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Working codes for clothes in Roblox 2021

In Roblox, like almost any game, there are own codes. They can give users any clothes for free. With their help, you can decorate the appearance of your hero, without spending a ruble from your own means. In order to realize this, you just need to know the working codes for clothes in Roblox and where to enter them. In order to deal with this and this article has been created. Now there are both workers and non.working codes that can be activated in this game. It is worth starting with those that are relevant now.

roblox, foam, hand

Having received codes mentioned earlier, many users cannot imagine what needs to be done with them. In order to get the above things, you need to perform the most simple actions:

  • First you need to follow the link https: // www.Roblox.COM/Promocodes.
  • In the upper right corner you need to click on the “log in” and enter data from your account.
  • Enter the code in the right corner, where Enter Your Code is written and enjoy the result.

INOLOWS AND THIS CODS FREE OF FREE CLOTHING in ROBLOLS that have already stopped working. Over time, unfortunately, the developer decided to remove them from the list available in the game. They looked as follows:

TOYRUEADPHONES2020 Getting headphones Techno Rabbit
100YEARSOFNFL Golden ball for football.
Fashionfox Hood
Thifflewup Beautiful wings to decorate the appearance of the character
FloatingFavorite The frame with the heart
Gamestoppro2019 Pharaoh’s cap.
TARGETOWLPAL2019 Autumn bird that is attached to the shoulder
Smythsshades2019 Black and stylish glasses.
Gamestopbatpack2019 A coffin that can be attached to the back.
Happycamper Bright headdress
Retrocruiser Excellent bike
Starcourtmallstyle A complete set of clothes.
FeedingTime Flying rat. This is a full.fledged assistant
LiverpoolScarvesup Sha, suitable for those who are rooting for Liverpool in football.
JurassicWorld Glasses, the appearance of which are dedicated to the release of the film “Jurassic period”.
EbgamesblackFriday Black-blue tie.
Kingoftheseas Sea hat decorated with accessories.
ILOVETHEBLOXYS Creates a hat with popcorn in the very top
Robloxstrong Special glasses.
Mothraunleated Butterfly wings
Spidermanonroblox An attractive hat.
OneMillionClub A hat of a funny dinosaur.
Findthekeys Protective helmet.

Free items that have been released recently

Items on this list appeared recently. It is recommended to pick them up as early as possible, because some of them are available for a limited time. Many things are handed out in interesting plays, and some will be able to pick up just like that, without even going into the game.

Comb of medium length

Stylish hair combed to the right. Can be obtained in the inventory, just by clicking on the green button “Get”.

roblox, foam, hand

Air fighter snakes

Air snakes tied to the player’s back and flying after him.

Mom Kiwi

It is an accessory in the place of a hat in the form of a bird of kiwi with an egg, which sits at the player on his head.

Dynamic heads

At the moment, you can get 3 heads with voluminous emotions. For receipt are available:

Iheartradio headphones

Red headset with a heart.shaped logo. This item cannot be bought, but you can get by playing Iheartland: Music Tycoon player. It needs to collect 20 hearts, and then the thing will be added to the inventory.

Golden hair Nars laguna

Long blond hair, to obtain which you need to enter the Nars Color Quest mode and introduce a 30klikes promotional code in it, which will get hair.

Too cool koala

Koala, which wears sunglasses and sits on the player’s neck, clasping it with his paws. To get it, just press the corresponding button in the store.

Chipotle items

New items in Honor Networks of Mexican Chipotle Mexican Cuisine can be obtained in Chipotle Burrito Builder mode. For receipt are available: T-shirt GWAA-HEE-OH TEE, Aura from vegetables and cook tunic. To obtain all things, it is enough to learn how to cook in the player.

You can get a T.shirt for free, and the rest of the things. buy for the game currency. Performing different quests in Chipotle Burrito Builder and passing events can get even more things.

roblox, foam, hand

Things Chainsmokers

CHAINSMOKERS music groups that are available free of charge in Festival Tycoon. Things are given for performing simple tasks, the list of which is in the mode.

Shorts “Manchester City”

You can get them in the man City Blue Moon. First you need to play one football match. Since online in the mode is small, it will be more convenient to create a VIP server and invite friends. When the match is finished, the shorts can be found on one of the stands. This is a great example of getting free clothes in Roblox.

Flag “Manchester City”

Like shorts, the flag is given in Man City Blue Moon mode. You need to go to the portal teleporting the Goal Kick Simulator player and get an object as a gift.

Manchester City spacecraft and T.shirt

Two more objects from Man City Blue Moon. Given for the performance of quests.

Telekom 10G satellite

Unlocked in Beatland mode. It is necessary to collect 750 coins for which in the store on the map and the satellite will be bought. Coins can be earned at work or collecting, walking on the map.

Telekom 5G helmet

This helmet is also available in Beatland after collecting all 25 parts on the map.

George Ezra’s items

In George Ezra’s Gold Rush Kid Experience, you can get the following things:

  • George Ezra’s shoes. To get them, you need to reach the river, find large fish in the pond and swim in its mouth.
  • Guitar George Ezra, for which you need to get to the concert and while it goes to collect 4 parts of the tool.
  • The emotion of the conductor. You need to go to the Gold Rush store. You can find it according to signs.
  • T.shirt with album cover. You need to find a plane and start a mini-game with it.
  • T.shirt of the group. On the map you can find 4 large flowers. This is a quiz. The correct answer to all questions will add a T.shirt to the inventory.
  • Jean jacket. In mode you can find 25 pieces of puzzle. To get a jacket, you need to collect them all.

Xbox items

In Dunking Simulator mode, you need to complete several tasks. For example, first go to the basketball court or score the first Dank.

Hello Kitty backpacks

Items are unlocked in My Hello Kitty Cafe. When playing in mode, you need to get 25 levels for unlocking the backpack. Having reached level 20, you can get a backpack in the style of the character of Hudetama. If you serve 1 thousand visitors, the bunny’s backpack will also fall into the inventory.

Vans Skate headphones

Given in the Vans SKATE PLANS store absolutely free. It is enough to visit this mode to get an accessory.

Tommy Play items

In Tommy Play, you can get several free things:

  • BMX bicycle backpack is given for passing the entry.
  • A backpack in the form of a hotdog. First you need to find a ramp for skateboarding and find a hidden door behind it. The double execution of the Back Spin trick will open it and give the subject.
  • A hat in the form of a large burger is given for a fountain jump in the Tommy Jeans store. In this case, you need to put on a backpack in the form of a hot dog.
  • The foam hand with the flag is given in the second chapter of the player. If you go around the collection place for the Freeze Tag mini-game on the spavna and fall, you can notice the clouds. They need to get to the roof of one of the houses. The desired hand will lie there, highlighted by light.
  • A belt bag, a sports jacket and pants from the brand Tommy Jeans can be bought in a store for gold coins.
  • Two emotions are given for the execution of the quest Bretzel Run. You can take it for execution from street dancers. They are marked with a marker, which is visible on the spavna. After finding three giant rolls, emotions will be given.
  • If you spend 6 seconds on a bicycle without touching the ground, you can get a white cap with a logo.
  • When reaching a bike speed of 100 pixels per second, you can get a blue cap. It is best to perform during any race.
  • Participation in 2 races or competitions of tricks will give a black-borded hood.
  • If you jump in a bicycle on a bike with a height of 300 pixels, a black-and-yellow hoodie will be added to the inventory.
  • To obtain black and yellow sports trousers, you need to achieve combo tricks, worth more than 10 thousand points and sunken it.
  • Two bags can be obtained by buying them at the Tommy Play store for 790 coins.
  • Shirts are given for winning the BMX bicycle race.
  • Hoods can be obtained by winning other players in the competition of tricks.

Challengi creators

Players were specially created for potential developers of new cards. It gives tests and different tutorials. For the correct answers to questions, you can get different things. Here are such challenges:

Shorts, sweaters, shoes and skirts

Face accessories



How do I get more free clothes and things in Roblox?

If you want more free items, try to play various players. The list of items that can be obtained for free in new modes is constantly changing, so this is a good way to get additional clothes, accessories, etc.D. You can also wait until they add more free things to Roblox.

When expires the validity period of the presented things?

The validity of only some proposed items may expire, but most of them are available for a long time. Nevertheless, we recommend taking any new things that appear as soon as they become affordable. Why take risks if there is a chance that they will disappear?

What types of things and objects can be obtained for free in Roblox?

Almost all types of items for avatars are available for free. You can get hats, hair, face, neck, shoulders, back and all other accessories. It is also possible to get a full body that contains all the parts necessary for the avatar!

If you know other free things that are not in the article, or the players where you can get them, be sure to report this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below! Other players will be grateful!

All free RobLox items

How to get free RobLox items?

If you want to get these items for free, you can find below links for each item (clothing, equipment, accessories and much more). Elements are sorted by type.

After clicking on the link, the catalog page will open. Do not forget to enter your account! Then just click the “Get” button and the subject will be yours. Pretty simple, right?

Пример: страница каталога с бесплатным Eggphone.

Rep, hip-hop, foreign music and so on

Choose any task and perform it using the correct answers that can be seen on our site, here is a link to the answers of all these quiz.

I play Bravl Stars, but I eat chili pepper at every defeat players like to impress friends with loud music. You can find powerful tracks in our list of compositions. The most sonorous of them are created on low.frequency basses. Most often, such tracks are made by morgenenster and Western performers and musicians. And if you have questions, ask them to me!

Codes for clothes and things Roblox

Players can get many different things for free, for which they had to pay before. This is not only hair or hairstyles, there are also accessories for a warrior, jewelry, clothes and weapons. And also skins for your pets, which can also be changed. Try to use the following codes to obtain game items.

  • Growingtogether14. capture of a birthday man with a blue boot and festive pouring;
  • Toybackpack2020. a cheerful and handsome green backpack, which can be applied both to the character of a girl and a boy;

New working promotional codes of Roblox for October 2022

Roblox is a multi-user online platform that allows users to create their own games and play them created by other users. The platform contains games and virtual worlds created by users, covering a wide range of genres, from traditional races and role.playing games to simulators and obstacle lanes. As of October 2022, Roblox has more than 210 million active users per month, while more than half of all children under the age of 16 in the United States play it.

Promo codes in video games are considered one of the most popular types of obtaining items or virtual awards. Many games have official codes that you should either purchase or find on the Internet (communities, forums, sites). Roblox promotional codes allow you to get virtual currency and unique things.

To get them should replenish your account or buy a paid product and you will receive a unique code. There are many codes on the Internet, which are provided to every user absolutely free.

Important! If you are offered to download any application or software, most likely there will be a virus in it. Thus, you will not only not get your virtual money, but also harm your computer.

List of current Roblox codes

Below we will publish all possible ways to obtain free items in Roblox, some things are available for the input of the promotional code, some are available by links, to obtain some items, it is necessary to perform several simple actions.

So that you do not lose time and know what could you get earlier, we publish a list of no longer working codes in Roblox

Image of objectapanazovanikod / link / method of obtaining
Holidy Snowman backpack (festive snowman) The link is outdated
Backpack backpack (festive snowman) The code is outdated: 100milseguidores
Hat “Safer Internet Day 2021 Cap” (cap World Security Day on the Internet 2021) The link is outdated
Glasses and cap “Nerf” The event is over
Mechanical wings in Roblox The event is over
Natsu Matsury backpack The event is over
Headphones-Succulents “Black Prince” The code is outdated: Joueclubheadphones2020
Headphones “Dimio Triangle” The code is outdated: Smythsheadphones2020
Robes-Robes “Biryuzovaya Techno” The code is outdated: Toyruheadphones2020
Golden football The code is outdated: 100YEARSOFNFL
Hyper soaring heart The code is outdated: floatingfavorite
Schutter Flyers wings) The code is outdated: thisflewup
A luminous hood The code is outdated: fashionfox
Bat backpack The code is outdated: Gamestopbatpack2019
Sharp, terrible shadows The code is outdated: Smythsshades2019
Autumn shoulder friend The code is outdated: targetowlpal2019
The magnificent pharaoh of the sun The code is outdated: Gamestoppro2019
Soft felt hat in fire strip The code is outdated: Happy2019Roblox
Neapolitan crown The code is outdated: Barnesnoblegameon19
Sha Funct of the Liverpool football team The code is outdated: LiverpoolScarvesup
Winged rats The code is outdated: feedingtime
Eleven’s Mall outfit The code is outdated: StarcourtmallStele
Bicycle T.shirt The code is outdated: Retrocruiser
Cap “You know where the camp” is Dustin The code is outdated: Happycamper
Super social shadows The code is outdated: Robloxstrong
Hat Popcorn “Time for the show” The code is outdated: ilovethebloxys
Water hat decorated with precious stones The code is outdated: Kingoftheseas
Neonovo blue tie The code is outdated: EbgamesblackFriday
Sunny glasses of the “Jurassic World” The code is outdated: JurassicWorld
Helmet Ioi The code is outdated: findthekeys
Playful red dinosaur The code is outdated: OneMillionClub!
The mask of a spider is a mask The code is outdated: spidermanonroblox
Wings of the motors The code is outdated: Mothraunleated
Falling heart The code is outdated: Robloxig500k
Shades of the next blue bird The code is outdated: RobLoxrocks500k
Visor of the next blue bird The code is outdated: Weareeroblox300!
Hat “12th birthday” The code is outdated: Happy12birthDayroblox
The purple hood of centuries The code is outdated: 200ktwitch
All.metal cylinder The code is outdated: target2018
Golden headphones “24 thousand” The code is outdated: Goldenheadphones2017
Straw hat “South-West” The code is outdated: SXSW2015
“Crown of Electric Guitars” The code is outdated: Rossmanncrown2021
Hat “Flamingo Hat” (Flamingo) The code is outdated: Mercadolibrefedora2021
Hat “Mint Hat” (mint with target) The code is outdated: targetminthat2021
Accessory “Snow Friend” (Stone Friend) The code is outdated: Amazonfriend2021
Hat “Cat Head” (cat’s head) The code is outdated: SmythScat2021
Hat “Steel Rabbit Ears” (steel rabbit ears) The code is outdated: WalmartMexears2021
Weapon “Keyboard” (keyboard) The code is outdated: RobLoxedu2021
Hat “Arctic cat ninja” (Arctic cat-ninja) Enter the code: rihappycat2021

How to activate codes in Roblox?

To activate free codes for Roblox, you need:

Go to the code activation section or go by direct link

Activate in the system, enter the desired code to complete, click on the green button for activation

Solve a puzzle so that the system understands that you are not a robot.

The new content instantly becomes available, for equipment, go to your inventory.

Actual codes appear constantly, allowing you to return to Roblox again and again for new impressions!

Morgenstern songs in Roblox

We also did not leave the codes to the songs of Morgenstern aside. over the years of the work of this rapper, it was able to capture the hearts of millions of listeners.

Four Ukrainians 4624923750
Din-Don 4621529210
Intercom 4607097975
New gelding 3767981596
Like this 3767981596
She/it 4624968216
Cadillac 5156363025
Cadillac [loud bass] 5152538212
Red wine 4618708841
Palmagophyte 1484228996
I am dust 4645828905
Last 4618707783
Uff, money 2678211078
I fuck 4488347482
Legendary 4615686758
I ate my grandfather 4613275288
New Cadillac 5029811743
I smoke grass 2714942703
Baby 4796034622
Sales 5231966830
Green.eyed defend 2714953923
Pam-pam-pam 2717372934
OPA 4847324387
Intercom 5218104052
Guerra 3602631544
Graduates 1485510844
Dance 4992327895
Language to the tongue 4881835129
Wild 5186372891
Red wine 4818098978

Songs from Tick-Tok to Roblox

Tik-Tok, becoming one of the most popular platforms, united many people. Challengi, lipsing, motivational videos, dancing, etc literally all the work of this project is saturated with musical notes. Below is a list of ID codes to TIK current songs, which are still at the top of popular sounds among millions of users.

Hit or Miss 2579777475
EH AH 2607451802
Glitch Song [Full Version] 2685404504
Good Girls Bad Guys 2479041939
Carel Basket 5104210645
Megalonvania 1772515328
Hit or Miss, I Guess She took the Kids 2618257985
Mashup 4894281940
Short 4511679364
Rindu Semalam 4913183603
Madness 3259111558
Riddim Anthem [Hit or Miss] 2641704740
Goth Girl What’s New Scooby Doo 2757378470
Da da da [mikis remix] 4656196285
Fly Me to the Moon [Cover by Bencantread] 4180616356
J. Cole. Work out [somo remix] 5035925600
SLAVA 4965237180
3racha. 쓰리라차 3838950019
Shuffle 4512058841
Eyes Blue Like the Atlantic 5913046021
IF You’re Homeless Just Go Buy A House 3233209757
Friends Don’t Lie 4577580685
MAKE SOME 2763105115
Undertale Ost 023 Shop [loud] 3722190685
Yoshi. I ash you 1938950804
Pump it up [remix] 3724943633
Kesha [Cover] 5405825847
Go Go Who’s Next 5239826042
Maribou State. Tongue 4917615796
Süng bắt dầu từ gió 2545230067
Có anh o dây rồi 2425823109
Bỏ ra bạn ê 4657990941
Kamu Adalah Inspirasiku [remix] 581912015
Emang Aku Syantik Bài Hát [remix] 2692493869
Bà là bá lá bà là 2545231337
Ytiet Tik Tok Counting Song 5544830943
Kháng Lý Do. Cracker_zaki 5040362989
Roly Poly-T-ARA 4868486468
DJ Adambarai. Princess Imelda 5809583177
Bên anh dê.Nay 3205960568
講 真的 慢搖 edm [remix] 3995197152
Salamat Master [remix] 5815616985
Swagger [by carliouz] 5799385397
DJ Pelangi Pelangi Viral. Princess Imelda 5810364721
Join Tik Tok Parkour 5285069311

NARS color quests. Roblox. September 2022.

All the operating Nars Color Quest codes in one updated list. the Roblox game from NARS. use these codes to receive sand dollars, objects and other awards and other exclusive gifts.

Actual codes

Use these codes to receive sand dollars, items and other awards and other exclusive gifts.

We will update this list of codes, follow the updates

NARS Color Quest channels on social networks:

  • : @Narscosmetics
  • Discord channel: https: // discord.GG/Nars
  • YouTube: NARS cosmetics
  • Join the Roblox: https: // www.Roblox.COM/Games/10204556059/Update-Nars-Color-Quest

Frequently asked questions about Nars Color Quest codes. how to activate?

See how YouTubert Gaming Dan uses these codes in this

How to play Nars Color Quest? Roblolo playing a color quest sled.

Welcome to the NARS color quest

Calling all adventurers! Welcome to Nars Color Quest. Gather to collect all the shades of Nars, complement the virtual palette of makeup, create images that express your personality, and share them with the whole world!

Update: Island reflecting light expanded! Collect 9 new shades and a completely new ability! Find your way with a map!

  • Explore the islands to collect shadows
  • Find hidden shadows to unlock abilities
  • Create endless images using an arbitrary makeup setup tool. Expand your artistry!
  • Make a selfie, share it with Snapshot and get into the tape tape
  • Get to know Francois Nars, the founder, creative director and organizer of Color Quest.
  • Earn sand dollars to spend them in the NARS store on Avatar and cosmetics.
  • Decorate your avatar with exclusive virtual products NARS from ROBLOX.
  • Come in every day to get free daily awards!

Like our game to unlock the awards!

The most loud music in ID Roblox

4551349954 4565145770 3259546559 5074756354 5375530295 5864135092 5387132950 5386632720 9129999313 5387905755 5387323204 2598961618 4923641974 5386111157 5385605245 5463263203 5061374437 4532554291
  • Blammed 6156162528
  • BopeBO 6244085956
  • Breakfast 6334676190
  • COCOA 6275968898
  • DAD BATTLE IS 6244091368
  • Eggnog 6275970386
  • Fresh 6244094753

How to add your music

You can also add your own music in Roblox by loading it from a computer. This service is paid, so the easiest way is described above. To download your tracks, you need to go to the Develop section, that is, “Development”. Among the many values ​​you need to choose Audio and load your music.

After you successfully pay for the service and download the songs. they will appear in your playlist on the site. During the game you can switch and listen to interesting compositions.

Another way: register a whole script. Suitable for those who know how to create their own cards and often work with the designer Roblox. Stages:

  • We go to the designer
  • In the left panel, instead of Models, select Audio
  • Choose music and select Starter on the right panel. Click and move into a drop.down menu. We need item: Insert Objects
  • Find Localscript
  • We delete everything that is in the script field and insert “Game.Workspace.Sound: Play “.
  • Insert any ID into the brackets.

Additionally, you can get acquainted with the work of this script using videos on YouTube on the same time on the Roblox website itself. The script is in the store in the public domain for developers.

Using the designers, you can add music to the background for your map, as well as configure the sound volume parameters and the constant repetition of the melody. Some cards have a musical accompaniment, which turns on after the user does something. This is interesting and convenient for developers, if you plan to create a really cool card in the plans.

Purple hair in Roblox

You can get purple hair in Roblox in several ways. These include both free and paid options. We will analyze only free methods that will help you get a chic, purple hair =)

You can find free purple hair in the usual Avatar Shop store. To do this, you need to enter a Hair Free or Purple Free into the search line. Avatar store is constantly updated and you can get exclusive things.

NEW Maroon, Violet, Purple, & Lavender Morphs in Rainbow Friends Concepts


Codes are another way to get purple hair in robox. You can use them in Roblox Studio when creating NPS or changing the appearance of players, including yourself. Follow the update and the appearance of new codes for hairstyles and other things in Roblox.

164482409 5842958225 4685000486
1180432690 5865722877 5064368031
6572894945 6311266062 398673423
878922157 5063916112 846803597