How To Insert A Smart Card Into A Tv

A smart card is a special device for a TV, which is used to watch paid channels in high quality. It is a small card made of plastic. On the front side, along with the provider’s logo, is an electronic chip, in which access codes for viewing TV channels are encrypted. Each provider has its own code system.

Smart card: general information

The card is provided by cable and satellite TV operators and has its own personalized number for each user. By this number, you can pay for the services provided, as well as use as a subscriber’s identification when contacting the support service.

You can connect the Smart card to the TV using the CAM module into which it is inserted, or use a special receiver. Connect a service of viewing TV channels using a smart card offer a large number of providers. Particularly popular are: MTS, Tricolor and NTV-plus.

Connecting a smart card to the TV via the CAM module

The CAM module is presented in the form of a small plastic box that is inserted into a special slot in the TV. Using the module for Smart Cards is a very convenient option. When you connect it, you will not need any other equipment, a large number of wires and additional remotes.

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The module can be connected when the TV has a built-in DVB-C receiver for broadcasting a cable package of channels, or DVB-S for launching satellite channels. There should also be a CI connector into which the CAM module will be inserted. All modern TVs, the release date of which begins in 2013, meet these requirements. (in Samsung models since 2009, in Philips since 2011).

In order to activate a smart card, you must perform the following steps:

  1. First of all, you need to make sure that the TV is in the off state. The device should not be in sleep mode, but should be completely de-energized.
  2. It is necessary to insert the card into the module until it stops so that the electronic chip of the card touches the front of the module.
  3. After that, the module is inserted into the desired slot.
  4. To check how the card works, you need to turn on the TV, and depending on the model, select the desired menu item.

If the TV is without a special receiver, then for it the use of a smart card is possible only with the receiver. Depending on the type of set-top box, the card is inserted directly into the device or used in conjunction with the module.

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How to set up paid channels on TVs of different manufacturers

If the module is correctly inserted and the card is activated successfully, you should configure the channels. Depending on the brand, the following functions are selected:

  • If the TV is manufactured by LG, then in the Options tab the desired country is indicated. For LV, it will be. Germany or Finland, then go to the settings and click “Auto Search”, speed. quickly.
  • For Samsung models, after turning on the device, in the menu select auto-tuning in the “Channels” section, then indicate the source “Cable” and press “Digital”.
  • For televisions of the Philips brand, “Configuration” is selected in the menu, after it go into the channel settings mode, select “Reinstall channels” there. When requesting a country, indicate the one that is written on the back of the TV, on a sticker, indicate the mode is digital, the source is “Cable”, at the end go to “Automatic” and “Start”.
  • In SHARP models, in the menu, instead of searching for channels, there is an “Installation” item, you need to select “Auto installation”. Country. Finland, Sweden, Switzerland or France.
  • In Sony, “Digital Configuration” is selected in the setup menu, then you need to auto-search for digital stations.
  • In Panasonic, in the analog settings menu, click “Add TV Signal“, then make a DVB-C mark and perform an automatic search.
  • Some models may need manual tuning. In this case, the desired frequency is indicated. It can be viewed on the provider’s website.
  • If the channels are updated automatically on the TV, disable this feature. If this is not done, then the settings will be constantly lost.
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MTS smart card

MTS Company provides its users with several packages of TV channels. Among them is the “Basic”, which contains 130 common channels, as well as thematic various directions. MTS also offers to connect a package with satellite channels in an amount of more than 190. For this package, the TV must have special technical capabilities in the form of a DVB-S2 tuner.

Card from Tricolor TV

The Tricolor provider offers a smart card with access to its channels complete with a receiver or together with a DRECrypt system module. The company offers the following packages:

  • “One”. 217 channels. Among them: federal, regional, scientific, culinary, musical, film and highly specialized.
  • “Children’s”. designed for the smallest, consists of 17 channels.
  • Ultra HD has assembled 4 exclusive channels in high quality.
  • “Night”. 9 channels for adults.
  • “Match Football” and “Our Football”. 6 and 2 channels respectively.
  • “Basic”. 25 channels.
How to Insert a Smart Card into a TV