How To Increase Internal Memory On Lenovo A328 Smartphone Using Micro Sd

How To Increase Internal Memory On Lenovo A328 Smartphone Using Micro Sd

Surely every owner of the Lenovo A328 smartphone has faced such a problem as the lack of system memory of the phone to work and install various applications. Suppose you installed ten, fifteen (which is unlikely) applications in your phone, for example, and your smartphone already informs you of a lack of system memory. How and what to do in this case, I will try to explain in this article.

Hello everyone, Max. I won’t write much and for a long time what’s what, I’ll go straight to the point. As you may have noticed, a new Android section has appeared on the blog, in which I will occasionally publish articles on this topic.

In the last article, we examined the method of flashing the Lenovo A328 smartphone and getting Root rights (of course for those who need them), today we will analyze the way to increase the internal memory of the Lenovo A328 smartphone using a micro SD memory card.

How to increase internal memory on Lenovo A328 smartphone using micro SD

To begin, let’s open the Explorer in the phone and see how much internal memory is available to the user to install various applications or games (see. Screen).

As you can see, it’s not ICE, we can say that there is no memory at all, and now look at the screenshot after mounting the memory card in the internal memory of the Lenovo A328 smartphone (16GB memory card). Isn’t it bad?

What you need for firmware

  • Root rights, read here
  • Official firmware S322, S324, S327, we will use firmware S322, how to read read here
  • Patch, download here
  • TWRP Recovery, take it here

We connect the smart to the PC, open the TWRP Recovery archive, see two files, drop them into the external memory of the smartphone, that is, on the USB flash drive, then we throw the archive ( onto the USB flash drive too, install the program (m44_toolbox_20140111v2.9. apk), on smart, open, click on the “Update Recovery” item.

Then tap on recovery.img, confirm “OK”, after which the program will ask “Will it reboot into recovery mode?”, Click “OK”. In the window that opens, click “Install.”

In the next window that opens, click on “Select Storage”, select “Micro SD” and click “OK.”

Next, we go down to the very bottom of the page, open the archive with the patch (, check the second file (Force MD5 check on all Zip files) and make Swipe to the right, wait for a while, then click ” Reboot System ”, the phone will reboot.


That’s all, now you can go into the explorer and see how much internal memory you have in your phone, depending on your flash drive.