How To Insert A Sim Card And A Flash Drive In Xiaomi Redmi 4

How To Insert A Sim Card And A Flash Drive In Xiaomi Redmi 4

The popular Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has launched several lines of smartphones on the international market, including the Redmi 4, 4a and pro models, which also received high ratings. In this case, in each example, you can insert a SIM card or a memory card in the same way, so we will further examine in detail how to perform the procedure with different options.

The operation will involve the device itself and a special key for removing the slot, which comes in a set with the smartphone. The tray is located on the left side of the case and allows you to use microSD in place of the secondary SIM card.

  • Insert a paper clip into the corresponding hole in our tray;
  • Hold until click and pull out the key;
  • Remove the slot from the chassis.

In the case of the Redmi line, you will see two places for SIM cards, as well as a combined tray in the 3 Pro, 3X and 3S models, due to which the second position can be occupied by microSD. In the appropriate departments you need to put the cards, and then return the slot back to the phone. If all the manipulations were performed correctly, then you will feel a slight click when the surfaces are level.

How to insert a memory card

Users who have repeatedly changed SIM cards in the Xiaomi smartphone understand that not only them can be used there. For example, in Redmi 4, you can add microSD, which is used as an additional drive. You can move images, photos, audio recordings,s to it, as well as download programs and more. It is not necessary to use a USB flash drive, however, internal memory may not be enough, so users need to choose between expanding space on the device and the second mobile number.

To install a memory card, you should perform almost identical manipulations, as in the previous version. Open the tray with a paper clip and remove it from the case, then fix the SIM card in the first section and microSD in the second section.

Simultaneous placement of two cards and an SD drive

This method also exists, but the project warns that all actions are performed by you at your own discretion, since they can cause damage to the device. If you need to expand the smartphone’s memory for applications and personal data, as well as the simultaneous use of two mobile numbers, follow the procedure described below.

It takes several seconds to heat the SIM card using a regular lighter, then remove the chip from the plastic part and move it along with microSD to the appropriate section on the tray. However, in this case, contacts with a golden hue should not intersect and be recognized by the device as separate. At the end, return the slot to the appropriate connector and check the effectiveness of your manipulations by turning on the mobile device. Despite the fact that the Xiaomi smartphone is likely to work at the same time with microSD and SIM-card, there can be no guarantees regarding the stable operation of the gadget.

With any option, we recommend that you be careful and without emergency need not to risk the state of your device, since there are other ways with which you definitely won’t have to worry about the phone’s malfunction.