How To Increase Brightness On Iphone

The iPhone screen fades spontaneously and brightens again after a couple of minutes, what is the reason?

Most likely, the problem is in the light sensor, which is located above the display of the smartphone.

To check, go to Settings. Screen and brightness and disable the option Auto brightness. After that, work with the smartphone, an arbitrary change in brightness should disappear.

When there are no such problems with the sensor turned off, the whole thing is in the breakdown of the module, or in poor-quality smartphone repair.

If the iPhone has not been repaired recently, the light sensor could either simply fail, or move a little from falling, for example.

If the iPhone was relatively recently repaired, then the master could poorly assemble or damage the mount of the light sensor. Between the sensor itself and the glass, dust could get in, which interferes with the normal operation of the module.

Sometimes such problems arise after sticking a protective film or glass on the smartphone screen.

How to Increase Brightness On iPhone

In the case of the film, everything can be checked at home, if there is no protective coating on the screen, you can’t do without going to the service center.

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The new iPhone 6S Plus, with the display and sensors, everything is in order, they did not change anything, the auto brightness is turned off. The maximum brightness drops sharply in the cold to 50% (when adjusting the brightness of 50% or more nothing changes) and lights up at full strength when the iPhone warms up. Similarly with the old 6, 6 wife and the old 5S. So for everyone.

Only if the brightness spontaneously changes under unchanging conditions, then there are problems.

P.S. I also noticed subtle brightness fluctuations on the iPhone 6. It began a week after the purchase. I did not feel any discomfort, so I scored. 2.5 years lived without problems with the display and backlight. I used to notice that this happens when the battery charge drops to almost zero.

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On the second phone in a row, the maximum brightness spontaneously sometimes decreases by 10 percent. I doubt that due to the poor-quality module, they did not change

@VsG, if the brightness does not change when the auto brightness is off, and when it is on, it changes (randomly), there are mechanical problems.

no matter how much it was played with this auto-brightness, it (brightness) always somehow changed randomly. On different phones: on new and old, on iPhones and not. it’s easier to turn off auto brightness, now adjusting brightness is not the most difficult process, for me it’s like.

Maybe this is the solution from apple, to reduce battery consumption in the cold, so as not to be cut down in the cold?

I have 6, there was such a problem right after the last update, it is the last one at the moment. The problem is trying to solve the Eppel people. 2 already sent them diagnostics.

swine, mushroom uzinat iPhone in iTunes does not disappear with the delivery of a hardware reset

It’s not about auto brightness,
She’s off!
I have the same theme 6s
Now a new version of this problem:
there is a maximum brightness, and after a while (several minutes) the brightness shifts by 10%
You open the brightness directly, and there the slider is shifted. Spontaneously!

6s plus 128gb and 6s 128gb are both new phones, from the first days of use I noticed that when heated somewhere up to 35-38 degrees the brightness decreases by 10%, and when using the programs of navigators or antutu bench the phones heat up to about 45 degrees and the brightness drops to 50% until the smart cools down, while the brightness slider remains in place, and the auto brightness is always off. It is not very convenient in the summer when using the iphone as a navigator, since nothing becomes visible on the display

The same trouble on three iPhones 6 and above. Is this somehow solved? Or is it time to switch to Samsung Galaxy? Turned around like a good device.

The same problem on the iPhone 7 phone only 2 months began to notice immediately after purchase, when heated, the brightness drops sharply by 25%, then by 50% while the slider remains in place and if you move nothing to change until the phone starts to cool then everything comes back to normal. Someone can tell it falls under the warranty case?

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@Vladislav Kalantaevskij, I have the same problem on iPhone 8. I also wonder if this is a warranty case. Under normal conditions, I do not observe any problems, but as soon as I turn on some energy-consuming program or game, the brightness immediately drops.

Good day to all. I called Apple, they said you need to reset the phone Settings, and the problem should disappear, it didn’t help, then after calling again they say you need to connect the computer and reset it to the factory settings through Aityuns, I did not do this because there’s no time to download everything to the phone again, and I think it won’t help, as a result they say it shouldn’t be on the hot lines, go to an authorized service and check it if everything is as it says, either fixed it or changed, if formatting helped you to the factory settings let me know) I’m like a pony May everyone has a problem with iPhones, and how many products they released they can give so much. the answer is not accurate but I think they’ll change it, it’s an option to go with the phone for almost a year, and take it for a new one, or return money, and buy the next model, because What is a technical problem that is present before iPhone 8, and if you handed over the phone and know the answer to this? Let me know) maybe I’m not right, not everyone conducts phones like this, but practice has shown the sea like us!

Guys, I found the link on apple below! As I understand it now, if you hand over the phone in the service and the reason it just fades for me, then I think you should return the phone and say it should, if the set is worse, and there is no such behavior in the description, then hand over the guarantee for now, maybe with this the reason will be changed, because the off service is either in Kazan, and in other cities partners, why am I writing to you as a friend if you don’t like how the phone leads and hope to change) or return the money, then for example a friend had a phone dropped the iPhone 8 and it fell floor 3 down a flight of stairs, the battery p the phone ran out of time, they brought it to the service, they said roughly it costs 50 you give 30 and we are new, after listening to me) they said that it didn’t fall and it turned out to be charging) the diagnosis didn’t show they gave a new phone! When the fall was in the case and was left without any damage) it is up to you to decide whether or not you will run into any shift. The turn may be different, but what the phone does. it’s just an apple, either take it or go to its garden. I hope he answered, both to you and to yourself?!)

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If the device gets too hot

If the temperature inside the device is outside the normal operating range, the device will protect the internal components, trying to regulate its temperature. If this happens, the following changes may be noted:
the charging process will stop or slow down, including wirelessly.
the display fades or turns black;
the modules of reception and transmission of cellular radio signal will go into a state of reduced power consumption; signal strength at this time may decrease;
the camera flash will turn off temporarily.
performance drops when using programs or functions with augmented reality or with high graphics requirements.
In addition, if you use the navigation function, the device may display a warning “Temperature: iPhone needs cooling” and turn off the display. The navigation function will continue to provide detailed directions. As you approach a turn, the display turns on to show you the route.

@ Bro63ru, In iOS 11, you can enable or disable the “Auto brightness” function in the “Settings” menu “Basic” “Universal access” “Adaptation of the display.” In iOS 10 and earlier, to do this, go to the Settings menu “Screen and brightness.”

In iOS 11, you can enable or disable the “Auto brightness” function in the “Settings” menu “Basic” “Universal access” “Adaptation of the display.” In iOS 10 and earlier, to do this, go to the Settings menu “Screen and brightness.”

Kapets is complete. I am tormented with this fading for a second month. I would know if I didn’t take an iphone, I would take a better galaxy s8. That’s terrible. For 45 mowers, he can’t pull the games released in 2017, while all androidophones can. And where is the relevance for 5 years and the so-called future, about which Apple blows so much? Would not be dishonored. It is better to turn a blind eye to the lagging menu after 3-4 months than to see your tattered throttling, damn it with you. Phone for 700 tanks, not able to pull the game. You are shameful wolves, smelly creatures.