How to give the Internet from Samsung on iPhone

How to distribute the Internet from the Samsung smartphone (Android 7.0) by wi-fi

In this small instruction, I will show how to give the Internet via Wi-Fi from the Samsung phone. I had the opportunity to write instructions on the example of the Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone, with an already installed new Android 7 system.0 nougat. The same as on Samsung Galaxy S8 and other models. I think this article will be relevant for a long time and will be useful to many. In fact, setting the function “Access point and modem” on Android 7.0 is very simple, as on other versions and devices. But many users have all questions about this function.

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We will distribute mobile Internet on Wi-Fi network to other devices. You can connect other smartphones, laptops, TVs and other devices. Samsung phone will be in the role of a router. In the settings “Access point and modem” can also be distributed to the Internet via Bluetooth and even on USB cable. Bluetooth is not very relevant now, but the cable can come in handy. For example, if you need an Internet on a stationary computer on which there is no Wi-Fi adapter. You can use the phone as a wired modem to enter the Internet through mobile operator.

Note! Since we will distribute mobile Internet, I advise you to clarify the terms of your tariff plan. What is your megabyte limit and what is the limit on the limit. The device connected to the access point can pump out all the traffic, and an additional fee may be charged.

Some operators block the distribution of the Internet to other devices. Therefore, there is an option that it may not work will share the Internet.

How to set the phone for distribution

Before distributing Wi-Fi with iPhone 7 or apparatus of another series, it is necessary to enable the modem function in the settings. To do this, take such steps:

There are situations when there is no modem mode in the phone. In this case, you need to know how to include Wi-Fi on the iPhone. The algorithm of actions:

  • Enter information in the sections of the cell data and the modem mode. It is required to specify the APN, the name and password of the user. This data can be clarified by the provider. For example, for MTS in all cases, the name of the network is prescribed.

At the last stage, reboot the device. If the work is done correctly, you can distribute Wi-Fi with iPhone 4s and 4 (relevant for other versions) after turning on the modem mode and wireless network. With a successful connection, you can see the number of devices using a new profile.

give, internet, samsung, iphone

Existing opportunities for the Internet distribution with iPhone

There are 3 ways how to distribute the Internet on the iPhone:

  • Wi-Fi. This is the most convenient option, and only if there is no such function, another method is selected.
  • Through the cable connected to the USB port.
  • According to Bluetooth. A rare way, difficult to organize.

For natural reasons. The lack of communication in a given area or with a particular operator. It is impossible to distribute the Internet. In other situations, these methods will work, and if difficulties arise, the settings of the cellular.

give, internet, samsung, iphone

If the phone can hardly catch 3G, its switching to the access point mode makes little sense. The connection will be extremely bad.

How to give the Internet from phone on iPad?

On the device that needs to be connected, select Wi-Fi “Settings” and find in the iphone or iPad list. Then click the Wi-Fi network, to which you need to connect. If necessary, enter a password for modem mode.

How to share the Internet from Samsung smartphone

To activate the Wi-Fi access point you will need “Settings”. Next, select the “Connections” item. Then select “Mobile access point and modem”. Now you need to configure the entry data, for which you click on the “mobile access point”.

There are restrictions, low speed, without access to the Internet

It happens that we set up the distribution of the Internet, everything works on the phone, connected other devices, but the Internet does not work on them. Or it works, but very slowly, low speed. Or maybe it only works for some time, after which the message appears “without access to the Internet”. It happens that SMS comes from the operator, with information about writing off a certain sum, or that the traffic limit ends.

All this can be for various reasons. For example, low speed due to the fact that your phone does not even catch 3G, but uses a 2G network. Or “without access to the Internet” on the same computer because of some kind of problems in Windows (in this case, try to distribute to another computer). But most often the reason is the restrictions on the part of the mobile operator.

I wrote about this at the very beginning of the article. Indeed, now almost all operators, on almost all tariff plans, either completely forbid their subscribers to distribute the Internet to other devices, or they limit this opportunity, or remove an additional fee for this. Even at unlimited tariffs. I already talked about this in a separate article: the Internet does not work when distributing from the phone.

If this is your case, then there are not many options:

  • Will agree to the terms of the operator (usually this is an additional fee).
  • Do not give the Internet from your smartphone. Or change the tariff to another where it is allowed to do.
  • Use a variety of ways to circumvent blocking. Actual solutions can be found in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the article on the link above. Only if it was not difficult to get around these restrictions earlier, then in 2020 the same MTS began to use more serious technologists to determine the “violators”. In addition to TTL, they are monitored by requests that come from the devices you connected. For example, when Windows, antivirus, or other programs are updated. There are requests that should not be when using an Internet connection only on the phone.

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Types of Internet distribution via the phone

We will tell you how to apply each type of distribution. This is their difference:

Internet distribution via wi-fi

You can make a personal access point from your smartphone. She is ready to distribute a Wi-Fi network to which you can connect from its computer, TV, tablet or other device that receives Wi-Fi. If you have a mobile Internet with a solid speed, you can connect not even one device. The method is good, but there is a minus. The battery is too fast, so in this regard it will better stop on another data transfer option.

Internet distribution by bluetooth

If you transmit the Internet via Bluetooth, then it will be much slower than Wi-Fi, but less energy will be used. You can also share a connection at once with only one device via Bluetooth. This is not the best connection option if, of course, your goal is not to stretch the battery work.

Internet distribution via USB

USB connection via cable has the highest network transfer speed, but you must install a smartphone connection with a desktop via USB. With this transmission of the network, the battery will not lose the level of charge, since the power is from the USB-snore of the computer.

Problems and their solutions

Now you know how to distribute the Internet from the phone to the Samsung tablet, laptop, PC, TV or other smartphone, which allows you to use the mobile device as a modem. But the connection is not always possible the first time. The reason may be errors in the settings, malfunctions in the work of the OS or other situations. Below consider what to do for each of the methods of connecting.

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When used as a USB modem, Windows errors or problems with the device may appear. In this case, you need to apply for advice to the manufacturer. If the icon appears, but the Internet does not connect, check the setting of the mobile network on the Samsung Galaxy and make sure that there is the necessary amount on the SIM card. The quality of the coating is no less important. If the settings are made correctly, but it does not work to connect to the Internet, restart the device and make another attempt.

If you decide to distribute the Internet with Samsung via Wi-Fi, but you can’t do this, check the correctness of the password entered. If the connection icon appears, but there is no connection, make sure the correctness of setting up the mobile network on Samsung Galaxy. Also check the score and signal quality. With proper tuning, but the absence of the Internet, restart Samsung and another device.