How to Hide Contact In Phone

Good afternoon! The ability to protect your personal data or at least remove unnecessary inscriptions from the screen is extremely appreciated in any messenger. That is why in a vibe you can hide a chat, contact or group from prying eyes, hide your number by encrypting it, and even prevent the program from sending notifications. But such functionality is not in sight: you will either have to delve into the application files, or read our article.

  • What are hidden contacts in vibe?
  • Can I hide contacts in viber
  • How to see hidden contacts in vibe
  • How to hide a contact in viber on android, iphone and pc
  • Can I hide my phone number in vibe
    • How to view hidden numbers in viber
    • How to hide a phone number in a vibe
    • How to hide viber on the phone
    • How to hide notifications in vibe
    • How to hide sms and calls in viber
    • How to hide a group in vibe
    • How to open a hidden group in viber if it is classified
      • Is it possible to hack or somehow view the hidden group in the vibe
      • How to hide chat correspondence in viber on android, iphone, pc
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      • What are hidden contacts in vibe?

        Many readers of our information site ask what a “secret contact” is. This concept often means a user who is not visible either to a stranger in your profile or to people who decide to take your phone. It simply should be located in a special section, closed with a password. Thus they decide to hide a not too good acquaintance, and sometimes even a mistress.

        How to Hide Contact In Phone

        In order for no one to guess anything, it is important that no one can suspect you of having connections with a person, even if he takes your phone and decides to dig into it. Over, unnecessary numbers should not be visible to outsiders in the profile in the “Friends” section or something like that.

        Can I hide contacts in viber

        Alas, it is impossible to make such a contact. If you decide to save someone, his photo will always pop up in the corresponding tab. On the Internet you can find several supposedly working programs that add such a function.

        However, they do not work. Any plugins are not endorsed by Microsoft. They simply do not give access to their code. Therefore, modifications remain only rumors and dummies.

        How to see hidden contacts in vibe

        Since it’s impossible to hide users, you cannot return them either. Over, it is impossible to restore not only in case of concealment, but also in the case of removal of a person from the list.

        Since there are no secret subscribers, there is no list for them. And you cannot watch them. Just go to the “contacts” section to see all the lists of people you communicate with.

        How to hide a contact in viber on android, iphone and pc

        If you still don’t want anyone to see the subscriber, use a little secret. In the messenger you can correspond with people who are not added as friends. But the dialogue, in turn, can be closed.

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        To start, delete the subscriber:

        • Go to his profile.
        • Call up the additional menu by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner.
        • Click on “Delete.”

        Can I hide my phone number in vibe

        Close your phone number is also impossible. This, moreover, is logical: to write to a person or make friends with him, you need to know these numbers. Otherwise, you cannot correctly address the message. Because of this, such privacy settings do not exist.

        But you can get a temporary SIM card on special online services. One of these is onlinesim.Ru. Just register on the resource and get “your” operator for ten or more minutes.

        How to view hidden numbers in viber

        Both on the computer and on the phone, you can easily look under which “logins” all your accounts are registered. This information is located directly in the list of friends under the names under which you recorded them.

        Information is highlighted in light gray. Thus you can see absolutely all numbers of people from chats, lists and conversations. But the data may not always be reliable. After all, not only you and I know about the existence of online SIM cards.

        How to hide a phone number in a vibe

        If you do not want to accidentally open your data to third parties, use the online number service. We already talked about him. There is another method of how to make your profile as hidden and inaccessible to others as possible.

        Prevent the messenger from registering with synchronizing with the phone book so that no extra subscribers appear in the list. Get it from your friend’s card so that no one gets kind SMS: “Hooray, I’m in the messenger.” Do not correspond with those you do not trust.

        No one will know the numbers if there are no friends or chats in your profile.

        How to hide viber on the phone

        After do the following:

        • Click on the logo of the audio player (the program is skillfully disguised as it).
        • Enter password.
        • Click on “Hide apps.”
        • Agree to install an additional plugin.
        • Click on the desired software.
        • Agree to the program.

        How to hide notifications in vibe

        If you do not want your conversations to be constantly displayed on the desktop, you can completely turn off all notifications about other events. This is done through the menu item “Settings”.

        Use this algorithm:

        • Go to Notifications.
        • Uncheck all the items that interest you.
        • Save the changes.

        How to hide sms and calls in viber

        If you do not want someone to read the dialogue, you can transfer it to the category of secret ones. This has already been said in one of our recent articles. However, concealment is not always the answer.

        Sometimes it’s enough just to delete some calls and incriminating messages. And for this they do not have to be hidden. You can simply demolish them. No traces left. Just hold your finger on unnecessary information, wait until the menu appears, and click on “Delete from me.”

        There will be no trace in the messenger.

        How to hide a group in vibe

        Creating a group is easy on any smartphone, including Samsung, but hiding it from prying eyes is not so simple. We’ll have to dig a bit into the program settings.

        Do this:

        • Go to the chat you are interested in.
        • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
        • Click on “Information”.
        • Find the “Hide chat” tab in the opened tab.
        • Enter a code that you won’t forget.

        How to open a hidden group in viber if it is classified

        The situation of the kind of “hid the chat and now I can’t get everything back” is quite common. Making the dialogue open is not so simple: you will have to remember the pin code that was set when you changed its status.

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        After going to the chat window, enter this combination there by clicking on the search icon. In the proposed list, select the group of interest. Again go to the additional menu and click on “Make visible.”

        Is it possible to hack or somehow view the hidden group in the vibe

        In the above way, you can open only your dialogue. With other people’s chats, this does not work. You cannot view their contents. Of course, there are many hacking methods on the Internet, but there is one “but.”

        Autopsy of other people’s correspondence is criminally punishable. You will not only ruin your relationship with a person you do not trust, but you will run into a very real fine. In the best case, the attacker faces the need to pay a considerable amount to the victim.

        How to hide chat correspondence in viber on android, iphone, pc

        We already talked about how to hide chat on android. It can be hidden as well as a conversation with several people, that is, a group. The algorithm for the iPhone remains the same, because the software interface does not change.

        But with computers, everything is more complicated. Such an opportunity is simply not provided for PC owners. In the future, developers promise to add it, but so far we only have empty words.

        How to hide messages from the dialogue in vibera on android, iphone and pc

        As already mentioned, the ability to hide from prying eyes text or voice messages is impossible. There is no such function anywhere: neither on smartphones, nor on computers, nor in a half-working web version.

        Use the removal method already mentioned. Just demolish objectionable chats and individual pieces of correspondence in them. This will not leave a single trace. You will not raise suspicion from the one who picks up the smartphone.

        Opportunities to adjust privacy are a chance to close all your personal data from the curious. There is nothing to do without hiding personal information on the Internet. You can get into trouble!

        • There are no extra messages.
        • No one will see anything.
        • You can not twitch from useless chats.
        • Such a person seems too closed.
        • This is suspicious.

        The topic of personal data protection with the development of the World Wide Web has become extremely relevant. The whole life of people, in fact, was in the palm of our hands: we learn about the friends’ birthdays from the Internet, and other users even indicate their addresses on social networks. Such carelessness leads to serious consequences.

        In the open access, I must say, our data is also in the messengers. How to protect information about yourself? Let’s see if it is possible to hide the number in Viber and what information the application allows you to disguise from prying eyes.

        How to find out the phone number of the interlocutor

        The contact details of any person with whom you correspond in Viber will be available.

        You can view the phone number of the interlocutor both from a smartphone (the algorithm is the same for iPhone and Android users), and from a computer and tablet.

        From smartphone

        You can view the number and status of the user of interest in several ways:

        1. From chat with correspondence

        • On the left in each chat in Viber an icon with a photo of the interlocutor is displayed. Click on it.
        • You will see information about the user, including his phone number.

        2. From an empty chat

        If there was no correspondence with the person, you need to do the following:

        • Open the chat, in the upper right part of it click on three points.
        • In the menu that appears, select the “Information” option, an avatar and a phone number will open.

        3. From the magazine “Challenges”

        If you spoke verbally with a person, or if he tried to call you, then information about this will be recorded in the “Calls” submenu (in the bottom middle in the main window of Viber):

        1. We click on the inscription “Challenges”.
        2. In the contact list that opens, we find the desired one.
        3. Click on the profile picture. Before you opened all the information about the user.
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        From computer

        You can also find out the number of the interlocutor from the desktop version of the program:

        1. Open Viber, find the chat you want, remember the username.
        2. In the search bar (at the top of the display) we drive in the name of a friend.
        3. The search will display contact details, next to which a phone number will be displayed.

        Reasons for hiding numbers

        As we have seen, finding a number of any person from the contact list is a matter of a couple of seconds. On the one hand, it is convenient.

        On the other hand, your friend or foe will easily view your number. Someone like this seems unsafe.

        The question begs: can you not show your number in Viber?

        Is it possible to hide a contact in Viber

        Hide your contact in Viber will not work, the application developers have not provided such a function. Any participant in the correspondence, including group, can easily see the profile data.


        To hide a friend’s phone number in Viber also will not work. The principle of the program is the same for all contacts.

        Benefits of Private Chat

        We will tell you how to set up hidden chat below, but for now let’s dwell on its features:

        1. Information about the dialogue, like himself, will be inaccessible to the eyes of others.
        2. The entrance to the “secret cabinet” protects a password that only you know.
        3. When you receive SMS from such chats, notifications do not appear on the smartphone screen.

        How to hide Viber on the phone

        You can hide not only chat on the phone, but also completely Viber. In this case, the “traces” of the messenger will be encrypted. Really hide some of the information, but first things first.

        Whole application

        To hide the Viber icon on the phone, you need to activate root-rights, that is, become a “superuser”. This will open up a number of possibilities, but your device will lose the guarantee, the smartphone may “hang”.

        Now only you can get into the messenger. Even if the phone is lost, an outsider will not be able to find your chats. The method, it must be said, is cardinal and we do not recommend resorting to it.


        In order for push notifications with the beginning of the message not to appear on the display, do the following:

        1. Open the application, click on the three “” strips at the bottom of the screen.
        2. Go to the “Settings” menu.
        3. We click on the section “Notifications”.
        4. We remove the daws from all the items you do not need.

        Calls and Messages

        We talked about the benefits of covert correspondence, let’s move on to setting it up:

        1. Open the contact list in Viber.
        2. Choose the one you need, hold it with your finger.
        3. In the pop-up menu, click “Hide contact.”
        4. In the window that appears, enter the password.

        After these manipulations, a dialogue with a person in the general list of your chats will not be displayed. Where then to find a conversation with him? In the search bar (magnifying glass image) we drive in the password. In order to return the chat “in place”, you need to open a dialogue and, holding the person’s avatar, click on “Make chat visible”.

        Group chat

        By the same principle, group dialogs can be hidden.

        The Viber application does not allow you to hide the number, but you can still close part of the information in it. It is allowed to hide the entire application, but only drastic measures can result in a broken phone. In general, your phone number in Viber is visible only to users of the application.