How to improve internet on Samsung

Check the network cable

Regardless of whether you are using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, a cable comes into your apartment from the entrance. It can bend, squeeze or be damaged somewhere, which automatically degrades the quality of the connection. Check the cable in the areas available to you or ask the employees of your provider to “ring” it and repair possible damage to make sure that the speed of the Internet does not depend on its condition.

Organize your browser

Many users have a not very useful habit of opening many tabs in the browser at once, and even pinning them to automatically open. As a result, when you log on to the network, your browser is forced to load many sites at once. it is logical that each individual page will load more slowly. Close unnecessary tabs (bookmark the most needed ones), and the Internet will immediately become faster.

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Use bookmarks instead of many tabs.

Use turbo mode in your browser

Google Chrome, Opera and Yandex Browser support a special Turbo mode, which speeds up the loading of web pages through various algorithms, for example, image compression. For Firefox, this mode is implemented by the fasTun Tool add-on, which can be downloaded here. Turn on turbo for heavy pages like your social media feed and you will see your internet speed increase.

How To INCREASE INTERNET SPEED For Galaxy A50, A51, M51, M31S, S10, S20 Or Any Samsung Devices

Turbo mode also saves traffic.

Upgrade your tariff plan

Well, providers really don’t like to notify existing customers that new tariff plans have appeared with a higher speed, but at the same price. Check out what your service provider has to offer. has it got faster and cheaper rates? When evaluating internet speed, do not forget about the difference between megabits (Mbps) and megabytes (Mbps) per second. There are 8 megabits in one megabyte, and if you pay for 25 Mbps you get about 3 Mbps. In addition, Internet speed is almost never maximum: learn how to measure it.

Internet speed is almost always lower than stated in the tariff.

Decrease video quality

Why watch every video with funny cats in 1080p, especially since it is often filmed in lower quality? Video hosting sites love to offer video sharpening algorithms that slow down the connection. Leave HD for watching movies and TV shows. Click on the gear in the lower right corner of the player and select a lower image quality. The sound will not be affected by this, but the video will start loading much easier. It is also highly recommended to disable autoplay of videos.

480p is as good as HD for most videos.

Disable OS-level channel limiting

Method for Windows users. By default, the operating system cuts the bandwidth by about 20%. To remove this limit, press WinR and enter gpedit.msc. The Group Policy Editor will open. In it, go to the Computer Configuration tab Administrative Templates Network Packet Scheduler QoS Limit Reserved Bandwidth. Set the radio button “Enabled” and in the adjacent field enter the value “0”.

Windows limits bandwidth at the Group Policy level.

Install an ad blocker

How many times have the world been told: if you are looking for a way to increase the speed of the Internet, the first thing to do is get rid of ads on websites. Banner ads can take up to 70% of the “weight” of the page you are loading. Just imagine how much of your channel’s resources is spent on loading ads, even if you yourself do not pay attention to it! Go to the extension section of your browser and search for “Adblock”. After installing an ad blocker, your channel will be significantly unloaded.

How to set up Internet on a Samsung phone: Automatic and manual

Without a smartphone. nowhere. But what kind of smartphone is it without a working mobile Internet? Today we will analyze how to correctly configure the Internet on a Samsung phone automatically, and if it does not work out, then manually.

Auto Internet Setup on Samsung

First, let’s try to enable the settings automatically. Almost all versions of Android, including Android 10, do this as follows:

  • Open “Settings”
  • Go to the “Wireless networks” section (there may not be such a section, so see paragraph 3 immediately)
  • Open “Mobile Network”
  • Then open “Mobile data transfer” and activate it with the slider.

As a rule, on all modern Samsung Galaxy smartphones, when you turn on mobile data, all settings are automatically pulled up, but if this has not happened and the Internet does not work, how to set it up manually.

Manual Internet setup in Samsung

To manually set up Internet on your Galaxy:

  • Open “Settings”
  • Further “Wireless networks” or immediately “Mobile data transmission”
  • Select the desired SIM card (if there are 2 of them) and open the “Access Point Names (APN)” section for it
  • If there are no access points, then click in the upper right corner “three vertical points” and select “New access point”

To configure the access point, depending on the operator, use the following parameters:

  • Access point (APN):
  • Username (Login): mts
  • Password: mts
  • Access point (APN): internet
  • Username (Login): gdata
  • Password: gdata
  • Access point (APN):
  • Username (Login): beeline
  • Password: beeline
  • Access point (APN):
  • Username (Login): no need to fill
  • Password: no need to fill

As soon as you entered the settings, check if the data transfer is enabled in the network settings. If there is no connection, try restarting your Samsung Galaxy.

If it doesn’t work, you can send a request for auto Internet setup to the operator.

Here is such a short instruction, which will take you just a couple of minutes to read, and in the end you will regain the opportunity to use the Internet on your Samsung phone, whenever and wherever. Success!

If it was not possible to set up the Internet on Android, write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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Reasons for slowing down the network speed

You are in a crowded place. For example, at a sporting event, train station, or concert. In this situation, thousands of people are simultaneously trying to go to Instagram in order to post another photo that will show how beautiful they live. The load on the only cell tower increases and the Internet speed decreases.

Poor mobile signal reception. If you are in remote areas of the city, the connection is likely to be far from ideal. This is a problem exclusively of your operator and in this situation you cannot do anything.

Weather. Bad weather is a common cause of poor mobile internet connections.

Limits the bandwidth of your device. Even though you pay for the 4G package, in the case of an inexpensive device, there is a possibility that it will not be able to realize the available potential of the network.

Downloads in the background. If your smartphone updates apps or you download a song, your network bandwidth may drop.

Outdated device. If your smartphone is already many years old, this may well be the reason for the slow Internet speed.

about data recovery:

Why is my internet so slow?

In the sections above, we have already discussed this issue in detail and the reasons that could cause a decrease in network performance. If you have not read this material yet, we recommend that you pay attention to it.

How to check your internet connection speed

If you are connected to the Internet and are having difficulty loading a particular web page, it is likely that your Internet speed has dropped to critical values. Of course, there is a certain possibility that the problem is in the site. However, it is quite easy to check this. open 2-3 additional pages and check how quickly they load. If the same without any result. a problem on the Internet.

Popular Internet Speed ​​Check Resources:

  • Spectrum speed test
  • Speakeasy speed test

How To Increase Your Internet Speed On Any Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Despite the fact that computers and smartphones face the same problem, the methods for solving problems that arise on them may differ slightly. Therefore, we divided the material into blocks: how to increase the speed of the Internet on a smartphone and how to perform a similar task on a PC.

Choose a block according to your needs.

The Internet is slow on only one computer. How to solve the problem?

If the internet works well on all but one device, try resetting your router and disabling applications that can reduce your network bandwidth. Additionally, we recommend scanning your device for malware. It is possible that there is a program on the hard drive that either limits performance or takes it away for its own needs.

How to increase internet speed on PC or smartphone

In this article, we will look at how to increase the speed of the Internet on a smartphone and laptop, as well as analyze the answers to frequently asked questions.

A sudden drop in internet speed can be unexpectedly painful, especially now that we are used to speeds in the range of 100-200 Mbps. There are a large number of reasons for such a “drop” and there is no single correct solution. each case is individual. So if you google “Why is my internet so slow” you will see a lot of tips, but most of them will be useless.

In restoring and even increasing the speed of the Internet, first of all, you need to pay attention to the reasons that caused the “drop”. And only by eliminating them, you can think about a kind of overclocking of bandwidth.

Dramatic drop in internet speed

In some situations, there is no sign of a failure, but it does occur. This also applies to the Internet. Unfortunately, sometimes a missing ability can drop by more than 2 times in less than a second. The reason for this situation may be the site currently being opened in the next browser tab or a problem with Wi-Fi connection. In addition, sometimes a sharp drop in Internet speed can signal a breakdown on the provider’s side.

To restore network bandwidth, use the tips in the previous sections. If they did not solve the problem, please contact the provider for details.

In 2019, it is difficult to imagine life without the Internet. A lot depends on her: from her favorite hobbies to education and work. Therefore, it is extremely important to monitor the quality of your connection in order to always stay online.

We hope the article turned out to be useful for you and helped to solve the issues of restoring the Internet speed.

Without superuser rights

If you do not have ROOT rights, do not get upset: we act differently.

    In the program menu, click on the “Improve Internet Connection”.

Check how it helped you: click on the “Test your Internet Connection” button and you will be taken to the application called “Speed ​​Checker”.

By downloading and running it, you can test your connection speed.

Solution using third-party programs

The issue of speeding up the Internet of a mobile device will be of interest to every modern person who no longer knows how to do without such a convenient device. Solving this problem is very real and easy.

There are many programs that will help increase the speed of the Internet, you can also make settings in the browser you are using.

Consider an Internet accelerator for Android in the form of the Internet Speed ​​Master app. This program is in free download from the Google Play service. The utility will help you optimize the settings by replacing the parameters of the system files, thereby optimizing the Internet quality.

With superuser rights

Follow these steps (if you have ROOT rights):

After launch, it will be possible to assess the quality and speed of the connection. You will be able to appreciate the growth of Internet connection acceleration.

Browser settings

If you don’t want to download something and deal with new applications, I suggest using another method: change the settings in the browser you are using. I will show using Google Chrome as an example.

An area for a graph will appear at the bottom, which will show in the future the original file size and the size after its compression, that is, how much less your traffic will load, due to which new pages will load faster.

Well, here we have sorted out the simplest and most affordable ways that will accelerate the Internet on Android devices. Also, you can try to make the settings individually for your Internet provider such as MTS or Megafon.

How to increase internet speed on Android 10 times

Owners of the widespread Android operating system use the World Wide Web on their portable devices every day. You usually connect using a Wi-Fi connection or mobile internet. Using the Internet, you probably noticed more than once how long pages load, especially images, and constantly spoiled your mood with a poor Internet connection speed. In this article we will consider the question of how to speed up the Internet on Android.

How to set up Internet on a Samsung phone

On a Samsung phone, like on any other device, you can correct data such as username, password, access point characteristics, change the data transfer channel, and profile name. As a rule, the network starts working immediately after installing the SIM card without any additional actions from the user, since the entire installation takes place automatically. If this did not happen, you will have to figure out the problem yourself. There are two ways to enable mobile Internet on Samsung.

How to connect your phone to the Internet automatically

The first thing to do if the Internet has not appeared is to configure its automatic installation. You can turn on the Internet on Samsung like this:

  • Open the settings message. Usually, the installation SMS comes automatically immediately after the card is installed. But if this did not happen, send a request to the telecom operator.
  • Open the text of the message and in the window that opens, select “Application: Internet”.
  • Click the install button. Most likely you will be asked to enter a pin code. The standard codes are 0000 and 1234.If none of these options fit, we recommend contacting technical support.
  • After installation is complete, please activate mobile data and restart your phone to enable mobile data on Samsung.

Even this simple procedure usually helps if the Internet does not work on Samsung. That is why we recommend starting with it. If automatic setup is useless for you, and mobile data does not work on Samsung, go to manual.

Step-by-step setup of mobile Internet on Samsung phones in 2021

Mobile Internet, like smartphones themselves, have almost become an integral part of the life of almost all citizens. Someone finds useful information in them, someone makes an important meeting, and someone even works. Therefore, the lack of a network is at least a nuisance. Find out how to turn on the Internet on your Samsung phone.

How to turn on Internet on Samsung manually

Manual tuning is not much more difficult than automatic tuning. You can connect mobile Internet like this:

  • Ask your service provider for setup information. Keep in mind that there are no universal settings, and therefore without this information you will not be able to establish mobile Internet.
  • Open the settings on your mobile device, and then select the menu with connections.
  • Go to the section “Mobile networks” and “Access point”.
  • Select “Add-ons”.
  • In a new window, you will have an empty profile that you need to fill out based on the recommendations of the telecom operator. After filling out all the forms, save the settings.
  • Select the created point and activate “Mobile data”.
  • Reboot your mobile phone.