How to format Samsung Tab memory card. How to format microSD on the phone

Flash drive asks to format it. How to save files?

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So, if the operating system asks to format the flash drive. Is it possible to ignore this request and open it without formatting? You can’t answer definitely. In some cases, you can completely restore files, but there are situations when you still have to agree to formatting. We will consider several scenarios and give several valuable tips on this subject.

Everyone can once encounter a mistake “before using the disk in the drive, it needs to be formatted”. A computer or phone is asked to format a memory card when connecting for various reasons: from incorrect extraction from the connector to natural wear.

In any case, in the absence of mechanical damage to the carrier, it is quite possible to open a flash drive without formatting and/or restore at least 40% of the information stored in memory. The main thing is to disagree with formatting, put the flash drive aside and carefully read this guide.

Which leads to the occurrence of an error of the SD card

Emergency formatting needs to be a carrier when it is damaged mechanically or programmatically. Most often this happens when:

  • The flash drive fell,
  • I incorrectly removed,
  • formatted in the old phone/camera,
  • was not extracted while resetting the phone to factory settings,
  • I exhausted the working resource,
  • formatted in an incompatible file system.

With mechanical damage and natural wear, everything is simple: the stronger the flash drive suffered, the less chance something from it is pulled out. Although to try, of course, it is worthwhile in any case. The remaining problems are eliminated in 8 cases out of 10.

SD card as an internal memory on Android 6

SD-card setting as an internal storage on Android. This is a simple task. Please note that the SD card will be formatted during the process, so do not forget to make a backup copy of the data by copying them on PC.

It is possible that the Adoptable Storage function is absent, even if the phone operates under the control of Android 6. Perhaps the manufacturer of the device forcedly disabled this function for security purposes.

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However, there are methods using the command line, which forcibly force the device to use the carrier as an internal storage.

Here are the instructions for adaptation of SD cards as an internal:

  • Insert the SD card into the Android phone and wait for its detection.
  • Now open the settings.
  • Scroll down and go to the “Storage” section (or maintenance of the memory device).
  • Click on the name of your SD card.
  • Click on three vertical points in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the storage settings item.
  • Select the option to format as internal. Click on “erase and format” if you want to format the SD card as an internal memory.
  • If Android finds that your SD card works slowly, Android will report this. Click OK to continue.
  • You can start transferring data now or do it later.
  • Click ready to complete the storage adaptation for your SD card.

Precautionary measures. After completing formatting, you can freely use the removable SD card as a permanent “internal” storage. But keep in mind that the memory card, formatted as internal, does not support hot replacement, like portable SD cards. Therefore, do not delete it without using the option to “extract”.

SD card as the main memory: advantages and disadvantages

To install the SD card as the main storage device on Android 7-8, you need:

  • Install the SD card on the phone correctly (optionally)
  • Check the compatibility of the carrier with your smartphone (optionally)
  • Go to the “Storage” tab in the settings.
  • Make sure that an inserted SD card is used as a removable drive.
  • Choose directly the SD card, slipping by its name.
  • Tap three points in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Go to the subparagraph “Settings”.
  • Here you can already install the carrier as the main storage, after formatting the memory card.

These instructions are most relevant for Android 7. 8, however, on later versions of the OS, the differences in the map installation algorithm are insignificant.


If the phone/camera (or dr. device) “buggy” and cannot correctly recognize and format the card. then just remove it from the device and connect it to the/PC laptop directly.

In any modern laptop there is a cardrider, usually located on the side panel of the device.

If on a laptop/computer you do not have a cardrider reading the SD card of memory. then it can be purchased at any computer store.

Universal adapter. can also be used as a flash drive for a phone and PC

I will say more, now such adapters can be ordered in Chinese online stores for mere “pennies” (and even if you use cashback. ).

After connecting the memory card to the laptop (PC), go to the “My computer” (click the combination of Wine and select the required in the menu on the left) and click on the mouse button on the memory card. In a pop.up menu, select the option “format. “. cm. The screenshot below.

My computer. format the drive

Next, a standard window will appear in which you need to specify the file system, volume mark, select the formatting method and press the “Start” button.

If in “My Computer” you do not see a memory card (or the operation cannot be completed, for example, formatting freezes). Go to disks management.

To open discs in Windows, you need:

Next, you should see all connected drives to the system (even those that are not formatted, and which you can not work in the conductor).

To format the drive: select it from the list, click on it with the right mouse button, and indicate this operation in the context menu (see. An example below). Next, you will see a standard window with the entry of the disk, indicating the file system, etc.

Disk selection, flash drives // Disks Management // Windows 10

formatting using special. programs

When you are dealing with buggy memory cards, when formatting of which errors arise, freezing, it is best to use special for this operation. utilities. They will instantly help format the SD card and clean all the information from it!

In addition, according to the assurances of many developers of such utilities, they work much better with drives, and perform better formatting operations than Windows or Android means (due to which it is possible to avoid many errors).

To help!

Programs for repairing USB flash drives, SD cards (diagnostics and testing, formatting, recovery). https: //

How To Format SD Card On Samsung | 2019

Specialized tool for formatting a wide variety of SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards. The utility is very compact, simple, works in all versions of Windows 7 ÷ 11.

After installation and launch, your first action: indicate correctly the letter of the connected memory card. Cm. Point “Drive” on the screenshot below.

Next, click on “Options” and indicate the type of formatting: I recommend choosing the full. t.e. “Full (Eras)”. After click the “Format” button. Cm. screenshots below.


A fairly popular program for low.level formatting of failure drives. Often returns to “life” even those memory cards that the latter disappeared is reliable.

  • Supports integers: S-SATA (SATA), IDE (E-EIDE), SCSI, USB, FireWire;
  • Allows you to format the drives of all popular brands: Western Digital, Samsung, Toshiba, Seagate, Quantum, etc.;
  • Full compatibility and support of cardriders (SD cards, respectively).

After installing and starting the utility, select the drive in the main window that you want to format and click the Continue button.

Next, open the “Low-Level Format” section and press the “Format this Device” button.

Flash drive formatting // Format this device

After completing formatting in this utility, Windows will invite you to format the flash drive again ( The utility performed a low.level operation). I note that after such an operation, all data on the memory card will be deleted, and restore something even with the help of a special. software will not succeed.

Another specialized utility for quickly formatting problem flash drives and memory cards. The utility from the famous manufacturer Transcend (but it works not only with the drives of this manufacturer!).

Use very simple: after starting the program, first select the disk (Disk Drive), then indicate the type of drive (in our case SD), set the storage name (Format Label), and click the Format start button. After some time, the operation will be carried out.

How to format microSD on a computer

Using a special SD adapter, a microSD card can be used not only in portable technology, but also on a computer or laptop, as a regular flash drive. As a rule, it comes with Microsd, but if necessary, it can be purchased separately. How to format Microsd through a computer:

Remove Microsd from a smartphone and install in PC using a special SD adapter.

Attention: formatting a memory card by USB (if it is installed in a smartphone or tablet) is impossible.

Launch “My Computer” through the Start menu or using a shortcut on the desktop. In the list of devices with removable carriers, click on the right mouse button on the SD card. In the context menu that appears, select “format”.

If necessary, select the file system (FAT32 by default), cluster size and formatting method (for example, fast). After that, click “Start”.

The time of formatting a removable medium depends on its capacity and other parameters, but on average it does not exceed 10-20 minutes. If you plan to use microSD in a smartphone, it is recommended to leave the FAT32 file system.

Formatting SD card on Android-Recovery

Method for beginners-kamikadze. We are extremely not advised to use it, but for the sake of the “purity of the experiment” it is worth mentioning it. Keep in mind that if you do everything right, Microsd will be formatted without problems, but in case of error you can demolish all the data of the internal memory.

So, how to delete these maps through Recovery:

  • We go to the recovery (turn off the device, turn it on the screen lock button with an increase/decrease button).
  • Using the same volume buttons, we find the Mounts and Storage section.
  • We are looking for a line for Format SDCARD and click on it with a lock button.

That’s all, now we have considered all the methods of cleaning the data of your microSD card. Convincing request: a) first save all your data, b) do not turn off the device during formatting so as not to spoil the flash drive. If you have any questions left-write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Good luck!

In what situations do you need to format a memory card for a smartphone?

In fact, the mentioned formatting is required infrequently, but in some cases you can not do without it. Next, we consider the common situations when the intention to format the memory card is a really reasonable solution:

  • Memory card is not determined. In some cases, the devices used do not see a memory card or do not display the data recorded on it. This alignment is explained by different reasons, and one of the ways to eliminate the problem is to format a memory card.
  • Removing viruses. If a virus hit the card, then to eliminate the threat it is not enough to delete infected files. A more logical solution will be the full formatting of the drive.
  • Washing information. Sometimes there is a need to delete all saved data (for example, when selling a phone with an SD card). In such a situation, it is necessary to resort to the deep formatting process in order to reduce the likelihood of subsequent restoration of data from the memory card.
  • Changing the file system. Many memory cards use the FAT32 file system. This system can only be changed in the process of formatting a memory card on a computer or laptop.

Please note that a new memory card recently purchased in a store does not have to formate. She is already initially ready for work, so you can start using the SD card immediately, without any training.

Next, let’s move on to the consideration of formatting methods. In the following sections, we will present three options for achieving the goal. In particular, we will sign the algorithms and the features of their application.

Before performing formatting, make sure that the lock on the memory card is not in the “Lock” position. Otherwise, the formatting attempt is guaranteed to end in failure.

How to format a memory card on the phone?

The easiest way to solve the issue is to format the SD card by using the functionality of the phone. The exact list of actions depends on the phone model and the OS installed on it, but the algorithm in all cases is approximately the same. To format the SD card, you need:

  • Go to the phone settings and go to the “Memory” section;
  • Select the option “Formatting a memory card” and confirm the action;
  • Wait for the completion of formatting.

If the mentioned option is not in the list, look for alternative names-“Clean the SD card”, “format the SD card”, etc.D.

Please note that on some phones models the desired option may be in other sections. for example, at the address “device service. memory. additionally”. In a situation where it is not possible to find the desired section, use the search for the phone (by the word “memory”). In the absence of a result, contact the manufacturer’s technical support and check the place of placement of the desired section.

The advantages of formatting a memory card in this way are simplicity and speed of the task. Minus. the inability to set the formatting parameters. But since it is necessary to set parameters only in very rare cases, this formatting method is the most popular solution.

How to format a card on Android

We talked above how to format the flash drive, but the same procedure may be required for a flash card that you install in a microSD slot on a smartphone. As a rule, such carriers are already formatted in FAT32 and do not need additional formatting. At the same time, for some reason, the memory card with improper extraction may be damaged in the file system and in this case formatting cannot be avoided.

As in the case of a USB flash drive, after installing the card in the appropriate device slot, go in the settings to the “Storage” section (or “SD card and internal memory), click on“ Clean the USB drive ”and formatize. Attention! With this procedure, all data will be deleted from the drive!

A program for formatting flash drive on Android

If for some reason you cannot find the function of formatting a flash drive or flash card in the menu, then try to do this using a mobile application. We recommend using a very convenient and safe file manager “File Manager” from Flashlight Clock, which has a lot of useful functions, including the ability to connect a PC to your smartphone via Wi-Fi wireless connection through an automatic organization FTP server.

In this application there is a function of formatting flash card and USB flash drives. To do this, select the corresponding drive on the main screen, in the new window in the upper left corner, press three horizontal strips, find below the USB device and click on it on three points on the right.

How to Format SD Card in Samsung Galaxy Tab S7?

In the window that opens, click on “Settings”. Now you will open a window with information about filling the media data, and under it there will be a button “Format”. After clicking on it, the system will launch a standard procedure for formatting the drive by Android means.

How to format Microsd memory on Android

Now I will quickly show how to format a memory card on Android. She is a flash drive or microSD.

This article is suitable for all brands that produce phones on Android 11/10/9/8: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and other. We are not responsible for your actions.

Attention! You can ask your question to a specialist at the end of the article.

You will be really asked to format. We agree.

Depending on the version of the Android, the name of the items may vary slightly.

Need help?

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It should be mentioned that not SD card is put on the phone, but microSD. Therefore, do not be afraid that the heading of the article is indicated precisely by it.

If you decide to format a memory card not via a phone/tablet on Android, but through a computer, then make sure that the file system will be FAT32, otherwise problems may arise. Read more in the article “Android does not see the Microsd memory card (flash drive)”.

That’s all. If there is something to supplement the article, I am mercy in the commentary.

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Please tell me, and if I don’t have a point format, but I have to clean? I pressed to clean, it is still empty, the sense of zero, so nothing is written on it and the folders through the filemaker are not created. Format through a computer?

Yes, try through the computer. You apparently have a lock on the recording if it does not work on the memory card to create anything. Create a folder on the computer and throw a picture or music there. Then check on the phone will be able to open this file. Just pay attention to which file system you need to format. If after that the phone does not see the file on the memory card, then most likely it does not incorrectly recognize the card. Try the other insert.

Hello, if I have problems with the Huawei Media Pat T3 tablet, I insert the word _ formatize the memory card and is not at all pressed and all applications are downloaded only to the inner memory, how to move to the card?

Hello! I have Xiaomi Redmi 4x, inserted a 32GB phone card, everything seems to be fine. The question is, whether I need to format a memory card if the phone sees it? And the following, how to do it on my device? And better on it or on a computer? As you can see, I am far from a master and Android for the first time. I would be grateful for the answer.

Hello, you really need your help! I have a Huawei Y7 phone! This is the trouble with the card. I insert the card, in the settings I install the conservation on the memory card. The first time (a couple of hours sometimes more). everything is ok. Photos, videos, then bang and everything. pictures and videos of damaged files shows. Rebooting the phone and again everything is ok for a while. And also those photos and apparently, the music, which are saved precisely on the memory card after a while disappear. become gray and not active, damaged files. On the old phone of the Fly, such garbage began about a year ago. But I thought the card is small and he burns the photo, do it too much and even restore something. Now I have a new phone, a 32 GB memory card and even a new picture (the operator and the number are the same, I changed the SIM card for nano). In short, the antivirus installed some free of the layout of the layout (chose according to the rating), formatted the card straight on the phone. The result is zero. Photos yet spoils There are few of them, but after some time it stops seeing the flash drive and keeps anything on it until the reboot. It confuses that in the previous phone there was the same crap, some strange coincidence. Maybe what a virus, then advise a slaughter antivirus. But why then only the pictures from the memory card spoil! Help, what to do tell me? I will be very grateful)))

BQ Velvet. It is not possible to format the card, because in the settings in dads memory, information is only about the operas of the phone’s memory.There is also a storage. But there is an IPO about that. How to turn off the card. Thanks.

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Hello! Tell me please! Bought a flash drive for Huawei P9 Lite. The card shows that it is on the phone, the whole memory is free, they put everything in the settings so that everything is saved on the flash drive, but in the end nothing is preserved! We want to update the applications, writes, they say, the phone memory is filled, as if there is no flash drive (((what to do?

Redmi 9t phone climbed on the phone after this photo and viso are stored on micro cd but are not tolerated by folders. Writes failed to postpone photos.

Hello, I have such a problem on the Dodgee X60L phone,

Hello. Phone Xiaomi. The phone closed the SD card to me, rebooted, pulled out the card, nothing comes out. He closed me all the applications that stored on the memory card. In the settings, I formatted it, now it does not even go into the “storage” what to do?

Hello! Tell me please. Hajami Mi5 does not see a flash drive (computer) with a comrade, but I don’t have. I found a couple of ways on the Internet but did not help. Thanks

How to use the formatting function on a computer. instruction?

Now we will tell in detail how to format a memory card through a computer. After you find a way to connect a card to a computer, apply according to the instructions:

  • Go to the “My Computer” section.
  • Click with the right mouse button on the memory card icon, and then find the word “format” in the drop.down list.
  • A small window will open, in which you need to remove the checkmark from the word “fast” and press the start button.
  • After completing the formatting process, you can use the memory card.

In this window, you can also choose a file system. The default always costs FAT. But if necessary, you can choose a different option. If you have a flash drive of more than 32 GB in size, then you can choose the option Exfat. Unlike his predecessor, he has no restrictions on the volume of the carrier. Also, this option has no restrictions on the type of supported operating systems, it is suitable for using any version of Android.

When setting formatting settings, do not change the size of the cluster. Best of all, remove the tank from the section “Fast formatting”. If this is not done, then it will not work to clean the card completely, some files or folders may be preserved. With deep cleaning, formatting is carried out longer, but it is more effective.

Similarly, formatting standard USB is formatted.flash drives. No need to use other parameters for them, cleaning is carried out according to the same rules.

What utilities can format USB.carriers and memory cards?

If standard methods for cleaning do not help, then you can format the flash drive with programs that will help to completely clean any medium for information. The best software for this is:

  • HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool-a utility developed by Hewlett-Packard. It was originally used on devices released by this company. By design, the application is similar to a standard system, it can format flash drives in NTFS, FAT, FAT32 formats. To work, you need to connect a USB flash drive or cartrider through port 2.0. The utility can be used to prepare the use of a short memory on smartphones, as well as to create boot disks. The program is distributed for free.
  • HDD Low LEVEL FORMAT TOOL. program for returning flash drives to factory state. The memory card with it can not only format it, but also fill out the memory of the device with the so.called zero bytes. The drawback of the program is that it is in English. Nevertheless, the program integrates is as intuitive as possible, you can get complete information about the medium, format it. The utility all allows you to even remove viruses from it.
  • SDFORMATTER is another popular utility that allows you to remove all information into memory cards. It is also suitable for ordinary flash drives. But it is best to use it specifically for SD.carriers. It is designed taking into account the specifics of memory cards used in cameras, players and smartphones. The utility uses special formatting methods, it helps even in cases where standard means cannot delete all information from the media. The integration will not cause difficulties even in a person who does not own a computer. It is best to choose a Full (Earse) option when formatting, then cleaning will be the most complete.
  • AutoFormat Tool. a utility with a convenient intese. There is nothing superfluous in it, only formatting. You need to launch the program on behalf of the administrator, since it is able to work not only with removable carriers, but also with hard disks of PC itself. The only difficulty in using the program is that you need to correctly indicate the path to the right one in the Disk Drive section. If you accidentally confuse the letter, then format the wrong carrier, be careful.

All these programs are distributed for free. Experienced users can also try to use another tool for their PC. command line and special in. This will allow you to format the USB flash drive and save information on it. This is the most unusual way to work with carriers.

Act according to the instructions:

  • Install the Convert utility on your PC.EXE.
  • Open the command line using the Start menu.
  • As soon as the cursor appears, enter the command: “Convert: /fs: ntfs /nosecurity /x”.
  • After completing the program, you can use a flash drive as before.

The disadvantage of this option is that with an error you can ruin the memory card. This option should be resorted to extremely carefully. It is much better to copy the files on your PC and clean it in a standard way or using utilities, and then transfer the necessary information to the memory card again.

Using Recoverx

On the example of one of the utilities, we will tell you how to format memory card. For example, select Soft Recoverx. It can be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer Traancend. When loading, select your type of operating system. You need to install and use the utility according to the instructions:

  • After loading, click twice on the program icon.
  • Confirm that you agree with the rules for working with the program, and then select the language and place to install. The installation process will take no more than 2 minutes.
  • Connect a USB flash drive or memory card to a computer in any available way.
  • Run the utility.
  • There are three sections in the top line. You need to choose a format.

Select the letter of the connected flash drive, and then specify its type SD or CF. For the last action, you must click on one of two icons.

Then you just have to start the program and wait for the result.

The utility can be called very useful, since there are several sections in it, for example, you can try to restore the memory card that showed a read error on your smartphone. During the formatting, some media errors are corrected, and any information is completely deleted.

If you want to change the file system, then just click on the fat. to call an additional menu. It has all types of types available to your flash drive. You can choose any of them, but it is best to leave Exfat or FAT.

We examined all possible methods of cleaning the memory card. If you simply overwhelmed it with information, which you decided to delete it, then it is enough to use standard means. format the flash drive using the Android system or on your PC. If the memory card does not work and gives an error, then download any of the above utilities. Try with their help to restore the memory card or format it. You can ask any questions about using the formatting function in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we welcome feedback. Share information with friends and regularly read us, we will tell you a lot of interesting things.