How To Hide Sms On Iphone

If you are interested in how to hide messages in WhatsApp, you have come to our page successfully. We will give all available ways to keep personal correspondence confidential. What will we teach you?

  • How to hide selective chats in WhatsApp;
  • How to remove the preview of an incoming message on a locked screen;
  • How to hide that you read the message (remove the blue daws).
  • Other methods to hide correspondence from strangers.

Hide custom chats

If you do not want other users to see who you are chatting with most often (by default, these chats are at the top of the list), you can archive them. At the same time, you will continue to communicate with these people, receive notifications, new incoming messages. However, chats can be removed from the general list.

On Android

First, we’ll show you how to hide messages in Vatsap on a smartphone with the Android operating system:

  • Open the application and find the chat you want;
  • Perform a long tap on it;
  • The “Archive” icon (a square with a down arrow) will appear in the pop-up menu bar;
  • Click and the chat will become archived;
  • To find it, scroll through the entire dialog line and click on the line “Archive chats”;

To remove the dialogue from the archive, follow the same procedure.

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On iphone

To hide messages on WhatsApp on iPhone, you need to do the same manipulations. The only thing that differs is the names and calling of some teams.

  • Open conversations;
  • Swipe in the necessary direction from right to left;
  • In the menu that appears, find the “Archive” command;
  • The dialog will disappear from the list of active ones.

Whatsapp web

If you are interested in whether it is possible to hide the dialogs in the computer version of the messenger in this way, we will answer yes.

  • Open WhatsApp Web;
  • Find the conversation you want to hide from strangers;
  • Right click on it;
  • Find the “Archive” command in the Menu;
  • Click;
  • To view archived dialogs, click on three vertical dots above the general list;
  • Select “Archive”;
  • To unzip the chat, right-click on it again and cancel the action.

How to hide SMS on a locked screen?

Want to know how to hide messages in Vatsap on a locked screen so that they do not appear along with the notification? Unfortunately, this way part of the text can become available to an outsider. You have two ways. to disable the display of text thumbnails in the WhatsApp settings or completely remove the display of messenger notifications in the smartphone settings.

To get started, let’s figure out how to hide the preview of incoming text:

  1. Open WhatsApp;
  2. Click on the three vertical dots at the top of the display;
  3. Select “Settings”;
  1. Go to the “Notifications” block;
  2. Find the Priority Notifications command;
  3. Turn the slider to the off position.
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To surely hide the text of messages in WhatsApp, we recommend completely disabling all notifications about incoming messages, including on the application’s shortcut. In this case, before entering the utility, you will not know at all whether you have new inboxes. Accordingly, no one outsider will also be tempted to get into your mobile.

  1. Open smartphone settings;
  2. Go to the “Notifications” section;
  3. Disable access from the lock screen (“Off” position);
  1. Now click on the line “Application Notifications”;
  2. Search WhatsApp
  3. Disable the “Show notifications” command;
  4. Disable the item “Label on the label”;
  5. Turn off other alert options as desired.

With this instruction you can hide notifications about messages on WhatsApp on Android, but this action is also available on apple gadgets. The names of commands and sections may vary, but the principle is identical. Find out when you can edit the sent message.

How else to protect correspondence?

There is another reliable way to hide the reading of your messages in Watsap by strangers. put the password on the application. over, you do not even have to install third-party software for this:

  • Open WhatsApp;
  • Go to settings;
  • Select “Account”;
  • Find the “Two-step verification” command;
  • Come up with a 6-digit code;
  • Enter the email address to restore access (if you suddenly forget the password);
  • Click “Enable.”

From now on, every time you log into WhatsApp, you will need to enter the specified code. Do not tell it to anyone else and your data will be securely hidden.

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How to hide that you read the message?

If you do not want the interlocutor to know that you have read his message, you can disable this option. Recall that read messages are marked in the ribbon with two blue checkmarks. How to hide the tag color?

  • Go to WhatsApp;
  • Go to settings;
  • Select the “Account” section;
  • Tap on the “Privacy” block. In iPhones, right from the settings, go to “Account”, then to “Confidentiality”;
  • Disable read reports.

Done, you managed to hide the fact that you read the message from the interlocutor in Vatsap.

This option has a small underwater pebble: now you also won’t know if the recipients have read your messages. Blue checkmarks are disabled only in two-way order. And by the way, they cannot be hidden in group chats.

How to Hide SMS On iPhone

Well, we told how to hide in Vatsap that the message has been read, as you see, the action can be performed, literally, in three steps. You also now know how to protect your dialogs from prying eyes. If desired, in the settings of Privacy or Confidentiality, you can set other restrictions on the visibility of your actions. Most importantly, remember, if you have hidden any actions for yourself, it means that with other people you too will not see them. Therefore, we advise you not to rush to become “Invisible” for the rest. Good day!