How to Increase Microphone Sensitivity Xiaomi Redmi 6

1 How to get developer rights in MIUI

How to Increase Microphone Sensitivity Xiaomi Redmi 6

You can enable the developer options as follows: go to the Settings menu– About this device- and press 3-6 times at a fast pace according to MIUI. It’s all. ROOT rights activated.

2 Why does the display on my smartphone turn a little yellow?

To reduce the warm shade of the screen (yellowness) go to the Settings menu- Screen-Colors and contrast and select Standard or Cool (a bluer tint). After that, the display will stop yellowing (unless of course it was a factory defect of the screen panel).

3 Why is there sometimes an echo during phone calls?

This problem can be solved by the following manipulations: go to the menu Settings Sounds Noise reduction during a conversation Leave one microphone (not available on all models). After this, the echo during a conversation on Mi smartphone should disappear.

4 Noises appeared on the Mi screen of the smartphone

On the virtual keyboard in the tab “make a call” type the following code ## 6484 ##. you will be taken to a menu where you will need to select the number tab 4 Touch Pannel and recalibrate the display.

5 How to solve the problem with the black screen during calls

As in the previous paragraph, type ## 6484 ## and select the menu item under number 12 Proximity Sensor. and calibrate this proximity sensor.

Attention: If the attempt was unsuccessful, it is possible that the protective glass / film is on your Mi smartphone, try replacing it.

6 Ringtone starts playing 1-2 seconds after the start of the call

When an unfamiliar contact calls you, the Mi smartphone checks it for possible negative qualities (like advertising or spam) and it takes 1-3 seconds for all of this to react. And if a subscriber calls from your phone book. The ringtone will play instantly without any delay.

7 The sound quality in the headphones is not what I would like

Go to Settings Sounds Sound effects Amplifier Mi Sound (turn on) and in this window select the appropriate headphones in the menu. Sound quality should improve.

8 The volume of my ringtone on a call is quiet, what should I do?

Just go to Settings Sounds Volume Ringtone and notifications. and move the incoming call volume slider to the maximum to the right, so you turn on the maximum incoming volume.

9 My Mi smartphone has a slow interface

The MIUI operating system is carefully designed taking into account all Mi models of smartphones and a tablet, but sometimes there are times when even MIUI is slow. This happens, for example, when the latest version of MIUI is installed on an old smartphone.

To reduce delays in the interface, go to Settings Other Developer Options Animation speed. disconnect. The interface brakes should disappear, if this did not happen, try reflashing the smartphone again.

10 During games, I touch the touch buttons under the display and the game collapses

This problem is solved within two seconds: open the notification curtain and click on the icon “Disable buttons”. voila, more random folding of games and applications will not bother you.