How To Insert A Sim Card In Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x

How To Insert A Sim Card In Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x

Having bought this smartphone, the user can spend hours unsuccessfully trying to remove the back cover of the device, trying to insert a SIM card into it. But in reality the situation is much simpler. It is about how to insert a SIM card in Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X that we will discuss in this article. In parallel, the issue of integration and memory cards will be considered. Getting down.

We take out a tray for a SIM card

So, in order to insert a SIM card, initially you have to get a tray. It is located on the left side of the device, and opens with a paper clip that comes with the kit.

  1. Find your box and open it.
  1. Next, remove the metal clip from the package that is marked in the photo. It is with its help that our phone will open.

Attention! Before proceeding to the next step, be sure to turn off the gadget.

  1. Put your phone on something soft so as not to scratch the display. Also make sure that it does not fall. Find the hole we marked in the photo below. This is what you need to remove the tray.
  1. Gently press the paper clip without applying extra effort, while the tray should appear a little.
  1. Now pull out the paper clip and put it in place. until it is no longer needed. Gently hold the tray with two fingers and pull it out.

Install SIM

Now that we have removed the card slot, we need to install them. This is done in different variations. Here they are:

  • one SIM card is installed;
  • SIM card and memory card;
  • 2 sim cards.

How to combine your slot is a purely personal matter. In our case, one SIM will be used together with a memory card. In order to install it, do the following:

  1. Carefully place the Micro SIM card in the tray as shown in the screenshot. The chip has one cut corner, make sure that it just fits into the groove, which is provided here for this.
  1. Turn the phone face down (again, try not to scratch it) and insert the tray with the chip facing up. Slide gently until completely hidden in the housing.

That’s all. You can turn on our Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X and use the connection.

We put a memory card or a second SIM

Also, let’s figure out how to install a memory card in the device. This is done quite simply, with the only difference being that, along with the SIM card, you need to put it in the tray and drive.

Micro SD also has special cutouts that will prevent it from being installed incorrectly. Make sure that they are exactly aligned. It all looks something like this:

Further, in the same way as with one card, install the slot in the phone. Make sure that all its contents do not move and precisely fall into their guides.

The instruction is suitable for version 3/32 and for 4/64 GB.

Summary and comments

That’s all. As you can see, this is very simple, especially since you definitely do not have to do the procedure every day. Changing a card or SIM card is only necessary when switching to another operator or upgrading the Android memory.

If you still have any questions, feel free to write them in the comments, and we will try to help each of our readers solve his difficulties.

For greater clarity, you can also view the overview, which shows the process of integrating SIM into Android smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X.