How to Identify Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Firmware

Products manufactured by Xiaomi for the domestic market are different from the export version. Let’s see how to distinguish the global version from the Chinese one and what firmware versions exist.

The main differences

  1. Packaging. export versions of smartphones are packed in a box with the inscription Global version.
  2. Charger. The global version is equipped with a European plug. For Chinese versions, charging is different, but in some cases it can be equipped with a special adapter suitable for our outlets.
  3. Firmware. This is perhaps the main difference. The Chinese version supports only 2 languages: Chinese and English.

Types of firmware on Xiaomi

There are only 2 types of firmware:

Global ROM

Global firmware has been translated into many languages ​​and is intended for the European market. Of course, it supports the Russian language and has a full translation of all menu items. Its name contains the words “Global” or “Global” and the letters MI. Example: “MIUI Global 9.2 Stable (MALMIEK). “

How to Identify Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Firmware

China ROM

This version is exclusively for the domestic market of China. As mentioned above, it only supports Chinese and English. There are many services that do not work in other countries. The title contains letters CN. Example: “MIUI 8.2 | Stable (MADCNDL). “

In turn, these firmware are divided into 3 types:

  1. MIUI Developer ROM
  2. MIUI Stable ROM
  3. MIUI Ported ROM

Let’s consider them in more detail.

MIUI Developer ROM

Developer translates as a developer. This firmware includes all the innovations and functions that are not available to most ordinary users. It is needed just to test all these innovations, so it often has many flaws and bugs. Updated every week. Its name is formed by the release date, for example: “MIUI9 7.10.8“- released in 2017 on 10 months (October) on the 8th.


Stable version. Almost all functions have already been tested and work fine here. These are the firmware installed on smartphones for sale. They do not have a clear update schedule. The name contains the word Stable or Stable.


Basically, these are custom builds from third-party developers. They are not official, but this does not mean low quality. Some of them are very worthy and work without errors. As a rule, they are released for markets where there is no support for the global version. You can distinguish by device boot: most often the logo of the team that worked on the firmware appears.

Ported ROM can also include copyright firmware made by one person. They must be treated with extreme caution.

How to see the firmware version

To do this, go to Settings About phone MIUI Version