How to Format Meizu M6 If Forgot Password

At least make a factory reset on Meizu and don’t know how to do it? In this article we will share information how to make a hard reset. Why do I need to do a full reset? There can be many reasons, from viruses to freezes from unnecessary installed applications or errors in the operation of the android operating system.

Below you will find several ways to restore factory settings on Meizu and clear the phone’s memory. First, let’s see the first method through the android settings, usually this is done on all Android devices.

Attention! Before resetting, be sure to save all important information, as well as files, contacts, etc. After restoring the factory settings, all this will be deleted from the phone without the possibility of recovery.

How to Format Meizu M6 If Forgot Password

The first way. To reset to factory settings on Meise through the settings, do the following steps:
1) Open “settings” and find the item “Recovery and reset”.
2) Next, look for the item “Reset”.
3) We confirm the reset, if before resetting you need to check the box to completely clear everything that is in the device’s memory, then install it.

The second way. To reset the data on your smartphone Meizu do the following:
1) Press and hold the button at the same time “Inclusions” and button “Home” for a few seconds.
2) On Meizu MX models and above, to reset, you need to enter the Android flashing mode.