How to install a locator on samsung. How to use Samsung Phone Locator

The program for determining the location by phone number

It is currently quite difficult to imagine life without cell phones that children, adults and the elderly, so they are always in touch. But there are situations when it is necessary to find out where the subscriber is, for example, if he does not respond to a call for a long time or check where the child spends time, and of course if you need to find the phone in case of loss.

Mobile operators offer their user a rather large list of services, one of which is geolocation. Connection can be carried out by sending a special request to the operator, as well as when contacting the service center. This can be implemented both with the permission of the owner and without, for this you just need to send a certain SMS from the owner of the owner. In the future, all information will enter the specified mobile phone number in the form of a message, and if a special application is installed on the device (locator, navigator, etc.D.), the result will come in the form of a map with a mark.

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Attention: This offer is provided on a paid basis, the cost differs depending on the operator, the same applies to payment, it can be daily or monthly.

Locator from Beeline

Beeline is one of the largest mobile representatives that allows users to install the Lokator service. It is possible to do this by sending an SMS with any text (except Beeline) to number 5166 or gaining 0783, then you need to follow all the instructions that will come. After connecting to the specified number, messages about the location of the requested subscriber will receive. Beeline allows you to control the location of the five numbers at the same time. Payment is made daily and is seven.

Attention: for greater convenience, the “Locator” application has been developed, which can be downloaded even to the computer, but it is suitable only for Android OS.

Locator from MTS

Users who want to control the movement of relatives or friends need to download the MTS Search application. The cost of the service depends on which package will be connected: “basic”, “optimal” or “premium”. The difference between them lies in the number of tracked subscribers. To add a new one, you need to send a message with the following m: “Ivan 8911 5432341”

Radar from Megafon

Connect the radar from Megafon, possibly in two ways: 1. Using the site http: //

By sending the USSD command, having previously decided on the choice of a package of services. Megafon offers users to connect the Lite radar on command56656# and by pressing the call button, Radar 566# and Radar 5669#.

You can control the location of subscribers by setting a special program or through a personal account on the Megafon website, the second option is easier and more convenient.

Geopois from body 2

Tele2 also provides its users with the opportunity to connect the Lokator service, in order to do this, you just need to dial a request in the form of a combination11901#, then click on the call. It is also possible to do this through the portal https: //, after registering by phone number. The cost of the service is equal to three rubles per day.

Popular applications for finding a person by location of his phone

There are programs for tracking the location of the phone by number that work regardless of the mobile operator. The list of programs is quite wide, so users have something to choose from, but among the most common can be highlighted:

Attention: when choosing a program, it should be noted that some of them are designed only for Android OS.


The program retains on the maps the places where people have visited, it is possible to monitor the speed of movement. Additionally, there is a private chat function for participants, in it they can be freely corresponded.

Find My Friends

Another program that enables loved ones to communicate in a closed chat and monitor each other’s movement, but for this it is necessary that everyone establishes it. There is an option to hide your presence, just turning off the function.


Family application control application and location of all selected participants. There is also a free chat for communication with both SMS messages and calls. The program, if necessary, sends the coordinates of the subscriber to the selected participants.

Friend Locator

Friend locator makes it possible to control the location and movement of selected numbers, determines the coordinates with accuracy and directs SMS. In order for it to work, you need to install it on all the phones of the participants.

Sygic Family Locator

The program helps to monitor the movement and location of family members. For children, you can install a zone, going beyond which parents will come to a warning. There is a function that retains the movement routes for 7 days and a free chat for communication.


Another program for tracking numbers of loved ones and relatives is designed for all operational systems. There is a function to install safe areas.

What is geodata transmission on Android

GPS. a determination system for the location of the device on the surface of the earth. Many Android and iOS applications are related to geolocation, for example, the search for the closest sights, cafes, stores. Using geodata, the user can lay the optimal route to get to the destination inside or outside the city.

The navigation system works due to the connection with the satellite or the nearest towers of the mobile operator. As a rule, the phone finds beacons to receive a signal and receives information from them, transmitting data about your location. Modern mobile phones work with all available navigation systems without reference to a particular country. GLONASS, GPS, Deidou (China) systems are used to work with GPS. The main function of geolocation for Android is to build a route to the desired point. To do this, you can use a Google account or third-party applications.

How to enable geolocation on Android

Some applications and programs automatically offer to enable the coordinate determination system, for example, photographs, Instagram, Tinder, maps. You just need to click on “allow”. and the function is activated. If you need to turn on the function yourself (manually), then adhere to the following instructions:

  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • Go to the point “Safety and location”.
  • Open the “Location” section.
  • Transfer the switch to the ON position (just swap it to the right). The sweater should be highlighted, which indicates an active state.
  • There are a quick settings panel on new phones models (usually the upper panel swap down).
  • Find the GPS signature icon and activate it.

If you own the phone from Apple, then you can activate geolocation as follows:

  • Go to the phone settings.
  • Open the section “Privacy” or “Privacy”.
  • Then click on the “Geolocation Service” item.
  • Here you need to switch to the ON Sweater, in controlling the programs that support the determination of these location.
  • When the applications that use GPS first turned on, there will be a request for activation of geopropitation.

Working modes

There are several sources of information to track the position of the device in space. When activating the function, you will be offered to choose one of three modes:

  • For all sources. The preferred option, in the early versions of the Android operating system, was called “high accuracy”. Offers maximum accuracy of determining the location of the device, all available tools for geopropitation are used. Data from a mobile operator, from GPS satellites, information through the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi channels (if included) will be collected.
  • On the coordinates of the network. In the early versions of Android was the mode “Savings of the battery charge”. This function used to track only a mobile operator or wireless networks. The mode is called economical because GPS is deactivated and does not consume battery charge. This helps the user extend the battery life and maintain a battery charge.
  • On GPS satellites. In the early versions Android is called “by the sensors of the device”. For geolocation, data is used only from GPS-Mayachi. Information from wireless networks, mobile operator will not be taken into account.

History of locations and transmission of geodata

In the section of the “Locations History” menu, you can activate the recording of your routes, places of visiting different establishments and attractions. Data on Google servers is stored, you can view them through an account in this system on the “Google Card”. To do this, you need to open a section called “Chronology”. Before this, you need to complete at least once the entrance from your device to the Google account.

If you want your relatives or friends to have access to your location, you must add users in the “Transfer of Geodata” section. Information about your movements and actual finding in real time will be available to them. Trusted users will be able to track movement through the “Google Card” from the section “Show where I am”.

Samsung found my mobile control

There are also several options for managing the functions of the device when it is not under your control. For example, if you are afraid to skip important messages when the Galaxy phone is lost, you can access the latest calls and messages from the computer, which is used to find. You can also extend the battery life so that you can call a smartphone when you are nearby to find it.

Select calls / messages.

The next screen offers an explanation of how this function works. If you want to get 50 of your last calls and messages, choose to get. Give him a minute and he will show the list of everyone who recently called you or sent messages.

Samsung Find My Mobile displays the charge level of the smartphone battery in the remote control tool menu. If the battery is discharged, you can extend its service life. Select “Extend the service life of the battery”, then select “Expand” to use this function.

Data reset

If the previous methods have not helped, make a reset of data-you delete all files and settings from the device, and with them a graphic key, pin code, password or fingerprint.

I forgot Samsung Galaxy password (graphic key / PIN code). This is the most popular problem you can hear from many people. Samsung is one of the most popular smartphones that offers a wide range of functions. These exotic functions of the Samsung device allow users to do almost everything they actually want. How to reset Samsung if you forgot the password?

But problems arise when some adverse conditions occur and lead to undesirable results. For example, forgetting the Samsung Galaxy password of your phone (graphics key / PIN code). There are currently many users who are looking for an effective way to unlock their Samsung Galaxy password.

For different Android phones, methods for a forgotten password are different See all methods of unlock samsung.

Additional programs

In addition to remote access, there are many other programs with such functionality. The best of them is Lost Android. It is installed on the phone as well as other programs, that is, using the Play Market.

Samsung Galaxy How to find My Phone

Useful advice: after installation, the program will be displayed as Personal Notes with the type of ordinary notebook. This is done so that the thieves do not suspect anything. So do not worry if you do not find this program, as it is recorded in the market.

After starting this program, give her the rights of the administrator. To do this, press the corresponding button. How to do this can be seen from the screenshot below.

Then go to the official website of the application and again log in through Google. Enter the login and password, and then go to the account. All available functions are listed there.

These two methods listed by me, through Google and the program, allow you to find even a smartphone turned off. This is achieved by the fact that Google services record the moment when the device was on the last time, respectively, and the location.

Samsung’s Find My Mobile. As A Samsung Owner, This Is Super Important

How to find a phone on an IMEI code

To understand how to find a phone on IMEI, deal with this concept. This is a special code that is assigned to each mobile device. It is called an international identifier of mobile equipment.

As a rule, this code is written on the sticker, which is left under the battery or on the packaging box. IMEI-15-digit numerical unique set.

If the smartphone is at hand, then you will find out the code using the command #06 #. When you need to track the phone that has lost, then perform such actions:

  • Find a box from under a mobile device, look on it IMEI code.
  • Transfer it to law enforcement agencies by taking an agreement on the SIM card and passport.
  • Make an application for search.

After the actions performed, law enforcement officers will contact the operator who will begin to track the device. Keep in mind that such searches take a lot of time. In addition, if the address found coincides with yours, they may write out a fine.

How to find a smartphone by phone number

The simplest way is to call this number. Of course, it will not work if the phone is stolen, but cases of returning the phone to the lost is not uncommon.

There are also banal situations: the smartphone is lost where you are, including your own house. Then the call from another phone helps one hundred percent except in cases where the “without sound” mode is exhibited on the smartphone.

In serious cases, the cell operator provides data on calls received from the phone after his loss. But you will not receive the data personally. they will be provided to representatives of law enforcement agencies when submitting an appropriate application.

In general, it is recommended to block the SIM card: if the found one thinks to call from the phone found, you will pay calls you. Although if the phone falls into the hands of an experienced attacker, he will throw away the SIM card.

In October last year, Samsung introduced the Smartthings Find service, which helps Galaxy users track the location and find devices. The capabilities of Smartthings Find have been expanded-now this service works in the one with devices not connected to the network and can track any items (for example, bag, wallet, bicycle, etc. P.)

Smartthings application update will be released from 19 to January 21. To use the SmartTAG Bluetooth Locator, a smartphone from the Galaxy S21 line is necessary.

Open the SMARTHINGS application on the Galaxy S21 and click on the Galaxy SmartTag button to activate it. Smarttag will make a sound, in the application on S21 a pop.up window will open. Next, select “Add now” and start using the Galaxy SmartTag, attaching it to the subject, the location of which you want to track. If the pop.up window does not appear, press the “” “Smartthings application” button in the upper right corner of the Upper Corner and select the “device”. You can also register SmartTAG using the “scan QR code” function (the code is located on the packaging of the device), “scan nearby” or select the device directly.

Galaxy Smarttag supports Smartthings Find service to search for other Galaxy devices. If you have not used Smartthings Find earlier, open the service by touching the Smartthings Find banner in the upper part of the Smartthings application. Accept the “conditions of use”, and then select Galaxy Smarttag and other Galaxy gadgets to register them in the Smartthings Find service.

How to find lost objects with Galaxy Smarttag

When Galaxy Smarttag works autonomous, t. e., Disconnected from the Galaxy S21, it sends the Bluetooth Low Energy (Ble) signal so that Galaxy can be found nearby. After detecting the mark, the device will send information about its location in Smartthings Find, where you can see it.

To find your SmartTAG, activate the option “Notify me when the subject is found” in the device card in the Smartthings Find application. As soon as your SmartTag is found closest to it, Smartthings Find will send a notification. Tools “Search nearby”, “navigation” or “call” simplify the work with the application.

Additional Galaxy SmartTag features

Lost a smartphone? Press the Galaxy SmartTag button twice to hear a sound signal that will help you find your Galaxy S21. Actions that you call with a single click on the key can also be configured for yourself. Thus, you can automatically turn on the light and TV, returning home.

Samsung phone search via Find My Mobile

In search of the lost device, the application “Find my mobile device” will help. The entrance to it can be carried out from any gadget. It is installed through Play Market.

The Find My Mobile application is associated with Google. His work is carried out on the same principle as through the Google account. True, find the turned off the phone with it will not be possible. The search will be successful only if the device is on the device. After starting the application on the map, the approximate location of the device will be displayed.

Search for a phone using Samsung Account

You can also track the phone yourself with the help of a free tool offered by the manufacturer himself. True, only on condition that the functions of “Google Location” and “Remote Management” were activated on Samsung.

Therefore, immediately after buying a Samsung smartphone, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Open the “Blocking and Protection Screen” section.
  • Go to the page “Find the device”.
  • Bind the device to the Samsung account.
  • Activate both functions.

After loss, you will need to do the following:

  • From a computer or any other gadget, follow the FindMymobile
  • Logue on the site using your Samsung Account.
  • Go to the “Search device” tab “.
  • Press the button with the same name.

If there is an Internet connection on the lost Samsung at this moment, its location will immediately display on the map. In the absence of an Internet connection, the search will start immediately after the network is available on the device.

What to do if you can’t find a phone?

Phones operating on the Android platform. You can find, and an approximate definition of their location can be found. But the search will be fruit only if the Samsung smartphone:

It is important that the device includes the functions “Location” and “Find the device”.

If the phone was stolen. The attacker will take care of disconnecting the phone. The chances of finding the smartphone are almost zero. But how to find samsung if it has lost it and? There remains a chance that the phone lies in a secluded place, waiting for him to be found.

There is also a widespread opinion about the effectiveness of the Samsung smartphone by IMEI.

Consider the mentioned method from the point of view of practicality and effectiveness.

How to find a Samsung phone via Google.Account

One of the effective ways to find a Samsung phone. Related to Google’s account. To do this, you need to go to the appropriate Google service at = 0 from any available device (PC, tablet, phone operating on Android).

The call is useful if you approximately determined the location of the missing smartphone. By turning it on, you activate the sound signal. It will be repeated until it is turned off on the device or in the account.

The locking of the device will install a password on the smartphone, even if before this moment the option of creating a password was not used. You should not forget the password: it will not be possible to change it.

The locking of the device on Samsung is accompanied by the ability to create a message addressed to the found. If a person turns out to be conscientious and will not come across other people’s troubles, he will call the number that you leave in the message and give you the loss.

Data is needed so that they do not fall into the hands of the found. The method is usually used if the hope is to return the smartphone is extremely small and you do not want personal data to get to the scammers.

Google account

Google services also allow you to find the lost phone Samsung. In this case, the current conditions that are described in method 1. The account should be used the same that was on the lost mobile device.

Through the Google service, you can also clean the data from the smartphone or remotely block access to the device, if it is likely that the device is stolen.

The accuracy of the location is not always true: the error can be up to 300 meters. If Samsung was lost in a multi.storey building, then it is almost impossible to find it. It remains to control its movement from the service from time to time. If the phone is lost at home or on the street, you can use the “call” function to hear the loud signals that will issue a device. application

To search for a lost device, special applications have been developed that work on the same principle as the above services. To use the program, another mobile device and used on the lost samsung accounts will be required.

One of the most popular applications on Google Play Market is the Find My Device program, which is available for free download.

If necessary, through the application you can delete all the data, block the phone or call without access to the device.

How to enable the search service

If the Samsung smartphone disabled the search service for a mobile device, then finding it through the services will not work. By default, the function is active, but to ensure security, it is better to check in advance whether this is so:

    Go to the main Samsung menu and slip through the “Settings” tool. Select the “Biometry and Security” section.

With a single press, an additional window with settings will be displayed on the name of the systematic ability. “Autonomous Search” allows you to determine the approximate location without connecting to the Internet, and using the “Remote Unlock” option, you can drop a pin code or a graphic key if you forgot it.

In the search parameters window, an account is available, to which the smartphone is tied.

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