How To Get Password From Apple Id

An Apple ID is an account assigned to the owner of an iPhone when registering with Apple Inc. Without it, the user will have to limit himself to a minimum set of functions: he will be able to take a screen on an iPhone, make a call and listen to music, but he will not be able to synchronize data; will not exit and upload files to iCloud. How to find out Apple ID of your device without unnecessary difficulties. let’s try to figure it out.

How to find out your Apple ID?

If the phone is working, the graphic password is known and, in general, the user does not have any difficulties except logging into the account, you can find out your Apple ID directly on the iPhone or iPad, without connecting the device to the computer and without contacting customer support.

Important: Apple ID is displayed in several sections of the menu, and in addition, in embedded applications, so finding it is not difficult.

In settings”

The easiest way to see your Apple ID is to enter the iPhone’s Settings menu. It is not possible to restore the Apple ID here, but finding the information is easy; in order not to lose it again, it is recommended to record the login on a piece of paper or store it in the “Notes” of the device.

To find the Apple ID, you need:

  • Go from the iPhone’s main menu to the “Settings” section.
  • Tap by username. in the window that opens, in addition to the Apple ID, information about connected services will appear.
  • Going a little lower on the page, go to the subsection “iTunes Store and App Store”.
  • The required data will be located at the very top of the window that opens.
  • In the same way, information can be obtained in the “Passwords and Accounts” subsection.
  • Here, in the “Accounts” menu, is the Apple user ID. provided that the device is registered in iCloud.
  • You can also find out your Apple ID in the “About this device” subsection. it is still in the same “Settings” section.

On the App Store

Neither the first nor the previous methods will help the owner of the device who has forgotten the password on the iPhone. simply because in order to access the menu items, you must first unlock the iPhone.

How to Get Password From Apple Id

In the iTunes Store. In iTunes on a computer

To find out your Apple ID on a personal computer, you need to adhere to the following algorithm:

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC or laptop using a USB cable or wirelessly and start the program.
  • Once left-click on the inscription “Account”. the Apple ID will be presented in the very top line of the drop-down list.
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Important: if the owner of the equipment has not tried to synchronize the iPhone with the computer before, you won’t be able to recognize your Apple ID in this way, because for the initial authorization you will need to enter your login and password.

Similarly, you can see your Apple ID using the iCloud computer application — or in the Find iPhone program if you’ve used it at least once.

How to find out Apple ID on a locked iPhone?

A user who decides to lock the iPhone and is not able to unlock it back, for obvious reasons, will not be able to recognize your Apple ID directly on the device. However, do not be upset: there are alternative and no less convenient ways. We’ll talk about the two simplest.

On a trusted device

Apple Inc. not only allows the owner of the iPhone or iPad to pair several devices under the same account, but almost insists on it. Such intrusiveness can be beneficial: if you forget the Apple ID of one phone or tablet, you can see it on another trusted device. just as described earlier, just enter the iTunes Store and App Store or Passwords and Accounts subsection.

On the official website of the manufacturer

Another way to find a blocked iPhone’s Apple ID is to use the convenient form on Apple Inc. To do this, you need:

  • Go to the manufacturer’s portal at and, after waiting for the main page to load, click on the tablet’s icon in the upper right corner.
  • In the list that opens, select the “Login” line.
  • Follow the link “Forgot your Apple ID or password?”.
  • Click in the next window on the link “Find it” in the field “If you forgot your Apple ID.”.
  • In the online form that opens, enter your first name, last name and email address, which the account was supposedly entered into, and then click on the “Continue” button. the desired information will appear on a new page.
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Important: the user may have to go through several email options. Obtaining an Apple ID from the first try is not always possible, but the number of attempts is unlimited. you can guess as many as you like.

Using paid services

Above, a story was promised about two ways to find out Apple ID on a locked phone; there are really two of them. in spite of the annoying advertisements, receiving information on the basis of IMEI, UDOD and other wonderful abbreviations will not work.

Indeed, the Apple ID is tied to an individual iPhone or iPad number, however, Apple, taking care of the safety of customers, does not transmit information about the login and IMEI correspondence to anyone and does not distribute it itself. All services and applications currently available on the Internet either do not work at all, or honestly notify visitors that they are closed, or created with the intention of extracting personal data from the user, including IMEI, or money.

In addition, why waste time and look for a long sequence of numbers, if you can use the two above, completely safe and free ways? The owner of the iPhone, no doubt, can act on their own, however, to risk savings or privacy, without having the slightest reason, is at least unreasonable.

How to find the Apple ID of the previous owner?

If the iPhone was bought by hand and the new owner did not bother to immediately find out the Apple ID from the seller, and cannot call or write for any reason, there are two ways out of the situation. we’ll talk about them.

Go through previous options

It is worth checking all the methods listed above again. if the former owner did not manage to deauthorize, the Apple ID will remain in the “Settings” menu. In addition, if an e-mail address was specified in the announcement of the sale or communication was carried out via e-mail, you should try to find the Apple ID on the manufacturer’s website, indicating the name and the seller’s name. Did not help? Then there remains only one way that does not compromise the personal data of the new owner and does not threaten his wallet.

Contact Support

Apple ID is firmly attached to the iPhone, and resetting it by flashing it will not work. The user will have to write and call Apple support, convince specialists in all available ways that he really has the right to own the device and, accordingly, to change the account. It is impossible to predict how much time and effort it will take; that is why purchasing an iPhone from an individual, even if the previous owner inspires full confidence, is not recommended.

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Contact Support Apple Inc. can be as follows:

  • Go to the official website of the manufacturer and click on the item “Support”.
  • Going down a new page, click on the “Want to talk?” the “Contact Apple Support” link. “Community” located next door will definitely not help removing restrictions on Apple ID.
  • On the new page, click on the item Apple ID.
  • Next. “Other sections about Apple ID.”
  • By selecting “Delete account” on a new page, the user will be able to proceed with communication with a specialist.
  • Clicking on the first link will not bring any results. it is best to immediately select a call to the operator.
  • In the window that opens, the owner of the phone must indicate his name, surname, contact number and email address, and then click on “Continue”. a free specialist will call in a few minutes.

Important: the exact same result can be achieved by using the neighboring one. “Deactivate the account” instead of the “Delete account” button.

The new owner of the phone should get ready for the most detailed questions: when, where and from whom he bought his device. We’ll have to give the last name, first name and number of the previous owner, as well as prepare data about the device. IMEI may also be useful. You can’t count on instant results: even with the most optimistic development of events, removing an Apple ID will take at least one to two weeks.

To summarize

You can find out your Apple ID in the iPhone’s Settings menu, as well as in the App Store, iTunes Store applications and in the stationary version of iTunes. If the phone is locked, you can receive information using a trusted device or on the company’s official website. It will be possible to find the Apple ID of the former owner without his help by carefully viewing the stored data; if the search did not return results, you must contact the support service. the specialist, having asked the necessary questions, will be able to deactivate the old account, which will allow the owner to create a new one.