How to get contacts back in your phone

How to restore deleted numbers on your Android

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If you haven’t made backups beforehand (and never exported them to a memory card), you risk losing everything. in an instant. We assumed it would happen to you. and in this guide we’ve collected tried and tested ways to recover contacts.

Here is a list of several easy-to-use data recovery apps for Android.

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Recover contacts via Google Contacts

If the number you need is not in the list of all your contacts, you will have to try different ways to restore it. One easy option is to use your Google Account. If you have previously synchronized your data with your Google account, all your contacts will be saved on the server. Note that this way will work only if you’ve enabled data synchronization permanently. So, to sync the contacts you have in your Google account with your device, follow the attached instructions.

Click the “Accounts” menu in the “General” section. Here you’ll see a list of all accounts saved on your device. Select the very first option. “Google.

Using data recovery software on Android

Many programs for data recovery on Android have the option of recovering contacts. Unfortunately, since all Android devices are connected via MTP (instead of USB Mass Storage as before) and the default storage is often encrypted, data recovery programs have become less effective and you can’t always recover anything with them.

Nevertheless, it’s worth trying: under favourable circumstances (supported phone model, no Hard Reset performed before) success is possible.

In a separate article Data Recovery on Android I tried to indicate first of all those programs which, according to experience, manage to get a positive result.

Restoring contacts with EaseUS Mobisaver for Android

With this utility you can recover not only contacts, but also any other data from the phone. Download the installation file from the official easeus portal.You can download and install it on your computer free of charge. Attention! Interace is in a foreign language, but this does not make it much harder.

To work with this software, you must have root rights on your phone. Also, additionally enable the “For Developer” mode, which can be found under “Settings”.

  • Connect the device via USB, allow access (usually prompted 2 times for different actions).
  • Open the program on the desktop of your computer.
  • Press Start button in the window of the utility and wait until the end of the file search. The system automatically separates them into types.
  • To quickly go to your contacts, click on the Contacts tab on the left side of the window. Mark the files or data you want and press the Recover button.

What to do if contact numbers are not displayed?

There are some categories of users who repeatedly lose contact numbers. The reason for this is usually. unstable Android system. You can restore contacts in the following steps:

  • Open the Contacts app and go to settings by clicking on the “three dots” icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select the “Filter contacts” item.
  • Choose which cloud service to show contacts from, if you can’t decide, choose “All contacts“.

In some cases, you might need to restart your smartphone for your contacts to appear.

How to restore deleted contacts on iPhone

From the archive copy of contacts on the iCloud site

This option should help if you have previously set up synchronization of iPhone contacts with iCloud. In this case, the server should have copies of the phone book created on different days. You can use them to restore the list of contacts to one of the previous states.

To check for archived copies, sign in to iCloud through your desktop browser. Then go into “Settings” and under “Advanced” select “Restore Contacts“.

If you’re lucky, you’ll see a list of available copies along with their creation dates. Select the copy you want and click “Restore”. iCloud will replace all your current contacts with the data from the online archive. This will happen on all devices connected to the account. If you get no copies, try some other ways.

Manually export contacts from iCloud

If you can’t find archived copies, but your deleted contacts show up in Contacts in iCloud Web, try exporting them to your iPhone.

A VCF file with the contacts you want will be downloaded to your computer. Send it by email to the mailbox accessible from your iPhone, and open the attachment using the standard iOS Mail program. In the next menu press “Add all N contacts”. after this they must appear in the phonebook.

contacts, back, your, phone

If that doesn’t work, open the Contacts app and refresh the list by swiping the screen from top to bottom. If the situation does not change, go to the next method.

From a full iPhone backup in iTunes

Count on this option only if you backed up your iPhone on your computer using iTunes before losing your contacts. You can then restore your device to its previous state. Not only will your contacts, but all your current settings and files will be removed from the iPhone, and their place will be taken by the contents of the copy.

Connect your smartphone to your computer via USB and launch iTunes. If necessary, enter your username and password. Then click on the iPhone icon, and then click “Restore from a copy. Select the last copy whose date predates the loss of your contacts, and click “Restore”.

After recovering and synchronizing with your computer the deleted contacts should appear on your iPhone.

Yes, messengers such as WhatsApp are good for this. Or you can use special tools like VIPole. The main principle is to enter a special password.

Now you know there are ways to recover lost contacts from your smartphone. There are a huge number of effective options for Xiaomi as well. Choose yours and try, and we’ll help you if you have any problems.