How to insert music into Instagram Stories iPhone

Popular apps for adding music to Instagram stories

In the event that the built-in function for adding music to stories does not appear on your smartphone, try updating the version of the Instagram application. But there is a chance that such an option is simply not available yet. Then you can create musical stories using special editors.

Storybeat. With it, you can add audio recordings and apply small effects to photos and videos of stories. The application itself contains the Spotify library. In addition to music, you can attach voice recordings to stories, create slideshows and record videos in the style of “slow motion”.

InShot. The application allows you to remove unnecessary frame and suppress noise in the video. It is also possible to add text, a sticker. You can insert musical accompaniment into Instories only from the directory available on the device.

VivaVideo. After installation, you will find not only the editor, but also the camera. Having created a new recording, you can immediately edit it, add effects, apply filters and a music track.

PicMusic. Editing and mounting of both photo and video files is available. Before publishing stories, you can select music from the library. There are also options for overlaying text captions and voice.

How to add music to Instagram Stories on Android

Let’s consider step by step how to create a musical story for owners of smartphones on the Android platform:

  • Open the menu for recording instastories in the way you are used to.
  • Take a photo, shoot a video or record a boomerang.
  • Click on the sticker in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Find the “Music” sticker in the menu that appears. In it, you can select a specific song, or choose a song by genre, mood, from a popular one. It is also possible to listen to the track and switch to the desired passage before adding music to the Instagram story.
  • After the publication of the stories, it will be accompanied by a melody, and your viewers will see a sticker with the name of the composition.

How to add music to Instagram Stories

One of the latest innovations of the popular social network is the ability to add music to Instagram Stories. The official blog of the international platform reads: “Now you can add a soundtrack to the story that fits any moment and helps you express how you feel.” And this is really great. Music accompaniment will strengthen your stories, make the published content more creative and varied.

However, in the application itself, this function is not available to all users. In this article, we will show you how to decorate your stories with a suitable melody through the official Instagram App or using additional extensions.

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How to create an Instagram music story from iPhone

The Instagram mobile application for iOS received this extension as the very first, so the owners of Apple gadgets were able to try out the music function before anyone else.

  • To create a story with musical accompaniment, go to the Stories section.
  • Select the Music icon from the list of suggested editing tools.
  • You will see a list of available tracks. Choose a composition that matches your photo or video. To do this, it is possible to sort audio recordings by genre, mood and popularity among other Instagram users.
  • During the selection process, you can trim the track and add the desired excerpt from the song to your story.
  • After posting the story to your Instagram profile, your followers will be able to find out the name of the attached song when viewing thanks to the corresponding sticker.
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Additional ways to insert music into Instagram Stories

In addition to the above applications, there are several additional tools for creating interesting musical instastories.

We use a graphics editor

With the help of special programs, for example, After Effects, animated stories on Instagram are created. You may have seen a similar format from various musicians or bloggers who publish a new track or simply share your favorite song with subscribers. Music is added to the initially created visual image. Then the entire post is posted like a regular Instagram story.

Not the most convenient, but very common way to create music photos and video stories. First of all, you need to turn on the selected track. Then open the desired image or launch a video file. After all the manipulations, all that remains is to press “play” at the right moment.

It is also worth considering that this function works differently in each smartphone.

For iOS, the diagram looks like this: Settings → Control Center → Customize Controls → Screen Recording.

In devices with an Android system, the availability and location of the option depends on the brand and brand of the smartphone. If the default screen recording is not available to you, you can also use an additional application. For example, Capture Recorder or V Recorder. The main thing is that the extension allows you to record a picture from the screen along with sound.

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How to add music to Instagram Stories with a sticker

It is very easy to add music to photos and videos in Instagram Stories using a sticker. Finally, in June 2021, it appeared in Russia.

But attaching music to Stories in applications, which will be discussed later in the article, is also very simple.

  • Open the Instagram Stories camera. Take a photo / video or upload from the gallery.
  • Click on the “Sticker” button
  • Select the “Music” sticker. You can find a specific song, or select by genre / mood / popular. You can listen to the song and rewind to the desired passage before adding music to the Istagram Story.
  • You can change the fragment of the song that will be on your Stories with music and choose the design (a sticker with the name of the track, the lyrics that appear, etc.).

Now the sticker “Music” for photos and videos on Instagram Stories is available in Russia as well. If you haven’t got it yet. update Instagram.

Where to download free music for Instagram for free?

If it is very important for you that your video is guaranteed not to be deleted, add copyright-free music to the video. For example, this YouTube channel often posts this kind of music. It can be downloaded, all music is free (there are links in the description of the video). On our channel, we use songs from there.

Free music library is also available in video editing and Stories apps.

Enlight Videoleap App: How to Insert Music on Photos and Videos (iPhone)

In this application, you can add music to photos, videos and Stories for free. Or, right in the application, record voice acting from above.

First, upload the desired photo or video. Then there are four options to add music:

  • Press the red plsik at the end of the video and download the desired audio file on your phone.
  • If you have a Mac, you can download the song on your computer and then send it to your phone via Airdrop. If at the same time you have the desired video open in Videoleap, then by Airdrop you can immediately add to this video.
  • Press the “Audio” button. Then choose “Music” or “Sound Effects”. The selection will be from a library of music and sound effects without copyright.
  • Press the “Voice” button. After the red round button and you start talking, the recording will go.

We recommend that you insert music on photos and videos in posts and Stories only without copyright. This is a guarantee that Instagram will not be blocked for copyright infringement. But if you have a small personal account, closed and you are sure that no one will complain about you (suddenly someone wants to be blocked out of resentment). there is a way to prevent Instagram from recognizing a popular track.


In Videoleap, you need to click on the desired audio track (or on a video that has sound). Then the button “Audio” and after “Change. Tone”. So the Instagram algorithms will not recognize the original music and will not block it for copyright infringement. But if suddenly someone complains, then a person will already check.

How to add music to Instagram: add it to photos and videos in Stories and posts

To add music to Instagram Stories in Russia, the “Music” sticker finally appeared (and you can make Reels with music). And you can add music to any photos and videos on Instagram using video editing applications or in special applications for creating beautiful Stories.

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It is best if the music is copyright-free. Especially if you have a large account and a lot of subscribers. And if the account is personal and “for friends”, then there is also a way to overlay any song so that the post or Stories are not blocked for copyright infringement.

  • How to add music to Instagram Stories using the Music sticker
  • How and where to download free music without copyright
  • How to add music to Instagram videos in Stories and Posts (Android and iPhone apps)

How to add music to Instagram videos to Stories and posts (photos and videos)

The easiest way to add music to a photo or video is to play music on your phone or computer while recording. But the sound quality will not be very good. And the video itself can be blocked on Instagram due to copyright.

And even if you bought a song officially (in iTunes, for example), and not just downloaded it for free, it will still be blocked. Because you are buying for personal listening. And the rights to use in public videos are much more expensive.

Easily add music to photos, videos and Stories with Videoleap (iPhone) and InShot (iPhone and Android) editing apps.

How To Add Music To Instagram Stories On iPhone

InShot app: how to add music to photos and videos for Instagram posts and Stories (Android and iPhone)

In Inshot, music can be overdubbed for free on both Android and iPhone.

First, upload the desired photo or video. Then there are three options to put on the music:

Press the “Music” button and then “Songs”. Here you can choose. overlay music from the catalog of free music without copyright, extract from another video, add from iTunes (on iPhone) or insert a sound effect.

How To Add Music To Instagram Story (New Methods) | Add Music To Story

To select from songs already downloaded and saved to “files” on your phone:

“My Music”. “All”. “Open” (on Android).

If you have a Mac, you can download the song on your computer and then send it to your phone via Airdrop. If you have the desired video open in InShot, then by Airdrop you can immediately insert it into this video.

Press the “Music” button and then “Record”. Allow the application to access the microphone and start recording background speech.

StoryBeat App: How to Add Music to Instagram Stories (Android & iPhone)

The StoryBeat app is tailored specifically for Instagram Stories. And in it you can not only add music to photos or videos for Instagram, but also has a catalog of cool video effects.

Click “Add music to photos or videos.” Download what you need.

A round button with a plus sign will appear at the bottom:

  • You can add music from the free catalog. “Search Music”. You can select the passage you want to attach. After that, you will have a sticker with the name of the song at the bottom of the screen. It can be removed by clicking on the cross.
  • Download “Song from Apple Music” (iPhone) or “Add Song from Your Library” (Android).
  • Add sound effect.
  • Record Song. can be used to record voice over photo / video (iPhone).

It is more difficult to add music to photos, videos and Stories on Instagram than, for example, on TikTok. You need to download music without copyright, overlay it in a separate application and only then upload it to your Account. But you can still make a post or Stories with music for free and not be afraid that you will be blocked if you upload photos and videos with music to your account

Instagram Stories Music: Problems and Solutions

In the CIS countries and in Russia, this function is available only through VPN, in free access only in some countries in Europe and America. If you nevertheless saw this option in your Instagram stickers, the instruction below is for you.

Although this feature has been available for some time, there are still those who cannot make music stories because they do not have the required sticker in the story’s functionality.

This may be due to the version of the installed application. The music sticker has been released since version n. 51, so you should check which version you have installed on your phone and maybe update Instagram.

  • If you still don’t have the music sticker after the update, try deleting the Instagram cache. Go to the smartphone settings menu, to the list of applications, select Instagram and click “Delete data cache”.
  • If you decide to insert a background melody into the story, be aware that the post cannot be saved, and you cannot postpone it for publication at another time.
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Another limitation of the feature is the lack of many tracks on the list offered by Instagram. And before uploading a story with a song, check if it can be used in content. Therefore, we advise you to read how to find copyright-free music for Instagram.

How to add music to Instagram Stories

Music video content on Instagram is a great way to stand out in the feed or even inspire the viewer’s empathy.

Instagram feature for adding music to Stories appeared last summer and is available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Apps for music in Stories

There are some tricks to get around obstacles and make music stories.

When you record videos for uploading as history, you can capture sounds and voices coming from the device. When you open Instagram, the song playing from your smartphone is not interrupted. You can simply open the camera or scroll through the news feed while the track is running on Spotify or Google Music.

When you want to use a song as a background for a story, you need to open the music player, start it, open Instagram and start recording.

This application has come to the aid of all content makers for a long time. Once the app is installed, open the video you want to upload to Stories, click the Music icon in the toolbar and select a track to add.

Once the song is selected, adjust the volume and mute the original video (useful if you want to remove voices and noises). It is also possible to add a fade effect (decrease the volume), change the size of the video, add stickers and captions.

One of the most popular editors among Instagrammers. In it, you can add the desired audio track from the proposed options, as well as improve the video with various effects on Instagram.

Convenient editor with little functionality. Besides adding tracks from the internal library, there is a great option for adding voice and lyrics.

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How to add music sticker to Instagram

It is very easy to add a background melody to a story thanks to the corresponding button.

  • Once you’ve chosen a video or photo to upload, simply tap the sticker icon in the upper right corner (the same one that allows you to add GIFs, hashtags, and emoji) just before posting the story.
  • By clicking on the playlist, insert the song you prefer by entering its title in the search bar at the top or by selecting from playlists.
  • Once the track you want is found, listen to it by clicking the preview and the play icon on the right. At this moment, a music track will appear in the story below, from which select the desired part.
  • By default, the player plays the chorus of the track, but by scrolling left or right, you can select any part to add. It is also possible to choose a duration from 5 to 15 seconds.
  • Once a song is selected, it will appear as a sticker on the story. The title of the track, the name of the artist or the cover of the single will be written there, it can be compressed and moved.

To insert music before recording a video, simply launch the “History” camera and scroll down to the “Music” entry, which is between “Text” and “Life”.

How to Add Music to Instagram on iPhone

Instagram Stories Music: Alternative Method (if you have an iPhone):

  • Open your favorite music app and select the desired track.
  • Queue up the part of the song you want to play in the video using the timeline and press pause.
  • Open Instagram and tap the top left camera icon to create a story.
  • Open Control Center by pressing from bottom to top, then swipe left to open Music Settings and then hit Play.
  • Quickly close the control center and start posting on Instagram.
  • Click the icon. to add a video to your story.

You have learned all the available ways to add music to Instagram Stories. If we have not mentioned any option. write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below and we will definitely add it to the article.