How to increase memory on Smart TV LG

How to increase the memory of the LG Smart TV?

Thank you for contacting the LG Smart World Information Support Center! Unfortunately, the memory of the TV does not expand, unfortunately.

We do not have so many options, because the TV cannot be expanded by memory, as it could be done with a computer. The only way to get rid of such a mistake: install special applications on the TV and watch a video from the Internet through them. You can try to update the software for your TV.

When and why you need to clean the memory

The “smart” television receptions of LG, like many other brands, have a limited amount of free memory available for downloading applications and downloading temporary files during the sejo on the network or performing other actions. To answer the question why TV writes “not enough memory”, and what to do in such a situation should be understood with the purpose of the information drive and the reasons for its overflow.

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  • Any not only multimedia, but even text content before broadcasting on a television screen loads into a TV receiver memory. As you play, the data is deleted, but sometimes this process occurs much slower than loading, so the volume of the built.In information drive is not enough.
  • In addition, online services available on the TV, as well as websites viewed by the user during the sejo on the network, even after closing, retain a certain amount of information in the memory of Smart devices. Gradually, it accumulates and completely overflows the resource located in the television receiver.

As a result of the above reasons for the “smart” tellytekhnik, there is not enough free space, and it announces the need to free up space for stable further work. Such manifestations are characteristic of uploading streaming videos in an Internet browser or when installing a new widget, as this is the most information-capacious software. In this case, the installation of a widget or video recording is stopped, and if the failure occurred when one of the programs, then the user will notice that the application is closed.

How to clean the LG phone from garbage?

On Android, go to “Settings” → “System” → “Reset of settings”, and then select “Delete all the data” and click the “Reset phone settings” button to confirm.

increase, memory, smart

This is due to the fact that the internal drive of the device is overwhelmed, and there is not enough space for loading multimedia content, as a result of the task the task stops and an error message appears. To eliminate such a problem, you need to clean the memory of the LG Smart TV TV.

increase, memory, smart

Cleaning the cache on the Samsung TV

In TVs from Samsung, the manufacturer sets the Tizen OS operating system. Its distinctive characteristic is automatic removal of applications cache. The operation is performed independently when there is little internal memory. But at the same time, the browser data cache is not cleaned, and this has to be done manually. The procedure does not affect cookies, saved passwords will also remain. To clean the cache on the Samsung TV in the browser, you will need:

increase, memory, smart
  • Go to the list of installed applications;
  • Open a browser (web browser);
  • Open the browser menu and select “Removing the whole story”;
  • In the dialog box, mark the points “Cache”, “Active Sessions”, “The Journal of Visits and Settlements”, choose “OK”;
  • Restore the browser.

The procedure will make it possible to free from 500 megabytes to 2 gigabytes. If the cleaning of memory does not solve the problem with a lack of space, then you have to complete the full reset of settings to factory. In this case, all established applications and their data are deleted. Before cleaning through the reset, the memory of the Samsung TV, it is recommended to activate the online account and include synchronization of data with cloud storage in the “Network Parameters”. Then such data as passwords, logins and basic settings of the installed programs will be saved.

To reset the settings to the factory, you will need:

  • Turn off the TV (using the button on the remote control, transfer it into a “sleeping” mode);
  • In turn, press the following buttons: Info, Mtnu, Mute, Power or Mute 1, 8, 2, Power (the exact sequence depends on the “generation” of the TV);
  • After the appearance of the service menu, select “Option”;
  • Click on Factory Reset and confirm the operation.

On Smart-TV Samsung, starting with the 4th generation, it is also possible to connect an external drive (via USB) and transfer appendices to it. With a regular error, indicating a lack of memory, it is recommended to purchase a flash drive and after its connection to format it and combine with internal memory. By the way, if the speed of the flash drive is from 20 megabytes per second, then this will additionally positively affect the performance of TV.

How to avoid memory overflow

To prevent the overflow of memory will help a number of ways.

  • To view films and series online, it is recommended to use not a web browser, but special widgets from a store for LG Smarttv. When playing a video through these applications, the television receiver is not overflowing with temporary files.
  • It is also recommended to update the firmware of the television panel. If the problem on old versions of the installed software is relevant, then on new ones it can already be eliminated.
  • When downloading films, you can temporarily solve the problem in the following way. If the video is loaded normally, and the error message appears during viewing, you must remember at what minute playing was stopped, and then restart the browser and re.Start the video from the interrupted moment. The problem will be fixed for a short time.

So, if, when loading multimedia content through a web browser, a Smart-TEPLITER FREEMENT AND THE LESTION OF RESIDED, this suggests that the internal drive drive is full of temporary files. They accumulate when the applications, reproduction of photos or music in an Internet browser, etc.D. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to clean the occupied space from garbage by removing the browser cache (you can also apply), as well as unused software.

Smart TV TV memory has its disadvantages, but this does not block the main advantages, fortunately, there are many ways to eliminate this error: from resetting all factory settings to cleaning the cache and removing applications. It is better to try somewhat, without despairing at the first failure, because there are whole basic 9 ways to solve this problem, any of them will definitely work and show the right result, the more new and new firmware comes out, perhaps one of them will be perfect.

Of course, the developers were mistaken, allowing such a shortage, but, having made a little effort, you can get rid of it easily. The technique improves, new functions appear, be sure that any of the new versions will be perfect and without any drawbacks.

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Ways to solve the problem of filling memory

To solve the problem of free space, you need to perform several simple actions.

  • In any operating system, over time, there are a lot of unused or ineffective applications established by “temporarily” or which “do not go”, that is, do not like their functionality. These applications must be deleted along with related files that the programs themselves create.
  • Clean the browser cache. It is not always necessary to remove the cache of absolutely all applications. To reduce the load on energy.Dependent RAM, it is enough to free memory from the temporary files of the browser that is used most often. In addition, deleting all temporary files leads to resetting settings, removing passwords. As a result, you will have to go into your account again.

If you do not have a Root-right for working with the operating system, then you can not afford so much to increase free space. Root-right give full access to all programs, including pre-installed, processor acceleration, other operations. This is a program for developers, service specialists. But if you are not a specialist in working with the operating room, it is better not to even look for a program on the Internet with ROOT laws, otherwise you can ditch the device or OS by teaching the programs necessary for its operation or forcing the processor to work in non-standard mode.

How to delete LG Smart TVs from WEBOS 3 OS TV.0? You need to call the menu in the Smart TV, which is called the remote control. We select any unnecessary application using the remote controller. Press the OK key, a window with the inscription “Ready” will appear. After pressing it, a cross will appear above the program, meaning the process of removing the program. After clicking on the cross, a menu with the names “no”, “yes”. Click the “Yes” button. The program icon disappeared from the TV menu list. So you can delete any program, free up space in memory of the device and increase the speed of the operating system.

The application can be removed with the mouse. We go to the menu, press the left key on any application and hold the mouse button. The application seems to jump out of the row. Let it go, click the menu window “Ready”. A cross appears above the program. When pressing on which the menu of the window “remove”. “yes” and “no” are falling out. After confirmation, the application goes to the basket.

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How to clean the cache

If you are watching a long video and the window appears on the screen “Not enough memory. Restore the web browser ”, the idea arises immediately how to clean the cache on Smart TV LG?

With a conventional flash drive

4 GB is enough. To work, insert a USB flash drive into the USB port on the back or side surface of the television receiver. A working flash drive blurs an LED.

The inserted flash memory works not only the drive in the sense that programs and content are loading from it from it. The “smart” TV immediately defines it as a free memory and strives at the expense of a sudden free space to increase its performance. In particular, the browser cache immediately “flows” into the inserted flash drive. New TV models have slots for installing additional memory cards. Due to their volume, the internal memory of the TV is unloaded, part of the information transferred to the memory card.

At the first launch, a new memory is not always found. Sometimes the browser restarts is required. The next launch will be successful.

Through the TV menu

You can clean the browser’s memory on the Smart TV LG through the TV menu. Switch it to the “Smart TV” mode via the Smart button on the television set control panel. After starting the Internet browser, you must go to the “Settings” window. It is located on the right and top. In the menu window, click on the “Clean Cache” item. The action is confirmed by pressing the “OK” or “Ready” key.

After removing all unused applications, cleaning the browser or expanding the volume provided, your LG TV can be accelerated. All programs and the launch of the browser will become much faster. To avoid software failure in the future, try to use sites with block storage of files. As a result. The smooth work of video images and games and the lack of overflow of the cache.