How to Insert Simka into Xiaomi Mi Play

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phones work with Nano-type SIM cards. Therefore, if you bought this unit to replace an outdated mobile phone, you will most likely need to change the SIM card at the customer service center or independently give the card the desired format. Many users choose the second option, since contacting a service center can be associated with certain difficulties. Let’s see how to crop and install SIM in Samsung Galaxy S7.

The procedure for trimming SIM cards for the Galaxy S7

NanoSIM is a relatively new format for SIM cards. It first appeared on the iPhone 5 and is still used on all Apple devices. A bit later, smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy line started to be equipped with Nano-type card holders. This approach allowed us to reduce the size of mobile devices and make them more convenient to use.

If your previous gadget worked on Mini- or Micro-SIM, then before you insert such a SIM card in the Samsung Galaxy S7, it must be correctly trimmed. For the upcoming work, prepare the following tools and materials:

  • template for cutting (it can be downloaded from the Internet and printed on a printer);
  • thin scissors or clerical knife;
  • Scotch;
  • thick rags or fine sandpaper.

The procedure for trimming a SIM card to Nano format is as follows:

  1. Prepare a pre-downloaded cutting template. For processing the MiniSIM card (full-size SIM card), the 2FF to 4FF scheme is suitable for you. To crop MicroSIM, use the 3FF to 4FF drawing.
  2. Attach an old card to the template with a piece of adhesive tape. See that the beveled corner of the SIM card exactly matches the same angle in the drawing.
  3. Use scissors or a stationery knife to get rid of excess plastic on the SIM card. Be extremely careful not to accidentally damage the electronic board.
  4. Remove burrs protruding around the perimeter with sandpaper or a thick cloth.

NanoSIM-card is ready for further use.

Installing SIM cards in Samsung Galaxy S7

Installing a SIM-card in the Galaxy S7 is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Turn off the smartphone completely. If this is not done, there is a chance to set fire to the power controller or signal power amplifier.
  2. We take the ejector (metal key) in the box from under the phone.
  3. We insert it into the round hole that is present on the cover of the card holder. In Galaxy S7, the SIM connector is located on the upper end of the device in its left part.
  4. Press lightly on the paper clip. When the tray comes out, we completely remove it from the mobile phone.
  5. We install a SIM card and, if necessary, a microSD external memory slot in the slot. It is technically impossible to place the cards somehow wrong, so no problems should arise with this.
  6. Return the card holder back and click on it until it clicks.
    How to Insert Simka into Xiaomi Mi Play
  7. After that, turn on the phone and check its performance. If the SIM card is determined by the system, then everything is done correctly. Otherwise, try this procedure again.

With self-cutting SIM cards, there is a small chance of damage to its microcircuit. Therefore, if the smartphone does not want to accept the card in any way, replace it with a new one at your operator’s customer service center.