How to free huawei phone memory

How to clear memory on your Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 phone

Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 owners often complain that the internal storage fills up quickly. The user doesn’t have the ability to download a new app or shoot a video. But luckily, there are a few simple ways to clear the memory on your Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 phone.

If the owner of the Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 has not performed a smartphone cleanup in a long time, the first thing to do is to get rid of large files that have not been used for a long time. Это может быть загруженный фильм, музыкальные композиции и другие данные. Для удаления необходимо открыть «Проводник», выделить папку или файл, а затем нажать кнопку «Удалить».

Libérer de l’espace de stockage sur votre Huawei Y6 en supprimant des fichiers

Supprimer ou déplacer des photos et vidéos pour libérer de la mémoire

Pour gagner de précieux Gigaoctets sur votre téléphone mobile, on vous conseille de regarder du côté des médias enregistrés. En effet, les clichés et médias en qualité haute définition sont habituellement responsables de la saturation de l’espace de stockage sur votre Huawei Y6.

Dans l’éventualité où vous ne voulez pas en supprimer, vous pouvez les transférer sur un espace de stockage externe. Dans ce cadre 3 solutions s’offrent à vous:

  • Si vous voulez garder vos précieux souvenirs sur votre téléphone mobile sans pour autant encombrer la mémoire interne de votre Huawei Y6, la solution se trouve du côté de l’application Google Photo. Cette application vous donnera la possibilité de sauvegarder vos photos en haute qualité (2048px), sans pour autant les stocker physiquement dans la mémoire interne de votre smartphone Android.
  • Une carte SD est également un choix idéal pour libérer de l’espace de stockage additionnel, tout en gardant vos fichiers toujours sur vous. Notez que vous pouvez en outre mettre vos applications sur la carte SD de votre Huawei Y6.
  • Et dans la situation où vous ne tenez pas à avoir vos photos ou vidéos constamment à disposition, transférez vos médias et fichiers sur un ordinateur ou un disque dur reste une de vos options.

Supprimer les éléments téléchargés sur votre Huawei Y6

Pour libérer de l’espace de mémoire sur votre Huawei Y6, supprimer les films, séries, musiques, cartes GPS ou encore d’autres médias téléchargés dont vous ne vous servez pas. En effet, ces derniers peuvent également peser lourd dans la mémoire s’they ne sont pas effet périodiquement. Vous pouvez l’effectuer manuellement en parcourant les applications ou en vous rendant sur Google Play Store où vous pourrez retrouver directement la totalité des éléments que vous avez acheté sur la plateforme:

  • Rendez vous dans le Play Store
  • Ouvrez l’application Google Play Films et TV, Play Livres ou Play Musique.
  • Cliquez sur le » Menu »
  • Sélectionnez les » Paramètres »
  • Cliquez sur » Gérer les téléchargements »
  • Sélectionnez les éléments que vous désirez supprimer et appuyez sur » Supprimer »

Effacer les fichiers inutiles de votre Huawei Y6

Enfin, pour finir de libérer de l’espace sur votre Huawei Y6, il est possible de vous débarrasser manuellement de certains fichiers et documents téléchargés depuis votre navigateur ou vos applications:

  • Ouvrez les » Paramètres »
  • Allez dans le Stockage
  • Cliquez sur » Fichiers »
  • Sélectionnez un dossier
  • Supprimer un fichier ou tout un dossier en le sélectionnant

Suivant la version de votre Android, vous pouvez en outre opter pour un mode de nettoyage automatique pour éviter d’encombrer le stockage de votre Huawei Y6. Dans cette situation, votre téléphone mobile détecte et supprime les fichiers inutiles sans toucher à vos données utiles (médias, sauvegardes, téléchargements etc ). Dans ce cadre:

Dans l’éventualité où vous voulez un max de tutos pour devenir le roi du Huawei Y6, nous vous invitons à regarder les autres tutos de la catégorie : Huawei Y6.

How to clear the system cache on Huawei

Once we let’s delete all the application cache. We have to continue through the system memory. But to do this, we have to start the phone in recovery mode. Don’t worry, it’s a very simple process.

  • After turning off the phone you will need to hold down the power and volume buttons for a few seconds until the Huawei logo appears. After this logo appears, you will need to release the power button, but you will need to hold down the volume up button until the menu.
  • In this menu, you can navigate using the volume keys and confirm by pressing the power button. You will need to select the option ” Empty cache partition “. Now you have to wait for the process to complete, which may take more or less time depending on the amount of information you need to process.

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  • Once you are done, you will just need to select the option ” Reboot system now ” In order to reboot the device and you can use it as usual without any problems.

This process is quite safe, so do not be afraid to do it. This way, you can clear the cache of the cell phone and all applications and the system of the device, thus saving a lot of storage space.

How to clean your Honor and Huawei phone memory manually

If the statistics showed “garbage” in the phone, immediately get to work clearing it. How to clear the internal memory of your Huawei and Honor phone? The easiest option. manually. It is without the use of third-party programs to enter the appropriate sections and remove unnecessary components. Since there are quite a few places where unnecessary files accumulate, use the step-by-step guide to clean your Honor or Huawei. The algorithm is suitable for both phones and tablets of this brand.

Removing “garbage” from your browser

The first place that accumulates the most unnecessary components. the mobile browser. Without even knowing it, you clog the cache by visiting different sites. For example, the first time you visit a bright multimedisource with a lot of videos and gifs, the site will take a long time to load, because the phone does not yet know it. On subsequent visits the device “remembered” the appearance of the page, saved in its cache images. So the loading will go faster. On the practical side, this feature is convenient, because it saves a lot of traffic and waiting time. On the side of clogged memory is a direct loss, because the cache is a treacherous place. It is not visible, but it takes up a record amount of free space.

Huawei/Honor screen not responding: reasons and what to do?

  • Go to settings;
  • go to the applications;
  • find the browser;
  • choose it;
  • click on “Clear cache”;
  • Reload.

Delete messages

Small text SMS can also clog up the memory in large amounts. They come almost daily from the operator, online stores and other subscribers. SMS messages are stored by default in the internal memory of the device, and can easily clog it up in a year. Therefore it is recommended to remove unnecessary components at least once a week.

Clean up unnecessary files

If there are components on your phone that are no longer needed. delete them. These can be old photos or videos. Many people store files like memory, not knowing that it is possible to copy them to cloud storage and leave them there. A great option for such purposes is Google.

Download Google Drive and sign up for it. Each customer within the Google system is given 15 GB of free space. You can use them for any format of content. Throw your archived items in there, and delete copies from your phone.

Deleting apps

Apps are also unnecessary. How many of you have downloaded daily exercise software but never opened it? Every third one. And there are plenty of examples of applications that you’ll “definitely need” someday. Free your phone or tablet from unnecessary load by dragging unnecessary components to the trash.

Huawei app to free up memory

The easiest (and most effective) way to free memory Huawei rely on specialized applications. Apps that free up space in your device’s internal memory by clearing temporary app files and system cache. In addition, some of them allow you to easily find the apps that take up the most space and delete them with a few taps, thus freeing up your device memory. In short, resort to this solution, and in seconds you can recover a few MB, if not GB, of free space on your smartphone (or tablet).

Manage your phone

Phone Management is an application that comes preinstalled on many Huawei devices and allows you to perform various operations: it frees the memory of your device by erasing temporary system and app files, monitors battery status, block access to apps, filter calls, and much more.

To use the free memory function on your smartphone (or tablet), launch Phone Management, tap the System Optimization icon and wait a few seconds for the memory scan. So make sure that next to all entries in the Junk Mail Cache and click Clear to start clearing all files from the cache. If you don’t want to clear the cache for a particular app or system service, uncheck its name.

I also note that by expanding the article Clearing memory (above) you can get a list of applications that take up more space in your device’s memory, and remove them with a single tap by checking the box next to their names. Convenient, really?

Files are sent via Google

Another app that allows you to free up memory on your smartphone (or tablet) and which I highly recommend you try is Files Sent via Google This allows you to have a complete overview of the apps and files on your device (or SD Card installed on it) and remove unnecessary.

To take full advantage of Files Go from Google, download the Google app. Play Market, launch it and, following the initial guide, give it permissions to access the files stored on your device. At this point, go through all the tabs in the archive section and analyze the solutions that the application offers automatically to free up memory on your device: find, for example, a card to run look for unused applications card with a list of large files (that is, files that take up the most space in your device); card with files from go to SD Card (if your device supports SD) and so on.

Then select the item associated with the function you want to use, such as large file search, allow Files Go by Google to access settings and/or from your phone by following the instructions on the screen and proceed to delete unnecessary items by checking the box next to their names, then click. delete.

Click on the tab. archive Use Google Files, you also have the ability to quickly navigate through the download el application el photos, then videos, then audio file y el documentation on your device arrange them in the order you want (for example, by size to immediately identify the “heaviest”) and delete them. Let’s take a practical example.

If you want to find the apps that take up the most space on your smartphone or tablet, select Android App Map Archive Go to Google, click on the list icon (three horizontal lines) located in the upper right corner and select the option For dimensions in the menu that opens. Once that’s done, find the heaviest apps you want to uninstall, select them and click the uninstall button (on the next screen) to uninstall.

SD Maid

SD Maid. one of the best apps for cleaning Android systems. It allows you to delete files in the system cache, the remaining files of deleted apps, app databases (like Spotify) and files that take up the most space in your smartphone (or tablet) It is also available in a paid version for 2.99 euros, which allows you to clear the cache of third-party apps and find duplicate files in the memory of the device: I personally recommend it, it is worth every penny of its cost. Another thing I recommend, if you have a device that goes through the root procedure. is to give SD Maid the highest permissions: this way the application can go “deeper” and remove more temporary files.

With that said, let’s get down to business. Then download SD Maid from the Play Store, run it and, if possible, give it root rights by pressing the Grant button, At this point press the Scan button and wait for the application to find the rest of the applications (all other application files removed from the device), files related to system cleanup (system cache), files related to app cleanup (application cache, which can only be cleaned with SD Maid Pro) and the related application database files.

When the scan finishes, press the. Run now to delete all unnecessary data collected by SD Maid, or, alternatively, click on individual items ( Application Remains, System Cleanup, etc.). д.) to view the data pertaining to each category and choose “manually” which ones to delete or save.

To access other functions of SD Maid, such as detecting the “heaviest” files in the device memory or duplicate files, press the ☰ button in the upper left corner and select one of the items available in the menu that opens: Storage Analyzer to see which files take up the most space and where they are located, Duplicate Find Duplicates and so on.

Where to find information about memory usage?

You can check if your phone memory is full in the settings on the phone.

It provides the user with information on the following folders:

To the right of each folder there is information in gigabytes about how much each folder weighs. At the top you will see a bar with different colors showing how much each folder takes in relation to the total volume.

With this visual information, the user will be able to figure out what types of files take up the most space on his device and free up internal memory. How to do it is described below.

Types of memory on Android devices

Three types of memory are allocated on Android devices:

The system memory (RAM) is used to provide the processes of starting and running the installed applications. This operational storage takes in any downloaded software and its utilities.

The second type is the place where the operating system is kept. The user can not interfere there and change something. Such actions cause operational errors, so this type of memory was made closed.

The third option is the memory used to store user files, messages, music, photos, videos, etc.

Clean up your device memory

Also, Huawei and Honor smartphones have a way to clean the memory more precisely. To do this we need to go to “Settings”, select the section “Memory” and click on “Clear. In the “Clear Memory” menu that opens, you can use the recommended cleanup or a special cleanup, but be careful with this method, as you can delete the personal photos, videos, music, files, etc. you need.д.

If there is still not enough memory

The previously discussed ways allow you to fully free up space on the internal storage of Huawei P20 Lite. However, even deleting a large number of files does not achieve optimal results if the owner has purchased a version with minimal storage capacity.

There are a couple of ways out of the situation. First, you can install a MicroSD card. It expands the internal storage by 32-256 gigabytes, depending on the configuration you choose. Second, there is the option of uploading personal data to a “cloud” like Google Drive or Yandex Disk. But here it is important to pay attention to the fact that only a limited amount of free space is provided. You will have to subscribe to expand the virtual drive.

After choosing the appropriate option, the owner can transfer most of the files to the microSD card or upload data to the “cloud”. Unfortunately, applications cannot be moved. But you can get rid of photos, videos and music without much trouble.