How to Get Password from a Windows 7 Computer

How to Get Password from a Windows 7 Computer

Setting a password on the computer allows you to protect information in your account from unauthorized persons. But sometimes an unpleasant situation such as the loss of this code expression for entering the OS can happen to the user. In this case, he will not be able to log into his profile or even he will not be able to start the system at all. Let’s find out how to find out a forgotten password or restore it if necessary on Windows 7.

Password recovery methods

We must say right away that this article is intended for those situations when you forgot your own password. We strongly advise you not to use the options described in it for hacking someone else’s account, as this is unlawful and can cause legal consequences.

Depending on the status of your account (administrator or regular user), you can find out the password from it using internal OS tools or third-party programs. Also, the options depend on whether you want to know the forgotten code expression or just drop it in order to install a new one. Next, we will consider the most convenient options for action in various situations, in the event of the problem studied in this article.

Method 1: Ophcrack

First, consider the way to log into your account, if you forgot your password, using a third-party program. Ophcrack. This option is good in that it allows you to solve the problem regardless of the status of the profile and whether you have taken care of recovery methods in advance or not. In addition, with its help, you can precisely recognize the forgotten code expression, and not just reset it.

  1. After downloading, unzip the downloaded Zip archive, which contains Ophcrack.

Then, if you can log into the computer as an administrator, go to the folder with the unpacked data, and then go to the directory that corresponds to the bit depth of the OS: “X64”. For 64-bit systems, “X86”. For 32-bit. Next, run the ophcrack.Exe file. Be sure to activate it with administrative authority. To do this, right-click on its name and select the appropriate item in the pop-up context menu.

If you forgot the password for the administrator account, then in this case you must first install the downloaded Ophcrack program on LiveCD or LiveUSB and boot using one of the two specified media. The program interface will open. Click on the button “Load”, located on the program toolbar. Next, in the drop-down menu, select “Local SAM with samdumping2”.

A table appears in which data about all profiles in the current system will be entered, and the name of the accounts is displayed in the column “User”. In order to find out the passwords for all profiles, click on the toolbar button “Crack”.

Method 2: Reset the password through the “Control Panel”

If you have access to the administrative account on this computer, but have lost the password to any other profile, then although you cannot use the system tools to find out the forgotten code expression, you can reset it and install a new one.

    Click “Start” and navigate to “Control Panel”.

Select “Accounts…”.

Go to the name again “Accounts…”.

In the list of functions, select “Manage another account”.

A window opens with a list of profiles in the system. Select the name of the account for which you forgot the password.

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The profile management section opens. Click on the item “Change Password”.

In the window that opens, change the code expression in the fields “New Password” and “Password confirmation” enter the same key that will now be used to log in to the system under this account. Optionally, you can also enter data in the prompt box. This will help you remember the code expression if you forget it next time. Then press “Change password”.

  • After that, the forgotten key expression will be reset and replaced with a new one. Now it is precisely it that needs to be used to enter the system.
  • Method 3: Reset Password in “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”

    If you have access to an account with administrative rights, then the password to any other account, if you forgot it, you can reset by entering several commands in “Command line”, launched in Safe Mode.

      Start or restart the computer, depending on what state it is currently in. After the BIOS boots up, you will hear a characteristic signal. Immediately after this, hold down the button F8.

    The screen for selecting the type of system boot will open. Using keys “Down” and “Up” in the form of arrows on the keyboard, select the name “Safe mode with command line support”, and then click Enter.

    After the system boots up, a window opens “Command line”. Enter there:

    Then click on the button Enter.

    Right there in “Command line” the entire list of accounts on this computer is displayed.

    Next, enter the command again:

    Then put a space and in the same line enter the name of the account for which you want to reset the code expression, then after a space, type in a new password, and then press Enter.

  • The key to the account will be changed. Now you can restart your computer and log in under the desired profile by entering new login information.
  • As you can see, there are several ways to restore access to the system when losing passwords. They can be implemented solely using the built-in OS tools, or using third-party programs. But if you need to restore administrative access and you don’t have a second administrator account, or if you just need to reset the forgotten code expression, namely recognize it, then only third-party software can help. Well, the best thing is simply not to forget the passwords, so that later you do not have to bother with their recovery.

    Often there are situations when you change the password or for a long time it was not entered mechanically, and it is almost impossible to play it again. Then the logical question arises: how to be and how to find out the password from the computer? But do not despair in a situation if you forget it. There are several ways you can recover your password on a computer. Some are complex, while others are very easy to use even for inexperienced computer users.

    What is a password for Windows?

    In fact, this is the basic concept of a personal computer security system, which was introduced by Windows. Since then, this formulation of the concept has not changed in any way.

    In simple terms, the password. This is a certain number of characters that identify you in the system as a specific user. In other words, you are a user who, through entering a key, personifies in Windows.

    If you lose access to personal data on your PC, then you should have information on how to find out the password from the computer, how to crack the password, and how to get into the computer system without it. The password acts as a key that gives access to the user’s desktop. Over, each user creates his own password or they can be issued by the chief administrator (in the event that this is not your personal computer, but a corporate one).

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    How to change user password?

    If you have not logged out yet and are in the Administrator panel, then you can easily reset the key without performing any special actions. You just need to go through the “Start” in the “Settings”, select the menu “User Accounts” and in the tab of the user of interest, select the menu “Reset Password”. The system will prompt you to enter a new one, you can do this procedure or leave the fields empty. Next, save the settings by clicking “OK”. This will complete the key change work.

    How to find out the password from the computer and where is it saved?

    Data is stored in the registry of the Windows operating system. Therefore, every time the system starts, it checks for compliance of the entered characters with those stored in the registry database. If there is a match, the system starts loading all the working modules of the system, and you can continue to work with the computer.

    If the entered characters did not match, the system asks you to enter the correct key again. If desired, the Administrator can enter a ban on a number of input attempts, and then the system will automatically block the user account. Unlock then it will be possible from the Administrator panel. It will be impossible to hack the system from the launch page, because in this mode user attempts are limited. The OS may ask you to enter the correct password on the computer using the prompt. But this is only if you took care of it in advance when you created it. In all other cases, you should take other methods of hacking the system to enter the OS control panel on behalf of your user.

    Password cracking for a user with limited access rights

    If this is the case when you cannot remember the combination to your account and are not a system administrator, then you need to use the system login via safe mode (press F8 before starting the system). Next, in the User’s line, enter the name of the User who is the Administrator and enter the key. This will allow you to log in to the system on behalf of the Administrator.

    When you are logged in, you need to go to the “Start” menu and through the “Control Panel” go to the “Accounts” menu. You will see a list of user profiles in front of you, among them you need to select your account. In the options menu of the user characteristics, you will find the option “Edit characteristics”. Here you need to select the option “Remove Password” or “Change Password” and enter a new one. All these changes must be saved, otherwise they will not be relevant.

    Hacking password for admin

    This is already a more complicated, but possible procedure for hacking an administrative account. It occurs using a resuscitation disk with a specific set of software. In the disk menu you need to select a copy of the OS for editing and go to the “System Restore” section. Here in the dialog settings you need to select the “Command Line”, enter regedit and confirm the launch of the program in order to edit the contents of the registry. Then you need to find the section with the name HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and select the “Load Bush” command in it. Next, open the subsection with 888 Setup and edit the value after the CmdLine key, starting it by double-clicking the mouse. In the open command line, enter the configuration cmd.Exe and save by clicking “OK”. In the next step, you must set the value to “2”, focusing on the SetupType key. Save all configurations for changes in the subsection for 888, specify the bush unload file, and restart the computer. Then enter the net user login in the username field and create a new password when you turn on the computer. And this issue with hacking the admin panel will be resolved.

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    The usual way to reset your password

    When booting the computer system, you can use the most common way to reset the password for the system. To do this, hold down the CTRL ALT DEL or CTRL SHIFT ESC key combination and restart the system through the Reset command. As a result, the key should be reset automatically, and the system will be logged in without the command line in which you need to log in.

    Reset using the Command Interpreter

    In the “Start” menu, select “Run” and enter the cmd command, then click “OK”. In the open window, enter control userpasswords2 and among the accounts select the one that is needed to reset the password. In the settings, uncheck the box “Require username and password” and save. Or go to the “User Password X” section, select “Change Password” and enter a new one (or leave it blank), save by clicking “OK”. Having done all this, close the window and try to reboot the system.

    Reset via Microsoft miniPE disk

    If you have such a disk, you can use it or download the utility from the official website and write it to a disk or flash drive. When booting the system, you need to log in to the BIOS system (F1, F2, DEL or Esc) and select the OS boot via CD-ROM or other media (USB port). After the next restart of the system, the download will occur from an external medium with the ability to log in via miniPE. Here you need to go to the “Start”, then to the “Programs” menu, then. “System Tools” and select the Password Renew option. Here, select Select Windows Folder, specify the Windows system folder and select the Renew existing user password option for the desired system user (from the drop-down list). Enter and confirm the new key combination, save and restart the system through the Reboot command. Do not forget to go into the “BIOS” and restore the boot settings from the hard drive. That’s all. The new password for the Administrator is ready for use.

    Program for passwords on a computer

    How to find out user password? Today there is nothing surprising in the fact that there are many exclusive software, including for hacking systems. There are a lot of such utilities, and all of them are available on the Internet. Features of hacking a computer system are the same as using a reset via a Microsoft miniPE disk. In fact, the same procedure for logging in through “BIOS” with changing the boot system through an external drive (flash drive, CD-ROM). The program for passwords on the computer is used for hacking and starts when it is rebooted. The only caveat: such programs are not always reliable and can damage the operating system as a whole. They can take advantage of OS vulnerabilities and inject spyware, erase registry files or delete OS.


    It is very important to know what to do when you lose your personal password. Try to create reliable and memorable keys to the system. Restoring them is not always so simple, and creating new ones can lead to the loss of personal data. Be extremely attentive to such details, because it is not always possible to find a way to find out the password from a computer.