How to Format a USB Flash Drive on an Apple Watch

How to Format a USB Flash Drive on an Apple Watch

Flash cards are now the most popular type of removable media. This is not surprising, since they are small in size and capacious enough to load the necessary files into them. But on Mac OS, working with them is slightly different than on Windows. New users may get confused, because today we’ll tell you How to format a USB flash drive on a MacBook, as well as about other operations.

How to open a flash drive on a MacBook

  1. First you need to figure out how to connect a USB flash drive. It will need to be inserted into a special connector.
  2. After the removable media is in the USB port, the user needs to go to the finder window, it is there that you can view it.

Sometimes it happens that after connecting, the device does not appear in the finder tab. In this case, you will need to go into the disk utility. This can be done through the menu of all utilities.

If the flash drive does not appear even there, then the problem may be in the breakdown of the drive itself, or there is a problem in its format. The fact is that Mac OS cannot read the NTFS format. At the same time, most manufacturers use this particular format for their devices.

Unfortunately, in this case, you cannot change the format through a device with the operating system Apple. To do this, you need to find a computer that runs on Windows.

How to remove a flash drive from a MacBook

Most Windows users are used to just pulling a USB flash drive out of the slot. But this is undesirable to do, because with such a shutdown, data loss is possible. This is due to the fact that the system creates an image of the drive to work with it. If you remove the drive, but do not close the image, then unpleasant situations can occur, up to the complete clearing of the flash drive.

In order to safely disable it, there are a large number of ways, but there is the easiest one, which we will talk about. To do this, just click on the keyboard shortcut command E. When you press this, you can safely pull out the flash card.

How to format

Formatting removable media is quite common. Thanks to this, you can quickly erase all files, as well as clean it of residual garbage programs. IN Mac OS flash drive formatting It is done a little differently than on Windows, but not much more complicated.

  1. First you need to open the disk utility. There are several ways to do this, but the easiest is to search through spotlight. To do this, simply press CTRL spacebar, and then enter the name of the disk utility.
  2. In this utility you need to find your flash drive. On the right will be the “erase” button. This tab is a formatting window. In it you can select the desired format.
  3. When you have selected all the necessary parameters, just click on the “erase” button again.
  4. A confirmation window will be displayed in which you need to give consent to the action.

It is important that formatting erases all files. If there is something on the flash drive that you need to save, it is better to copy it to a laptop so as not to lose this data.