How to Insert Simka in Honor 7

Often, users who have used a keypad phone for a long time after purchasing a Honor touchscreen smartphone cannot figure out how to remove the back cover. To then insert your SIM card. But these smartphones are arranged differently. And this is not always obvious to users. Next, you can read how to insert a SIM card into a Honor mobile device on different models.

How to insert a SIM card into a Honor 8 smartphone

The Honor 8 case is quite thin. And, if you look closely, you can see that the back cover is completely absent. This is because manufacturers have decided to design the gadget in this way. It does not need to be disassembled in order to put your SIM card in the compartment. It’s best to turn off your mobile device before inserting a card.

Next, do the following:

    Pick up the phone and turn the left end to the face (left rib) smartphone. On it you will see small hole, which is about 1 mm in diameter;

How to Insert Simka in Honor 7

SIM tray opening

  • You will need a thin object that can enter this hole, for example, a needle or a paper clip. If you will use a needle, turn it to the hole with a blunt end;
  • Insert the thin end of the needle or paper clip into the hole and push in the place where the end of the paper clip rests. Do not overdo it, on that invisible end is a plastic holder;
  • Insert a thin object into the hole. The tray will succumb and move slightly away from the body. Now you can drag the outer part of the SIM card tray onto you to completely remove it;

    Opening the SIM tray. Its size and connectors allow you to use three cards: SIM, micro-SIM and nano-SIM. SIM card holder or tray

    Or one of these formats;

    A place to place a SIM card In the tray or card holder, you need to install the chip down. You will see where the top or bottom side of the tray will be.

    Insert the microSD card into the appropriate recess.

    And there won’t be any problems with the memory card. Wrong to install it will not work. Turn on Honor 8 and check if the SIM card and memory card are displayed.

    Installing a SIM card in a Honor 7 mobile device

    In the seventh version, the process of inserting a SIM card is similar to Honor 8. Using the instructions above, you can install the card in Honor 7. But remember that you can install either only 2 SIM cards of any format, or only 1 SIM and 1 SD.

    This is the holder of this device. The manufacturer also emphasizes this. the importance of choosing a smartphone model. Since recently, models are also divided into classes. And they, in turn, are different among themselves only in the amount of internal memory.

    Features of the smartphone Honor 10

    About the tenth version of the popular Honor mobile device, you can also say that the tray opens with a paper clip. But there are several nuances that need to be identified and known to the owners. Inside the trigger is made of plastic. And you also need to click on it gently enough. Hole in Honor 10 a little deeper, than its predecessors.

    Opening the SIM card tray

    Therefore, the small curved end of the paper clip will not work. All other instructions are fully consistent with the previous ones.

    Use the long end of the paper clip to open the tray

    Can I insert 2 SIM and a memory card into the Honor phone right away

    As we have already said, a mobile device from the manufacturer Honor allows you to insert only 2 SIM cards without a microSD memory card. Or only 1 microSD card and 1 SIM card. But a cunning user has already found a way to get around this restriction.

    1. You will need to remove the card tray from the Honor phone again by pressing a thin object on the internal button on the left side of the case;
    2. You will also need 2 cards: micro and nano SIM. Insert the micro into a suitable connector for it. And nano SIM needs to be glued to the bottom of the microSD (on the contact side, but not on the contact itself);

    Nano SIM glued to microSD

  • Thus, if you place a memory card in the tray, both chips will be directed to the desired contacts inside the case;
  • We insert the holder back into the phone and try to use all the inserted cards.
  • There are some side effects after such use immediately of all available cards: