How to hide photos with password on iPhone photos. Conclusion

How to hide a photo or put a password in the photo on the iPhone

Suppose you gave someone to see the photo of your beloved dog, and it begins to flip through neighboring pictures, walks through the albums, leaves the gallery and continues to travel through the contents of your iPhone. Tactlessly? Of course! Hands itch, pull the phone out of the hands of the offender of the personal boundaries, and then express everything you think about such behavior. If you are not afraid to be known as rude and spoil relations with that “someone”, in principle, you can do so. Maybe this will beat off your interlocutor to delve into personal data in the future. Or you can conduct small preparation and forever protect yourself from such situations. Today we figure out how to do it.

We admit that this subtitle sounds ridiculous, but it is he who reflects the essence of what is happening as accurately as possible. The easiest option to hide the photo is to select the corresponding menu item in the photo application. The option can be applied to both one picture and to the whole group. So you send the selected photos to a hidden album, and their miniatures are not displayed in the gallery. Access to the pictures remains open, and the album “Hidden” can be found among other folders. This gives a little protection, but only from those who can briefly look at the screen. Such a strange non-protection existed in an apple surveyor up to the IOS 14 version, where, finally, it became possible to hide the aforementioned album.To make a folder with hidden photos of the invisible, we cross the path of settings. photos and deactivate the switch opposite the album “Hidden”. Now the photo in it will not be displayed either in the form of a preview or in general in a gallery, but will remain on the device. To see the pictures, you need to cross the same path and turn on the folder display again. This is an effective way and it is great for protection against excessive curiosity from others, but it will not help if someone who knows will be aimed at looking for photos hidden on your iPhone and iPad. How to protect against such ultracks, let’s talk just below.


This is not the most famous, but precisely useful iOS option, the name of which perfectly reflects its essence: a tour of the contents of your smartphone, where an experienced guide will show the right one and will not let where there is nothing to do a curious tourist. It is suitable if you just want to show someone a photo, but you do not want it to leaf through other pictures or get out of the application. It is no less convenient to use it when you give your iPhone to a child, for example, with a running game.To enable this function, we cross the path of settings-universal access-guide access. We activate the option, turn on the unlock on Face ID or Touch ID and set the code-paralle. It is desirable that the latter differs from the password with which you can unlock your iPhone-less likely that someone can pick it up or guessing by accident.Now giving someone your smartphone, you launch the right application and press the power button three times (or home, if we are talking about old models). When starting a guide attachment, you can also note the area of ​​the screen and buttons that will not respond to presses at all. So, your curious friends will not only not be able to get out of the application, but even leaf through the pictures they will not work.To turn off limited access, click on the button three times and confirm the personality using a pre.given password or Face ID/Touch ID.

If you do not want to fool your head with complex system settings, you can simply install a gallery where access to the photo can be limited by password. over, some programs of this type mimic under something harmless, for example, a calculator, so as not to cause unnecessary suspicions. Stably high user ratings in this category receive Private Photo Vault. Pic Safe, photo safe. Hide applications and Keepsafe: photo and video safe.

0 best secret applications for hiding photos on iPhone or Android

Smartphones play an increasingly important role in our daily life. We may have secrets stored on our iPhone or Android phone, for example, some personal photos that we do not want to show other people, including our friends and family.

hide, photos, password, iphone

In such a situation, it would be nice to hide photos using a password, calculator or lock to protect your personal photos. Here is a short presentation of the 10 best applications to protect images on your phone, which you can take into account.

Photo storage Keepsafe

Keepsafe. One of the most popular applications for hiding photos for iPhone. The program can store personal photos and video files using a simple use of a PIN code. Which is even more important, you can also provide privileges to friends, colleagues or other people. Just learn more about the functions, as shown below.

  • Create your own albums and assign them names using a tool for removing photos.
  • Take photos directly in Keepsafe using a camera.
  • Provide full.screen viewing photos and video files.
  • Set a limited time to exchange photos with a safe sending function.


Kums. Free application for hiding photos and decrypting files in real time. Although the program looks like a working and stylish application-calculator, it can hide photos on the iPhone as well as other multimedia files. You only need to click on the photo, it will begin immediately, and the decoding will continue in the background.

  • KYMS. This is an application for simple encryption of photos, videos and documents.
  • Import photos from several sources such as iTunes, Internet and others.
  • Configure the database to create a secure archive of PIN codes and passwords.
  • There are several integrated viewing functions.

Private photo storage

Private photo storage. Another application for hiding and protecting photos and videos. All the photos you store in a personal photo storage are personal. Photos are available only on your iPhone. It will never be loaded to the device server. This is more than the application for hiding photos, but it is also an excellent photo manager.

  • Provide various password protection methods to save security photos.
  • Create albums, synchronize iTunes, send photos and manage photos.
  • Intuitively understandable integration, as in the “Photo” application for viewing photos in the slide show mode.
  • View the Internet private or upload photos directly to the application.

Spy calculation

The CALC spy is an application for storing your personal photos, videos, documents and records. You can also easily transfer media files to the application via Wi-Fi using a browser. When you turn on the built-in web server, you can open the browser to the specified address in order to easily drag the media files.

  • Behind the working integration of the calculator, the application for hiding photos is hidden.
  • The base database stores copies of video and images only once to save space.
  • The program can group images, documents and records.
  • He also provides keyword tags and search.

Photo.tap storage

Just like other applications for hiding photos, if you first or do not pay much attention to the icon, you can photo Lock Vault as an Apple Calculator application. When you start the program, you can find it in the application to hide photos and videos. Here are the features of Photo Lock Vault as follows.

hide, photos, password, iphone
  • As soon as the program creates a backup copy of the photos, it will delete photos from the iPhone.
  • Full.functional calculator to deceive other people trying to see your personal content.
  • Enjoy photos and videos in full screen mode.


To protect photos and video files that no one sees, you can use the Code of the application to hide photos instead. Vault. This is a universal application for hiding photos with all the data on your Android, including photos, videos, SMS, contacts and even applications. Instead, you can add photos and protect them with a password.

  • He can hide a photo on Android that no one else can find.
  • Use a PIN code or password to protect your vaults vaults.
  • The program can save security data in case of an accident.
  • Decompose the pictures and make friends see a safe storage. Each Vaulty vaults uses another password.

Hide this Pro

When you need to hide everything from your smartphone, this is an application for hiding photos, videos, applications, messages and other data. When you hide confidential photos and video files from your photo gallery and easily get access to them using a secret PIN code. Here are the features of Hide it Pro that you should know.

  • Distribute photos and other data on your choice.
  • This is an application for hiding photos, as well as a free cloud backup on Google disc.
  • video player with VLC Player, Mplayerx and T. D.
  • Store your photos and videos in security, block folders using a cabinet for the best photos and videos.

Gallery blocking

Gallery Lock has an intuitively understandable intensity and offers all the functions in one package. Just like other means to hide photos for Android, you can easily hide photos. When you use the application to hide personal photos and videos with password protection. over, this allows you to move along the media files inside the application.

  • He can go into hidden mode to hide photos from a system to which no one has access.
  • Data backup can be made in the Google Drive, Dropbox or Box account.
  • Easily add photos and videos to Gallery Lock using various methods.
  • You can even add whole folders to Gallery Lock to make them easier to hide.

0 best Photo Hider programs on Windows / Mac

Both Windows and Mac provide some default methods to hide photos. But these methods are relatively complex. In this part, we will talk about the 10 best programs for hiding photos that can take photos invisible to others on your computer. If you have other photographs of photographs to achieve such effects, you can share the details with us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Widsmob media storage

Widsmob Mediavault. This is a powerful store of photos for Windows and Mac, which hides and blocks various photos of photos, including JPEG, PNG, RAW, GIF, Heic, and many other photos formats. There are various security levels to protect photos. In addition, you can view photos in miniature, full-screen mode and even slide show mode.

  • The password protects your confidential photos and videos simply.
  • Use AES-256 encryption to block your photos.
  • Support for all images, including RAW and Heic files.
  • Look at the hidden photos in the slide show, in full-screen mode, etc. D.
  • Share the selected photos with a friend private by e.mail.

Wise Folderhider Pro

The wise folder Pro uses an advanced encryption algorithm that protects your personal data from outsiders. The photographs coverer offers an additional higher level of security with the second password. Unlike other means of hiding photos, Wise Folderhider Pro provides safer and more convenient methods for changing secure files. An intuitively understandable program integration will help you set your password to make photos invisible within a few seconds. You only need to hide files or folders by clicking them with the right mouse button, not starting Wise Folder Hider Pro. Photo Hider is compatible with Windows XP or later operating systems with 64-bit and 32-bit versions.

My safe

My safe. Useful utility for blocking and hiding personal folders from prying eyes. The photographs coverer allows you to hide, block and protect the desired photos in Windows with password. Compared to other photographs, you can enter a description or significant text into a hint to help you remember the password. Anyone who launches the program can see a hint in the password field, and then he can enter a password for access to photographs by hiding photos. My LockBox also provides the possibility of online passwords. If you lose your password, you can also request instructions for restoring the password by e.mail.

Block and hide the folder

Block and hide the folder will hide your confidential files so that others cannot see them or find them. Even links in the menu of recent documents will not be able to find hidden files using a means of hiding photos. over, Lock Hide Folder can also encrypt photos with a password so that no one can get access to them. When you use hidden photos in hidden mode, no one knows that there are photos, and then you can hide or show your confidential photos using hot keys. Just download and install the program to add as many folders to the program as you want to quickly hide.

Virtual storage

Pro virtual storage is a powerful and safe tool for deleting photos for computers running Windows. After installation, the program will create a new storage with an extended data encryption algorithm. After that, you can drag files and images directly to the storage. Photo Hider will literally bother your computer all traces of the source file. If others do not have a password, access to photographs is impossible. And you can access the storage with a password for pre.viewing photos and documents. The program provides for the gallery mode for pre.viewing photos in full screen mode.


7-ZIP is not a traditional photograph that protects the photos with a password for security purposes. After you are archiving the file, you can set the password to protect the archive where no one can access them. 7-zip. This is not only a program for hiding photos that makes the contents invisible, but also a professional program for removing photos that allows you to reduce the size of the photo. You can click on any image with the right mouse button and select 7 ZIP to archive it in zip format. After that, you can use the encryption method to AES-256. If you want, continue and also hide the softened file one of the methods described above for even greater security.

Secret folder

The secret folder for Mac can hide photos from the curious eyes of other people using your Mac. The program for hiding photos allows you to hide folders and files on your Mac with one click of the mouse, it provides you with a simple and quick way to hide personal folders and documents. The secret folder provides a simple and quick way to protect personal documents and prevent them, change or delete other users. And you can also use the hiding of photos to hide the folders and their contents. Files and folders can be added by one click in the selected dialog box or dragging.

How to protect the photos on the iPhone and iPad password

The parameter Hide photos in the photo application on the iPhone simply moves the photos to the hidden folder, to which any user can easily access. Therefore, below we offer a bypass path, how can we hide and protect the photos on the iPhone password.

When you hide photos on the iPhone, the photo application creates a folder of hidden photos and moves all the hidden photos to this folder.

Although hidden photographs are not displayed in the view of the photograph or in the original photo album from which they were hidden, it is easy to access them by moving into a hidden folder available in the photo application.

As a workaround described below, the application application is used for real hiding and protecting the password of photos on iPhone.

Before proceeding with the steps to protect the photos by password on the iPhone using a note, you need to look at this leadership: how to protect the notes on the iPhone password.

This should help you better understand how the function works to block notes on the iPhone.

How to Hide Photos on Your iPhone in 2021?

What needs to be done to protect photos on the iPhone

As we said earlier, such a bypass requires you to first add a photo to the note, and then block this note.

Thus, no one can see or gain access to a hidden photo on your iPhone, because only you know the password for unlocking a note containing a hidden photo.

After the photos are stored in the note, the next step is to protect the notes with photos with password. Let’s start.

Note: Write down a password somewhere. Very help you not to forget it.

So, the photos lie in a blocked note, no one can see them or get access to them, he does not know the password to open the note.

However, we still forgot to do something. The original of the parking photograph is still available in the photo application.

Thus, the final step will be the removal of photographs from their original location in the photo application, and then they will still need to be removed from the folder recently remote. You can find it in the same place.

How to Pull the Gallery with photos on the iPhone

iPhone is an integral companion of our lives. And with the introduction of new technologies, also a full.fledged “photojournalist”. A variety of pictures accumulate in the “gallery” of the device. Often among them are those that I would like to hide from prying eyes. The most reliable way to hide personal pictures from prying eyes is to put a password on the gallery on the iPhone.

ANY iPhone How To LOCK Hidden Photos! [NEW WAY] [iOS 16 / 15 etc]

hide, photos, password, iphone

In the new versions of iOS, it is possible to limit the screening of photographs from the Gallery using the built-in service “guide access”. In this case, you can fearlessly give your iPhone to another person. The photo storage will be protected by the main password.

Using this method, we open a photo on the phone screen and turn off the ability to “flip out” and view other photos. In fact, turn off the sensor.

To enable this mode on the iPhone, we go into “Settings”:

It will also be necessary to make a small setting of the Gallery, open it and move on to the list of photos:

Now access to the Gallery is closed, a stranger will not be able to see other photos before the password entry.

How to transfer a photo from a gallery to a protected storage

A popular application with functionality that allows you to pack the folder on the iPhone is Files.

When installing Files, a special secure storage is formed on the iPhone, where any files and photos are downloaded. The structure of folders is set up, an album is created and set in the “Settings” menu method of unlocking: Touch ID password or sensor.

Consider the algorithm for working with “File Poet”.

How to make a closed album for photos in the iPhone

App Store

The widespread of modern smartphones, in particular the iPhone, leads to the fact that an increasing number of users are thinking about how to ensure the safe storage of personal data. Cloud technologies that integrate personal gadgets into a single network are increasingly leading to a leakage stored on the devices of information into a public space. One way to protect personal data is the function of creating hidden photos on iPhone.

How to hide a photo on iPhone from unauthorized access

There are several main ways.

The first (and more reliable) way is the use of special masking applications that can be found in the AppStore. When loading them, you should pay attention to when the application was developed, its popularity and user Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

One of the most famous applications is Private Photo Vault, which allows you to create folders with a photo protected by password. To restore access to the pictures, it is recommended to indicate in the application the email address.

Secondly, you can use the system tools available in iOS. To do this, open the “gallery”, as well as the directory in which images are stored. Next, it should be noted photos that the user wants to hide, and then click on “share”. A pop.up window will appear in which you need to select the “Hide Album” option. Images move to the “hidden” folder (“hidden”). It is important to remember that the photo in this directory is not encrypted, and therefore anyone who enters the main password from iPhone can get access to it.

In order to protect files more reliably, without resorting to applications. The following actions must be performed: photographs masking programs

If “masking” functions are not interested, you can use special programs by downloading them with the App Store. It is enough to enter in the search “Hide photo”. When choosing an application, we recommend paying attention to the age of the program, the number of downloads, user assessment. As a rule, applications have a limit for free download of a certain number of photos.

How to block hidden photos using Face ID on iPhone/iPad [ios16]

What’s new in iOS 16 to block hidden photos on iPhone? This is a simple guide that you must know in order to fully use this function. Make sure you are using the iPhone 8 or later version, and follow the instructions below to learn more about the new function.

hide, photos, password, iphone

How to import photos on a hidden album on iPhone

Step 1: Open the photo application on your iPhone and click on select a button to select the necessary photos or videos that you want to hide.

Step 2: Click to share the icon in the lower left corner to stretch the opening list. click Hide a button to hide the selected files on the iPhone.

Step 3: Just confirm the process with the button hide the XX elements button. These elements will be hidden, but they can be found in a hidden album.

How to block hidden photos using Face ID on iPhone

Step 1: Go to the settings application on your iPhone. After that, you can touch the photo button from the drop.down list.

Step 2: Turn on use Face ID or use Touch ID Oppressing to block hidden photos on iPhone, respectively.

Step 3: Open the photo application and click the Albums tab, scroll down and find a hidden album to find files.

How to view a photo in a hidden album on iPhone

Step 1: Run the photo application on your iPhone and tap the albums button below to find hidden photos.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the album window and find a hidden album for utilities.

Step 3: If you have already saved hidden photos a secret, you need to enter the right password to view photos.

How to show photos from a hidden album on iPhone

Step 1: After you entered the album “hidden” on the iPhone, you can view photos or edit them.

Step 2: To display photos or videos, tap it in the list. Click Share the icon and select UNHIDE to share the menu.

Step 3: After that, you can find that the selected photo will again be displayed in the “Photography” application on your iPhone. application for hiding images on iPhone through the Notes application

Slot machine of the note iPhone application is another frequently used application blocking application on iPhone. Before blocking photos, make sure that password settings are included for your notes. In addition, it allows you to block photos in iCloud notes or right on your iPhone.

Step 1: Go to the photo application and select photos that you want to hide. Click Share the icon in the lower left corner.

Step 2: Select add to the notes button. Enter the name and description of the note to insert the desired photo.

Step 3: click on save the button, you can save the note on your iPhone or share a file with the iCloud service.

Step 4: Select the lock with more button with the image of three points. Enter a password for blocking photos in a note on the iPhone.

Step 5: Return to the photo application and delete photos that you have already inserted into the notes subsequently.

How to hide images from a gallery on iOS 10

Surely most of you have photos that you do not want to delete, but at the same time you do not like that they “cllate” the gallery on your iPhone or iPad. Fortunately, in iOS 10 there is a function that allows you to hide photos from the gallery, and in this article we will tell you how to do it.

  • Open the Gallery application and find the images that you want to hide;
  • Click on the “Select” button, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • Click on the “Send” button;

You can find all the photos hidden in this way in the album “hidden”.

How to put a password in the photo on the iPhone

Privacy is something that mobile devices are constantly lacking, you can’t leave a smartphone and for a second in sight, all is likely that someone will take it to see, play, and so on. Therefore, many are looking for opportunities and methods of how to put a password in the photo in iPhone. over, the standard functions of the system do not guarantee complete protection against viewing photographs by outsiders. But there are loopholes that allow you to strengthen the protection of personal life in the frames. You can limit access to photos in several ways:

  • Through “notes”. Using notes, you can pack access to photographs, as well as put a ban on downloading to a common gallery:
  • To do this, you need to go to your iPhone settings.
  • In the settings menu that appears, select the category of “notes”.
  • Activate the tab and find an option to save the media in the album photo. Drag the slope of the conservation in the off position.
  • Thus, your photos will not fall into the common gallery, but will be stored in one place.
  • Then go directly to the “Password” section. Indicate the invented letter-read password or activate the Touch ID sensor.

Now we directly move on to the process of hiding photos. To do this, we return to the subcategory “notes”. There we create and start a new entry and click on a video camera, a menu with a video camera falls through a “plus”. If you want to shoot a new photo or video already parking, then select the mode of shooting/photo. If you want to hide photos that are already in the galleries, then just add a note to the previously shot pictures. Then click the sherring button on the display (looks like a folder with an arrow up), located in the upper right corner. Choose an affordable string “block”. Enter your previously invented password, all the photo is reliably hidden. It is difficult to call such a process of installing a password in the photo on the iPhone fast, but for special pictures they can use it.

  • With the help of “guide attempt”. A guide access is a sewn-in software on the iPhone, which will help put the password on the folder with a photo or on a specific album when the rest remain available. How does this happen:
  • First you need to activate the “guide attempt” application itself.
  • Go into the settings of your gadget and find the “Basic” tab ”.
  • In the main parameters, you need to select “Universal Access”.
  • In the subsection, find the “guide attempt” application.
  • Ask a password for applications. This can be a letter-read code or withdrawing an access prohibition using a fingerprint.
  • Activate the “guide access” three-fold pressing the Home button.

Now we proceed directly to setting up the application regarding the confidentiality of photographs. To do this, choose any photo, press the “home” button three times again three times. Directly in the “Guide Approve” window, select the “Parameters” category and put a visual toggle switch from the “Press” position to the “Turn off” position. What does such a password set for iPhone give you? With a triple press on any photo “Home” and entering a password, you can show this photo, but an outsider will not be able to go to another photograph without entering a secret code.

  • Installation of passwords on the photo iPhone using Jailbreak. Jailbreak is applications that are not officially supported by Apple manufacturer, but they often help users. Naturally, you need to be carefully with them and install at least those about which there are some reviews on the network. One of these applications that help strengthen the privacy of the iPhone. Protect Photos. One of its main functions is the installation of a password in the photo and video gallery. The installation process is fast and simple:
  • Activate the application and go into it.
  • There are several subsections with a runner to activate and turn off the password to the applications.
  • Choose separate categories to turn on the password on them, for example, for viewing a video or photo (these are two separate sections in Protect Photos), to change wallpaper and so on.
  • Enter the invented password.

There is another free jailbreak with which you can put the password in the photo iPhone. iApplock. This unofficial software does not close access to a separate photo, but is used when you need to close the application completely, in our case the gallery. Instructions on how to put a password on the photo folder on Athos:

  • Enter the letter-recorded password that will be used to protect access.
  • In the IAppLock menu, select applications free access to which we want to close.
  • We keep the changes made.

The free version of the program has several limited functionality, but it is enough to turn on the password for privacy photos.

0 best photos of Photo Vault for iPhone or iPad

Top 1: Personal photo storage

Private photo storage. An excellent storage application for iPhone, which can protect your special photos and videos. In addition, you can also easily find filters and functions for managing photos and viewing.

Top 2: Blok photos Photo Secret Vault

Bloking photos of a photo secret storage is not only an application for storing photos for the iPhone, but also available for audio files, videos, text messages, notes, documents and much more. over, he can quickly block entire albums.

First place: Keepsafe

Keepsafe. This is a storehouse of photos for the iPhone, which allows you to store your photos in safety using various storage methods, such as protecting the PIN code, fingerprint identification and even encryption of the military level.

Top 4: Best Secret folder

As another application for storing photos for iPhone, the best secret folder allows you to hide your photos from a fake application icon. The integration is similar to a banking storage and fools someone launches it.


HICALCULATOR. This is an application for storing photos for the iPhone, which hides your confidential photos behind the viewer from viewing. It is even available for contacts, personal videos and other file formats.

Top 6: Secret Album

Secret album another recommended application for hiding photos and videos. In addition to standard encrypting personal photos, this IPhone photo storage application provides a PIN code and fingerprint.

  • Support for advanced encryption modes.
  • Capture attackers using a camera.
  • View hidden photos in the form of a slide show.

TOP 7: safe for photo

Photo Vault Lock Photo Safe. Another storage application for iPhone. This is the best and most private apple-gallery to hide your photos and videos, with a secret camera for silent photography.

TOP 8: refuge

The storage is disguised as the camera application, but not for the photo storage for the iPhone. He can protect and hide your personal photos and videos in a cloud service with reliable protection of personal privacy.

Top 9: My Photo Safe Pro

If you are looking for an intuitive photo storage for your iPhone, my photo safe Pro. A good choice to easily hide confidential content on your iPhone and manage it in the original quality.

Top 10: Hide secret personal photos

Hide a secret private photo. Another storage of photos for the iPhone, which hides and blocks an unlimited number of photos. over, you can also add an unlimited number of videos and notes when updating to the Pro version.

  • Hide an unlimited number of photos in the photo storage application.
  • Use a pin or graphic lock to hide photos.
  • Support for all photos, video format and notes.

Photo Vault for iPhone Alternative for Windows and Mac

When you hide the storage of photos on the iPhone, the storage space always becomes a problem. As for the cloud service, that is, the probability of leakage. Why not transfer photos to the computer and not block them? Widsmob Mediavault. The best alternative to the storage of iPhone photos, which allows to hide and block photos of the iPhone on Windows and Mac.

  • Quickly block photos on Windows and Mac.
  • Support for all photos, including RAW, JPEG and Heic.
  • Protect the initial quality of your photos without transformation. in miniature/in full screen or video reproduction such as turning, fitting, actual size, increase/decrease in scale, etc. D.

Install Photovault on a computer

Launch an alternative storage of photos for the iPhone and enter your password, which is the key to access to your personal photos. Then you can configure the desired level of security and other parameters, you can go to the menu settings.

Import personal photos and videos

Press the import of files or folder for import button for importing photos and videos. After you imported Heic or JPEG with the iPhone, click with the right mouse button to add to the album or add to the chosen possibility of transferring to the desired album.

If you want to view hidden photos or videos, go to the iPhone photo folder, including Heic and MP4. Just twice click the file to view it in full screen mode. In addition, you can switch to the appearance of the possibility of viewing photos in real size, fitting, increasing and reducing.

Win download mac download