way, after its conclusion, you can get access to free content.
  • Special application for viewing IP-TV channels. It is installed in the TV. The bulk of such programs do not require payment.

On the first point, I think, no explanation is needed, but with one of the popular and freely distributed IPTV programs. Simple Smart IPTV (or SS IPTV), get to know each other better. On her example, we will master the installation of IP-television.

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Install Simple Smart IPTV

  • Open LG Smart World in your computer’s browser and download the program archive, then unzip it and save it on a flash drive.
  • Connect the USB flash drive to the TV.
  • Open the Smart ribbon (by pressing “Home“) And go to”My applications“.
  • Click on the USB icon, that is, select the USB flash drive as the program installation source.
  • After opening the folder, click on the Simple Smart IPTV icon. The application is installed in the TV memory.


On models of the D, F, H, E series and above:

  • Open the main TV menu and go to the “FunctionsSmart“.
  • In the right half of the window, select the “AccountSamsung“.

Next, you need to set a password. Here the first differences appear:

  • On E-Series devices, enter any 6 characters in this field.
  • On H and F-series televisions, leave it blank.

After confirming the registration, return to the “Functions Smart“And click”Open Smart Hub“.

  • At the bottom of the application window, click “Add. Applications“.
  • On the next screen, open “Parameters“And select the option”IP setting“.
  • In the window that appears, drive the server IP address Use the numeric keypad to enter (the on-screen keyboard does not work here).
  • Next, go back to the “Parameters“And click”User Application Sync“(On models of some series the option is called so, on others.”StartThe appSync“).
  • After synchronization in the section “Additional applications»The SS-IPTV icon will appear.

On J-Series devices:

To watch IP TV, simply run the program, find your provider in the list of service providers and download the playlist. By the way, in addition to predefined playlists, you can use your own.

Download playlists

S imple Smart IPTV gives users the ability to download playlists both from the program’s website (internal) and from any other sources (external). You can have as many as you like and do whatever you want with them. Edit, share with friends, put in free access, etc.

Custom playlists are stored in the “Settings»And are displayed on the screen in the form of tiles. When you click on a tile at the bottom of the screen, a list of its TV channels opens.

To download external (third-party) playlists, go to the “Content»And open the subhead of the same name. To download the selected one to your TV, select it in the list and press “Add“. Give the sheet a friendly name and click “Save“.

To download the internal playlist, open in “Settings“Rubric”Are common“And click on the”to get the code“. The application will generate a one-time password that you have to enter when downloading. It remains relevant 1 day after generation.

Next, go to the SS IPTV website, open the ” Playlist Editor “, Enter the code in the specified form and click”Add device“.

Next, open and save the document. After saving in the “Settings“A new tile will appear with the name”My Playlist“. This is what you just downloaded.

Using SS-IPTV as an example, it is easy to install other applications for IP-television. The differences will only be in the address of the download server (on Samsung) and other minor details that you can easily figure out on your own.