How To Glue A Protective Glass On An Iphone

Many iPhone owners are trying to treat the device as carefully as possible. For this, various covers, bumpers and protective glasses are bought.

Here we will tell you how to quickly and easily stick a protective glass without “defects” in the process.

How to do it

Before glue the protective glass, remove the iPhone case. If the iPhone display is already covered with old film or glass. feel free to remove it. Wash your hands thoroughly to prevent dirt from entering the screen.

Gluing is best in a well-lit place to see every speck on the device’s screen. Well, select the cleanest surface for the glass sticker.

Getting down

Step 1. We clear the display of iPhone.

To do this, use any microfiber cloth to not leave anything superfluous on the screen.

You can also use an alcohol cloth, and then wipe the display with a microfiber cloth with a soft cloth.

Step 2. In addition, we clean the smartphone screen with the help of a complete adhesive tape or any other sticker.

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Just touch the display with tape and lift it back. The adhesive surface will collect dust.

Step 3. Now you need to remove the protective film from the adhesive side of the glass and attach it to the screen.

Important: Hold the glass by the edges so as not to leave unnecessary marks on it.

Step 4. Gently place the glass on the iPhone screen.

If the glass is good, it will lie on the screen of the smartphone. But for greater certainty, you can smooth it out yourself.

Swipe through the center of the smartphone and begin to smooth until all bubbles are removed. If there are any small bubbles, take a plastic card and, slightly pressing it, pass it on places of formation of bubbles.

In this instruction we used glass mocoll. And it’s not just that

When you look sadly at the iPhone, whose display is covered with a ruthless mesh, it’s too late to think about protection. The manufacturer of protective accessories Mocoll took care of the consumer in advance.

All brand products are designed in such a way that the buyer spends a minimum of time gluing protective glass.

Considering that the Chinese brand Mocoll (our review) has been producing protective glasses for several years, the engineers of the company have thousands of hours spent in research laboratories.

How to Glue a Protective Glass on an iPhone

Glasses are made using high-tech equipment and during processing receive a number of important properties. Glasses from Mocoll:

  • Have a thickness of just 0.33 mm. The glass is uniform and has equal thickness at any point. Among glass makers, Mocoll has one of the lowest percentages of manufacturing tolerance.
  • Mocoll glasses easily tolerate the action of sharp objects and do not crumble into shards upon impact.
  • Hardness at 9H on the Mohs scale. Higher only in diamond.
  • There is an oleophobic coating on the glass, so after gluing you will not feel any tactile changes from interacting with the iPhone screen.
  • Mocoll delivers its products in a rich package. The kit has everything to stick glass without additional purchases and searches for a piece of cloth or a plastic card to eliminate bubbles.
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Mocoll has several options for protective glasses. 2,5D, 3D and advanced development. 3D-glass with elastic edges to match the color of the device.

As you can see above, installing Mocoll safety glasses is very simple. Due to the presence of a special silicone layer, you can not worry about the appearance of hated bubbles during gluing.

For every taste, color and wallet

Mocoll, in the literal sense of the word, has glass of any shape and size. The range includes glasses for tablets and smartphones (and not just Apple), there is protection for the MacBook.

Among the most interesting options are special glass with eye protection.

It works so that after gluing, you can see what is happening on the iPhone’s display only strictly at a certain angle. That is, you, as the owner, can easily correspond or watch a movie, and the passenger sitting next to the bus with all the desire will not see anything.

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Glasses are arranged in such a way that they refract the light coming from the screen, making the picture inaccessible to others.

Mocoll glasses are very popular. The accessories of this manufacturer are used by many service centers and workshops. They are really very durable.

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