How to Hide Friends From the Phone

How to Hide Friends From the Phone

How to hide friends on VK from a phone or other mobile device?

In the old version of VK, there was a special “hide friends” button. Then “how to hide friends in VK on an iPhone, tablet or computer” did not have to think, everything was clear. The new design brought quite large changes to the VKontakte network, now you can hide not all friends, but only 30 people. This is due to a change in the VK policy, when emphasis is placed on a significant increase in the manifestations of user activity. The more visible friends you have, the higher your rating. Therefore, a person who wants to hide his friends needs to carefully choose who he wants to be included in the hidden list, and then you can start the process itself. And do not hide friends if this is not absolutely necessary.

How to hide friends in VK on android, tablet or computer. Detailed instructions

  1. Go to your VK page.
  2. In the top line, next to your small photo, you will see a small arrow pointing down, click it.

Here you need to click “Settings”

Settings Menu Contents

List of hidden friends

Do not be afraid of the irreversibility of this action. The life situation at any time can change and you can then easily open your friends by simply removing the crosses in front of their names.

How to hide friends from VK from the phone (in the mobile version)

With the active life of our people, not everyone logs into VKontakte from a desktop computer. Typically, people check their messages on VK from phones, tablets and other mobile devices on the way to work in the subway or in traffic. Therefore, of course, I want all the actions that are available from the full version to be available from mobile.

But for people who are looking for an answer to the question of how to hide friends in VK, the mobile version can not help.

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However, there is a solution and it is quite simple. Need an iPhone or Android on which any browser is installed.

  1. Log in to from a browser.
  2. The mobile version will load, and you will appear on
  3. At the bottom of the page you will see the link “full version”, click it.

Full Version Button

Is it always possible to hide your friends in VK?

When hiding friends from your page from a specific person, you should know that there are simple ways to help him expose you.

  1. If you want to prove to your second jealous half that you no longer support correspondence with a person who seems suspicious to him, you need to warn this person so that he also marks you as a hidden friend. Otherwise, going to the page of this person, your jealous person will be able to see you as his friends, and the fraud will be revealed.
  2. A jealous person can start a second left page on VKontakte under a different name, and already from her see the list of your friends. Or ask one of your friends to do this.

Therefore, in such cases, it is best to select “only me” in the “who sees my hidden friends” settings.

Do not pay attention to the offers of some sites to hide their friends or to see someone’s hidden friends using paid programs or services of extraneous sites. This is very dangerous for your VK account. Perhaps you’ll lose the page altogether, or advertising spam will start from your page. Therefore, use only the legal way in order to hide your friends in VK.

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Why hide friends?

Experienced users recommend using these features to protect against spammers, hackers and marketers who use information for personal purposes. For example, the latter (marketers) act according to this algorithm:

How to hide Facebook friends from other people. How to hide on computer

The easiest way is to log on to your PC and hide your friends list from strangers. To do this, do the following:

  1. Log in to the official resource of the social network and go through authorization.
  2. At the top right, click on the down arrow symbol (triangle).
  3. Select the Settings menu from the drop-down list.
  • On the left side of the menu, find the Privacy section.
  • In the central part, find the phrase Who can see your friends list.
  • On the right side, click the Edit button.
  • Click the Available to All button and select the appropriate option.
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    To make the right choice and hide the list, you must understand what each of the items on Facebook means. Facebook members can choose these options:

    1. Accessible to everyone. A list of friends is visible to all users of the social network Facebook.
    2. Friends. The list is available to those persons who are added to the corresponding category.
    3. Friends, except. A restriction is set for certain persons.
    4. Certain friends. You can register specific users.
    5. Only me. The list is not available to anyone except you.
    6. User settings. The ability to set more accurate parameters.
    • Log in to your page;
    • Click on the Friends button;
    • Find the pencil symbol on the right side;
    • Click on it and select Edit Privacy Settings.

    At the final stage, choose the appropriate option, taking into account the principles discussed above.

    How to hide on the phone

    If only a smartphone is at hand, you can do the necessary work with it. The algorithm is as follows:

    • Log in to the mobile application and go to your Facebook profile;
    • In the upper left, click the symbol in the form of three horizontal stripes.
    • Scroll to the bottom and find the Settings and privacy section, go to it;
    • Select the Settings section in the menu;
    • On the page that appears in the menu, select the Settings section;
    • Go to the Privacy category, and there. Privacy Settings;
    • A page appears with the item Who can see the list of all your friends, go to this section.

    After performing the above actions, a menu opens through which you can hide friends. Available options and their features are discussed above.

    How to see hidden friends?. Why no friends are visible on Facebook

    • The person has changed the privacy settings for the application;
    • Facebook integration with the application is disabled;
    • The person blocked the program.

    Each of us has its own secrets. Someone doesn’t want the ex-girlfriend to find your new girlfriend as a friend, while someone doesn’t want to “shine” their boss by friendship with people from a competing company.

    Today we’ll talk about how to hide friends in VK and indicate who exactly can see your hidden friends and who cannot.

    Once upon a time, in the social network Vkontakte it was possible to close the display of the list of your friends completely, which gave people more privacy. But at a certain stage, the guys from Vkontakte decided that the world should be more open and left the opportunity to hide only up to 30 of your friends. In principle, this is more than enough to avoid embarrassing situations.

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    So, in order to hide friends in VK, you need to go to the privacy settings. To do this, click on your avatar in the upper right corner of your page and go to “Settings”.

    Next, in the right vertical menu, click on the “Privacy” menu.

    Approximately in the middle of the page, find the setting “Who is visible in the list of my friends and subscriptions”. By default there is the value “All friends”. Click on this line.

    A window pops up with a list of all your friends in VK. Click on the friends you want to hide from prying eyes. Note that you can hide only 30 of your friends. After selecting, click “Save Changes.”

    After making the changes, the people you have hidden will be listed next to the setting. If you make a mistake, then click again on the line “All but.”

    In the window that opens, hover over the avatar of the person you want to remove from the list of hidden friends and click the cross. After that click “Save Changes”.

    Now, you should configure which of the visitors to your page will be able to see your hidden friends.

    To do this, click on the setting “Who sees my hidden friends”.

    You can specify that only you and no one else see your hidden friends. If you hide friends only from a certain circle of people, then you can specify that only your friends or, for example, only some friends see your hidden friends.

    Please note that your hidden friends do not know that you have hidden them from the rest, be sure to select the “hidden friends”. In this case, hidden friends will see themselves in your list and will not suspect that you have hidden them.

    I strongly recommend that you do not use extraneous software to bypass the limit of 30 hidden friends. At the moment. This is impossible and most likely you yourself will infect your computer with a virus program!