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best Photo Hider programs to hide personal photos on different platforms

Sometimes you need to secretly store photos on your computer or phone, especially for personal and important photos. The article tells about the 20 best applications for hiding images that allow you to hide images for your smartphones and computers. You can choose the right application to hide photos or make them invisible, respectively.

0 best secret applications for hiding photos on iPhone or Android

Smartphones play an increasingly important role in our daily life. We may have secrets stored on our iPhone or Android phone, for example, some personal photos that we do not want to show other people, including our friends and family.

In such a situation, it would be nice to hide photos using a password, calculator or lock to protect your personal photos. Here is a short presentation of the 10 best applications to protect images on your phone, which you can take into account.

Photo storage Keepsafe

Keepsafe. One of the most popular applications for hiding photos for iPhone. The program can store personal photos and video files using a simple use of a PIN code. Which is even more important, you can also provide privileges to friends, colleagues or other people. Just learn more about the functions, as shown below.

  • Create your own albums and assign them names using a tool for removing photos.
  • Take photos directly in Keepsafe using a camera.
  • Provide full.screen viewing photos and video files.
  • Set a limited time to exchange photos with a safe sending function.


Kums. Free application for hiding photos and decrypting files in real time. Although the program looks like a working and stylish application-calculator, it can hide photos on the iPhone as well as other multimedia files. You only need to click on the photo, it will begin immediately, and the decoding will continue in the background.

  • KYMS. This is an application for simple encryption of photos, videos and documents.
  • Import photos from several sources such as iTunes, Internet and others.
  • Configure the database to create a secure archive of PIN codes and passwords.
  • There are several integrated viewing functions.

Private photo storage

Private photo storage. Another application for hiding and protecting photos and videos. All the photos you store in a personal photo storage are personal. Photos are available only on your iPhone. It will never be loaded to the device server. This is more than the application for hiding photos, but it is also an excellent photo manager.

  • Provide various password protection methods to save security photos.
  • Create albums, synchronize iTunes, send photos and manage photos.
  • Intuitively understandable integration, as in the “Photo” application for viewing photos in the slide show mode.
  • View the Internet private or upload photos directly to the application.

Spy calculation

The CALC spy is an application for storing your personal photos, videos, documents and records. You can also easily transfer media files to the application via Wi-Fi using a browser. When you turn on the built-in web server, you can open the browser to the specified address in order to easily drag the media files.

  • Behind the working integration of the calculator, the application for hiding photos is hidden.
  • The base database stores copies of video and images only once to save space.
  • The program can group images, documents and records.
  • He also provides keyword tags and search.

Photo.tap storage

Just like other applications for hiding photos, if you first or do not pay much attention to the icon, you can photo Lock Vault as an Apple Calculator application. When you start the program, you can find it in the application to hide photos and videos. Here are the features of Photo Lock Vault as follows.

  • As soon as the program creates a backup copy of the photos, it will delete photos from the iPhone.
  • Full.functional calculator to deceive other people trying to see your personal content.
  • Enjoy photos and videos in full screen mode.


To protect photos and video files that no one sees, you can use the Code of the application to hide photos instead. Vault. This is a universal application for hiding photos with all the data on your Android, including photos, videos, SMS, contacts and even applications. Instead, you can add photos and protect them with a password.

  • He can hide a photo on Android that no one else can find.
  • Use a PIN code or password to protect your vaults vaults.
  • The program can save security data in case of an accident.
  • Decompose the pictures and make friends see a safe storage. Each Vaulty vaults uses another password.

Hide this Pro

When you need to hide everything from your smartphone, this is an application for hiding photos, videos, applications, messages and other data. When you hide confidential photos and video files from your photo gallery and easily get access to them using a secret PIN code. Here are the features of Hide it Pro that you should know.

  • Distribute photos and other data on your choice.
  • This is an application for hiding photos, as well as a free cloud backup on Google disc.
  • video player with VLC Player, Mplayerx and T. D.
  • Store your photos and videos in security, block folders using a cabinet for the best photos and videos.

Gallery blocking

Gallery Lock has an intuitively understandable intensity and offers all the functions in one package. Just like other means to hide photos for Android, you can easily hide photos. When you use the application to hide personal photos and videos with password protection. over, this allows you to move along the media files inside the application.

  • He can go into hidden mode to hide photos from a system to which no one has access.
  • Data backup can be made in the Google Drive, Dropbox or Box account.
  • Easily add photos and videos to Gallery Lock using various methods.
  • You can even add whole folders to Gallery Lock to make them easier to hide.

How to draw in the photo in iPhone

With a drawing mode, probably every iPhone and iPad user.

The most easy way to remove unnecessary information from the screenshot is to edit it using the photo editor built into the system. Since all actions on the iPad and iPhone are exactly the same, I will show everything on the tablet.

  • Take a picture of the screen you plan to share after editing.
  • Open the “Photo” application and select the desired image.
  • Click the “edit” button.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to change the type of figures.

You can even set the color corresponding to the background. You just need to use a pipette.

You can use even a circle. It all depends on which area needs to be painted over.

So quickly and fervently you can hide confidential information.

After these actions, unnecessary data will be neatly hidden from the image, and you can share it through messenger or social networks. This is the easiest way, but far from the most elegant.

Test a photo online

The site is completely in English, but there is nothing complicated there.

The most aesthetic and accurate way to hide unnecessary information from the image should be recognized as blurring part of the picture. This can be done using third-party applications or web services. If you do not want to take memory for the sake of a couple of such actions, then online blur will be an excellent way out.

  • Go to Ezgif
  • Click “Select the file”, indicate the path to the desired image and click “Upload!””.

Just draw the area with your fingers.

Picture processing occurs almost instantly.

Below will appear a screenshot with an already blurry area. And no extra software in your smartphone memory. If this is a one.time action for you, then stop your choice in this way.

How to install a password on the photo on the iPhone

Another way is to install a password on the Photo application on the iPhone smartphone. The user can install a password not only on this program, but also on other applications, for example, on Facetime or other programs, including different toys. The process of installing a password can only be problematic for beginners, since more knowledgeable users already know some iOS system algorithms. Despite this, the process of installing a password looks like this:

Thanks to these manipulations, the user will put the code for the standard application. Now no one can enter the gallery if he does not know the special user code.

How to hide a photo on the iPhone in the application of notes

This is the most reliable and easy way, thanks to which you can hide photos on the iPhone iOS. The method is that the user will not need to download additional programs. You need to know more about what settings to the user needs to activate in the future.

Few users were able to find this method, since it is that you need to hide the photo through the system application “Notes”.

note! You need to be able to put a password on different programs. The algorithm is exactly the same as in the above practice. When the user set the password on “Photo”. All the same needs to be done with the program “Notes”.

Hiding the program by a bypass in such manipulations as:

  • To begin with, the user activates the “Photo” program, in which he selects the “Select” option. It is located in the right corner at the top on the screen;
  • Now we choose the picture that none of the users will see in the future. Of course, except the owner of the iPhone who knows the password
  • Now select the “menu” button or “share”. This button is in the lower left corner;
  • Next, a choice will be presented where the user wants to import a picture. Scroll through the slider and click on the “notes”;
  • The gallery closes. The user needs to find the very created tab. a note. We switch from photo to her;
  • We also share it through the menu. A list of actions is proposed. The user needs to select the “Blockete” point and slip into this manipulation;
  • The note is reliably protected. To open it, it will be necessary to deactivate the note and password, which was installed earlier.

How to hide an album with a photo on iPhone

In the beta version of iOS 14, not all parameters are translated into Russian

  • In the window that opens, find the Hidden Albums parameter and turn it on;
  • After that, go to the photo “Photo” and note that the “Hidden” tab has disappeared.

Of course, this defense is clearly more effective than it was when the hidden album looked like a passing yard. Still, if someone searches for some photos in your smartphone, you can hide them in advance, and then go to “Settings” and hide the album itself. Another thing is that if the one who tries to bring you to clean water learns about the work of the mechanism of hiding albums, he will be able to turn on their display, and then view all the hidden photos. In general, it clearly does not pull to defend the level 80.

Why you can’t protect the photo print

Your iPhone is already protected by biometria. Apparently, therefore, the albums are additionally not protected

It was possible to solve this problem by adding a protected album, access to which would be opened only by fingerprint or user’s face. After all, if Apple implemented such a mechanism in “notes”, why it was not to transfer it to the “photo” application? Then the user would definitely not have to rummage through the settings and look for the necessary parameter that would hide the display of albums, but which at the same time is so easy to find an outsider and again show them. Therefore, an obvious Apple deficiency is obvious.

But, on the other hand, Apple did everything right. Your iPhone is already protected either Touch ID or Face ID. That is, an outsider cannot penetrate inside, only if you yourself did not introduce its biometrics in the memory of the smartphone. Well, if you introduced, then you trust a person, is it so? In addition, it should be borne in mind that other important data can be stored on the iPhone, for example, codes of confirmation of payments from SMS, banking applications, calendars, contacts and much more. Against their background, photos look far from so valuable. But still, control those who trust your smartphone.

How to hide an album on the iPhone?

This can be done through the “Settings” application on your iPhone:

  • Launch the “Settings” application on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and select the “Find photos” parameter.
  • Click in the photo.
  • Turn off the switch next to the album “Hidden”.

This parameter guarantees that no one will accidentally come across your personal photos. So, if you want to show the Hidden album again, steps are discussed in the next fragment.

How to show a hidden album on iPhone?

To show the hidden album on the iPhone, all you need to do is perform the steps below in this article:

  • Open the “Settings” application on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and find the parameter “Photos“.
  • Now click on the option “Photos”.
  • Turn on the switch next to the album “Hidden”.

How to put a password in the photo on the iPhone

Using a password is the most convenient and reliable way to create a privacy regime for your photos. This option has become available in iOS 9.3 on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices and allows you to hide confidential pictures, while leaving free access to the device of unauthorized persons.

The application of the photo does not have a standard access closing option, however, the actions of how to put the password on the gallery on the iPhone through screen time are described:

  • In the settings, select the screen time and enable it to move on;
  • When asked about the device belonging to the answer, that it belongs to your child;
  • On the contrary, to set the “alone” options “not now”;
  • In the limits of the programs, activate the creativity mode, then set the time for one minute, confirming your actions with a temporary limit installation button;
  • When a screen with content options and confidentiality appears, go on;
  • Now you come up with and enter a password that will always be displayed before entering the photo application to hide the photo on the iPhone.

How to hide a photo on the iPhone in the folder hidden

Next, consider the method without using a password. From the IOS 8 version, users can ask a photo or video mode “Not for everyone”. In this case, a special album of hidden files is created, or just a hidden folder on the iPhone.

Your pictures and videos disappear from the main screen, move into the folder hidden and you can be calm that no one will see private files in a common gallery.

  • Open a photo, select a target picture or video;
  • By pressing the Share button, select the concealing option;
  • The system will immediately warn you that the selected files will be deleted from the media, but will remain in the reach.

In the future, you will go to the photo and choose albums, where the folder will be hidden with your private files.

How to hide photos through a application on iPhone

A smartphone is a personal thing that sometimes falls into the hands of unfamiliar people. If the user wants to get rid of the problems of access to personal content, then he needs to hide the photo on the iPhone. To implement the task follows:

After that, the photos will move to the “Hidden” folder, which is located in the gallery. Before moving the content, the system will warn the user about this. Thus, a person will be able to move photos to hidden. This option has disadvantages: if a person who understands the iPhone wants to see hidden content, then he will be able to do this because the folder is not protected by a password or a graphic key.

How to put a password on hidden photos on iPhone

Many people with Apple products are worried about the question: how to put a password for hidden photos? To do this, users are recommended to use the “screen time” function. It is necessary to limit access to the construction of children and t. D. To put the password on the gallery, you need:

Thus, the user will be able to put the password on the application containing photos. If a little acquaintance enters the gallery, then he will not be able to stay in it for more than 1 minute. After time, a password entering window will appear. If the combination of numbers is ignored, the system will automatically block the application for the user application.

0 best photos of Photo Vault for iPhone or iPad

Top 1: Personal photo storage

Private photo storage. An excellent storage application for iPhone, which can protect your special photos and videos. In addition, you can also easily find filters and functions for managing photos and viewing.

Top 2: Blok photos Photo Secret Vault

Bloking photos of a photo secret storage is not only an application for storing photos for the iPhone, but also available for audio files, videos, text messages, notes, documents and much more. over, he can quickly block entire albums.

iPhone 13. iOS 15: How to Hide Photos

First place: Keepsafe

Keepsafe. This is a storehouse of photos for the iPhone, which allows you to store your photos in safety using various storage methods, such as protecting the PIN code, fingerprint identification and even encryption of the military level.

Top 4: Best Secret folder

As another application for storing photos for iPhone, the best secret folder allows you to hide your photos from a fake application icon. The integration is similar to a banking storage and fools someone launches it.


HICALCULATOR. This is an application for storing photos for the iPhone, which hides your confidential photos behind the viewer from viewing. It is even available for contacts, personal videos and other file formats.

Top 6: Secret Album

Secret album another recommended application for hiding photos and videos. In addition to standard encrypting personal photos, this IPhone photo storage application provides a PIN code and fingerprint.

  • Support for advanced encryption modes.
  • Capture attackers using a camera.
  • View hidden photos in the form of a slide show.

TOP 7: safe for photo

Photo Vault Lock Photo Safe. Another storage application for iPhone. This is the best and most private apple-gallery to hide your photos and videos, with a secret camera for silent photography.

TOP 8: refuge

The storage is disguised as the camera application, but not for the photo storage for the iPhone. He can protect and hide your personal photos and videos in a cloud service with reliable protection of personal privacy.

Top 9: My Photo Safe Pro

If you are looking for an intuitive photo storage for your iPhone, my photo safe Pro. A good choice to easily hide confidential content on your iPhone and manage it in the original quality.

Top 10: Hide secret personal photos

Hide a secret private photo. Another storage of photos for the iPhone, which hides and blocks an unlimited number of photos. over, you can also add an unlimited number of videos and notes when updating to the Pro version.

  • Hide an unlimited number of photos in the photo storage application.
  • Use a pin or graphic lock to hide photos.
  • Support for all photos, video format and notes.

iPhone 12/12 Pro: How to Actually Hide the Hidden Photos Album

Photo Vault for iPhone Alternative for Windows and Mac

When you hide the storage of photos on the iPhone, the storage space always becomes a problem. As for the cloud service, that is, the probability of leakage. Why not transfer photos to the computer and not block them? Widsmob Mediavault. The best alternative to the storage of iPhone photos, which allows to hide and block photos of the iPhone on Windows and Mac.

  • Quickly block photos on Windows and Mac.
  • Support for all photos, including RAW, JPEG and Heic.
  • Protect the initial quality of your photos without transformation. in miniature/in full screen or video reproduction such as turning, fitting, actual size, increase/decrease in scale, etc. D.

Install Photovault on a computer

Launch an alternative storage of photos for the iPhone and enter your password, which is the key to access to your personal photos. Then you can configure the desired level of security and other parameters, you can go to the menu settings.

Import personal photos and videos

Press the import of files or folder for import button for importing photos and videos. After you imported Heic or JPEG with the iPhone, click with the right mouse button to add to the album or add to the chosen possibility of transferring to the desired album.

If you want to view hidden photos or videos, go to the iPhone photo folder, including Heic and MP4. Just twice click the file to view it in full screen mode. In addition, you can switch to the appearance of the possibility of viewing photos in real size, fitting, increasing and reducing.

Win download mac download

Function “Guide-Access”

The iOS system offers its user a special function-“guide access”. It allows you to open only certain images on the device and prohibits the album leafing out further. This will help in those situations where the owner of the iPhone needs to give his device so that the other person looks at the photo. With the function turned on, he will not be able to see the rest of the photos without knowing the combination and password.

If the user wants to limit access to the entire “Photo” application, it makes sense to use the special function “Password for the application” on the iPhone. It allows you to block certain programs for a while or forever. The process of its inclusion and settings is slightly different on different versions of iOS, so carefully read our article on the link below. applications

You can put the password on a specific photo only using applications from the App Store. The user’s choice is huge, and on our website we examined one of the options. Keepsafe. It is absolutely free and has an intuitive integral integration in Russian. Read about how to put the password on the “photo” in the next article using it.

In this article, we dismantled the main ways to install a password into separate photos and the application itself. Sometimes you may need special programs that can be downloaded in the App Store.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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