How to increase the font on the iPhone xr. How to set your own font on the iPad and iPhone

How to increase the font size on iPhone and iPad (updated iOS 15)

If you have problems displaying small fonts, the iPhone allows you to easily increase the total font size. In iOS 15, you can even change the font size only for individual applications, such as e.mail, messages, main screen, WhatsApp, etc. D. After increasing the font on the iPhone, it becomes easier to use the device. So let’s see how to do it right now.

  • Open the “settings” and press “display and brightness”.
  • Touch the size of the text.
  • Drag the slider to the right to increase the size of the text.
  • Applications supporting the dynamic type will change the text in accordance with the fact that you installed in step 3.

Adjust the size of the text on the iPhone using special capabilities settings

If you want to make the text even larger and more convenient for reading, you can use the settings of special capabilities. However, keep in mind that with a significant increase in the text, problems with navigation buttons may occur.

If an increase in the size of the text is not enough, you can make a font fat so that it seems pleasant for the eyes.

Tip: click “View” and select “Increased”. This will still help.

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A convenient option has been added to iOS 15, which allows you to set the size of the text for the desired applications.

Changing the size and style of the iPhone font (for fatty text)

Many iOS users, similar to Lily, do not know how to change the size of the text on iOS devices. In fact, you can change the size and style of the font (for fatty text) on iPhone / iPad / iPod.

Set the font size:

Step 1 Go to the setting application on your iPhone / iPad / iPod.

Step 2 Scroll the screen and press the display and brightness “.

Step 3 Press the font size. You can see that there will be a sliding panel that will allow you to adjust the font size in accordance with your needs. Drag it and you will see that the font size will change with it.

Install the fat text:

Step 1 Go Settings application on your iPhone / iPad / iPod.

Step 2 Scroll the screen and press the display and brightness “. Or you can go to “General” to activate the next step.

Step 3 Turn on fat. This operation will reboot your IDEVICE.

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Settling of fonts iPad / iPod / iPhone

Want to send a text message or write by e.mail to others using a bright or stylish iPhone font? Want to add notes to noticeably remind you of an important date, time of meeting or something else? Many are annoyed by the default font style for iOS, although it can change the style of text for fatty text. To get more font styles, many users decided to make a jailbreak of their iOS device. So here we kindly note that you must make a backup copy of your iPad or make a backup copy of your iPhone on Mac or PC. Sometimes incorrect hacking actions can lead to an unexpected disaster. Some reviews show that this can lead to a loss of contacts, and they should restore lost contacts after Jailbreak. In fact, you can choose a flexible font software for IDEVICE to work with font modification, for example, Cool Fonts, Font Maker, Anyfont, Bytafont 3 and so on. And here we will introduce one of the frequently used font applications. Cool fonts.

Step 1 Download Cool Fonts from the App Store on iPhone / iPad / iPod. This software provides a free version and version of Pro (for 4.99).

Step 2 Launch software. You will find an integration as indicated above. Click began to choose font styles and keyboards to find more keyboard templates. You can turn off the annoying advertising and activate more styles / font keyboards, updating to the Pro version.

Step 3 If you want to use this function in applications, you need to add cool fonts as a default keyboard. Go to the settings the main keyboard add a new keyboard cool fonts.

Step 4 Launch the application you want to use Cool fonts. Click on the ballpoint icon on the keyboard until the Cool Fonts keyboard appears. And then the small Cool Fonts icon will appear next to the ball in the form of a ball. The keyboard will be displayed as you installed earlier, and you can change the keyboard style by clicking on the small Cool Fonts icon.

In this article, we mainly talk about how to change the iPhone font and present you cool fonts. I hope this post will help you.

IPhone font change. This is not only a way to revive spelling, you can also change or add the Emoji keyboard on the iPhone make more changes for different font or styles sizes.

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Where to see which fonts are installed on the iPad and iPhone

In order to see which fonts are already installed on the iPad and iPhone, you need to go to “Settings” → ”Main” → “Fonts”.

In the settings window that opens, you can see fonts installed in the system from developers. For example, at the time of the start of writing this article, two fonts were installed, designed to work with the text that wrote books before the reform of the Russian language grammar at the beginning of the twentieth century. Sometimes I have to work with non.standard characters of characters, and in this article I will show how to install any such exotic font.

If you slip by the name of the font, then the system will display the name of the font, the application with which it was installed, and copyright. The name of the headset will indicate below. When you press on this name, the screen will open with the inscription of all the characters included in this font. Information will be presented on three screens, squeezed by a swipe left and right, and on the second of them there will be the notorious “Lorem IPSUM Dolor Sit Amet” and further in the text.

What iPad and iPhone applications support user fonts

To date, fonts from third-party developers are well supported in the built-in e-mail client iOS and iPados (Mail.App), as well as in the postman of Spark, in Pages and MS Word text editors, in Keynote presentations, Numbers spreadsheet. The list of applications is likely to expand over time. The main thing is that the developers add this opportunity.

Suppose we have our own font that we want to use on our apple gadget. To install it in the system, we will need ANYFont application, which is easy to install from the AppStore. The application is paid. It costs 149 r. However, believe me, this is a very small price for very necessary functionality.

Anyfont application window is a file file manager. There are two tabs at the bottom: “own fonts”, which displays the fonts installed in the program by the user himself, and “available fonts”, which displays all the fonts installed in the gadget operating system. When taps on the font name in the “Available Fonts” tab, complete information about the selected font will be displayed. When taps by the name of the font in the “own fonts” tab, the window with the “Install” button will jump out, which means “install”, as well as four buttons at the top of this window, allowing you to share the font, move it to the Anyfont folder created by the user, view the drawing. symbols in the selected font and display detailed information about it.

At the top of the Anyfont application window there are also four buttons designed to control the user’s own fonts. The first opens commands for deletion, movement and export of fonts. The second allows you to add font source. The third is designed to create a user folder inside the application. This may be useful for font sorting. And the fourth displays information about the version of the Anyfont application.

To install a new font in the system, you first need to add it to the Anyfont application. To do this, it is enough to either download it to the device from the Internet using Safari (in iOS 13 and iPados 13 there is such an opportunity), or get in a letter by e-mail, in a message from a messenger or have a loaded in any cloud. Further, with a slippers by the name of the font file, it is enough to select the standard menu of the system “share” in the form of a square with an arrow up and in the proposed list of options to select our Anyfont application. You can upload trruutype fonts with TTF extension.

Suppose I have an exotic Ostrog UCS exotic font file in ICloud Drive. In the system application “Files” on the iPad I go to my iCloud Drive, I find the font file and hold the finger on it. The menu pops up in which I choose the “Share” team.

In the context menu of the file, select the “Share” command

Next, the standard menu of the operating system will jump out, but it will not be among the ANYFont programs presented in the upper row of the Applications of the ANYFont program. In order to get to it, you need to slip the “more” button with three points. An additional list of programs will be opened from which you need to select “Copy in Anyfont”.

Anyfont is available in an additional list of compatible applications

If you have to add many different fonts, then you can put the command “Copy in ANYFont” to the list of applications buttons offered by the system in the first “Share” menu window. To do this, you need in the upper right corner of the window with an extended list of compatible programs in which we found Anyfont, slip “edit” and then slip a green plus to the left of the inscription “copy in Anyfont”. And when the team adds to the top list “Favorites”, you can pull it to the right place in this list, grabbing a finger behind three horizontal dashes to the right of the name of the team.

After choosing the “copy in Anyfont” command, the desired application will open, and in it the “own fonts” tab will appear from the application Font files. It remains only to install it. To do this, tap the font name. The window jumps out with the green button “Install”.

It’s simple. just press the green button

Allow the loading of the configuration profile

The application will display information that the profile is uploaded, but it must be installed in the settings. Further, Anyfont offers to go to the settings to complete the installation of the profile. We go to “Settings” → “Basic” → “Profiles”.

In the window that opens, the uploaded profile will be the upper point. We just need him. And below will be displayed already installed configuration profiles. Taping by the name of a loaded profile and in the window that opened in the upper right corner we slip the blue inscription “Install”.

Further, the system will require the input of the cod-pair of unlocking the gadget. Enter it and in the upper right corner we slip the blue inscription “Next”, and on the next screen. “install”. And confirm our intention in a jumped dialog box. On the last screen, we slip off “Ready”.

We confirm our desire to set the font profile

As a result, our font was added to the device configuration profiles. Anyfont sees it installed in the system. on the right, opposite the font name, a checkmark is displayed. And the font itself is available in supported applications. Do not believe. here, look at the screenshot how I am typing the text with new font in Pages.

Here is such, I hope, a simple and affordable instruction will help add any Truetype font for comfortable work on iPad and iPhone. And you have to use non.standard fonts on your gadgets? Share your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and in our Telegram chat.

1 Change the font size to the iPhone using the display settings and brightness

Adding the “text size” parameter to the control point allows you to quickly change the font size to the iPhone.

After adding the “text size” option, you can quickly change the size of the text on the iPhone using the control point.

  • To open the control point, run your finger up the iPhone screen.
  • At the control point, press and hold the “text size” icon. Until the iPhone screen is a vertical slider “Text size”.
  • After the vertical slider of the text, you can easily change the size of the text on the iPhone, dragging the slider up to increase the font size, and down to reduce the font size.

4 make a font fat on iPhone

In addition to increasing size, you can also make the text with bold font on the iPhone. Since the fat text on the iPhone is thicker than the standard text, it will be easier for you to read it.

  • Go to the settings basic universal access.
  • On the screen, universal access move the switch next to the fatty text to the “VKL” position. To see the fat text on the iPhone.
  • In the next pop.up message, click “Continue”. To restart the iPhone.

As soon as the iPhone reboots, the text on the iPhone will look thicker/darker compared to the usual text.

How to change the font size to iPhone

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From this article you will learn how to increase or reduce the font size on the iPhone in the system menu and supported applications using the “screen and brightness” menu.

Touch this option in the upper left corner of the screen. The changes made will be saved, and you will immediately notice how the menu font size has changed.

Move the slider at the increased dimensions to the “include” position. Now the font can be increased much larger.

Drag the slider at the bottom of the screen. Drag it to the right to increase the text, or to the left to reduce the text. The changes made will be applied to all iOS menu and any applications that support universal access.

Go to the tab an increase. You will find it in the upper right side of the screen. The increased type of main screen will be displayed. decide whether you like it.

Click set in the upper right corner of the screen. The settings will be saved. Now all the elements of the screen will be slightly enlarged.

How to change the font for iPhone

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From this article you will learn how to change the font to the iPhone, namely how to enlarge it and/or make it half.fat. Keep in mind that you can not change the system font using the “Settings” application or a application, but this can be done if you hack a smartphone.

Understand the essence of this method. In the “Settings” application, the font can be reduced or increased, as well as make it in a half.fat. This is the only legitimate way to change the font to the iPhone.

Scroll down and press the screen and brightness. This option is located at the top of the settings page. The screen settings will be displayed, including the font (text) size).

Press the size of the text. You will find this option in the middle of the screen. A new page with a slider will open.

Click “Back”. This button is located in the upper left corner of the screen. The changes made will be saved; The new size of the text will be displayed directly in the “Settings” application.

Press the enlarged text. This option is located at the bottom of the page. A page is opened similar to the “text size” page, which is described in the previous section.

Increase the text. Drag the slider to the right to increase the text. So the font size will increase only in applications that support Dynamic Type and increased universal dimensions.

increase, font, iphone, your

Find bytafont in Cydia. This free application is in the Modmyi section, which is the standard section of Cydia.

Install the Bytafont application. Open the BYTAFont page, tape “Install” (install) and click “Confirm” (confirm) to start the installation process. When the process ends, the iPhone will automatically reboot.

Additional articles

Why increase the size of the text?

According to an ophthalmologist, reading a text with a small font of a person’s eyes tensed more than when reading large letters. Since modern people spend for computers, televisions and mobile devices for tens of hours, a large load is piled on their vision. Thus, by increasing the size of the text on the iPhone, you can provide a large service to your eyes.

Sayya Nagori believes that deciding on changing the size of the text is necessary based on physical sensations. If discomfort is felt in the eyes, there really is a meaning in making new settings. Sayy also advised, if necessary, always reduce the brightness of the display. Most of the elderly new settings are simply necessary.

Of course, users should not forget about planned vision checks:

At any time when you notice a decrease in visual acuity, eye tension or other symptom, a complete examination of the eyes of an optometrist or ophthalmologist is necessary.

How to increase the font size on iOS?

Increasing the font iOS is very simple. To do this, you need to go to the settings, enter the “screen and brightness” section and adjust the scale of the text at the “text size” point using a special slider.

What font size is installed in your iPhone and why? Are you ready to conduct an experiment by setting a large font? You can leave your answers in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев or in our Telegram chat.

How to enable the reading mode on the iPhone

Font settings in Safari are preserved forever. The browser remembers all installations, and then reproduces them every time you open the very site where you changed the size of the miles. In principle, the settings do not have a service life, so most likely they will stay with you until you are cleaning the browser, that is, do not delete all the data.

However, these are not all settings. If desired, you can also remove all visual elements, except for text and pictures, and even change the color of the site substrate. All this makes a reading mode:

Reading mode not only blocks the extra visual elements of the site, but also allows you to configure the font, its size and even the site of the site

Four options are available here: pure white, cream, gray and black (in fact, this is the night mode). When choosing gray and black colors, the color of the text is invested, becoming the opposite shade. That is, if earlier it was black, now it will become white or white-gray. This is done so that you preserve the ability to distinguish the text on the changed background.

The reading mode is good because it, firstly, removes all the extra elements of the site, leaving only the necessary information, and, secondly, blocks all advertising. Thus, you will not see obsessive ads, reading articles on your favorite resource. This does not even need an advertisement lock. Safari will block everything automatically. But when you turn off the reading mode, everything will come back.

How to change the font size to iPhone and iPad

Go to the “Settings”, go to the “screen and brightness” section and open the “text size” item. Move the slider to the left or right to choose the right font size. The size of the letters of the text displaying above the scale will immediately change.

If the maximum font size is not enough, go to “Settings”, go to the “Main” section and open the universal access subsection. 2 options are interesting here: “Burned Font” and “Increased Text”. The use of the first setting will lead to the reload of the iPhone, after which the font in most applications will become fat.

And having activated the “Increased Text” function, the scale responsible for the font size will increase by several gradations, which will become available new large sizes of the letters.

The “increase” function on iPhone, iPad and iPod

You can increase the other elements of the intense using the “increase” function. To enable it, follow the path of “Settings” → “Basic” → “Universal Access” → “Increase” and activate the upper switch.

After that, the double touches of the display with three fingers will lead to an increase in the area by which you clicked. To move on the screen, tap the display with three fingers and draw in the right direction.

The function has several options. If you activate the Smart-Cose mode, when the keyboard appears, the main window with the text will move and scale, and the keyboard itself does not.

To make it easier to panoramate the selected area, turn on the controller display. With it, you can not only move around the screen, but also call a menu with an increase in the control elements. The transparency of the controller can be configured.

How to Change Keyboard on iPhone

You can also make sure that the area of ​​the increase is not the entire screen, but a window of a limited size. Then it will be possible to panoramle the selected area not with three fingers, but one.

Among other options: the ability to choose one of the available filters and set the maximum level of increase.

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